tagLoving WivesCarol Ch. 2

Carol Ch. 2


If there was ever a union meant to be I would have to say it was Carol and I.

We slept together before we were out of diapers, you see. Our parents used to stick us in a crib together as babies, since often they partied or vacationed together as families.

We splashed in the pool as pre-teens, no thought of nudity, totally innocent. Then one day when Carol was about 12, she suddenly was covered up. I didn't know why until years later, but it made me uncomfortable, so I started wearing bathing suits too.

We held hands on the bus, she was my first real kiss at 13, although I had tackled her and smeared her with kisses, then mud, many times when at the river..I delighted in being mean to her, she would get mad, but then that smile would appear and the anger would be gone, and we would be just kids again.

One would think that one day we would discover sex with each other, somehow, it simply didn't happen. We were always together, I was her "big brother" as close as one can be and still be unrelated.

I discovered sex on my own rather late, one of the neighborhood girls and I got together out in the woods near our home. She was 18, I was 19, We had some fumbling attempts. I was rubbing her breasts, finally I got my zipper open and proceeded to come before I got even close, finally got it in her for a few seconds and that was pretty much it. She was experienced, I was not, and she would have nothing to do with me after that..

Later I told Carol about it, (I told Carol everything, of course) and she looked at me with that slow smile. "That makes that goo come out of yours, too?" she said, matter of factly.

"Yes," I answered, "Want to see?"

"NO!" she yelled, "That is gross!" and ran out of the room.

Suddenly it hit me that Carol was a possible mate, I had many jerk off sessions thinking of her after that.

But soon after, I met Patti, suddenly I was sexually active, and soon we married.

My two short years with Patti was a series of sexual bouts surrounded by arguments. There was all of the crazy experimentation with sex, I was never unfaithful to her, but she was to me. She wanted every man she saw, and as a result, we battled constantly.

And Patti was terribly jealous of my relationship with Carol. There was no way she could match that closeness, and she knew it.

Then came the night of the party. It degenerated into a full blown orgy in very short order. I was the second man to make love to Carol that evening, but she was also my second woman. The instant we came together, though, we both knew! So did everyone else.

Patti and I soon seperated, oddly, that was peaceful. Probably the only peaceful thing we ever did together. Carol and I married soon after that, and my world was right.

Think of the air you breath, the food you eat. She was that, a perfect fit. Her one goal was to please me, my one goal was to please her.

I asked her one day why she hadn't stopped me from marrying Patti. Carol looked at me with that smile, and answered simply, "You seemed happy!"

That answer alone tells the story of our life together.

Carol knew well of my voyueristic tendencies, and she took advantage of that fully. She was totally comfortable with being nude, or partly nude, and could undress in front of strangers and make it seem perfectly natural. She loved to flash guys, knowing I got a kick out of it too.

One day she showed me an advertisement for a "couples massage class" at the local college. She thought it would be fun, so we signed up. I didn't know it at the time, but it was the beginning of what became my new career.

We arrived at the classroom, there were a half dozen couples there, all more of less in our age group. We listened to the short lecture, then it was hands on time. I glanced around the room as people held up sheets while their partners undressed. Carol just grinned at me and pulled her top over her head, baring her breasts to the room. I noted the sidelong glances from some of the others in the room, then Carol slid her slacks down and hopped naked on the table. I made a bit of a show of shaking the upper drape and spreading it over her. I noticed that Terry, our instructor, never changed expression. One of the other ladies shrugged, and slipped her top off, too, and also slid nude onto her table.

Our position was first in the row of tables, so I had a neat view of what everyone else was doing. Since we were first in the row, Terry stepped over to use Carol as the model. Terry was about 30, muscular and in shape, and I got a short thrill as he reached out and pulled the sheet down Carol's back to halfway down her buttocks. He demonstrated the muscle groups, calling them by name as he worked. I saw Carol glance at me with a grin. Terry had me step up to try the strokes, I ran my hands a little farther around Carol's sides and let my fingertips stroke her nipples, they were nice and erect.

"Well," Terry said. "That's a little farther than one would go if doing a massage, but it's all right in a couple's class."

I looked down the row, soon everyone was doing the same thing. Terry stepped back to the table, and worked Carol's backs and sides, and I noted he also let his fingertips brush across her nipples. Then he surprised me, he reached clear under her chest, ran both hands fully across her breasts, actually lifting her slightly from the table with the motion. He continued the stroke down, around her sides and across her bottom, bumping the drape down off her fanny in the process. He made no move to pull it back up.

In short order, I was treated to the sight of a whole row of bare female behinds, and I noted the rest of the guys in the class were having a bit of a time deciding where to look, too!

Terry moved to the next table to demonstrate leg techniques, I did my best to follow along as he worked on the pretty little brunette next to us. Her heavy-set mate stood there with a smile on his face as Terry went higher and higher. Even with his back to me, I could tell his finger had to be within an inch or so of her pubes, and he would linger for an extra second at the top of each stroke. As I duplicated the movements, I felt Carol open her legs slightly. Terry stepped back to our table and asked how we were doing. I had the drape pushed clear up and off Carol's behind, and I could see her clit clearly. Terry started working on Carol's other leg, our hands went up in unison and back. Carol was moaning nicely, so I decided to press the issue.

I let my hands go all the way up, touched the left side of her pussy, pressed in slightly and pulled her left cheek towards me. Terry caught on instantly, and our hands went up. Our fingertips met at Carol's pubes, and actually touched. Then in unison, we pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her completely. We must have repeated that motion at least 30 times! Terry grinned as Carol, unable to withstand that, had a solid orgasm. He reached up and slid two fingers across her clit lightly, she shuddered again. He smiled at me and said, "Pleasure is the goal."

Terry then said, "Time to turn over, and change partners!" Now this I didn't expect, but I ended up with the cute little brunette on the table next to me. The heavy set fellow ended up with Carol. I glanced at her to make sure she was all right with it, she just smiled at me.

Terry used Carol to show how to work on the neck and shoulders, then I heard him ask, "Are you bashful about your breasts?" I glanced over in time to hear Carol answer, "No," and Terry simply slipped the drape down to her waist. I looked at the little Brunette, who by this time I knew was Sherry, and I said...."Uhhhh."

She smiled and reached up and pulled the drape down on her own. I looked down the row, only one lady stayed covered, I also noticed that she had a bit of a panicked look on her face. I realized her husband was happily massaging the bare breasts of the rather heavy lady on the table next to her. The heavy lady's mate was working on her shoulders with a perplexed look, too, as he watched his wife's breasts being basically mauled. Terry picked up on that quickly, and stepped down to take control of the situation. So I turned my attention to Sherry.

I stroked down her chest, between her breasts, lifting gently as I stroked back up the sides. She was smallish built, her nipples were tiny, button-like, and hard as a rock. As I worked, I was keeping an eye on the heavy set fellow, but he was being cool about it. He was looking, but he was avoiding touching Carol's nipples.

Terry came back to our end, I noticed the two couples on the end were each back with their respective mates. Terry slipped the drape off of Sherry's left leg, and tucked it snugly between her legs as he did so. Sherry gave a little jerk as he did. Then he picked up a towel and placed it over her breasts. I glanced over at the heavy set guy (never did learn his name) and he followed suit.

After a few demonstrations with Sherry, I took over and he stepped over to Carol. I was working up Sherry's leg, and I got the idea to bend her knee up, but as soon as I let go, her foot started to slip. So I sat on the edge of the table, and blocked her foot in place. This gave me access to her entire leg. What I didn't notice for a second was this also made the drape tent up, which bared Sherri's pussy to my view. There wasn't a hair in sight!

I was lifting the heavy muscles on the back of her legs and pressing upwards, I looked up and realized she was watching me. Her tongue flicked out across her lips, and she moved her left leg over slightly, opening the gap in the drape even more. I glanced around the room, everyone was quite busy, so I let my fingertips brush against her lightly. She didn't protest, so I went a bit farther, actually letting my fingers brush up and press against her. Still no real reaction, so I moved the whole palm of my hand directly over her mound, and slipped my thumb inside. Her hips came up to meet me, and as I lifted up slightly with my thumb inside her, I felt her grip down on me.

Then I thought I had better cool it a little, so I started to work on the other leg. In short order I was finished.

Terry took over to end the session, and explained that the next session it would be the guys on the table. When he asked who would be able to attend, all agreed except for the two couples who had seemed uncomfortable. Everyone got dressed, and I went up to talk to Terry. He signed me up for the next semester's classes, I had decided that evening I wanted to become a massuer.

Carol and I got in the car to head home, she snuggled up tight against me. "That was fun" she said. Then she looked at me and asked, "Did you finger that girl?.."

"Yep!" I replied, "Bald as a billiard cue, too!" She laughed, and said, "You and Terry can rub my butt anytime!" I just laughed. "You do realize we could see everything, including your butthole?" I told her. "Yes, so did the other guy, too!"

"Other guy?" I asked. "Yes, the big guy, he was peeking around your shoulders when you did that."

"He seemed kind of shy to me," I told her, more a question than a comment.

"Yes, but when he stepped around between the tables, with his back to you, he used his left hand on me."

"So what did you do?" I asked her.

"I spread my legs and let him," she said, with a giggle...

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