Carol Ch. 05


She finally broke away, leaving the three boys staring after her with slightly deranged looks. She walked with a huge sway in her hips, and a broad smile on her wet lips. She sort of patted herself down with her hands as she walked, emitting a little unconscious "Oooh!". For a few minutes, she'd had no personal boundaries: The guys' hands had been running into each other in their haste to cover her hips, stomach, arms and legs.

* * * * *

Ten minutes earlier:

It was the first day when Carol was supposed to go "commando" -- no underwear. For four weeks, she'd worn the short skirts, and it was second nature to her. (But let me tell you, that four weeks felt like four months. Never had I been so wholly involved with a relationship. It felt like Carol and I were breathing from the same lungs, thinking with the same mind. Together -- and yet other -- I could stand back and get constantly turned-on and impressed by her. But enough of that...)

And, we also had other rules. Not only was it no-underwear day, it was also a Wednesday, which made it a no-bra day. Furthermore, it was a half-shirt day.

I was starting to have trouble remembering all the rules we'd concocted, but not her. She had them memorized, and noted them in her personal calendar with special codes. She was fearless, excited, and, I was starting to realize, perhaps becoming shameless.

She was completely in love with her clothing schedule. In pillow-talk one night, she confessed that she had never felt like she stood out from the other girls. Of course, she did -- she knew she was pretty, friendly, a "catch." But she never felt it viscerally, deep down.

Nowadays, she said, she had guy-friends who sought her out. They walked past other girls to say hi to her. Everybody knew Carol's name. They wanted to know about her life. She felt like a Hollywood star when she walked into class. People made way for her on the subways. Her whole college experience, once gray and confusing, was now revolving around new friendships, new experiences, new sensations. It was, she said, exactly what she'd always thought college would be. And, since we spent so much time in the library, our grades were even good.

On day one of zero-underwear, I was pretty excited myself. I sped to meet her after her first class.

I saw her from down the hall, and slowed to a stop, admiring her: My girlfriend. She was wearing clogs, a flouncy little skirt, and a small white baby-doll t-shirt that she'd cut up to her ribs. She was a wet dream come true. The kind of girl that would give you whiplash on the street. The kind of girl that tourists remember to mention to guy-friends when they go back home.

The first impression she gave was that she was all skin -- her long, glossy legs moved with excited energy, shifting her skirt over the tops of her thighs. Her stomach was firm and flat, with muscles shifting as she turned this way and that. Her arms were in constant motion, long and sculpted, with defined biceps and forearms. And all of her skin was smooth, brown, shiny in the lights.

Carol was gesturing with her arms. I'd noticed how the less she wore, the more extravagant her gestures became. The less she wore, the less she could concentrate. She became flighty, ebullient, as if the rush of excitement she felt couldn't be contained. I wondered how many of her guy-friends had figured that out too.

She was leaned back against some guy -- the guido-looking one from the other day, with all the gold chains and rings. He was standing behind her, his hands wrapped around her waist, riding her stomach as she shifted around. Her ass was in his crotch, his nose was buried in her hair. He was leaning against the wall next to the door of her class. Despite all that, Carol was basically ignoring him.

As guys came out, more than a few stopped in front of Carol, chatting. People would bump up against them, and they'd move on -- bending in quickly for a kiss. A few guys just passed by, not saying much, but kissing her. For each of them, Carol bent forward, stretching her chin up, her mouth open as it landed on their lips. When she bent forward, her ass dug into Guido's lap, and her stomach flexed in his hands.

When they didn't kiss her, they still reached out an arm to brush her shoulder. One guy, older-looking with a beard, patted her cheek as she passed. I thought this was her professor -- what a turn-on that would have been! But soon the professor appeared, looking old and, well, professorial. He nodded genially to Carol and Guido, and moved down the hall.

Throughout this ongoing kissing, fondling, and conversation, at least three times I saw the Guido move a hand to her chin, turn her head around, and kiss her on the lips. These weren't quick pecks, these kisses, but they were short. His jaw worked against hers, his mouth open -- and her mouth open, too.

Her legs were splayed. When he kissed her, his hand was around her waist, and her torso was twisted, bringing her chest into full relief. The t-shirt hanged loosely down her front, making one mound for each breast, and hung away from the comb of her ribs by two or three inches. It looked, to me at least, like she'd be able to raise one arm in class without losing any modesty. But not both arms. No stretching for her!

How awesome is that? How often do we get to see a woman on the street, wearing something she can't even stretch in? Once a year? And she was mine! I got to see her every day!

I knew Carol well enough to see that she was intensely happy. She seemed to know everybody's names, and they knew hers. Everybody wanted to talk to her, to see her. I felt a glowing pride. I was probably happy because she was happy, though I could have been happy because of the sense of ownership I felt. She was mine, I thought, as I watched her getting mauled by Guido and a string of guys.

Two students passed by me, looking back back at her. "Yeah, she's a hottie alright."

"Little bit of a slut," said the other, who was wearing a baseball cap. I called him 'Cap' in my mind.

As luck would have it, they stopped right behind me. As I stared at Carol, I listened to their conversation.

"You think she's a slut?"

"I can prove it," said Cap. "Next class, go up and introduce yourself. Tell her your name. Just talk to her."

"I can't get close to her. Everybody stands around her and talks to her."

"No, she's really nice. Just stand there, and she'll eventually say hi to you."


"Yeah. And then, ask her out."

"Ask her out? Did you ask her out?"

"Yeah," said Cap. "I ask her every day. She's cool about it."

"But she shoots you down?" the other guy laughed.

"Yes, I get shot down. But she always says, 'How sweet!' and kisses me. Now I make a point to stop by her every day. She always kisses people. I think maybe she's Eastern European. Just watch."

The three of us watched Carol as another guy stopped beside her. He put his hand on her arm, high up around her bicep, so his wrist was brushing her right breast. She turned to the new touch, and her face lit up with a smile. They spoke a few words, and then she leaned up and kissed him.

I noticed that Guido's hands were now not side-by-side, but one above the other. He had her whole stomach covered with his palms and fingers, from below her belly button to just under the dangling hem of her half-shirt.

"Wow, you're right," said the voice behind me.

"That guy all over her? Behind her? That's not even her boyfriend," added Cap.

"No shit!"

"She'll tell you about her boyfriend if you ask. But that guy? He's just the lucky guy who got to her first. Last class, it was someone else."

"You're saying I can just walk up to her after class and grab her?"

"If you're fast enough. She won't stop you."

"I really dig her legs. She must work out."

"Then you should grab them! Personally, I like her tits," said Cap. "And there's no bra."

The other guy laughed. "No shit. Her headlights are on."

Cap sighed. "I could watch her all day. But better than watching her, is talking to her. Raaaawwwrr,, dude. It's like having sex: stroking her back, hugging her waist, tracing your fingers down her thighs, bending down to kiss her whenever you want. All I know is that I'm gonna fuck her someday."

I couldn't stop the smile that crept around my lips.

"Now I'm digging her too," said the other guy. "But I have to get to my next class."

Cap was not to be dissuaded. "Let's walk past her again. I'll introduce you."

"But... No. Who am I kidding? I'm with you."

They brushed past me and headed towards Carol again. Cap was licking his lips. They slowed as they got close to her, waiting for a break in the traffic.

Carol saw them sidle up, and called out to Cap. He stepped forward, dragging his friend with him. Carol wrapped a hand around Cap's neck and pulled him close, so that he was standing against her on her right side. I watched as Cap introduced his friend to her -- she held out her hand. The friend ignored it, instead leaning in and kissing her on the lips.

When he pulled back, I saw her surprised smile. In the thinning halls, I heard what she said, "I like your friends!" They laughed. Guido was nuzzling her neck.

Her eyes flickered over to me, and she did a double take -- she'd finally noticed me fifteen feet away, staring at her. She gave an embarrassed little moue: she had Cap pressed up against her right side, Cap's friend leaning in for another kiss, and Guido basically dry-humping her from behind... and he'd left little red marks on her stomach, from clawing at her so hard.

She gave Cap and Cap's friend another kiss, and as she pulled away, Cap leaned in for more. His hand went to her chin, bringing her face back up. He kissed her again, his mouth working on hers.

"I should get going," she said.

Then she stopped leaning against Guido. When she stood, her skirt fell back down over her ass -- I'd hardly noticed it getting worked up her thighs as Guido embraced her. Guido got her for one last kiss, and then she danced up to Cap's friend and kissed him again.

She finally broke away, leaving the three boys staring after her with slightly deranged looks. She walked with a huge sway in her hips, and a broad smile on her wet lips. She sort of patted herself down with her hands as she walked, emitting a little unconscious "Oooh!". For a few minutes, she'd had no personal boundaries: The guys' hands had been running into each other in their haste to cover her hips, stomach, arms and legs.

I started down the hall away from them, and soon she drew up next to me.

Her eyes flicked over, and then away. "You horndog."

"Yeah," I said. "So?"

"I own you," she said, with a downright evil smirk.

"I was just thinking the same thing."

"Me? Owned?" The idea seemed to amuse her. "Only because I want you to think that."

We took a few more steps in silence. We knew we were still being watched up the hall, so we acted casual.

"How's your day so far?"

"Nothing special," she sighed. "I sort of thought everything would be different, when I left my panties at home. But it's like, I can hardly tell the difference. Maybe I should wear shorter skirts?"

"Maybe," I smiled. I grabbed her hand, and she squeezed it. Her perfume floated all around us. There was no way a man could not notice her, even if she was standing behind him. She was like one big invitation, for the nose and eyes. And when she hooked you, she'd talk to you and kiss you. "I liked watching all the guys go through you."

"'Go through me?'" She laughed. "I tell you, the end of class is getting to be like a gang-bang."

"That's the plan for week eight," I said. I was only half joking.

She burst out laughing. "Did you see that guy all over my stomach?"

"Oh, yeah. The Guido."

Exasperated sigh. "I've told you about that 'Guido' term. It's really rude."

"You're right, sorry. I just give all your guys names in my head."

That made her smirk. "Anyway, you were so right about him. I never thought. I should've been wearing half-shirts all the time."

"You look totally hot," I said.

"Thank you," she pecked me on the cheek. With all the mouth-kissing she was doing, the kiss on the cheek felt special. Like something just for me. "I have a few hours to kill until next class. We could go to your apartment and make out. Or we could just walk around. It's my first day without panties. You wanna get me into trouble?"

"Sounds good," I said. We rode the elevator to street level. There was a brisk wind blowing, but Carol, with her crazy light skirt, stepped into it without reservation. I added, "That guy in the cap? In the hall at the end? With the friend? What's his name?"

"Seth," she said, after a moment's thought.

"I overheard him talking to his friend. He wants to fuck you."

"I'll bet," she snorted.

"Why don't you make him your make-out session for this week?"

"Really?" she glanced at me. "Him?"

"Not your type?"

"Too much of a frat boy."

"But make out with him anyway, will you? For me? Just lead him around a corner sometime, and make out with him?"

She was thoughtful for a second. "Okay."

"What, you wanted someone else?"

She paused, then nodded. It was getting easier for her to talk about herself like this. "The guy with the gold chains, who likes my stomach. He really wants to... he said... 'play' with me. I mean, he wants it a lot. It kills me to say no."

Our hands were clenched tightly. We were in unknown territory. I made it easy on her. "You can have them both."

She stopped and spun me around, her eyes boring into mine. "Oh, Tyler. You're the best! I shouldn't have worried. You're sure, both?"

I almost burst out laughing. "Just this week, you can have two. You can have the Guido guy, if you do Seth for me."

"Okay, sweetie," she said, giving me a deep kiss. "Using the word 'guido' is impolite."

She was hot in my arms, breathing heavily. We'd just negotiated not one, but two make-out sessions for her. And this was really just her first official week doing the make-out sessions. I got the idea that we would be accelerating things soon.

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