tagLoving WivesCarol Ch. 3

Carol Ch. 3


When Carol signed us up for a couples massage class, I must admit it was the best thing to ever happen to me. Not only was it FUN, but I had found my new career!

Probably we were just lucky, our instructor, Terry, was a LOT more liberal than many of the instructors I have seen since. It was obvious that he enjoyed touch, and had no inhibitions. It was also obvious that the College wasn't the best place to do the sessions with this group.

I wasn't surprised when the phone rang, and Terry told me the classes were to be moved to his private home.

The evening of the 2nd class, Carol and I arrived, right on time. Terry greeted us at the door, introduced his wife, Sara. Sherri was already there with her heavyset husband, (for the life of me I can't remember his name, but I will call him Tom to make it easier). A few minutes after we arrived, Joe and Linda showed up, and it was apparent we had lost two of the couples from the last class, who had seemed inhibited.

Terry showed us into his spacious den, he had 4 tables set up. He gave a short talk, then told us it was the guy's turn on the table, and the women in the group would be the students.

I glanced around the room, I have to admit to a bit of nervousness, undressing in front of almost strangers is a little unnerving. But I managed, and Carol let out a soft giggle as I quickly dropped my jeans and hopped on the table, pulling the drape over me.

As I looked down the row, I noticed Terry also had undressed and slid on the table on the other end of the room. His wife, Sara stepped up to him, and began instructing the session.

Carol started on my back, kneading the muscles nicely. In short order, I was quite comfortable with her familiar touch. Soon she was rubbing my legs, and I was getting the beginnings of a hard-on. Sara was talking the whole time, stepping between the tables and demonstrating the strokes. She stepped to me, placed her hands on my left leg, and stroked all the way up, allowing her fingers to brush up and over the left cheek of my butt. "YumYum" I wisecracked, and everyone laughed as she popped my behind with the palm of her hand hard enough to sting! "Be good," she said, with a grin.

"Well, time to change partners," Sara said. "This will let you get the feel of a body other than your mate."

Sure enough, Sherri switched to me, Carol moved down to work with Terry, and Linda and Sara switched, Sara with Joe and Linda with Tom.

I turned my head so I could see Carol, she was running both hands up the back of Terry's legs, I noticed the drape was poked firmly between his legs. Sherri was doing the same to me, and it felt good! I was getting more and more of a boner, and I could sense that the end of my penis was starting to poke out from the bottom of the drape. I became quite sure of it when I felt her soft hand go up, slide over and brush against my balls. Then she gripped the end of my penis, gave it a little squeeze, and right back to stroking my legs like nothing happened! A few strokes later, Sherry did it again, lingering this time.

I was growing like a weed, let me tell you! I also noticed that the room had suddenly gone quiet!

I looked down the row, Sara was stroking Joe's upper legs, he had a grimace on his face that told me she was moving his stuff around nicely. I could only see part of Carol's back, Linda was in the way, but Carol was leaned way forwards and either had a handful of Terry's privates, or was damned close! I could see Tom's hairy behind, Linda had the drape pushed clear up off him.

Then I felt Sherri reach up with both hands and grasp me, her oily hands felt slick as sin on my full blown hard-on. She was reaching all the way to the base, squeezing, and then slowly drawing her hands towards the end, both of her tiny hands wrapped fully around me.

"Time to turn over," Sara said, with a catch in her voice.

I rolled over obediently, and sneaked a peek down the row. Sara had Joe's undraped dick in her hands, and was pumping in full strokes. Carol went right to work on Terry's legs, he was still covered by the drape but he also made a nice tent in it, I knew it wouldn't be long! Linda was staring at Sara, who was working her husband's dick without mercy. Linda stood there, almost still, but she had her left hand wrapped around the base of Tom's penis, and it stuck straight up, with a mushroom head on it the size of a golf ball!

I turned my attention back to Sherry, she looked at me with a grin. "Time to return the favor," she said, and she reached out and started to pump me. I was getting close, when I glanced down at Carol again. She was leaned over the table, and she was pumping Terry's shaft for all she was worth. This was too much for me, and I blew my load all over my chest. Sherri finished me off, then rubbed my seed into my skin.

Now everyone was done but poor Tom. Linda was having a time with that thing of his, her hand almost wouldn't reach around it! I also noticed that Tom had his hand under Linda's top, feeling her breast as she worked on him. Sherri told her, "He never gets off that way."

"So what do I do?" Linda asked. "There is just one way" Sherry answered, with a mischevious smile.

Linda looked at Sherri for a long second, then understanding, she looked at her husband, Joe. Sara still had her hand on Joe's half hard penis, and Joe just nodded.

Linda seemed to sigh, then reached under the medium length dress she wore, and slid her panties down and off! "My god," I thought, "Is she really going to do this?"

It became apparent she was when she pulled her top over her head, and naked, she climbed up on the table. She straddled him, reached down, and slowly began to insert him in her. It was a struggle at first, we all stood and stared as more and more vanished inside her. Finally with a groan, she settled all the way down on Tom, and began to pump.

One would have thought the whole session would become an orgy at this point, but it didn't. We all simply watched for what must have been a good 5 minutes! Finally Tom's ample stomach began to heave, and Linda slid off him and began to stroke him with her hands as he came with a rush!

"Well, that's a new one" Terry's voice said close to me. I looked at him, he was standing there with a Towel wrapped around his waist. Suddenly aware of my own nudity, I grabbed a towel and wiped down, then we all began to dress. Oddly, everyone was quiet, perhaps a bit shocked at what we had just witnessed.

Carol came over and gave me a hug, and as we prepared to leave, Sherry came over and hugged me, too. Then she stuck a card in my pocket, saying, "Give us a call sometime..."

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