tagNon-EroticCarol Ch. 4, Then Lee

Carol Ch. 4, Then Lee


The marriage between Carol and I was a one of a kind thing. It is difficult to even describe, one almost had to live it.

Carol had one real goal, and that was to please me. My own goal was to please her! There was never an argument, or upset of any kind in our time together.

She delighted in teasing me, she knew very well of my urges to have her "accidentally" flash some poor unsuspecting soul. There were no inhibitions at all in this beautiful woman!

One would think that this type of relationship would lead to encounters with other couples and singles, but it never did. The closest we ever came was in a couples massage therapy class, that got HOT, let me tell you. It was fun, too. But in our 5 year marriage, neither one of us was with a different partner, we were simply enough for each other.

Then one morning, Carol hopped in the car to make the 6 mile run to the store, just some eggs, bacon, milk. She wanted to make me breakfast. Just 6 miles, a trip she had made a hundred times.

Carol was over an hour late when my phone rang. I stared at it, and I knew! They told me an entire axle assembly had broken free from a big truck, and gone through her windshield. There was no pain, at least, it was over in an instant.

People came by to try and help, they made it worse. Her presence was everywhere, there was no way to escape.

After a few weeks, I just drained the small savings we had, climbed in my old GMC pickup truck, and drove away. The truck finally gave up the ghost somewhere on the southern Oregon coast, I walked off and left it.

Months passed, then a couple of years. I was drunk most of the time, and messed up on other things, to this day I couldn't tell you what. I found a small group of others that hung out on the East side of Portland. One day became another, we would go out and sit on the sidewalk and beg quarters from passersby. Most would walk around us, not seeing. A few would hand us change, and there were lots of places where we could get a meal for free.

One spring morning in 1978 I was sitting there, half sick and hungover, trying to get enough change for a bottle. Through the blur I noticed some white stockings, I looked up and this lady in a nurse's uniform was standing there saying something to me. I was mumbling something about out of work or too hurt to work, all I really remember is her saying, "Oh, Bullshit! Get up!" Something in the firmness of her voice made me obey, I struggled to my feet.

"Well, come on," she said, and led me down the street. We turned and walked into a hospital, and she led me to a room, and more or less ordered me to sit down.

"My name is Lee," she told me, "And you are my class project!" I looked her up and down, she was about 30, slender, the glasses and hair pulled back in a bun did little to hide the fact that she was attractive.

"What makes you think I want to be some class project?," I protested.

"Because I said so" she told me firmly, her no nonsense manner was getting the best of me. "You stink to high heaven," she said, "Bath is first!"

With that, she started peeling off my clothes, and in seconds I was naked. "In the shower," she ordered, showing me the door to the washroom off the side. I was far too sick and weak to protest much, besides, a hot shower sounded good. So I meekly followed her instructions, and took a long hot scrub. I had to admit it did make me feel better. I wrapped a towel around my waist, and came back out, to find her patiently waiting. "Hair is next" she said!

She plunked me down in a chair, grabbed some scissors, and proceeded to shear off about a foot of stringy hair, then she snipped my beard and mustache close, lathered me up and shaved me.

Then she turned me to face a large mirror on the wall. "Take a look," she said. I stared at the face in the mirror, it really didn't seem to be me. The cheeks were sunken, dark circles under my eyes, 34 years old but the face looking back was at least 50!

Lee took my weight, 152, blood pressure, all the rest of my vitals, and made some notes in a little book.

"Get dressed," she ordered, "I took a guess on the sizes." I looked at the fresh underwear, new socks, a pair of slacks, shoes, belt, nice sports shirt, even a nice jacket. I slipped the clothes on, they were a good fit. Then she handed me a new wallet. "All your pictures and personal items are in there," she said. I glanced inside, there was a crisp $20 bill in there, too! She noted my look, "Lunch" she said, "let's go."

We walked down the street to a local cafe, and ordered a salad and sandwich. As we ate, she said, "Tell me about you." I started to talk, I hadn't talked much for a long time, it started haltingly, then came pouring out of me in a rush. As I explained to her that I had been a mechanic, then an LMP, she stopped me to ask what an "LMP" was. I told her it was a Licensed Massage Practitioner. She just said, "Oh, they are called LMT's out here." We finished our meal, and I paid the waitress with the $20 bill Lee had put in my wallet. I left a $1 bill and some odd change for a tip, Lee looked at me and smiled. "You will be all right" she said.

We went back to the hospital, and there were a whole series of tests. They drew blood, poked and probed me, finally they were done.

"Now what?" I asked Lee. "To your new home," she replied. We walked down the street a few blocks, and turned into an older style apartment house. She showed me to a small room, it was a little studio, it had a stove, fridge, couch, even a little color TV. I poked around in the cupboards and drawers, it was lightly stocked with fruits, vegetables, some eggs and milk.

"There is one rule" she told me. "Drink and you are back on the street, no exceptions"! And she left.

That first night was a struggle, I was sick off and on, but by morning, I was starting to feel almost normal. Just before 8, there was a knock on the door. There stood Lee, dressed in a blouse and skirt, hair softly framing her face. She looked like an angel, and I felt the stirrings of something I had almost forgotten. She noticed the look on my face, and smiled. "Come, let's go! Job interview" she said. We got on the Tri-met bus, and rode for awhile. Finally we got off, and went to a Chiropractor's office. I realized what she had in mind, and told her I didn't have a license anymore. "Yes, you do!" she replied, reaching in her purse and handing me some documents.

I got the job, 5 days a week, a solid progression of sore backs, arms, legs, not the kind of work I had been used to, but it was income.

Three months went by, I was saving a little money, and I bought my own table to set up in the apartment. All during this time, I saw Lee nearly every day, she would talk to me, and make little notes in her book. My practice had built up to 3 to 4 clients each week, plus the work at the Chiropractor's, I was doing fine. My weight was back to 170, and gaining towards my normal 205 pounds.

One evening Lee stopped by, we were just sitting and chatting, I noticed she was rubbing her neck off and on. "Sore?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied.

Without asking, I stepped over and began to massage her neck and shoulders. She relaxed and allowed my touch. She was wearing a button up blouse, I was pushing the neck opening first one way, then the other, when she reached up and unbuttoned it halfway. I slipped it off her shoulders, working the neck and shoulder muscles as she groaned at the relief.

"Let's use your table" she said suddenly. I opened my portable table, she lay face down on it. I began to work her back more fully, pulling the bottom of her blouse out of her skirt. I felt no resistance, so I worked all the way up and under her blouse. I felt the tug of her skin because my hands were dry, "I need to use some oil" I told her.

"OK," she said, and sat up, removing her blouse and skirt. There she sat in just a bra and pair of thin white panties, I reached over and grabbed one of my drapes to cover her as she lay back down. I worked her back and sides thoroughly, then I unclasped her bra strap so I could reach all of her.

Lee didn't protest, so I then finished up on her legs, being careful to not press my luck.

I couldn't help it, I was getting a long neglected hardon, if she noticed, she said nothing.

I asked her if she would like to turn over, and held the drape for her as she did. She slipped the bra off her shoulders, and tossed it on a chair. I began again to work on her shoulders, as she lay there in obvious pleasure.

"Should I continue," I asked? "Yes" came the soft reply, she opened her eyes and looked at me, there was no mistaking the smoky look!

I reached down and stroked the sides of her breasts under the drape, she sighed, I pushed the drape down and off of her. It had been so long since I touched a woman's breasts, Lee's were small but perfect, nipples like little buttons. I added some oil, allowing my fingertips to get closer and closer in tiny circles, until I was circling the very tip of her nipples. I was being rewarded by little shudders from her body.

Finally I recovered her, tucking in the drape at her sides, and went to work on her legs. I did soft and sensual strokes, I could smell the scent of her!

I realized right then that I loved this woman, and as the thought hit me I said it.

Lee sat up, looked at me, and said, "I love you too, Ted!" We reached for each other, and kissed for the first time. I picked her up, and carried her to my bed. Quickly we were both nude, and I was rewarded with a guttural groan as I slipped into her for the first time! She stayed with me that night, and every night since!

I married her 3 months later. This was 24 years ago this Month...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/28/17


Life sucks don't it to loose his loving wife like he did is almost to send a guy suicidal but he once again he found someone who cares.
Five big stars.

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