tagBDSMCatcher Culture Ch. 04

Catcher Culture Ch. 04


As he looked down at Cindy's helpless body; her youthful pussy shiny and moist with excitement, her tight little anus clenching and dilating expectantly, Fenton could not draw his thoughts completely away from Hortense; how he had wanted to masturbate for her. He could not understand the power of the woman, and how it had gripped him so quickly, but his cock yearned for relief. He smiled down at the petite Cindy who looked sheepishly back from her gagged face, seeming to sense some apprehension within him; was he the same male from the car? She had expected him to penetrate her without further ado.

Fenton knelt behind her, closed his eyes and sniffed at the rich yet delicate scent of her pussy and anus; it was sweet but did not have the rich mature essence and tang of the mature mistress he now yearned for. Cindy did not mind however, and moaned her appreciation as Fenton licked around her soft brown ring, then probed the hot depths of her anus. He then licked at the soft fragrant folds. His cock stiffened as he thought hard of Hortense and what she had told him. Though Cindy was there for the taking he undid her bonds and licked her soft little belly, and little breasts, then went back down to her pussy and anus, lifting her legs high, he licked the teenager to a glorious orgasm, while his dribbling cock massaged the silken sheets.

Cindy was still recovering and in a state of wonderment as he lay back on the bed and ushered her to sit on his face; her soft cheeks covering his nose, he lapped at her soaking pussy and sniffed at her now sticky anus as she stroked his rigid and needy cock. Fenton closed his eyes tight and thought of the magnificent thighs his mistress had allowed him to view, he thought of her promise to allow him to masturbate if his progress pleased her, he thought of the male used as an ashtray, the male with the cane as he left, of her crop and stilettos... Cindy giggled as his balls erupted in a truly satisfying orgasm. He lapped and sniffed at her feminine essence and thought of Hortense as he pumped jet after jet of hot semen in her honour, the petit girl tensed her straddled thighs and buttocks about his face in sheer enjoyment as the hot jizz bubbled from his satisfied bell-end and dribbled down her fingers; a strange feeling of being 'in-charge' came over her as she rubbed herself on his face to another sweet orgasm .

Cindy looked at Fenton in awe; she was overcome by his need to ensure she was satisfied. Even if he had not realised it, the girl knew this had been his quest, even if it were unconsciously so. She pulled the sheets over them.

"Please let me sleep with you tonight Fenton." He looked at the soft flowing hair and downy arms, with her puppy-dog eyes, and smiled as he pulled her close.

"Of course Cindy." He kissed her forehead as she closed her eyes; he knew having her there would stop him masturbating later; his cock was already beginning to swell again as his thoughts drifted back to the magnificent woman who had so quickly stamped her authority upon him; she was so controlling and he could not believe just how much he wanted to be controlled. He yearned to be with her again. As he dozed, he gazed up and studied the ceiling of the apartment for the first time; he was now so glad he'd been trapped by the two women.


Larry Emmerson cried like a baby as he was led across the desert garden, leashed, naked and on all fours, to the whipping post for the fourth time that day. How the women laughed at him as his portly body wobbled in the hot sun. There was no need to lead him as he was now eager to be whipped; the women laughed as he tugged at the leash in his desperation to reach the post. The older women smiled wickedly and with great satisfaction as the girl he had been 'caught' with, stood proud and strutted dominantly along with the male who was well on the way to being broken completely. She choked him sweetly with the leash and stopped him several times on the short walk to the post. Her pussy tingled with excitement and spite, as her youthful assertiveness had the male beg to progress to the post at each stop. The group of older women laughed and showed their appreciation, ensuring his cock rose all the more as he had now learned to enjoy humiliation. He had been made to beg her to whip him, and he had done so with the deep humility of an utterly defeated male.

Before being shackled to the post, the women pointed to a large clock on which time ticked by; they had done so on three prior occasions. Beneath the clock hung a large pair of gelding shears, and on the ground below it, a jar which had a clearly defined level marked upon it. As per three prior occasions already, his leash was released and he scuttled over to the jar and brought it back in his teeth as the women laughed at him. The girl took the jar from him and bent over, inviting him to sniff her asshole; she held the jar between her legs for him as he stroked his cock. The women clapped in time as he masturbated before them. They cheered and the girl flexed her whip with her free hand as Larry came generously into the jar, invigorated by the sheer humiliation and the scent of the girl's ass who was about to whip him. The girl took the jar after he had spurted his last and smiled with deep satisfaction; the women laughed and clapped as she indicated with her fingers where the level of semen was. Larry was way short of the mark at this stage; if he did not reach the mark by eight that evening, the young girl would be given the honour of using the shears. She licked her lips as two older women lashed him to the pole, telling him how pathetic he was as they reminded him that he was unlikely to reach the mark by eight.

The teenager would thoroughly enjoy thrashing him, but the thought of removing his balls was exquisitely erotic to her; she was close to coming as the whip bit into Larry's flesh.


Fenton awoke with a huge erection, and hastily made for the bathroom to urinate; he did not want the girl, who still slumbered, to tempt him into morning sex on seeing his 'dawn horn'. He had slept fitfully and could not get Hortense out of his mind. Despite emptying his bladder his cock remained in an excited state after he'd tried out his new shower. He was somewhat taken aback by this new life which had been laid out for him and could not believe it would always be so easy. The apartment was expensively furnished and the wardrobes had been populated with many items of clothing for him; he now knew why Lauren had requested he write down his dimensions at the office. As he donned a bath robe to conceal his excitement about the coming day, the phone rang. Before he could reach it, Cindy had answered it, and was giggling as she spoke to the caller.

"Yes Lauren...of course, I shall certainly let her know...yes, he most certainly was! Oh, here he is now; I'll call in later." She smiled knowingly as she handed the phone to Fenton, her other hand holding a bed-sheet about her lithe body like a toga; she turned and let it drop as she walked back into the bedroom, the view of her tight little buttocks making his cock lift the robe. He put the phone to his ear and said hello.

"Hi Fenton, I trust you haven't forgotten your further appointment with Ms Montgomery?" He heard her snigger as she paused for his answer; the name threw him for a moment, then a picture of those glorious thighs entered his mind; Hortense. His cock bobbed rigidly as he replied.

"Hortense? No, of course not." Fenton could sense her pleasure as she noted the enthusiasm in his voice.

"She'd like you there 90 minutes earlier today; her scheduled appointment was found hanging in disused warehouse, minus his manhood. It seems his taste for discipline got him involved with some very unprofessional ladies, but that's another story. I have a little errand for you first; I'd like you to pick something up on the way, from another client. She may book you in future too, if she likes the look of you."

Fenton made sure he arrived at the client's address in good time; there was no way he would chance being late for his appointment with Ms Montgomery. A very attractive women of above 50, smiled at Fenton as she opened the door of the property and ushered him in; the house had a similar atmosphere to Hortense's making his cock rise automatically. The woman had brunette hair in a bun, with glasses; very school-mistress like, and simply pointed to a corner by the door. Her natural assertiveness compelled him to stand there as directed, much to the obvious satisfaction of the woman. His cock stiffened all the more as he watched the pencil skirted woman strut down the hall; her curved hips and bottom beautifully contoured by the skirt, her waist tight, with mature and full breasts complementing the upper part of her body. She looked back down at him and smiled as she fold a pair of black leather thigh-length boots and placed them in a bag; making sure he had a good view of them as she did so. He swallowed hard as she strutted back, eyeing him up and down with a smile.

"Yes... I think I shall enjoy watching you worshipping these. Tell Hortense Clara Adams would be happy to attend on Wednesday." Fenton was mystified but said nothing other than 'thank you' as he was handed the bag with its erotic contents. Clara pointed to the door with succinct authority and he left for Hortense Montgomery's house; his cock rigid with the intrigue.

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