Cats and Dogs Ch. 09


* * * * * *

A couple of hours later it was starting to get dark, and Finn was hungry. As if she could read his mind, Tilly knocked and came in with plates of food for the both of them, and a smaller one with a few items on for Sky when she woke. 'The doc thought that a bit of solid food might be worth a try if she wants to.' Tilly paused and looked at Finn with interest. 'You're really pleased! What's happened?'

'She kissed me. It was great!' Finn grinned.

Tilly smiled. 'I'm glad. She's really nice. I thought I wouldn't like another woman about, but I think she's going to be great fun. If you ever let me see her!'

'Of course I will. I think it's about time you had some female company, not just us boys.' Tilly pulled a face and Finn couldn't help asking. 'What's that for, we aren't that bad.'

'No, it's the thought of the other female company coming tomorrow. Dill's mum and sister are coming to see him.'

'And you're feeling a bit threatened? They can't take him away Tilly, he's unit, not pack.'

'I know. But with him out of it like this I'm worried I might not get a look in. If his mother sends me away...'

'Then tell her what he means to you, or more importantly what you mean to him.'

Tilly looked at him for what seemed like a long time before replying. 'I don't know what you're implying, but that's half the problem. I can't speak for him to his family. And what if... well, if he doesn't wake, or doesn't remember things that he should...'

'You're worried he'll not know you?'

Tilly nodded dumbly and tears started to form. 'I don't know what's worse, seeing him like this, or the thought of him waking up and maybe not being him.' She started to cry then and Finn held her while she sobbed.

'I know it's hard, but try not to worry about it. You're only thinking the worst, not that he'll wake up and be his usual cheeky self. And that's more likely than your scenarios. I know you're scared of losing him, but don't spend your time imagining ways that could happen.'

'I don't know what I'll do if...'

'Sshh. I told you, don't dwell on that. I know you don't want to get your hopes up, but thinking positive will help.'

Tilly sat back and tried to pull herself together. 'Sorry Finn. I think I've cried more in the last couple of days than in the previous five years.'

'Don't apologise. It's hard to see someone you care about hurt and not be able to help them.' He couldn't stop himself looking at Sky then, seeing she was still asleep.

'You can help her. You'll be a good incentive to getting well!'

Finn smirked. 'I get to be the prize? Poor girl!'

'She thinks you're worth a lot. Can't see it myself!' she teased.

Before Finn could think of a smart reply, there was a knock on the door. He managed to stop himself growling at Rob and Den as they carried his mattress into the room. 'Bosses orders, and for you Tilly. Rather than anyone losing sleep you get a place to lie down and keep tabs on the patients at the same time. Sam thought that might be the best way of dealing with the round the clock vigils.' He gave a cheeky smile to both of them. 'Also, Finn, next time Sky wakes the doctor would like to do a quick checkup, so if you could give us a call we'll send him up.' Rob and Den nodded their goodbyes and headed back out, grumbling about having to lug beds around the building.

Tilly was glad about the bed, she didn't want to leave Dill for long and sleeping in the room with him would mean she was right there if he did wake up. Finn didn't seem so keen judging by his emotions.

'I hope you weren't thinking you could keep your vigil in her bed.'

Finn blushed. That was pretty much exactly what he was thinking. 'Of course not.'

Tilly laughed. 'You know you can't lie to me! Give it time Finn, she'll get better fast if she keeps eating well, and then you both can decide what's happening. For now, you know as well as I do that you have to keep things light.'

Finn sighed. 'I do know. That doesn't make it any easier, especially now it's obvious she is thinking on the same lines.'

'Then at least you know you have something to look forward to. I'm gonna go now, I'll see you tomorrow...' She tailed off then, her voice expressing her fears about that.

Finn just gave her a reassuring smile as she left, and finished off his dinner, waiting for Sky to come round, eager to see her bright blue eyes again. It was about an hour later when it finally happened, and the first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was Finn smiling brightly at her. She returned the smile with equal pleasure. 'Hi.' she said, slightly shy for some reason.

'Hello again. I've missed you.'

'Don't be silly, I've only been asleep!'

'You're not great company like that though. I've had to have Tilly in to talk to. Speaking of which, she brought food. Do you want some?'

Sky took the plate gladly, keen to do anything that would help her get back to normal. There were so many things she wanted to do, most of them with Finn. Being weak and helpless didn't stop her brain working, or her sex drive. It was probably more frustrating having these feelings, and someone to do things with, but not being able to because she couldn't muster up the energy.

'That's good.' she said once she'd cleaned her plate, and then beckoned Finn towards her. 'And I know something that would be even better.'

'If you can hold on to that thought, I've just called for the doctor because he wanted to see you when you woke up. Sorry.' Finn was sorry too, he should have waited a bit longer. Thankfully the medic was there before he could regret wasting time.

Sky was given a quick check up, but the doctor seemed pleased with her progress. 'You're doing really well. It's just going to take more rest and food to get you back to normal. Meanwhile you just have to take it slow. No changing until you're better, it takes too much out of you.'

They both thanked the man as he left. Sky suddenly became aware of the extra bed in her room. 'When did that get here?'

'While you were asleep. Sam's had my bed moved in here and Tilly's in with Dill so we can sleep comfortably but be on hand if you need anything.'

Sky looked a little embarrassed at her thought, but said 'You could sleep in here with me if you want.'

Finn smiled. 'I had that thought myself, but Tilly said no and I know better than to disobey her. To be honest, I'm not sure that's a great idea while I need to control myself!'

'You're probably right, but it's a shame!'

Finn thought for a moment. 'Budge over.' he said, and Sky moved back so there was space on the bed. He lay down beside her and pulled her body to his, letting out a soft growl even though the covers were between them. He thought that might be safest. 'Now, that idea you had earlier...' he continued, putting his arm around her and his lips to hers.

As they kissed gently, Sky couldn't resist asking. 'Isn't this against Tilly's rules?'

'She said I shouldn't get in your bed, not on it. Technically this is fine!'

'Feels more than fine to me!'

Finn's only response was 'mmm', as he kept up the light kisses until Sky started to yawn again. He reluctantly moved to the mattress when she fell back to sleep, glad of half an hour of kisses but not that it had to end. As he expected, he was hard again, but this time it was night and he was tired too so he decided to take the opportunity to get an early night, glad that he could do it comfortably this time. The soft sounds of Sky's breathing soon soothed him to sleep at the end of one of the best days of his life, and things could only get better.

Whilst Finn went to sleep happy, others in the house were not finding it so easy to relax. Tilly was really worried. Speaking to Finn had helped a little, and she was glad to see that he and Sky were taking things slow but something was developing between them. It would do her friend good to have someone in his life. If only she could be sure she would have the same she would be happy. The idea of losing Dill was high in her mind no matter how much she tried to shut it out. To have only just found her perfect mate and have him taken from her was too cruel. She knew she still had Sam and her other friends, but right now she felt so alone, and no-one else could understand or know how hard this was. They should have been telling Sam and Tom about them once the mission was over, not this. She could only hope and pray that tomorrow he would wake up and be hers once more.

Peter and Michael too were nervous about the next day. They seemed to have had an unspoken rule about it, but since they had found out Mark would be coming with someone else from Council the next day, neither had said anything but they had both been thinking that they didn't want to go back to HQ. They assumed that Mark would take them back now that the mission was over, and having had this taste of freedom they didn't want to think about not being able to spend their time together.

That said, since they had declared their love, they had been together but barely alone. They had found too many things to busy them while the teams were gone, and when they returned it was full-on work sorting out places for the new arrivals to sleep and starting to sort out the various documents and evidence the teams had brought back. They had spent a lot of time on the computers copying files and trying to decrypt some of them, with varying success. They were both quite good at it, but there were better technicians back at HQ who should be able to get into those they hadn't broken.

Finally after a long day Sam had sent them to bed. They headed up the corridor together, not wanting to say it, but both aware this could be their last night together in a while. They exchanged a look as they got to the door that confirmed the other was just as conscious of that fact. They threw their clothes off as soon as they got inside the door and their bodies were melded together fast, both purring softly at the contact. Hands, lips and tongues were frantic, tasting and feeling their lover. They managed to make it to the bed, and fell together down onto the soft mattress.

Michael rolled on top of Peter and pressed him down, running his hands up and down Peter's sides and then up to cup his face and run through his hair as they kissed passionately. He knew he couldn't get enough of this and didn't want it to end. Their bodies were tight together and as Peter wriggled under him he could feel their erections rubbing together. It was wonderful but not enough for him just then, he wanted a lot more, and moved off Peter so they could both get properly onto the bed. He smiled when Peter moaned a complaint as he did so.

'Just wanted to get us more comfortable babe.'

'I was comfortable! What could be better than having my love naked on top of me?' Peter grinned. 'Actually I can think of something.' he looked intently into Michael's eyes 'My love inside me?' he asked, slightly tentative.

Michael could almost feel his heart melt. 'Your wish is my command. I'd love to feel what you felt the other day. It was probably the best moment of my life so far.'

'Mine too.'

No more words seemed necessary at that point. Michael moved them both into the centre of the bed where he had intended to go anyway, and set to work pleasuring Peter. He settled his body on top of his lover again, and started to kiss him hard, enjoying the response of his lips, and Peter's hips pressing up towards him. He started to move down Peter's body slowly, running his lips and tongue over his neck and chest, spending some time on his nipples which made Peter groan with the enjoyable feelings. He followed the lines of muscle across Peter's stomach from his sides to his belly, feeling his lover wriggle even more underneath him.

At Peter's belly button he paused and briefly tongued in and out of it, a promise of what was to come. Peter groaned. Michael moved lower, avoiding the straining cock and starting to lick Peter's balls, tasting and smelling his love and making him groan too. He reached across to grab the lube and used it on his fingers while he sucked one ball into his mouth and gently licked it. Peter's legs opened wide to allow him total access, and he took the opportunity to slip one finger to his asshole, circling for a moment and then pressing in. Peter let out a small purr, and Michael knew he hadn't hurt him because it was no more than he had done the other day in the shower.

This time though, it wasn't going to be the end of it, and he pressed another finger inside Peter. The response was a loud groan, but no sign of pain, and Michael started to finger fuck him, gently at first then increasing the speed and how deep he pushed. Peter was soon pushing back hard, and he got his third finger in with no difficulty either, gradually widening the channel so all Peter would feel when he sank his cock home was the pleasure that Michael knew was in store for him. Peter kept moaning and writhing, just as eager as Michael to have this happen.

Finally Michael moved to get himself in position above Peter, pushing his legs up and more open for him to gain entry. Mindful of their conversation after Peter had made love to him, he leaned down and kissed him, and Peter grabbed him for a hug and deepened the kiss. 'Do it Michael, I want to feel you.' he heard in his head. Gently he started to press down into Peter's body, the two of them letting out moans as he sank inside. He wasn't expecting the heat or the tightness, despite having felt Peter inside him. It was an incredible feeling, and one he didn't want to end, but he felt so much need to thrust into his lover he couldn't keep it slow. He could feel Peter pushing back against him hard too.

They moved together hard and fast, both moaning but trying not to make it too loud outside their room. The intensity of them kissing at the same time made it all the better, and neither could think to speak as well. Their coupling eventually became so frantic that they reached orgasm, Peter coming slightly before Michael and covering them both in his cum, groaning Michael's name as he did. It was too much for Michael and he roared as he released inside Peter, collapsing on top of him and feeling their bodies stick together with the cum on the outside.

They lay panting for a few minutes, lightly kissing to keep the connection. Peter knew he didn't want to let Michael go, and no matter what happened tomorrow, he wasn't going to hide this any longer because they needed to be together. The amazing sex just confirmed the connection they already had.

'God, that is so good. Now I know what I've been missing!' he said. 'But you are way too loud lover!'

'Sorry. That was too intense for me. I'll try and keep a lid on it in the future.'

'Don't worry. I love that being with me gets you that worked up.'

'You're too sexy, you know that don't you. And your ass is so hot and tight.'

Peter laughed. 'You know just what to say to a guy!'

'I think there may have been a little desperation in that one though, on both our parts.' Michael replied, acknowledging their concerns about going back to HQ.

'I've been thinking about that too. I want you to know, I don't think we should hide this.' Peter said, looking right into Michael's eyes to see his reaction. As he suspected, there was a little fear.

'I don't know Peter. It's a big step and we are going to get hounded if we tell people.'

'So what? Dad knows and he isn't bothered. If we have the support of the head of the Council I don't think anyone else can hurt us. And if we're honest, they'll have to deal with it or leave us alone, there can't be anyone gossiping. Most importantly, if we want to be together it'll be clear why. We'll have a lot more opportunities to be alone and with each other.'

'I like that idea, but I don't think it's gonna be that easy babe. Sandra will be a nightmare, and I'm sure she's not the only one who feels that way.'

'I'm not saying it's going to all be perfect, but I still think it will be better. We'll find out who those people are and we can avoid them. And we know now, from seeing Sam and Tom, it isn't going to make a difference to what work we get, or whether we get to head teams.'

Michael looked at him for a moment, clearly thinking something over. 'I don't want to head a team Peter, the job is important to me but not being the leader. I want to be with you, on your team, when we get to that point. Hell, I just want to be with you, wherever that is.'

Peter hugged him tight and kissed him hard. 'I just want to be with you too. The rest of it doesn't really matter. Having seen these guys and what they do though, I want to achieve something like that. Keep the peace, save the innocent, whatever we can do to help, but with you by my side.'

Neither of them could stop the kisses then, a bonding after their admissions. Michael's cock had not left Peter's body, and both of them knew they were hardening again. Peter moaned as he felt the cock in his ass start to swell again, and it increased the speed of his own recovery. 'Round two?' he queried, and Michael started to pump slowly, giving him his answer. He just smiled and joined in the motions, very happy to be receiving his lover again so soon.

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