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The rough floor bit into her knees and the lamp heated unforgiving against her flesh. She could hear Him breathing in the shadows, watching her, His eyes boring into her soul. She didn't dare try to seek Him out, didn't dare move, even though her knees ached and her heart broke. She knelt perfectly still, waiting for the rest of the punishment He guaranteed would be granted to her this night.

She'd always liked this room because she knew it was His and pleasure was always gained here, but tonight, it held an ugliness that she created. She hated herself for what she'd done, but she hated disappointing Him even more. She'd pushed too hard this time and now she had to pay for that. She knew this, but that didn't stop the tears from gathering in her eyes and crawling down her flushed cheeks.

She heard Him shift in the darkness, her head cocking toward the sound, but her eyes remained down cast. Her whole body trembled, almost afraid of what He'd come up with as her punishment. In her heart she knew He'd never do anything to truly hurt her, never break any limits He knew she couldn't handle, but this was different, this was a place she'd never been before and though she knew Him, she also knew what He was capable of.

He rose from the chair and slowly walked to the very edge of the shadows, continuing to watch her. His brows creased, jaw clenched. He wasn't sure what to do to make her understand this was no game. She'd defied Him for the last time. He had to teach her this valuable lesson. He slowly walked around her, keeping to the shadows, eyes always upon her. His thoughts fluttered and danced, thinking up the things that might teach her, casting them aside as quickly, only to think up something else. He stopped circling in front of her, hands behind His back, His voice bordering on a growl as He spoke, "Look at Me."

She flinched visibly at His voice, her head jerking up slightly, her tear filled eyes rising slowly toward His. She dared not speak, dared not plead forgiveness. She took a shuddering breath, and once more waited for His bidding.

He watched as her body flinched, and met her eyes easily, unaffected by the tears staining her face. He'd seen her tears many times. His deep voice carried to her, "What would teach you to not defy Me as you do, slut? Am I not your Master? Am I not the One that has taught you so much, opened your mind and body? Am I not the One that believes you can be more then you are? Am I not the One that took you into My home, cared for you, used you for My pleasure, and ensured your safety and your own pleasure? Tell Me, what you think would be a proper punishment for what you've done?"

She trembled as each question was thrown at her. She wasn't sure how to answer. Yes He was her Master, yes He was her teacher, yes He was her believer, and yes He was her provider, but to name a fitting punishment for her transgression, she couldn't think of a single thing that would suit Him. In a broken thick voice she whispered into the shadows that He dwelled, "Master, Your slut can not think of a fitting punishment for her transgression. She will willingly take whatever punishment You decide."

He watched her inner struggle with the rapid-fire questions. He knew what her answer would be regarding the punishment. He also knew within His own soul her answers to the other questions. He exhaled purposefully loud never taking His eyes from her. "Slut, I am so very disappointed in you." He began His circle around her once again. His thoughts frustrated at this situation.

He truly adored her and deep down didn't want to do this any more then she wanted Him to, but she needed to learn.

He stopped in front of her again His voice agitated, "You took My pleasure from Me. You took without asking and didn't think twice. Did you think I'd not let you have your own pleasure, your own release?!" He took a deep breath and retreated back to the chair, not waiting for her answer. His anger was getting the best of Him and He needed to calm down before continuing with her.

Her eyes welled with fresh tears at His words. She could feel the frustration radiating from Him, could feel His growing anger. She struggled to keep her cries silent, her entire body wracking with sobs under the burning light. Her heart breaking with each question He threw at her. She would be truly surprised if He didn't throw her out of His life completely.

He glanced at His watch, sighing. It was growing late. He looked to her again, shaking His head slightly as He once more rose from the chair and moved toward the door. His voice thrown over His shoulder, "You stay down here tonight, in that position, all night. Don't even think about moving." the door shutting on His words. He trudged up the stairs to the kitchen and sat at the table, thoughts of what to do with her still moving through His mind.

She watched in anguish as He shut her out, leaving her in the basement that they'd both referred to many times as the Dungeon. She sighed heavily, her fate unknown to her. She could hear Him upstairs in the kitchen, heard the chair as it scraped across the linoleum. She wondered what His plans for her were as the tears ran unchecked down her cheeks to spill between her widely spread thighs. Her body ached inside and out as she shivered... remembering. Her mind drifted to earlier that day, to the transgression that brought her to the present.

Master had teased her unmercifully the previous day and into the morning before leaving the house to attend a meeting. She knew He would allow her the release she so desperately wanted when He wished it. He brought her so very close numerous times, only to deny her, leaving her breathless and hungry for more. He was very good at it and she knew He enjoyed seeing her suffer. She more than willingly conceded to each torment, her need to please Him was her strength to endure. But today, her strength waned; the need that He'd built up in her burned as brightly as one of heavens stars.

She'd finished the chores He'd required of her earlier then she'd expected, so she decided to do a little reading online while she awaited His arrival back home. She didn't have intentions to transgress. She looked down the bookmarks in the browser and couldn't help but select one of her favorites. She waited patiently as the site opened and the list of stories sprung to life before her. A smile touched her lips as she read down the titles, finally selecting one that caught her eye.

As she read, her body enflamed once more, almost as though Master had touched her, or whispered 'Mine' in her ear. She squirmed in the chair, thighs parting widely of their own accord. She didn't even realize her hand had drifted down to nestle against her hot swollen pussy lips. Her eyes scanned the erotic words and deeds played out on the screen before her and her body reacted to them like she was the woman in the story.

Her cunt spasmed as her fingers brushed lightly over her very sensitive clit. Her heart thundered behind her ribs as her other hand strayed to the turgid bud of her heaving breast. She was completely lost in the story and her own body.

Her fingers moved in a rhythm they knew well, bringing her closer and closer to the release she'd been denied. The fingers that found her aching nipple pinched and twisted the bud until sparks of sweet pain burned through her breast, adding to the need that was so perfectly built during the previous hours.

Christ she needed release and the willfulness that was deeply ingrained reared its head and whispered in her mind to let go, to feel the pleasure He'd been keeping from her. With that, her body jerked, fingers slipping easily into her soaking cunt, fucking herself wildly with them, feeling the white heat in her core burn as the orgasm began to wash over her.

Her body trembled, head thrown back, hips bucking up hard against her palm, her pussy suckling at her fingers, drawing them in further. She was awash with the delicious feelings of her release and as her lusty eyes opened slightly, she saw Him standing in the doorframe disappointment marring His handsome face. She'd been undeniably caught. There was no excuse for what He was witness to, no explanation she could muster that would do justice. She knew right then she pushed too hard.

Her eyes widened as He strode across the room and grabbed her wrist that was still buried between trembling thighs, pulling her glistening fingers from her cunt wetly, hauling her to her feet and pushing her down the stairs to the Dungeon, while He growled "get into position and you WILL be punished for this!" as He switched on the lamp above her and retreated to the chair in the shadows. He spoke no other words until He demanded she look at Him. She simply knelt, as the tears of shame crawled down her cheeks. She hated herself.

He sat at the kitchen table, His thoughts a blur of what sort of punishment would be fitting for His defiant slut. He knew He couldn't truly leave her down there kneeling against the cement flooring or under the lamp the whole night, but He did want her stewing, thinking He would. He was grateful that the meeting He'd attended earlier that day allowed Him to have the following few days off of work, more than enough time to deal with her and hopefully teach her a valuable lesson.

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