tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCaught by the Pool

Caught by the Pool


I couldn't believe it happened. I have never become so enthralled in myself that I have missed the driveway buzzer. Is it working? I wonder how long he watched before I opened my eyes. God I am so embarrassed, and excited. I can't believe how wet I am with excitement.

I guess I should give you some background information and work up to today's events. I am 40 years old now, and I live alone in the middle of nowhere. I chose this location, after I won a lot of money, because of its privacy. I have lived here for a little over fifteen years (my goodness it has been a while). I am a naturalist, that is to say I only wear clothing when I have to.

When I moved in, I had a company come out and put several sensors on my driveway to alert me when someone was coming. My house sits in the middle of 500 acres, mostly trees, and you can't see my house from the road. I seldom get people coming back here, usually the mail man or the UPS delivery woman. I have had a couple of people just wander in looking for somewhere to get drunk or high or have sex, but they usually see the house and leave. Because people do wander in every so often I put a sign next to the driveway, about 100 yards from the house, which says "Caution, a naturalist lives here. There is a chance you will see someone nude."

Not long after I put the sign in, my friend Cheri came to see me. She got a good laugh out of it and said we should go change it to say "you will see someone nude". Cheri has been a friend of mine since junior high school, and she also enjoys being without the restraints of clothing whenever she can. She often comes to visit me on her vacations, which allows her to roam free.

Since I do order most of my goods on the internet, the mailman and UPS gal have both caught me a time or two running nude. Usually, when I hear the drive way buzzer go off, I will put on a bath robe for whoever is coming in. The mail man says he doesn't mind, and the UPS gal has come out on some of her days off to "explore" the lifestyle (I think she enjoys being nude too). Even though they have both seen me, I try to cover whenever they come.

I guess by now you are wondering what I look like. I am a curvy brunette, 5 feet 4 inches tall. I have breasts that are slightly larger than most, 36DD, that sag slightly and an awesome all over tan. I am no centerfold model, but I do turn heads when I go out.

Cheri had come to see me for a couple of weeks, she was on a temporary layoff, and we had been enjoying the pool for most of it. I mowed the yard, and Cheri helped me pull weeds in my flower gardens. Cheri keeps all of her kitty hair shaved off, which lets anyone she wants to see her see every fold of her kitty. Cheri is a little more of an exhibitionist than I am, she purposely will go without panties to flash people, and she will occasionally masturbate by the pool. I could never do that in front of someone. The last time Cheri was here, Sandy, the UPS gal, delivered a package and saw Cheri jilling by the pool.

Sandy came on a day that the power was out, so the driveway buzzer wasn't working. She walked around the house to the pool area out back and froze. She was staring right into Cheri's splayed open, glistening wet, bright red kitty. Cheri didn't even realize Sandy was there at first, she was too busy pushing three fingers into herself to notice. When Cheri finally looked up all she could do was smile as the first wave of her orgasm hit. Now Cheri has been known to leave a wet spot or two on my chairs after she gets off, and Sandy got a firsthand view of Cheri's juices oozing out of her.

By the time I realized what was happening it was too late to anything. I walked over to Sandy and led her into the house, offered her a drink, and told her I was sorry she had to see that, and I was so embarrassed.

Sandy said "don't worry about it, we all do it. I have just never seen another woman jill-off before."

That was the last time Sandy was here. I haven't ordered anything for quite some time, and she hasn't come to see me on any of her days off for some time. I asked the mail man if he had seen her on the road at all, and he said he has but not recently.

Back to today's events; I had decided to relax today. I had been doing yard work all week and was beginning to get sore. I decided to have a drink by the pool and just read a book or something. I went into the house to look for a book and found a short story book Cheri had left. It was a book of sexual stories. I figured what the heck; let's see what kind of stuff Cheri likes to read, and jill-off to. I made a drink, a sandwich, and some snacks grabbed her book and headed for the pool.

I don't know how long I had been reading before my fingers began to caress different parts of my body while I read. My left hand was pulling and pinching my dark brown, hard nipple, and I noticed I was becoming extremely aroused. I let my hand ram down to the folds of my kitty to find it sopping wet, and my clit was enlarged. I guess the book, and my fingers, were awakening my desires.

I must have set the book down at some point, because my left hand was still working on my nipples and the other hand was giving my clit a good rubbing. I had my eyes closed; two fingers pushed deep into my sopping wet kitty, and was close to cumming when I thought I heard something. I opened my eyes and there stood someone in a UPS uniform, but it wasn't Sandy. I couldn't stop myself; I was pushing my fingers harder and deeper into my swollen, soaking wet, kitty while I pulled on my nipples with the other hand. I had my orgasm with him watching.

I turned tree shades of red, as I caught my breath, and said "I am so sorry; I didn't hear the driveway buzzer". He didn't say a word; he just stood there looking like he had just seen a ghost or something. Then I heard a familiar voice, Sandy. She said "Jeff what are you doing?" as she walked around the corner of the house to the pool area.

I said "Sandy . . . , it's good to see you. Do you remember the last time you were here?"

"It's good to see you too" she replied "Yes I remember my last stop here."

"Well I am afraid Jeff here had a similar experience just now . . . except Cheri isn't here" I said.

"Ah" she said as she smiled "come on Jeff and let Miss Mandy enjoy the rest of her day". "Don't worry about a thing Mandy, I told him about your lifestyle before we got here, I guess he is in shock is all."

"Thanks Sandy" was all I could say as they headed for their truck. I looked down at the juices that were collecting on my chair, as they rounded the corner of the house, and thought 'what the hell were you doing Mandy'.

I was almost in tears by the time they left, I ran in the house and lay on the bed to consider everything that had just happened. I cried and thought why did he have to see me? Why was I so embarrassed? Why am I so excited? Then it hit me, this is Cheri's fault. Her book led me to do this. I have to call her.

"Hi Cheri, its Mandy, you'll never guess what I found" I said when I called her.

"What did you find? Did I leave some clothes there?" she answered.

"No clothes, just a little book of stories" I said sheepishly.

"Haaa, I couldn't find it anywhere before I left, where was it?"Cheri replied.

"I found it by the couch" I answered "and I decided to read it while I lay out today."

"Ah, um, so what do you think?" she said kind of nervously.

"I like the book, but it made me so horny I found myself jilling by the pool" I said. "And to make matters worse I opened my eyes to have a new UPS guy, Jeff I think, watching me cream my hand." I said as I started to cry again. "I am so embarrassed, and it's your fault for leaving this silly book".

"Now Mandy, how can you blame me for something you did? You know it's not my fault you decided to get off to the book." Cheri replied. "Were you excited when you saw the UPS guy looking at you?"

"How dare you Cheri" I screamed. Then I thought, she is my best friend why not tell her everything. "Yes, I got really excited. I had a great orgasm and I was so wet I could have gone for more."

"Mandy, you are more like me than you think. I got so turned on when Sandy saw me the other day at your house I came really hard, and have gotten off to the thought more than once since then" replied Cheri. "I have several dozen books like that here, so you can keep that one and finish reading it. I bring you another in two weeks when I come see you, that is if I can come see you."

"That sounds great Cheri. I look forward to seeing you soon" I replied. Then I heard the driveway buzzer. "I better go someone is coming up the driveway. Bye."

I got off the phone with Cheri feeling somewhat better about my incident than before I called her. I put on a robe and went to see who was coming down the drive. Oh my, it's Sandy; I hope she isn't mad at me.

"Hi Sandy, you mad at me about today?" I said as she got out of her car.

"Heck no, I don't care about that, but Jeff was really stunned." Sandy replied.

"Where have you been? I haven't seen you in almost a month, for business or pleasure" I said smiling. "I thought maybe you were mad at me for letting Cheri jill-off by the pool last time you were here".

"That caught me by surprise, but I wasn't mad. Actually I was rather turned on by her openness." Sandy replied while smiling. "What made you decide to do it?"

"Come on in and I'll tell you all about it" I said leading her towards the front door. "If you want to get 'more comfortable' you know where you can change" I said as I headed for the living room.

"Thanks Mandy, I think I will get more comfortable" she said smiling. "Be right out."

Sandy came out, naked as I was, and sat on the couch across from my chair. I told her about everything that had led up to me going out to the pool to relax, including finding Cheri's book.

"That must be some book" Sandy said, "I guess it did the job though, you were so relaxed you didn't hear us at all."

I laughed at her comment and said "here it is, see for yourself".

Sandy took the book and thumbed through the pages. "Are you going to read all of this?" she asked.

"I think so" was my reply as I smiled.

"Can I borrow it when you're done? That is if Cheri won't mind" Sandy said with an embarrassed look on her face.

"Not a problem" I answered. "I don't think Cheri will mind, I actually think she would like to share. She is supposed to bring me another when she comes in two weeks".

Sandy smiled and said "great".

Sandy and I fixed drinks and went out to the pool area to relax when she said "Jeff is going to be my replacement. He will be delivering to you from now on."

"Great, I hope he doesn't expect a show like that every time he comes to the house" I stated jokingly, but half wanting to do just that. Oh my I am becoming an exhibitionist. God I am getting wet just thinking about it. "Are you leaving UPS hun?"

"Yep, I'm going to sell my house, and go back to college" was her answer. "I am going to have to find a part time job to pay rent, but I should make enough from the house to pay tuition."

"Are you going to go to the university here in town?" I asked.

"Yes, for accounting" Sandy said.

"You know there is another alternative to paying rent" I said to her. "That is if you're interested"

"What's the catch?" she replied.

"There is no catch, other than helping out around here some" I answered.

With a big smile she said "Do you mean I can stay here with you?"

"Yes Sandy, you are welcome here." I answered with a smile bigger than hers. "I would love the company, and there is more than enough room in this house for the two of us. I don't care if you want to have a couple people over now and then, but give me some warning before they come over so I can be decent when they get here, or out in the barn." Sandy was smiling bigger and seemed to be excited, then her look changed somewhat.

She asked "do I have to be nude all the time like you?"

"No Sandy, my same rule applies if you live here as when you visit. If you want to be nude great, if not great" I replied. This seemed to end all her suspicions and she was excited. "Do you have any problems with Cheri visiting like she always has?"

"Not at all" she answered. "I don't want to change your lifestyle anymore than necessary".

"Ok then it's settled. You will live here while you go to school" I said. "When do you want to move in and which bedroom do you want?"

"Is it ok if I move in this weekend?"She asked. "I have always liked the country themed room upstairs, can I sleep there??

"This weekend works good for me, and the room is yours" I replied. "You can also have the office that is down there for your studies, I haven't used it in years."

The room Sandy picked used to be an in-law suit before I bought the house. It has its own bathroom; two walk in closets, a couch, chair, and a private deck. I also added a 48 inch TV to the room along with satellite TV for the room. She will enjoy her area, and I hardly go down there so it will be like her having her own apartment in the house.

Sandy moved in the next weekend, and that's when my life began to change, but it didn't really change much until Cheri came to visit again. Maybe I will tell you that story soon.

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