tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCelebrating National Nude Day Ch. 04

Celebrating National Nude Day Ch. 04


"Before I ask for a story, I have a National Nude Day story," said Stan. "This is something that is close to my heart, albeit my black heart and something that I have been planning for a long time. It relates to the category of Non-Consensual and Reluctance."

"That's always a good category," said Sam. "I'll never forget the time I tied up my neighbor's wife when we were all drunk out of our minds and stripped her before—"

"Shh, another time, Sam, please. I have the floor."

"Sorry Stan."

"Well, as you all know, I'm officially divorced, finally, but not before my wife and her mother took everything, the house, the car, the boat, my savings, a portion of my retirement, and even the dog. I'm gonna miss that dog, poor Buster. It was a long and bitter divorce with my mother-in-law involved up to her neck the whole way."

"Oh, boy," said Nick. "Mother-in-law stories are always good."

"Well, for those of you who have met my wife know that she is busty, an understatement. She has a D cup and her mother has a double D cup. Tits run in her family. Her grandmother had big knockers and my daughter has huge hooters, too. You can't attend one of our family gatherings without accidentally grabbing, I mean, feeling, I mean brushing against tits," said Stan with a dirty laugh.


"Having big tits is nothing to be ashamed about, Stan. Think of all the money the women in your family save on breast implants and floatation devices. Besides, maybe your daughter will make you proud by getting a job as a stripper to pay her way through college."

"A Dad can only hope," said Stan.

"Tits! Tits! Tits! Tits! Tits! Tits!"

"Okay, guys quiet down. Stan has the floor," said Sam.

"Also, for those who know both my ex-wife and ex-mother-in-law know that they are churchgoing women, upstanding members of the community, and very modest, which is probably why I'm the pervert that I am today. Because of being married to my wife all those years, I have all this pent up frustration and repressed sexuality. Also, no doubt, being a pervert is the reason for our divorce because, apparently, she told me on more than one occasion that I and my behavior was an embarrassment to her family."

"Hey, I'm proud to be a pervert," said Nick.

"Me, too," said Ed.


"My wife, much like Eddie's wife, never went for nudity and never undressed before turning out the light. It was a rare occasion that I ever caught a glimpse of her big tits."

"Damn shame," said Dave. "There's nothing worse than a good set of tits going to waste and not being used, stared at, caressed, felt, sucked, and worshipped."

"I couldn't tell you the arguments we'd have because I'd want her to wear something sexy and something that showed off her cleavage. Nope, no way, she'd button her blouse all the way to the top button. She could have been a Nun, but Nuns have more sex than she gave me," said Stan with a bit of remorse in his voice.


"I never met your wife, Stan," said Hal, "but she sounds like she has some serious sexual issues. It's been my experience that many large breasted women were sexually abused."

"She sounds like a woman that I'd like to abuse," said Dave.

"Yeah, it sounds like you guys are on the opposite ends of the spectrum there and needed to meet somewhere in the middle," said Sam.

"Well, yeah, it's too late for reconciliation. Besides, I never understood her modesty. She always thought she was fat. I thought she was perfect. She's a few pounds overweight, but she's not obese or anything. She has a decent body and so doesn't her mother. It's in the genetic makeup for the women in her family to be a little chubby. She's more voluptuous than she is fat. I like a woman with some meat on her bones."

"This is beginning to smell like a revenge story, Stan," said Dave.

"It is, Dave," said Stan.

"What's that saying, revenge is a dish best served to your cold ex-wife and her bitch of a mother or something like that," said Hal.

"My ex-wife's mother has been going through the change, you know, PMS hormone shit. If she wasn't crazy before, she's loony now. Definitely, she needs a man in her life to pull her down from the ceiling sometimes. She needs to get laid to calm her the fuck down."

"If you're asking for a volunteer, I'm your man," said Sam.


"Yeah, well, not that kind of PMS, but you get my meaning. Suddenly, she has turned into a daredevil or sorts. Either that or she has a death wish. She bought a motorcycle, took up scuba diving, and recently went skydiving," said Stan.

"No offense, Stan, but I'd like to see your mother-in-law and her double D tits squeezed so much like toothpaste in a wetsuit."

"No offense taken, Nick, and yes, it's a sight to behold. Looking so much like an older version of Raquel Welch, the first time I saw her, I wanted to pull the zipper of her wetsuit down with my teeth and gobble up her monstrous tits."

"Raquel Welch. There's a memory," said Eddie. "I wonder what happened to her."

"She got old," said Hal. "She's got to be close to seventy. Angelina Jolie replaced her, that is, until Brad knocked her up with twins. Jessica Alba is the next big thing."

"Anyway, back to my story. My ex-wife, much like her mother, never went anywhere alone, which is another reason why we are no longer together. Wherever she went, her mother followed. You never saw one without the other. They were always together. Attached at the hip, they could have been sisters, twin sisters. She even brought her mother along with us when we vacationed."

"Boy, do I have a story about twin sisters," said Hal.

"Later Hal," said Stan.

"I always wanted to try skydiving, naked skydiving," said Ed.

"Thanks for the image, Ed," said Dave. "And I don't mean that in a good way."

"Yeah, well, because my ex-mother-in-law wanted to try skydiving, my wife skydived with her. My wife rode piggyback on my ex-mother-in-laws motorcycle. The things that my wife should have been doing with me, she did with her mother."

"It's always been a fantasy of mine to ride piggyback on a hog with a woman who has big tits. Definitely, I'd have plenty to hold on to and grab should we take a turn too fast," said Sam. "Please forgive the interruption, Stan."

"Anyway, one of the things that my ex-mother-in-law wanted to try was bungee jumping. With that in mind, this is my National Nude Day revenge story of my ex-wife and mother-in-law."

"Damn," said Ed, "I just got an image of Stan's mother-in-law bungee jumping braless and topless."

"Now, there's a good image," said Dave.

"You didn't cut the bungee rope, did you Stan," asked Sam?

"No, nothing like that, but better. Remember the rules of the competition. You must be naked, it must be sexual, and it must be something new that you haven't done before. Only, for this instance, since I'm in charge of the contest, I bent the rules a bit. Moreover, I had already bungee jumped, so that wasn't something new. Also, I wasn't the one going to be naked."

"Okay, then, how does this fit in with the Nude Day celebration?"

"Well, I purposely picked National Nude Day, specifically for that reason. Not many people celebrate it. Most people don't even know the holiday exists. I figured it was time my ex-wife and her mother-in-law found out about National Nude Day or in their cases personal nude day. They both needed their inhibitions loosened up a bit."

Counting off the seconds, Stan looked at his watch while pointing to the door.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, show time."

"You sick son of a bitch," said a busty woman barging in with another busty woman who was an older version of her."

"I'm glad my daughter divorced your ass, you pervert," said the other.

"Everyone, I'd like to introduce Kathy, my ex-wife and her mother, Christine."

"Hi," said the group of men never removing their gaze higher than their chest.

Kathy and Christine ignored their welcome and marched up on to the stage.

"So, this is it? This is what you do? You stand around here and share your sexual perversions and your perverted stories with your perverted friends?" She stared at her ex-husband. "All those times you told me, you lied to me, that you were going to the Moose Lodge, you were coming here."


"Who said that?" Kathy peered out over the room of men. "You calling me fat?"

"Allow me to explain," said Stan to the group. "I promised my ex-wife and her mother that if they attended our meeting today and told their story of what happened to them on National Nude Day or in their cases, personal nude day, that I wouldn't share the photos that I took of them with you. Moreover, I threatened to post them on the Internet."

"I'd rather see the photos, Stan, than hear the story," said Hal.

"Who said that," asked Kathy? "How dare you? Which one of you sickos want to see my and my mother's tits?"

"I do," said Hal, "if you are a mind to show them. I'd love to see you and your mother's giant boobs. Think of me as you would your doctor, think of me as you would you mammogram technician, but just think of me by showing me your tits."

"Tits! Tits! Tits!"

"Well, I'm here to tell my story and to make sure that you never see these puppies," she said putting her hands beneath her breasts and lifting them.

"This is a winner. I just feel it," whispered Dave to Hal.

"Yeah, well, I haven't had my turn, yet," whispered Hal to Dave. Don't forget and I've never lost a competition."

"Ladies, the stage is yours," said Stan.

Stan climbed down and allowed his ex-wife and her mother to share the podium and the microphone.

"Testing, one, two, three," said Kathy speaking in the microphone before tapping it with her finger.

"It works, Kath," said Stan.

"My sick son-of-a-bitch ex-husband is a pervert."

"Tell us something we don't know," said Hal. "We're all perverts, here, which is the reason for this monthly meeting."

Like a great tsunami emerging from the back, continuing across the great room to the front, and washing over the stage in a great thunder of voices, clapping hands, and stomping feet, the noise was overpowering.


"What the Hell is that," asked Christine cowering against her daughter while covering her ears?

"This is the Perverted Men's Symposium, PMS," said Stan.

"Well, that figures," said his ex-mother-in-law standing too close to the microphone and howling her voice through the speaker.

"He knew my mother was going through a hormonal imbalance," said Kathy, "and he took advantage of that." She took a step forward to look out in the audience.

"Kathy," said her mother, "don't stand too close to the edge of the stage. That strange, little man was just looking up your skirt."

"Eww," she said taking a step back. "I know you," she said pointing to Sam. "I know your wife. I had no idea you were a pervert, too."

"No, sorry, I don't know you," said Sam stepping away from the stage, sitting down and slinking down in his seat with his hand over his face. "Uhm, I'm not even married. I'm gay," he said.

"As soon as you tell your story, Kath, you are free to go with the photos that I took of you and your mother," said Stan trying to get her to focus on the reason why she is here.

"Okay," she said glaring her anger at her ex-husband. "This asshole anonymously sent my mother two free tickets for a bungee jump knowing full well that my mother had always wanted to try it and after skydiving, there was nothing holding her back from trying it."

"Look at the size of their tits," whispered Nick to Eddie. "I'd like to see her tits hanging down over me while Mommy and her daughter sucked my cock."

"Yeah," said Eddie shooting him an understanding look.

"He also knows that we both have a fear of heights, which is why my mom wanted to skydive in hopes of overcoming her fear. Me? I never would have skydived, had it not been for my Mom's insistence. Only, chickening out, they had to blindfold us for us to jump from the plane. Yeah, I know, it removes much of the excitement of seeing the scenery, but we wouldn't have done it without wearing the blindfold. Closing your eyes and keeping them closed, just isn't the same as wearing a blindfold."

"Fucked up," said Dave. "What's the sense of going skydiving blindfolded? That's like fucking your sister."

"Did you forget where you are, Dave? That's not a good analogy," said Sam. "I've always wanted to fuck my sister."

"Good point, Sam," said Dave.

"So," said Hal, "what does skydiving have to do with bungee jumping?"

"Well, since neither one of us had bungee jumped before, we didn't know what to expect. Our jump was the last bungee jump of the day. Only, unbeknownst to us, Stan's girlfriend, who I had never met until that day, works at the bungee jump."

"Now, that's convenient," said Ed.

"Oh, yeah, this is gonna be good," said Nick.

"She helped us get in the harnesses, only before she put the belt around us, she threaded and looped some rolled up duct tape through the front of my bra and another one looped and threaded inside our panties and in between our legs. I really didn't think anything of it. I figured it had something to do with the harness and I was grateful for the extra safety precaution."

"Damn, that makes me want to get a job at a bungee jump," said Sam.

"She tied the one threaded to our bras to the platform and tossed the line threaded to our panties to an employee down below who tied it off to the bottom of the platform on the ground. Besides, we didn't suspect anything wrong because she was a woman. Now if it was a guy sticking his hand in my bra and down my panty to thread duct tape, I would have refused and he would have received a knee to the nuts. We just assumed that they did this to all the customers. The females did it to the females and males did it to males."

"I'd like to stick my hand down her bra and panty," said Ed to Nick.

"Yeah, she's chunky in all the right places," said Nick to Ed.

"Anyway, it happened so fast, we didn't have time to resist. We were so high up, we were too nervous to think of anything else but diving off the bungee jump. There we were standing high up in the air and ready for our jump. They were all so very nice, that neither one of us thought there were planning any shenanigans."

"Oh, my God," said Dave. "I'm exerting all the control that I have not to pull out my cock and masturbate over her telling us this story. This is so hot. I think I know what's coming."

"Yeah, you will be cumming in your pants, if you don't calm down and listen to the story," said Hal.

"They put a special harness on us, one that we didn't have to step into but that we wore around us much like a water wing but for the waist instead of the arm. She buckled it, snapped it, and pushed us off the side," she said looking at her ex-husband before continuing. "More concerned with the jump, we didn't notice that the duct tape threaded through our bras pulled our shirts up over our heads and bras off on the way down. Then, on the bounce up, the duct tape threaded through our panties pulled our pants and panties down." She bit her lip. "We were totally naked."

"I was never so humiliated," said Christine. "I was mortified." She stared at her ex-son-in-law. "And this perverted asshole was on the ground taking pictures and yelling, Happy Nude Day! Happy Nude Day!" She punched him in the shoulder. "You saw everything! You saw my tits," she said punching him in the shoulder, again. "You saw my ass," she said giving him another punch. "And you saw my bush," she said giving him a final punch.


"It was an ingenious plan. The bungee jump stripped us naked. My breasts hurt they were bouncing around so much." She looked out to the crowd of perverts. "I was never so embarrassed."

"Only, they put us on a short bungee cord," said her mother. "And instead of being close enough to the ground for someone to haul us it, after we finished bouncing and came to a stop, and throw a blanket around us, we hung a good twenty feet from the ground. No one could reach us."

"They left us there dangling and spinning naked," said Kathy. "A couple of men climbed the tower to pull us up, but the employees of the bungee jump locked the trap door in the floor before they left the tower. We were stranded there naked and swaying in the wind. No one could get to us."

"Everyone was laughing, pointing, gawking, and taking pictures," said Christine. "One guy, it was probably one of you perverts, pulled out his cock and was jerking off."

"Don't look at me," said Dave. "I wish I was there, but I wasn't."

"Many of the people on the ground thought it was a rigged Nude Day demonstration. Finally, one guy, a telephone repairman, had access to a bucket truck, but we were up there for a solid twenty minutes before he could fetch his truck and get us down. And he was certainly free with his hands, too, helping us in the bucket. I've never been groped like that. I took a shower as soon as I got home. I felt so violated." She looked to her ex-husband. "If we are done here, I'd like to have the pictures you took, please."

"Here they are," said Stan handing her an envelope.

"Do you think me stupid? Give me the memory card from the camera, too."

He opened the camera and pulled the memory card.

"Hell no," she said. "Let me see the images on the camera first to make sure that's the same memory card."

"Damn, Kathy, you thought of everything. Didn't you?"

"Just like I did in the divorce settlement," she said leaving in a huff with her mother.

"Let's have a round of applause for the good sports that my ex-wife and ex-mother-in-law are. Bye," he said waving after her.

Everyone clapped and cheered.

"Well, that certainly was a hot story, Stan," said Dave. "It's too bad you didn't have pictures, though."

"Copies," he said pulling out another envelope and holding it up over his head. "Pass them around."

"Damn, look at these," said Hal. "They are totally naked, asses, tits, nipples, and pussies. Great job, Stan."


Thank you for reading my story. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. Please take a moment to vote, make a public comment, and/or give me feedback. Your support is why I write. Your feedback will motivate me to write a better story the next time.

If you haven't already, please take moment to add me and/or this story or any other of my stories to your list of favorites. Thanks, Freddie, Bostonfictionwriter.

To be continued...

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