tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCelebrity Liaison Ch. 04

Celebrity Liaison Ch. 04


I'm Jason Connors, I use to just be the average writer down at the Daily News, but ever since my very public relationship with Natalie Portman, I had been turned into a full time celebrity interviewer. Well, actually, in truth I was briefly fired but when Natalie offered to give me the names of several hot shot celebrities, I was back in the game, this time I'm a celebrity interviewer.


Ok, so technically Natalie Portman and I are not a couple. But off the record, we have been flirting with each other frequently and have had casual sex several times in the past few months. It's funny, we argue quite a bit but keep meeting so that she can help me with my job. And this has led me to screw 2 other celebrities while on the job. Natalie has just come back from filming a movie in Europe. I had been waiting outside her house for several minutes when she got out the taxi with her bags. I rushed over to help her and she said.

'Hey you; didn't want to make the trip to the airport so you just decide to help me bring my bags 20 feet into the house.'

'Well you know how expensive petrol is nowadays.'

She gave a slight laugh and together we carried the bags into the house and placed them in her hall way.

'So Jason, did you manage not to get fired while I was away?'

'I managed to get an interview with Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon.'

'How the hell you manage that?'

'I'm just that charming,' I said.

I then caught a whiff of some meat and sniffed the air.

'You eat steak or something?'

'Shit, that's right. Some asshole dropped his steak onto my blouse while on the plane.'

Natalie unbuttoned her shirt and revealed to me her bra. And strangely enough I turned away and she clearly noticed it.

'What? You've seen me naked heaps of times and this is the first time you're turning away.'

'Yeah but it's usually during sex and after sex.'

'So we're only allowed to see each other nude if we're having sex?'

I didn't know what to say. She began to walk to her room and I followed which also made her turn around and look at me.

'Ok, now this is just inconsistent. You don't wanna look at me in my bra yet you're willing to follow me into my room and see me get undressed.'

'Hey this relationship is confusing ok; even God himself doesn't know what the hell is going on.'

'You know you can just ask me. You don't have to play around making subtle little remarks.'

'Excuse me?'

'If you want sex, just say so.'


'You come over for seemingly no reason then we start talking about our "relationship". God, if you wanted to get laid so much I would've come back earlier.'

I just stared at her. And then she realised I had no idea.

'It wasn't you're intention was it?'

'No it wasn't. I just came over to say hi.'

'What ever.'

She walked into her room and threw her blouse into the corner and started to remove her bra. She let it drop onto the floor and started removing her skirt and then stood there completely naked and walked into the bathroom. I continued to stand there and then heard the shower starting. I stood there for a moment longer and decide on the normal course of action. Got into the bathroom, strip and join her in the shower.

She looked at me for a moment as the hot water flowed down on her body.

'Like you said, we have to have sex to see each other nude.'

'Stupid rule, lets just get it over with and say we're fuck buddies.'

'Fuck buddies?'

She shrugged. 'It's a term I heard back in Harvard.'

She continued to stand there, the water streaming all the way down her body. I touched her face and slowly ran it down her wet slippery body. I stopped for a moment at her breast and squeezed her firm, supple breast. I wrapped an arm around her waist a put my mouth to her right nipple. Natalie let out a slight gasp and braced herself against the wall. I ran my tongue over her nipple continuously and at times bit down gently and sucked on it and each time Natalie gasped and tensed up. I stopped and looked at her for a moment before bending down and grabbed both her legs and lifted her off the ground. Natalie supported herself as I lined up my penis. Slowly I lowered her onto my penis and she let out a loud moan. I pulled her back before I started thrusting her ass cheeks into the wall, each time slipping further and further into her. Natalie began to let out loud cries of ecstasy and pleasure. I struggled to hold her, our bodies her both slippery but luckily for me Natalie was a small woman. Her skin was smooth all over and was very hot. Even though we were in the shower, I can tell Natalie's vagina was getting wet, and I don't mean from the water. I continued thrusting and she continued to moan and cry out in pleasure. Natalie was tense all over and arched her back and looked up to the ceiling. Her breast bounced rhythmically up and down. Unlike many girls I screwed, Natalie had a habit of going limp and just and lying there doing nothing as I fucked her and letting out soft cries. But I get the feeling she was not used to getting fucked this hard and as a result was extra loud and lively. And every time she climaxed it was the same. She would tense up, digged her nails into me and grip me extra tight and start gasping exhaustedly and eventually fall into bliss; hell the first time I fucked her she fell unconscious. This time was no different. And it was probably good that we were in the shower because she usually works up one hell of a sweat. When she climaxed this time she just fell into my arms as I hell her against the shower wall.

I turned off the water and carried her limp, dripping body onto her bed and grabbed a towel and started patting her dry. I wiped down her body and the whole time she didn't make a sound or move even when I started patting dry her vagina. She lay there perfectly still, eyes closed and absolutely limp even as I turned her onto her stomach and ran my hand from her foot, up her slender thighs, around the nice curve of her ass, massaged her back and sliding my hands between her breast and the bed searching blindly for her nipple. I flipped her onto her back again and stared again at her brilliant naked body. I cupped both of her breasts in my hand and traced my fingers from the base of her breast to her erect nipples. I squeezed her breast together but they just bounced back to their normal position. She was breathing calmly now, her breasts heaving on her chest. I felt her heart beat ripple across her chest. I looked at her for a moment and grabbed the towel and slipping it a tiny bit of the way through the lips of her vagina. As I did so, her hand immediately grabbed mine. I threw the towel to the side and laid several fingers at the entrance to her vagina. I teased her a little and then spread her legs out wide. Her body had quickly regained its warmth. And as I ran my hands over her thighs with her legs still spread out wide. She began playing with her nipples every once in awhile pinching and rubbing them. I could tell she wanted more. And so I placed my palm over her vagina, feeling the wetness of her body soaking into the bottom of my hand. I began to rub my hand up and down over the tight lips, causing Natalie to moan again as I started to arouse her even more. I gently pulled one of her lips to the side giving me a peek inside. Slowly I felt her juices beginning to cover the tips of my finger. I covered my index finger in her juices and smeared it over her the lips of her mouth. Natalie still had her eyes closed and only twitch her and there. When she felt the wetness on her lips, she instinctively slid her tongue out and licked it clean. Her brow furrowed as she tasted her own juices. I lowered my hand and slowly slid my fingers into her pussy and Natalie, as I predicted let out a sharp groan. I quickly held my other hand over her mouth and watched in awe and every time I thrusted my fingers into her, she convulsed and arched her back like a woman possessed. Her muffled groans of pleasure were growing loud as my fingers became better lubricated and another orgasm built up inside of her. I leaned forward and once again sucked on her nipple. Her breast rubbed across my face as she moved uncontrollably. Her moans grew louder but I still covered her mouth. I could feel her tongue slide between her lips softly coming into contact with my palm. I writhed in pleasure; her thighs were crushing my hand and her breast bouncing up and down hypnotically until finally she came. Her body stiffened for several moments and she screamed, actually screamed into my hand before once again relaxing. I watched as she fell asleep. I lowered my face to look at her groin as our juices oozed out of her slit and dripped onto the bed. I laid there for a moment before I gathered her naked body up in my arms and slept.

It was morning when we woke up. Natalie was still curled up in my arms. Sometime during the night my hand managed to find her left breast. I gently squeeze and rubbed. Natalie didn't seem to mind very much. Her breast were a perfect size for her body, they weren't massive but were suited her perfectly. Her nipples were very erect but after I got them between my fingers they were nice and supple again. They were nice and firm. And while I'm talking about Natalie Portman's breast, I noticed that strangely, Natalie was caught in public many times with her nipples poking through her shirt. Just thought I might put it in there. I never quizzed her about her lack of a bra because how the hell are you supposed to bring that up in conversation. She started to stir beside me.

'Morning,' she said dreamily.

'So, um, where do we stand?' I said immediately.

She began to sit up not bothering to cover up herself.

'Well, we just had sex, again. And we are still not in a proper relationship despite the fact that you're groping at my left breast and we plan on probably having sex again sometime.'

'So, relationship is out of the question?'

'I didn't say that, but after how our last one ended up, pissed off and you fired, I didn't realise you want to start another one,' she paused. 'Do you?

I shrugged baffled about whether or not I wanted a relationship or just casual sex.

'Well?' she asked.

'What do you want?'

'Don't care, it's up to you, after all, you got the worse out of the last relationship.'

'I'm willing to try if you're willing.'

'So is that a yes. You want a serious relationship?'

'Sure why not,' I said casually.

'Ok. We're a couple,' she said seemingly disinterested.



We were both quiet for a moment before she said.

'I'm taking a shower, you start breakfast,' she said climbing out of bed.

I smiled. 'If we weren't a couple I'd be in the shower with you huh?'

'It's more than just a status Jason, there's responsibility too. I want pancakes.'

'We're a couple.' I muttered to myself. 'No more wild sex for no reason.'

'What was that?'


I got out of bed and made my way to her kitchen and grabbed the bottle of pancake mix. All of a sudden, casual sex seemed much better than a relationship.

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