tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCelebrity Liaison Ch. 05

Celebrity Liaison Ch. 05


I'm Jason Connors, I use to just be the average writer down at the Daily News, but ever since my very public relationship with Natalie Portman, I had been turned into a full time celebrity interviewer. Well, actually, in truth I was briefly fired but when Natalie offered to give me the names of several hot shot celebrity managers, I was back in the game, this time I'm a celebrity interviewer.

Sitting back in my office at the Daily News has been awkward. After all, a while back I was fired and pissed off the previous editor because I chose Natalie Portman over the job, which by the way I never did very efficiently. Anyway I'm back working for the paper fulltime, no more of that freelance shit. The new editor, Ed, was pleasantly happy with my article on Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal. Oh yeah, and I'm back in a relationship, actually a real relationship, with Natalie Portman again. You may not have known but when I told you dear reader, about my night with Natalie, that that was only about 3 weeks after the whole Reese Witherspoon incident. So I haven't been working back here for long.

I looked up to see several people watching excitedly as someone came out of the elevator. It was Natalie, I watched as she walked through the maze of cubicles to my office. When we first dated, Natalie coming in here was a massive deal. Now people were more pleasantly surprised then anything. But there were a few who were still jumping with joy at the sight of her. Natalie just smiled as she stepped into my office.

'Honestly Jason, tell your friends to curb their enthusiasm.'

'I told them before hand that you weren't very special and that no one should care when you come,' I said disinterested.

'Easy on the sarcasm. Remember, we're in a relationship now.'

'What brings you here Nat?'

'Well seeing as you have your job at the Daily News back. I was wondering if my services are needed anymore.'

'What are you kidding? I'm back at work here but I'm lead writer of the entertainment section. I'm not heading back to the opinion columns anytime soon. Really nothing much else is different as I basically gave 90% of those interviews to this newspaper anyway. Only now they've given me an office and expect regular articles. So any interviews you can set up would be greatly appreciated.'

'Well, I don't have an interview for you but I do have this.'

Natalie threw a card at me. I caught it easily and flipped it over.

'A membership for Long Island Health & Relaxation Resort? Why the fuck would I want this?'

'You want that because the Resort is a place where many celebrities spend time and relax. Figured you can try getting your own interviews.'

'I can't do that.'

'You got that interview with Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal. Even I couldn't have gotten you that one.'

'Yeah but this is a Resort. The celebs go there because they are stressed. And why are they stressed? Because of reporters like me begging them for interviews 24/7.'

'Don't worry, it'll be easier than you think,' Natalie said before heading for the door.

'Where are you going?'

'Meeting my dad for lunch, which reminds me. Are we still up for dinner?'

'Yeah. Meet you there at 6.'

'Ok, seeya.'

So even though Natalie gave me the membership to the Health & Relaxation Resort for the purposes of finding celebrities to interview them, I decided to go there with the intention of just relaxing. The resort wasn't exactly a resort, it was more like just a small country club but even so, the place was pretty spectacular. Gym, pool, gaming room, bar, the list goes on. Fuck interviewing I thought, I'm heading to the pool. I didn't actually go inside the pool but I just sat next to it with a cold beer in my hand. I must have seemed like a pervert just sitting there and watching the girls go in and out of the pool. Didn't actually see any real celebrities here but I saw some several B- grade ones. You know the type of actors that you see in those shows that were cancelled after 2 episodes. I was nearly asleep when my phone rang. I sat up straight and looked at the phone, new number. I flicked opened the phone and answered it.


'Hi Jason. It's Reese.'

'Witherspoon?' I asked surprised.

'Do you know any other people named Reese?'

'Yeah, this one guy in high school. Complete prick who cheated his way through school. Is this him?'

I heard Reese laugh on the other line.

'Listen, I called up your work and your assistant gave me your number. I just wanna tell you that I'm in town.'


'Yeah, promo tour finished early. The movie's released and doing great so now I have a lot of free time.'

'I have an assistant?'

Once again I heard her laugh and it brought a smile to my face.

'Listen, I'm only passing through New York tonight and my plane leaves tomorrow morning, I'm planning to go back to LA for to visit my kids. I was thinking we could meet up while I'm in town. You know, like we discussed.'

Oh FUCK! And that was when I remembered. Shit, what the hell have I gotten myself into I thought. I agreed to meet up with Reese Witherspoon when she got back from her promo tour. We wanted to have a relationship. But now I'm in one with Natalie. SHIT! Look at me; I'm about to date two of the most well known celebrities of the planet and I'm pissed off and freaked out about it. Why did I ask for a relationship with Natalie? Fuck!

'Jason, you still there?'

'Yeah,' I said in a raspy voice.

'Are you available today?'


'Ok, where do you wanna meet?'

'How about the Long Island Health & Relaxation Resort? Been there?'

'Only once, I can be there in half an hour.'

'Ok, meet you by the pool.'

And so I sat there, nervous as hell. What am I going to do? Ok, stay calm I thought. Maybe she just wants to be friends, nothing wrong with that. What the fuck am I talking about. Friends? We had sex, we shared a traumatic experience. Shit, only I can turn dating two celebs into such a cluster fuck. I just sat there and drained 2 beers before she arrive. She was 15 minutes late but I wasn't complaining. More time for me to think. I stood up and we hugged each other.

'You look good?' I said.

'Thank you, you don't look too bad yourself.'

She was dressed simply in a tight fitting pink shirt and jeans. Meanwhile I still wore my suit and looked a bit too over dressed.

'So how've you been?' I asked.

'Good, the promo tour was surprisingly relaxing. But I was just eager to return home. I really miss my kids.'

Even though I acted like a gentleman, my thoughts were everywhere. Mainly I was thinking how great her body still was considering being a mother of two. Her breasts were still very firm. No stretch marks or anything and she still kept a very slender figure. She was a bit taller than Natalie but that's not exactly hard. Shit, try not to think of Natalie I thought. At this point it was nearing 4 o'clock and the place wasn't exactly jam- packed. There were only about 8 people in the pool area and the gardens were basically deserted. Reese started walking around the place and I followed her outside. The air was still warm and the sun was not yet setting.

'Come here often Jason?'

'First time actually. Nice place to relax and I hear a good place to find interviews.'

I looked at her for a moment before asking.

'How are you coping Reese?'

She gave me a slight smile. 'Didn't I just answer that before?'

'I meant after the whole, you know, incident.'

For those of you who may have forgotten. The day after I had interviewed Reese, we met up again and a drunk (who I never caught the name of) turned out to be stalking us and tried to rape Reese. Luckily he didn't and a friend of mine in the police department arrested him and managed to keep the incident under wraps. Reese remained quiet for a moment before saying.

'The only reason I still went on the promo tour was because I needed some time away from friends and family. I don't know, there was just something about it but after the whole that maniac attacked us, I just wanted to keep my mind off of it. It may sound ridiculous but the promo tour was very good for me, I kept busy and as a result, I didn't think too much about it. But trust me, it was a horrible thing, but I'm over it.'

'I'm glad to hear it.'

She was silent for a moment and I was afraid that she was actually still traumatised from the whole event but then she just turned to me and asked.

'Still single?'

'Of course.'

'Good, let's go.'

I was a bit confused but just followed her as she walked quickly towards the sauna room. No one was here because it was still hot as it is outside. We both went into one of the saunas and locked the door behind us. I immediately felt the hot air surround me and I could feel drops of sweat already forming. Reese threw a towel over the door so that it covered the glass. I definitely knew what was going on now. We were alone and we both just rushed towards each other. I pushed her up against the wall; there was not much room but that still didn't stop us. I hurriedly pulled down her jeans and let them fall to her ankles. She simply stepped out of them and took off her pink t- shirt that was already covered in sweat. I had my shirt off in now time and it was basically a race of who gets naked first. It was me and I roughly pushed her up against the wall once more. She kicked away her panties and we started to kiss and press our bodies together.

Our bodies were hot and already covered in sweat. I felt her ample breasts press up against my chest and felt my cock stiffening quickly. As it did I felt it brush against her pubic hair and finally as if on cue pointed directly at her hole. We were constantly moving and kissing each other all over. I watched as a bead of sweat rolled down her cheek and fell onto her left breast. I reached up and started to fondle her magnificent breasts in my hands. They were slippery from the sweat and constantly slipped out of my hand. I started to kiss her neck and she looked down just in time to see me thrust inside of her. She quickly gave a slight cry and bit down on her lower lip. As I thrusted, I pushed her up against the wall again. It felt great being inside of her again, the tightness of her pussy made my thrusts all the more rough but she didn't seem to mind. I even enjoyed the sound of her ass cheeks slapping against the wall and her muffled moans as she bit down on my shoulder. She was still looking down and was enthralled at the sight of watching herself being penetrated continuously.

Her hair was a mess and she started to breath heavily and panting loudly. I felt an orgasm slowly build up. Reese grabbed my hand and placed it back on her breasts. We were both breathing very heavily now and our bodies gleamed from the sweat. We made love quickly in the hot sauna, our bodies were hot as a fire and I started to glide into her more easily. When I felt myself about to cum, I realised I had already risked it with her once so I quickly pulled out of and dripping pussy and spun her around and bent her over the bench. I did it roughly but again she didn't seem to mind. I grabbed her by the hips and pointed my penis at her ass. I did it quickly and in one quick hard thrust, I buried my penis to the hilt which was a miracle considering how tight her ass hole was. I had immediately felt the walls contract around my penis and Reese let of a loud pleasurable moan.

I stood there and continued to thrust into her as she started to meet my thrusts and supported herself against the with her ass pointed up at me. I could tell she was no virgin when it came to this. I reached for her chest to find her breasts dangling there and rocking back and forth with every one of my thrusts. She was grunting continuously and it didn't take me long to reach my orgasm and blow my load into her ass. I immediately felt my semen pump into her and slowly ooze out of her tight little hole. But despite this I continued to thrust into her and I added to her pleasure by using my left hand to tease her pussy at the same time. It was not long before I felt her whole body stiffen and her juice dripping from her vagina onto my hand. Her knees buckled from beneath her and she laid on the bench as I stood over her. Both of her holes were drenched with our collective juices and she just lay there panting and covered in sweat.

She turned over and flicked her long blonde hair back. It was a stunning view, her arms and one of her legs dangled off the bench and her breasts were rising and falling with every breath she took. The sweat gave her body a shine and the golden curls that surrounded her vagina were saturated. I knelt down beside her and kissed her on the lips. She reached down and gently touched her ass hole with the tips of her fingers and smiled.

'It's been awhile since I've done that.'

'Do you have to leave tomorrow?'

'Kids take priority honey. But I'll be back. I have family here in New York so when Ryan (Phillipe, her ex- husband) starts on his new film, I'm taking the kids. Maybe we'll stay in New York for a bit. Summer holidays are almost here.'

'I'd like that.'

'In the mean time though,' she said wryly.

She opened her legs and I lower my face to her pussy and slide my tongue into her. She instinctively wrapped her thighs around my head and she gasped and moaned in pleasure.

'Wasn't what I had in mind but ok,' she gasped.

We made love several more times in that sauna and by the time we were done, it was almost 5 o'clock, we washed up and met up outside. The sun was setting as we wandered into the parking lot. Reese's long blonde hair was completely messed up and was swept back roughly behind her head. Her shirt was wet in places both because of sweat and water from the showers. But for all that, she seemed happy.

'I can take you to the airport tomorrow morning.'

'I'm running a few errands before I leave so I guess this will be goodbye.'

'So I waited almost a month to see you again and we're only together for an hour.'

'Sucks, I know but don't worry, I'll be seeing you again real soon.'

'I hope so.'

'In the mean time, you wanna grab dinner.'

It was then that I remembered I'm supposed to meet up with Natalie for dinner. I have a little over 1 hour to go across town in peak hour traffic. And to make it worse I was on Long Island, not Manhattan.

'Shit! Oh crap, I completely forgot,' I said staring at my watch.

Reese looked more bemused than disappointed and asked.


'I'm supposed to meet...um... a friend, for dinner at 6. Listen, I'm really sorry but I gotta run.'

'Ok, bye darling.'

She smiled and we quickly kiss before I leapt in my car hit the gas.

I was ten minutes late but I still feel like I made good time. I quickly cleaned myself up so that I didn't look like I had just spent my afternoon having sex.

'You're late,' Natalie said.

'I know, I'm so sorry. I got caught up in work.'

'Doesn't sound like you.'

I looked at her for a moment. She wore a particularly tight fitting purple dress. It was a semi- formal look; the dress went down to her knees and showed off a tiny bit of cleavage. It was the first time since we dated that she had bothered to put anything really nice on when we met. During the course of evening talked and bickered back and forth like any other couple and for the first time in a very long time, I was reminded of why I fell in love with the girl in the first place. She was 26, 4 years younger than me but smarter and she carries herself with such grace. It seemed like I had barely noticed these features about her lately. We've been more preoccupied with sex, flirting and arguing. But all of a sudden, we decided to make this a serious relationship and as if she had flicked on a switch, we were like any other couple.

When we finished our meal, we went back to my apartment. It was so weird this meeting of ours. It's as if we both saw it as a new beginning for our relationship so we were both very nice and orderly in our manner. I'm just curious to see if this will last.

'What are you smiling about?' Natalie asked interrupting my thoughts.

'It was nice evening.'

'Relax Jason, it was only dinner.'

'So, um, where do we stand?'

'In a relationship,' she said staring at me nervously.

'I'm just saying, is this going to last. You know, the whole, how was your day, I'm picking up new drapes for your apartment kind of crap.'

'That's what couples talk about. Why? Do you want to go back to insulting each other?'

'No, this is good.'

She seemed relieved and sat down on the couch and flicked on the TV. However in reality, there was something about that insulting each other and then random sex that appealed to me. Natalie sat there watching some game show and I eventually sat down next to her. We didn't say much, I just found it weird to be back in a relationship with Natalie after such a long time of just plain insulting each other, arguments and random sex. She eventually stared at me for a moment before looking back to the TV, she sighed and then said to me.

'You're useless. If it wasn't for me you'd still be a lonely journalist writing crappy opinion articles for the Daily News.'

I looked at her but she just casually continued watching the game show.

'What the hell was that?'

'Just because we're in a relationship, doesn't mean all the insulting has to stop. Just keep it tasteful.'

I looked at her and replied. 'You're a complete fuckup and if you weren't a celebrity you'd be lonely because no one could stand your cynical sense of humour and annoying quirks.'

Natalie threw her head back and laughed before leaning her head against my shoulder.

'It's an odd relationship but it'll work Jason.'

Right then and there, everything was good. Natalie was back in my life and I was happy but that didn't last long. I hadn't turned off the answering machine when I got in and as a result, Natalie heard the message. Reese's sweet southern voice filled the room.

'Hey Jason, it's Reese, I had a nice time this afternoon but I was hoping when I come back we can do something more tasteful. Anyway, I left my number with your assistant so we can keep in touch until I'm able to visit again. Can't wait, bye.'

Natalie sat up straight and looked me directly in the eye. I was so hoping that this wouldn't turn into an argument.

'Since when were you friends with Reese Witherspoon?'

'Since I interviewed her,' I said nervously.

'How'd that happen?'

'You know, the interview just turned to normal chit- chat, we got some coffee and we hit it off.'

At least that was true I thought. Just great, I should never have screwed Reese Witherspoon, however given the chance; I'd almost definitely do it again.

'And so she wants her next visit to be more tasteful than what you guys did this today. What might that be?' she asked suspiciously.

'We met up for drinks at the resort and she got a little drunk,' I lied.

'Ok, so you're just friends.'

'Yeah, she's had a hard time after the divorce and I guess I'm just someone she can talk to normally (And have sex with I thought).'

'So nothing's going on?'

'Relax you have nothing to worry about.'

'Ok. I guess that's fair enough.'

I think she still was suspicious but in the meantime she didn't say anything else. I was stuck between two very sexy actresses. Oh boy! This ain't gonna end well.

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