tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCelebrity Liaison Ch. 06

Celebrity Liaison Ch. 06


I'm Jason Connors, I use to just be the average writer down at the Daily News, but ever since my very public relationship with Natalie Portman, I had been turned into a full time celebrity interviewer. Well, actually, in truth I was briefly fired but when Natalie offered to give me the names of several hot shot celebrity managers, I was back in the game, this time I'm a celebrity interviewer.


Ok, a little update. I'm still juggling my job and two actresses, Natalie Portman and Reese Witherspoon. And it's about to get worse with Reese planning on taking her holiday in New York so there's a recipe for disaster. I have to tell Natalie that something is going on with me and Reese and I have to tell Reese that I'm actually still in a relationship with Natalie. Now back to my job. My boss seems to want the facts on the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie which means I gotta get an interview with someone working on it. At least this time I don't have to rely solely on Natalie to get me the interview, I actually have the Daily News behind me however Natalie did end up getting me the interview as she had worked with Keira Knightley on Star Wars Episode I. Although when she did get me the interview, I got the feeling she was hiding something. It was as if she really was looking forward to me interviewing Keira, I have no idea why. Anyway, I've been waiting for a while now and finally Keira and the director, Gore Verbinski is available. I actually have no idea what the Keira Knightley is doing in New York but I didn't ask questions...ok fine, I couldn't be stuffed finding out. Anyway, the plan is that I'm going to interview Keira while my colleague will interview Verbinski. And in case you're wondering, I made sure I was the one who interviewed Keira.

I was currently sitting in my office chatting to my assistant Olivia. I still had several hours before I was scheduled to meet Keira so I decided to fill that time with small talk. Olivia was one of the few people in the office who was still incredibly star struck every time she saw Natalie Portman walk into the office. I think I've officially become known in the office as "that guy who knows Natalie Portman". But Natalie won't be coming today as she has to do some re-shoots for her new film. Anyway, Olivia was currently quizzing me about my whole situation.

'So Jason, how are you and Ms Portman.'

'Ms Portman? You know, you're older than her so I think Natalie will do.'

'Fine then, how are you and Natalie?'


'Care to elaborate?' she asked with a look of annoyance on her face.

'Not really,' I said in a disinterested tone.

'Are you guys... you know.'

I looked at her with a wry smile on my face.

'Just say it Olivia.'

'Are you guys doing it?'

'What are you, 5 years old? You don't have to refer to sex as "doing it"'


'Of course.'

'Oh, you're so lucky. Oh, I forgot to ask you. How the hell did you get Reese Witherspoon to give you her number.'

'We're just friends.'

'Just friends? No flirting or anything?'

'Mild flirting. Nothing serious,' I lied.

'Are you going to try getting it on with her too?'

I looked at her like one would to a disobedient child. I did my best at a mean scorn but somehow I don't think it worked.

'You know, I've only known you for 1 month and you're already quizzing me about my sex life. Get back to work.'

'I don't have any.'


'I'm your assistant. I help you with your work but you haven't done any.'

I paused for a moment. I really don't want to do any work. Listen to me, I sound like some little school boy complaining about homework. I looked up at Olivia and said.

'Who do you think is prettier out of the two, Natalie Portman or Reese Witherspoon?'

'Reese. But don't let me influence your decision.'

'Who says I'm trying to make a decision?'

'It's very obvious.'

We sat there for a while longer trying to debate who was better out of Natalie and Reese. We didn't come to a decision; I just put it out of my mind and focused on the issue at hand, the Keira Knightley interview. I came to her hotel and was greeted with a warm, friendly hug. She was awfully casual about the whole thing and wore a tank top and denim shorts that came only mid-way down her thighs. She was acting almost like we were good friends.

'Hi Jason. How's Natalie, haven't seen her for ages,' she said in that British accent of hers.

'She's good, doing re-shoots.'

'Shame, I was hoping to catch up with her.'

'I was just talking to her on the phone. She's arriving back in a few days.'

'Cool, it'll be great to see her again. So you're her new man huh,' she said sitting down on top of the table.

I placed my briefcase on the ground and took a seat.

'Yep. You wouldn't happen to know how I match up to her old boyfriends do you?'

Keira chuckled and replied. 'Your much better than most of them. Her boyfriends were always one of two kinds. Wanting her because she was Natalie Portman or the other kind which is, how should I say, a bit too flamboyant to be straight. You seem like the most normal.'

'Thank you.'

'Hm, Natalie and I always did have the same taste in guys.'

I paused for a moment and thought about what she just said before asking.

'I wasn't aware you and Natalie were such good friends. You know, you living in England and all.'

'Most of what I know about her is from our days in Star Wars during makeup. You'd be surprised how long it took to put all that crap on our faces. Must be hard for her with you interviewing so many celebrities.'

'How so?'

'You mean you don't flirt with some of those female actresses?'

'A bit, but I'm surprised you'd draw that conclusion.'

'I'm sorry, am I being too forward?' she smiled.

'No, I mean yes but I don't mind. It's a refreshing change.'

I was getting very uncomfortable now. She was definitely coming onto me, and she wasn't being subtle about it too. But I did manage despite this to get the interview going. And for the whole time, Keira just kept relenting with the flirting. She would start running her hands over parts of her body, rubbing her leg against mine, saying some very flirtatious things. I actually got an erection midway through the interview but I managed to control myself. It was a very tense 30 minutes ever.

When it was over, I sat in my chair, extremely nervous as I looked up at her small frame sitting on the table. She smiled and said to me seductively.

'Natalie ever tell you about our little bets?'

'No,' I replied curiously.

'Us being a pair of young, fun loving starlets, we use to place bets on who would be higher on those 100 Sexiest Woman Lists,' she giggled.

I smiled; that's a side of Natalie Portman I'm yet to see I thought.

'Who won?'

'Um, Natalie's won 3 times, I've won 2.'

'Are you supposed to be telling me this?'

'I want your opinion, and be honest. Who is sexier, me or Natalie?'

I shuffled nervously in my seat once more but she seemed oblivious to it. She leaned closer and said.


'I can't fairly compare the both of you... because...um... I've known Natalie longer and...um... I've seen a lot more of her,' I stammered.

Keira smiled and said. 'Of course, you've seen more of her. Ok what if I do this.'

Then Keira did something I definitely didn't expect. I didn't even dream of it and believe me, I have some wild dreams. Keira in one swift movement pulled up her tank top and flashed her breasts at me. I almost fell out of my chair and tried to stare away but this was Keira Knightley after all and I had to look back. They were lovely, her nice shapely breasts were so close to my face. I'm pretty sure Keira was younger than Natalie by a few years but they were both incredibly hot. Natalie's breasts were bigger though, which is a rarity considering that she was such a petite woman.

'Well, what do you think? Now, who is sexier, Natalie or me.?'

'Are you mad?!'

I reached for her top and pulled it down. I don't think I've ever been more relieved not to see a girl's breasts.

'What, you don't want do it?'

'Do it? I'm here to bloody interview you, not fuck you.'

'Why not do both?' she whispered as she wrapped her arm around my neck.

'Because I love Natalie!'

All of a sudden Keira's demeanor changed and she sat back up straight on the table.

'Good, you've made very Natalie a happy woman.'

I was baffled and stood up from my seat. I watched as Keira walked over to the couch and sat down and I said.

'What the fuck just happened?'

She gave me a big smile and said. 'Ok, I'll be honest with you. Natalie was scared something was going on with you and Reese Witherspoon so she wanted to see if you'd cheat on her if you had the chance. Obviously you have a lot more restraint than she gives you credit for.'

'Natalie set this whole thing up?'

'What, you think I'd actually flash my tits at you because I was so desperate.'

'To be honest, yes. So what, Natalie asked you to flash them and you do?'

'Well, yes, you know how I told you about the bets me and Natalie made, it wasn't a lie, I lost and this is what she asked me to do.'

'Natalie thinks I'm cheating on her with Reese Witherspoon?'

'She didn't elaborate but you're assumption is probably right. I think she thinks something is going on. Are you having a relation with Reese Witherspoon?'

'Not a relation, but...um... I can't think of a good way to finish that sentence. We're friends but its getting to that level where it might be a lot more.'

I was careful to leave out the bit about us having sex. Keira looked at me directly and said seriously.

'Nat is a great person, I don't need to tell you that. And just meeting you, I can tell that you're not with her just because of her fame and money. My advice is, think about who is more important to you, and if that means dating them behind each others backs than so be it. But don't continue it for too long or you may end up with nothing.'

I was silent. I didn't expect to be getting relationship advice from Keira Knightly but what she said was very true.

'What are you going to tell Natalie about our little encounter?'

'I like you, so I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll tell Natalie that you were able to resist me and not cheat on her, which you did. And I'll tell her I don't think anything is going on with you and Reese Witherspoon. I'll just say that you told me you needed time and you just confide within Reese about relationships.'

'Thank you,' I paused and looked up at her. 'You don't happen to know Reese do you?'

'Jason, I still get star struck around Reese Witherspoon, I think I've only ever said about 10 words to her. So the answer is no.'

'I wasn't aware I even asked a question.'

'Don't deny it, you were going to ask me who I thought was better,' she smiled.

I walked out of Keira Knightley's hotel with mixed emotions. Natalie's suspicious, but Keira is going to tell her nothings going on. I can continue seeing Reese, but I'm still going to have to do so behind Natalie's back and vice versa. Ok, so basically nothing has changed except for the fact I know that Natalie is suspicious. And the thing that really bugs me is that at the moment I can't see either of them with Reese still in LA looking after her kids and Natalie is God knows where doing re- shoots. Anyway, after that I turned the interview into an article, it's going to get published on the weekend and I was alone in New York for about 3 days when Natalie came back. I met her at the JFK Airport late at night and I was surprised to see a lot of photographers there. Natalie and I had arranged it so that we would look purely just like friends. In this way hopefully I'm not hassled by those low- life reporters all day. And I'm saying this despite the fact that reporting is my job too. So anyway, I met her at the airport, we casually hugged and I helped her with the bags; nothing too intimate. We didn't even say much to each other. Natalie wore simply jeans and a white blouse underneath a black coat.

'You look good Nat,' I said quietly so that no one could hear.

'Why shouldn't I?' she said while smiled slightly.

A few photographers started asking her questions which really pissed me off.

'Welcome back to LA,' said one.

'When's the movie going to be released?'

'How does it feel to be back in the Big Apple?' said a rather ugly photographer.

'We've seen you two together a lot. Are you a couple?'

When I heard that last one I stopped and turned to the guy who asked and said.

'Why don't you get an interview the proper way you low- life fuck.'

Natalie rushed to grabbed my arm and pull me away.

'Easy Jason, let's go,' she whispered into my ear.

We finally made our way to my car and I drove away a bit too quickly.

'Sorry about that. The press agent reported that the "cast" would be arriving today when it was just me who would be.'

'Don't worry about it.'

I drove for a tiny bit until we were out of the airport then I stopped the car at an empty parking lot. I turned off the engine and Natalie caught on. She moved from her seat and climbed onto mine. She was sitting on top of me so my face was level with her breasts.

'God I missed you,' she said.

We kissed and I unbutton the top of her blouse started to kiss her chest. For the sake of not making this process too complicated I left her clothes on. Natalie started to take her jeans off and had a bit of trouble doing so. I sat there with my penis out and watched as she tried to take them off.

'I knew I should've worn a skirt,' she laughed.

Eventually she managed to pull them off. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed passionately as I hands started stroking her smooth slender thighs that were wrapped tightly around me.

'How'd the re-shoots go?' I asked between kisses.

'Boring, it took the entire week just to shoot my 2 minutes of footage. I swear, the film crew has been so unorganized. I should've only needed to be on the set for 2 days. What about you, been up to much?' She said as I started kissing her neck.

She started to pull her panties down and positioned herself right above my penis. I pulled down on one side her bra so that her breast popped out. I cupped her breast in my hand and savored the soft supple flesh and then buried my face in her chest. I paused to talk before I did anything else.

'Just work.'

I startled to suck on her erect nipple and she gasped slightly before asking.

'Oh yeah, I forgot to ask, how was the interview with Keira?' She asked.

I could tell she was trying her best to not sound suspicious. I paused with her nipple between my teeth and said carefully.

'Good. I must say, she's quite a character.'


'Nothing, she's just an odd girl.'

'You know, you are sucking on my breast so I deserve to know what happened?'

'She was hitting on me ok, plain and simple.'

At this point I was wondering if she had talked to Keira yet. I looked up at her and asked.

'Why? Did she say anything? Because I swear she came onto me.'

'Don't worry, she said you were on the level.'

Thank you Keira Knightley I thought. This should buy me some time. Natalie and I continued to kiss. She pressed her body against mine pushing me into the seat. Slowly she lowered herself onto my penis. Natalie's pussy was as tight as ever. I started wondering at what point when to me, screwing Natalie Portman was just like screwing any other girl.

'Sure hope those reporters don't see this,' I said.

Natalie laughed. 'The last thing I want is more Star Wars geeks jerking off over pictures of me.'

'I think I was in that category at one point.'

Natalie laughed but it quickly turned into a blissful moan as my penis slipped all the way into her. I held her small body as she started to ride me.

'You never told... me you... jerked off to me,' she said between moans.

Natalie's chest was a wonderful sight. One of her breasts was still cupped tightly inside of her white bra while the other one bounced freely as she continued to slide up and down my penis.

'That tight fitting costume in the second Star Wars film was sexy as,' I said.

'You know... I actually have that packed away... at my place... I was allowed to keep it,' she gasped.

'Pity the movie was shit. You know I've never actually gone through your stuff.'

She paused and gave me a strange look. 'What do you want to?'

'No, I just thought it was strange, you being who you are and all. I thought it was weird that I hadn't trawled your memorabilia and shit like that.'

'Maybe that's why I love you so much.'

I grabbed her tight, round ass and roughly pulled her down onto my penis. It took her by surprised and she let out a loud moan. Long story short, we continued to have sex. It was pretty uncomfortable inside the car but we did it. Natalie eventually collapsed into her seat. It was a good thing we weren't pulled over because after we had sex Natalie was too tired from it and from jetlag to get dressed again so she just lied in her seat with no pants on, her blouse opened and one of her breast loose. That's the thing about Natalie, sex really tires her.

I drove back to my place and she went to bed immediately. And I mean immediately, she didn't even get changed or help with her bags. She just stripped down to her underwear and dived into bed. As I watched her do so, I felt a strange feeling, it was guilt. Guilt that I was currently cheating on her but despite that, it didn't occur to me to stop my relationship with Reese.

When she was asleep, I decided to call up Keira Knightley just to find out what happened. Good thing she was still in town for the rest of the week.

'Hi Keira, it's Jason, sorry about calling so late.'

'Forget about it. Jetlag hasn't worn off, I'm usually watching late night TV until 3 am. You Americans really have nothing good on.'

'I think there's some soft core porn on Fox at this time; anyway, Nat just arrived in town and I was wondering, you think she bought it.'


'That I'm not dating Reese Witherspoon.'

'Definitely but I'm meeting her in the morning so she gets to interrogate me in person. So she might become suspicious again. Speaking of which, is she there?'

'Yeah, but she's sleeping. Oh yeah, did you tell her you flashed your breasts at me?'

'God no! Are you kidding? But I suppose if I did than she would love you even more for resisting me because my tits are quite magnificent if I do say so myself.'

'I'll second that.'

She laughed at the comment and said. 'You know I don't think Natalie will approve of us talking about my tits.'

'Well what else are we going to talk about? Hers?'

Keira and I made small talk for awhile. The next day they had lunch and I was sitting in my office scared shitless that Keira might make a slip up but luckily she didn't and when I saw Natalie in the afternoon, she seemed somewhat happier with me. And that was when I realized summer holidays were in 2 weeks. Reese is coming to town.

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