tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 19

Cemetery Summons Ch. 19


"Oh, ja mein jung, du bist...ugh, you're going to be my fountain of youth too. Not only can I make myself rich, I can also make myself look younger. Hurry up and let me wrap my lips around it again. I want it on my face this time."

"You're kidding! I already did three just now!"

"Your mouth says one thing, but your body says something else entirely. Why don't you try being like me. Mouth and body geared toward the same purpose," the demon teased.

Jack said, "Anathane, could you please break them apart and give him a little time recuperate." Without a word of question, Anathane reached out and grabbed Volna's ankle. At first, it seemed like she was just going to pull her away, until she hugged the demon to her body and her tight uniform wrapped around Volna too.

Then, she disappeared into Anathane's body. Everyone present found it hard to believe that Anathane could just so nonchalantly suck someone into her body without notice. And then suddenly, her stomach expanded to accommodate the extra baggage and she let out a content sigh.

"Volna's...Volna's still alive, isn't she?" Kadae asked as she pondered Anathane's huge stomach worriedly. Anathane, looking as if she were pregnant with quintuplets, only smiled and gave her belly a light pat.

"Of course. She's in a world of pleasure right now. She could die if she stays in there too long, but that takes weeks. I can calm her down and keep her out of Anthony's hair for a while like this. Looks fun, right?"

Anathane sat down Indian style and yawned. After Anthony caught his breath and his loins stopped aching, he was able to join the rest of the group in the battle plan. Nobody here besides Anthony had any sort of clothing on, save for Anathane's stretched uniform. But that really didn't cover anything up anymore.

The garment was pulled up over her stomach and was really pretty worthless at the moment. Anathane played with the idea of pushing it back down for a while before eventually letting it melt back into her body with a sly grin. She moaned with a satisfied look on her face.

Jack sat down behind her and wrapped his arms around her enormous stomach. She was so big in the middle that he couldn't even get his arms entirely around her. She just held his hands and acted like a pregnant mother while everything was getting calm again.

"Look Jack," she whispered. "I think they're kicking. How many do you think it is?"

"I don't know. You got so fat so fast. Maybe it's just one big one?"

"Oh, they're kicking! Feel right here!" she said excitedly. Jack rubbed the indicated spot and a hand pushed against the inner lining of Anathane's stomach. The demon smiled and looked back at Jack with a loving gaze.

The incubus was confused. "What?"

"If only we weren't joking," she said sadly. "I want to be this big. I want a lot of little you's crawling around inside me. I want everyone else to have a lot of kids too."

She gave him a wan smile.

"Are you alright?" Jack asked worriedly. She didn't look right. Her eyes were different than they usually were. Instead of a normal, mischievous luster, they held a more serious, anxious look on the surface.

"I'm fine, just a little worried is all."

"If you're sure..." Jack wasn't convinced, but he thought pressing the issue would either make her say something to freak him out, or suck him in there with Volna, who would probably fuck him. And that would look really awkward from the outside.

So, for a while at least, the group sat and talked about the plans and about personal relationships and about what they were going to do during the great battle that was to come. Volna of course, was excluded from everything as she lay dormant in Anathane's tan, bloated tummy.

"Back to business then," Nyx said as she made her entrance in another cream-colored robe that was only just able to cover her huge bust. Behind her, Hypnos and Limarei hauled a huge table into the room and a dozen or so chairs on top of it. The furniture was set up and the map moved to the table.

"Have fun?" Ekana sniggered.

"Don't I always have fun when I'm alone?" Nyx replied coolly, painting a series of short inscriptions on a corner of the map. Ekana rapped her fingernails on the tabletop and looked at Nyx slyly.

"You can stop lying. I can smell you all over him. You two fucked, didn't you?"

Nyx said, "He didn't lose himself in me, if that's what you're asking."

"Hey," Ekana growled. "That's not what I asked."

"Then sit down and listen. If you want to make trouble again, then leave. Your sister doesn't need the kind of services you're trying to offer now," Nyx snapped in a kindly manner that made the insult sound more like a mother's admonishment than anything else. Ekana glared sharply, but sat down and was quiet for the moment.

Nyx began spreading her fingers across the map after she had finished writing, and where her fingers touched, the thick, yellowed paper began to bubble like boiling water. When her hands had touched every bit of ink on the page, the paper expanded in columns and rolling bulges.

They shaped and condensed after a few moments of indecision, and suddenly, there was a large picture formed out of it all. Clear-cut, precise angles turned into crenellated walls, and great cylinders turned into guard towers. Inky splotches made a grand portcullis and open gateway lined with spikes that wore skulls as decorations.

The map wasn't so much a map anymore as if was a large replica of a medieval castle, dark and grim. Nyx wrote something more and then the paper ruffled around the edge Jack was sitting by. Along a raised pathway came small figures, each about the size of a paperclip. Jack realized they were miniature caricatures of everyone present in the room, and then a large conglomerate of the rest of those who would be present in the Sanctuary of the Underworld once this was all started.

Particularly, Anthony's, Nyx's, and Anathane's stood out because of their special features. Anthony's bore a great flame in front of his face, Nyx's a long robe and great black wings, and Anathane's a number of tentacles emerging from its back.

"What is all this?" the incubus questioned.

Nyx sighed. "It's a map. It shows us, over there, and those who will be trying to stop us, up here." She pointed to the castle, noting with her fingers the many little soldiers performing imaginary guard duties. "This is how the plan runs so far..."

She wrote something else with a small paintbrush and the figures made a rush for the gate all at once. Without warning, Anathane's separated into dozens of copies and three of them moved to circle one of the others. The original one went to the gate and grounded tentacles in the causeway before launching a barrage of them at the gateway.

After a big of a struggle to get it open, the mass of paper entities found their path clear and rushed inside. A tide of them formed as more continued to surface from the edge of the map. He guessed that was Grymir's 'Army of Darkness'.

Everyone stood up to get a better view of the courtyard inside the castle walls. There, the Army of Darkness did its job and swarmed all over the place, gobbling up everything in their way like the high tide rolling into a shallow cove. The few defenders were decimated easily and devoured by the swarm.

After a short stop and a gathering of the leaders, Thanatos stayed back in the courtyard with Volna and her troops, taking a very small portion of Grymir's swarm to finish off the last of the courtyard's defenders.

The rest of the party went into the castle. When they entered the structure, the paper ceiling parted and allowed the onlookers to see how the battle went inside. It wasn't a pretty sight. Hundreds of guards were quickly surrounded and beaten down by the sheer mass of Grymir's army. The large castle was swept through without too much effort being used, so it seemed, and Hypnos left with a few guards and another portion of the army to go take control of another room.

Once that was over, a massive gate opened before the army and they began to pour through it, Grymir and Kadae at the fore. Then, the entire scene before them shrank back into its two dimensional form and the ink swirled about for a while before settling in its original position.

Nyx looked around. "Any questions?"

"Um, why do we need such a big army?" Jack asked. "That seemed to go pretty well without much effort."

Everyone stared at him like he'd grown another head, save for Anathane, and Grymir, who still looked as bored as ever.

Anathane rubbed his shoulder."Jack, that was the skeleton crew. Those few hundred were all asleep when the little us's broke in. Helena is so important because if she wasn't keeping the larger bulk of the guards distracted, then we'd take enormous casualties. It would be like a charge through no man's land, World War One style."

"Oh, uh, sorry then," Jack apologized embarrassedly.

"The plan is good enough, right?" Nyx continued.

"If we can keep up the rate at which we replenish troops, and if there are no more variables added to the battle," said the short, ancient demon from across the table. "And this is all assuming that we make it through the Penitence Gate without arousing the suspicion of Dalaria's allies there."

"Oh, don't worry about them," Ekana said with a malicious grin spreading across her wicked, aristocratic face. "I'll be handling them just as nicely as I would him." Her eyes darted to Jack, who paled in fear at even the slightest notion that she still had interest in torturing him.

"What about ins- oops. Looks like we woke the baby; hold on a moment." Anathane stood up and stepped to the side to put room between her body and the table. She closed her eyes and Volna clawed her way out of Anathane's stomach, phasing through without making a scratch on the larger demon's skin.

She flopped out in a puddle of blue slime and ichor, moaning softly. Once she regained most of her basic motor functions, she stood up and the gooey mess all over her began to leave her person, returning to its source.

Volna plopped herself down in an empty chair and waited, as if nothing had ever happened to make the situation even the slightest bit awkward. Jack looked around and found that he and Anthony were the only two that seemed even the least bit shaken by the strange ordeal.

"You were saying...?" said Nyx to get the ball rolling again.

"Oh, yes, what about once we're inside the Sanctuary of the Underworld proper? What can we expect to find once we get past the first gate?"

"Well, I hadn't found the time to find that out in any great detail, but I do understand from a few sources that five of the eight jailers are there. Grymir excluded." Nervously, she glanced at the demon, whose horns had extended into long spikes now.

"I am no longer a jailer there. I left that life long enough ago for them to fill the roll anew." Somehow, when he folded his arms over his chest, it emphasized the point that he wasn't happy about his title.

"Yes, well, with you being the only one able to muster any sort of army, we are in luck. The odds are now five to five exactly."

"Five to six in our favor," Anathane corrected. "Jack is going to fight Dalaria."

"You're kidding," Nyx deadpanned, as-a-matter-of-factly. "There's no way he'll survive the encounter. I thought the point of you putting yourself around him was to make sure he didn't get himself killed, not to make sure he found an early demise."

"Oh, he'll have a nice even fight with her, trust me. Dalaria's minions are not stupid, but they are easily turned into cowards. And my incomplete boy has all the right looks to send them running for the hills."

"Fine, but if he dies..."

"He won't."

"And human...Volna! For the last time!" Nyx snarled. Volna was busy trying to coax Anthony into letting her suck his dick again, brandishing a half-filled jar of semen as she did. When Nyx moved to do something about her deplorable behavior, she scurried back to her chair and moped unhappily.

Her eyes never left Anthony's body though.

"What is it?"

"Human, you're not to leave my immediate vicinity for any reason whatsoever. You are the key to this plot, so says Anathane. While I don't believe that, I do believe that you are the only way that were are ever going to find these four. Your Gorgon Eye is going to attract a lot of attention, so stay close to me at all times, do you understand?"

"Okay. Sorry to be a burden," Anthony replied meekly.

"You're not a burden," Anathane cooed. "You're a lynchpin. Without you, this entire plot falls apart. Trust me when I say that we need you here more than anyone else to get them back." Anthony laid his head down on the table and folded his arms beneath it.

"I believe he is right," Grymir said. He motioned toward Anthony. "We are all in need of a measure of rest. I will be in the courtyard if I am needed."

"Good. Then I declare this meeting of the minds to be over. Don't disturb me. I'm going to wake Helena up." Nyx left the table and disappeared into a hallway. Ekana made herself scarce for the time being, and Anthony fought Volna again, this time winning, and returned to a guest room to sleep. However, Volna, still bedecked in jingling trinkets, was right behind him.

Grymir and Kadae went to the courtyard and left Jack alone with Anathane. They too left and went to get some sleep. In one of the guest rooms, Jack simply collapsed onto a bed the size of an Olympic swimming pool and snuggled up to his demon lover comfortably.

She stroked his head until he fell asleep, and then she too drifted off for a few hours.


Jack felt something jab him lightly in the ribs. He grumbled to himself, wishing that he had more time to sleep. He was still tired, but that nap had done him good at least. He stretched, forcing his tired muscles to awaken and become active again for a while.

"Anathane, let's go."

"Mnnn? What's that?" Anathane moaned drowsily.

"Let's go," Jack repeated, gently shaking her shoulder to wake her.

"Okay." She replied. "Let's you and I go to paradise." Anathane grabbed Jack and rolled them both over so that she lay on top of him, her red pupils staring into his eyes lovingly, hungrily.

"I thought you said you were satisfied?"

"After a few hours of rest, my body feel so empty without you. And besides, Anthony is still asleep. Volna's going to do the same thing to him once he wakes up." Anathane kissed Jack's lips and slid her tongue across his teeth.

Without warning, Jack was ready for anything, though still mentally tired from his prolonged ordeal down here in hell. He kissed her back and she pushed her arms under his body, entrapping him until she desired him to be free again. Jack let his hands trail down Anathane's curvy bronzed body and they found her thighs to be more than interesting enough to keep their attention.

He pulled her legs up so that the weight of her big body was resting on her knees. She adjusted her knees beneath her and wiggled her ass teasingly against his crotch. Anathane tried to go further and get their bodies locked together, but Jack told her she couldn't.

Pulling away, Anathane whined, "But why not? I haven't gotten any in two days!"

Jack frowned. "Because I saw what you did to Nyx. Now let's get out of here. I'm hungry."

"Oh, if that's what's making you cranky, then I can fix that!" Anathane chirped. A tentacle came out of her lower back and she sat up. Jack propped his body up on his elbows and prepared to slide out from between her legs if this was what he thought it was. Anathane's facial expression wasn't devious though.

"What're you doing?" Jack asked, hoping for the best.

Anathane's gaze changed slightly. "Nothing dangerous, incomplete boy." Her knees pressed against his sides. Jack knew what she was doing, or at least he had an idea of it. She was holding him in place for something he wasn't going to like.

Jack surged up and pushed Anathane to the sheets with one movement. She began to laugh as he scrambled off the massive bed and bolted out the door. But, to Jack's great annoyance and dismay, Anathane was right behind him.

"So it's like this, is it, incomplete boy? You want to play the part of the prey? Fine, I'll be the big game hunter! Waidman's heil!" Demonic laughter echoed around the corner and Jack came out of the hallway in a dead sprint. A blue orb streaked past his head and burst on one of the columns nearby.

One glance back at Anathane made Jack's heart race even faster. In her hands was the long pink tentacle from the time she'd raped him in his bedroom. She was in a khaki uniform that a British big-game hunter would have worn on a trip to East Africa or India.

"Oh come on Anathane!" Jack complained as another orb skidded off the floor and exploded.

"What?" she called, adjusting the pink tentacle to be more narrow at the end.

"You're not even British!"

"So?" Anathane countered. "You're still big-game, right? I mean, your cock is just so..." Another orb smashed into a column and Jack ducked behind one. "Shoot, missed again. Well, if you see me as a British hunter, then maybe I should use an elephant gun, right?"

Jack groaned when he realized that she was just playing around with him. But when he peeked around the base of the column, he saw Anathane in a skirt, and with two copies of herself garbed in rags and painted with tribal patterns all over.

"This is ridiculous! There's no such as a thing as a khaki skirt!" Jack yelled as he darted out from behind the column. Before he got ten steps, a gunshot rang out and blue ink splattered all over the floor. He ducked behind another column.

"Ha! Good show! Good show!" Anathane cheered, heavy steps coming closer to where Jack was hiding. Something skittered across the floor and stopped at Jack's feet.

It was the sword Anathane had made for him.

One of her clones clung to the ceiling half way across the room and waved at him. He nodded and picked the blade up. Unfortunately, an orb exploded on contact with his hand and he yelped in pain.

"He's wounded! Go, hold the beast down, but be careful. He's a wily one." Another gunshot rang out as Jack hurried behind another stone pillar and held his blade in both hands. Quiet surrounded him, an eerie quiet that made him suspicious of her statement. Something didn't seem right about this. He waited in silence for Anathane to make her move.

"Hello there, beast," said Anathane from his left side. Jack swung his sword toward her and the clone leapt away, a spear in one hand and ringlet of large blue beads in the other. She stabbed toward Jack with her weapon and he backed away.

Anathane shot him with another orb and it hit him in the ribs. He sank to the floor and dragged himself into cover as another one smeared all over the floor beside him.

"Hurry, this way. Run this way," whispered the other clone, the one who had thrown him his sword. He hesitated, wondering whether or not he could trust her enough to follow her. This was all the time the other one needed, and she attacked him again.

Jack parried one of her stabs and it narrowly missed his stained ribs. Jack lunged, but came into Anathane's line of sight. He heard the shot and twisted his body in time to have it only glance off his shoulder. He winced as it ricocheted away.

The clone went for an overhead swing, and Jack lashed out at her stomach, scoring a hit across her side. Blue liquid spilled out all over the floor, but she didn't seem to notice any of it and swung up from the floor.

Jack felt another shot hit him in the side of the neck and he was thrown to the floor. Luckily, that served to but him behind cover again, and he crawled across the floor with the clone behind him jabbing at his legs while he tried to escape.

"Help me you idiot!" he cried to the clone on his side. At his command, she came down and ran over to him. She and the other clone started to fight, wrestling for control of the one spear between them. Jack used the distraction to get to his feet and run, even though pain throbbed in his neck and hand.

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