tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 22

Cemetery Summons Ch. 22


A/N: As a note, 9-9-10 marks the one-year anniversary of the date I started this story. I can't believe it took me a year to get 184,000 words. Thanks for reading so far, I hope you enjoy.

The red sun in the distance coated everything in a dull red glow, like a wash of red paint on a massive canvas. Even Anathane's light brown body looked scarlet in the light of the gigantic red orb. Jack was a little disturbed how the light reflected in everyone's eyes was red like burning embers. He hadn't imagined that he would ever think of his friends as demons until now.

Even as the sun shone down, the army marched. Jack found that the army he was supposed to lead into battle, his first and hopefully only battle too, was so staggeringly large that it made World War Two look like a village dispute. His mind was wracked with anxiety. How was he supposed to lead this kind of a force? He didn't know the first thing about warfare!

Luckily, Anathane and Nyx had taken it upon themselves to watch over his decisions. In other words, they were going to tell him what to say and do for the duration of the battle. Still, it didn't make things any less frightful. This was the real thing! It wasn't some game or something he could talk his way out of. Once this all started, that was it. He was in trouble for real if things went wrong.

Anathane tugged at the hem of his chainmail vest and he drifted to the side of the throng of dark figures Grymir had gifted to his 'rebellion'. The tall demon flashed Jack a reassuring smile before pulling him farther away from the marching army.

"What is it Anathane?"

She pointed to a large building not far away. "That's a place where we can find more recruits. I know the succubus who spends her time in there. She quite popular in this area you know." She went on to add. "But don't you get any funny ideas."

Jack rolled his eyes as they began walking. "Between Anthony being in your head, finding the portal to the next ring, not getting killed, and trying to figure out how to lead this army, I don't have time to think about sex anymore."

"Oh, don't say that! I still want to sneak away with you sometimes for my own selfishness! Just don't think about Jaelani like you do us and I won't have to strangle her to death." She flexed her talons briefly to get the point across. Jack shuddered as they approached the flag-decorated structure ahead.

The town around them was nearly empty, save for a few demons looking out their windows fearfully. Cloth doors revealed shuffling feet and curious eyes every now and then. The buildings here looked like square clay houses, like the kind of stuff Jack remembered seeing in a few history books. They looked like Mesopotamian huts, even the big one that Anathane was leading him to, just on a grander scale and adorned with flags depicting a horned demon with an axe in one hand and a coin in the other.

Inside, the air was hot and humid like a jungle. Only, the smell of high libidos being satisfied was almost unbearable. Jack understood why Anathane was wary of bringing him in here. He was already feeling the effects of the air. Apparently she was to, for a stream of glittering fluid traveled down her thigh as she walked.

Jack looked around the place. The room they were in was about two hundred feet long and probably just as wide. There was a staircase to the right that led up to a second story with a wooden balcony. Everywhere there were tables and long couches where demons, incubi, and succubi alike expressed their love for all material beauty.

Jack managed to ignore them for the most part, for they didn't make much noise besides passionate moans and the occasional name-calling. It seemed that they were holding back though, because he could see many of them restraining themselves. Odd. If this was a pleasure house, then shouldn't they have been letting loose.

Anathane grabbed Jack's ass painfully and giggled into his ear, "Control yourself. You look like you could fly away right now if your dick didn't anchor you down. And you're attracting more attention than you usually do."

Jack spied several succubi sneaking peeks at him as he passed. He walked a little closer to Anathane and tried to assess what was going on with his body. Was it his expression?

His lover yanked his tail almost roughly enough to pull him clear off his feet. He stumbled a bit and glared up at her. She only smirked and tapped his wing smugly. It was then that Jack realized what she was trying to tell him. All his new extremities were out now, and drawing a lot of attention.

Even though everyone else looked like he did, pretty much everyone he knew in hell told him that white was a color not of the denizens of the Second Circle. Ergo, he turned heads for having white wings and not being an angel.

Up ahead, there was a large black curtain and a rounded wooden platform lined with shallow metal pans filled with what looked to be water. Jack came to the edge of the platform and felt a finger tapping his shoulder.

"What's up?" he asked Anathane as he turned.

"Uh...it's not Anathane right now. It's Anthony, so, uh...yeah," Anthony muttered timidly from Anathane's body, in her voice. "I just appeared in conscious control of her body, and I can't hear her. Where the hell are we?" Anthony looked around, confused.

"We're here to get someone na-"

The metal pans flared to life in plumes of fire, one of which almost singed the hair off Jack's head. He jumped back as the platform suddenly drew all the attention of the room's occupants. Jack and Anthony stared at the huge black curtain as it began to recede to either side of the platform's edge.

From behind the curtain emerged a succubus. Jack screwed his eyes shut and shook his head to keep from staring. This wasn't right. Something about her was too alluring, far too attractive. When he opened his eyes again, she sauntered forward, amber eyes scanning the room, intrigued.

The chocolate-skinned beauty swayed gently with every step, swinging her round hips left and right to accentuate the bounce of her considerable bust. Her eyes fell further down, closer to the edge of what Jack now realized was a stage. The two yellow orbs came to rest on Jack. She stared him down, pouring her divine influence into his mind, filling it with a lusty fog.

"Jack? Hey, what's wrong with you? You're just standing there like a rock." Anthony shook Jack by the shoulder and the incubus snapped out of his haze. He smacked the side of his head and started to speak, when he was interrupted by the succubus. Somehow, she had managed to get to the lip of the stage without him noticing.

"My name is Jaelani. I've chosen you to be the entertainment for tonight," she purred in a silken voice. Jack's eyes went wide and he protested, pushing her extended hand away.

"N-No, I can't. I'm supposed...to..."

"This is a first. I've not had anyone deny my invitation before." She pondered the predicament for a moment before bending at the hip and putting her face level with his. She smelled like a mix of honey and caramel, though Jack found it hard to ignore the other scents coming from her as well.

"I'm not...here to play..." Jack muttered. He could hardly think straight. Speaking was putting a strain on his mental capabilities, and his throbbing need for a female body wasn't helping him concentrate either.

"Can't you stay for just a little while? I would be very..." She lowered her tone to a more seductive one. "Very...grateful, if you would grace me with your warmth." Jack felt her hand brush across his cheek and then unfasten the chainmail Grimyr had given to him. It fell off Jack's body like a lead weight.

"Uh...Jack, what're you doing?" Anthony picked up the chainmail vest from the floor and Jaelani smiled knowingly at him.

"Oh, Anathane, may I borrow this one for a moment? He is ever so tempting." Licking her lips, the succubus took Jacks hand and pulled him onto the stage in a gentle, fluid motion. The onlookers cheered as she removed his shorts and revealed that he was full ready to do what she wanted him to.

"Uh...okay, sure." Anthony was helpless to do anything but watch the scene unfold as Jack was enthralled even further by the press of her body against his. She raised her knee to his hip and snaked her arms around his shoulders.

It wasn't long before Jack felt her lips on his, and he instinctively invited her into a much deeper, longing embrace. His arms wound their way around her slender waist and wide hips to lock them together for as long as he so desired. He fought the feeling of want with everything he could.

"Jaelani, I really don't have the time. We're..."

She put a finger to his lips and them replaced it again with her own lips for a chaste kiss. "Don't worry. If you were here to watch, then it's fine. Anathane can still do that." She stared him down again, and it was like she'd put some spell on him. All his inhibitions and desires for anything else were pushed back from the fore of his brain.


"Shhh. Just enjoy it." Jaelani wrapped her legs around Jack's left knee and yanked his leg out from under him. They fell, but she braced one arm against the floor and arrested their fall inches from the floor. Then she gently let Jack's back touch the ground and continued to conquer his mouth with hers.

Jack managed to build up enough control to put his arms between them. Jaelani grabbed his hands and stretched his arms out to either side of his body. He fought her, but another look from her drove his senses insane and he relented. She quickly pushed their sexes together and hissed in pleasure.

"Get off," Jack moaned. Jaelani raised her body and then smiled briefly.

"Oh, so you want foreplay? I am not usually so giving, so you should feel very privileged that Anathane is your friend, or I might not do this for you." She crawled down the length of his body, kissing down his chest seductively. She traced the dips between his ribs with her nimble fingers playfully, tickling Jack as innocently as one could. Then she dipped her tongue into his navel and he slammed his head against the floor.

The shock brought him out of his lust-haze and he sat straight up like Frankenstein might have in an old horror movie, only his arms were aimed form Jaelani's head instead of the air in front of his face.

He managed to catch her before she descended upon his cock. She wasn't even an inch away from the tip when he stopped her. Questioningly, the succubus looked up, but Jack didn't make eye contact with her. He glanced at the floor to his side and forced her head back up.

"I said get off. I can't do this with you or Anathane is gonna get angry and do something stupid. She already choked Volna out just for hearing about what she did." Jaelani pouted and turned Jack's head to face her. He didn't close his eyes fast enough.

"We'll just keep going until she tells me to stop. Besides, you're...enchanting, somehow. I'd rather it be you than one of the other patrons here, my white-eyed demon. And look at them, they deserve a good show for this long wait, don't they?"

She gave him yet another peck on the lips and then returned to her previous position, looming over his cock like a hungry predator. She laid her body flat out on the floor and propped herself up on her elbows.

"Oh God," Jack murmured as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and applied just enough pressure to let him feel it. She winked at him and extended a wet tongue to greet his lust.

It was like the kiss of a goddess.

He almost blew everything right there. Something was definitely wrong here. No tongue felt that good with just a little lick like that. No tongue. She was enchanting him or something; that had to be it. There was no other explanation for what the hell was going on h-

Her head sank down and her lips touched the base of his cock. Jack stifled a loud moan by biting down hard on two fingers. Oh God he wasn't going to last ten seconds like this. Whatever she was doing was way too much for him to handle. Her tongue swiveled around his cock for a few seconds before her head rose to reveal a glistening sheen of saliva coating his shaft.

She went down again, slurping noisily and turning her head to either side with every inch she descended. Between the wet, smooth tunnel of her throat and the friction from her expert menstruations, Jack couldn't see straight anymore. He clenched every muscle in his body to stave off the urge to beg her for more. It was hard to even think that far into the future with the smell around him driving his mind wild.

Chocolaty, honey-like scents suddenly made themselves known to Jack as Jaelani began to create a constant rhythm with her head. Jack knew that it was her body giving off these wondrous and delicious fragrances, but he couldn't figure out how. Everyone else had sweet or tangy smells, yes, but not like chocolate or any other food for that matter.

Jaelani began to hum from deep in her chest and Jack's back contorted to the shape of a Roman arch. His hands shot down to Jaelani's head and he shoved her face down to his pelvis. He wrapped his fists in her hair and pushed and pulled her head at his own pace. He jerked his hips up as he shoved her head down to his crotch.

His wings fluttered spasmodically, his tail too, twitching like a snake crawling over hot coals. He even saw a stream of white vapor coming out of his mouth when his breaths came out in great heaves from the exertion. He was so close to cumming that he was almost ready to just give up holding out and get his pleasure right now.

"You fucking cunt." Jack didn't even have time to turn his head before Anathane grabbed Jaelani by the hair and threw her across the stage effortlessly. Jack gasped at the loss. He was almost there, just a little more...

Anathane replaced Jaelani's mouth with her own and Jack balled his fists until his knuckles were white. He couldn't think straight enough to realize that he was in trouble. All he wanted was to find release somewhere and be satisfied.

"Anathane! That's not fair, just a second ago you were okay with this!" whined Jaelani as she approached the place where Jack lay. Anathane stopped sucking and wiped her mouth.

"It's complicated," she growled. Then she turned to Jack. "I thought I told you to stay away from her?" She squeezed his neck with one hand and his balls with the other. He let out a painful gasp in surprise.

"Anathane, please, we can talk later. I just need you to-"

"Complicated? Do you know how much of my power I had to use to bring him to the level he is now? It's was hard enough to get him up here, let alone get him to say yes to me after all those refusals!" Jaelani stamped her foot to help get her point across.

Anathane's mood changed entirely. "All those refusals...? Jack, you said no even when she seduced you?" Her voice was absent of the anger that had possessed her moments earlier.

Jack replied, "Yeah, you warned me, didn't you?" Then he begged, "Now please, let me cum!" At his request, she smothered him with her mouth and worked furiously at his cock until he climaxed. Greedily, she drank down everything, still bobbing her head up and down at a record pace. Jaelani just watched with disappointment as Anathane finished and released Jack to his own devices.

He just lay there panting on the floor while his lover scolded Jaelani.

"Who gave you the right to attack him like that? It's your fault for working so hard to get him, him of all people! When there are plenty of other willing partners around here for you to take advantage of! Gods, sometimes you just don't think!"

"If you- mfph!" Jaelani was cut off by a sloppy kiss from Anathane and a mouthful of cum to wash down her throat. The succubus pulled away after Anathane let her, a string of semen hanging from the corner of her mouth.

"But that wild side is why I love you like I do," giggled Anathane in a bubbly tone. "It's good to see you again Jaelani." And while they hugged and giggled and did what girls do best, Jack put his clothes back on and made his way to an empty table to collapse at. He was worn out. Usually oral sex didn't take this much out of him, but Jaelani's blowjob was different. He wasn't so much physically exhausted as he was mentally.

Fighting her willpower was hard enough with that kind of a body. But her eyes, and those scents, they were the real challenge. He let out a long sigh and waited for Anathane to find him. Like hell he was moving to go see her. She could come get him if she cared to much about who got to use him down here.

He watched Anathane start fooling around with Jaelani like nobody was around except for Jack. Jack didn't know if she just didn't care whether or not it bothered him that everyone else got to see her perform sexual acts upon himself and other, or if she honestly didn't know. But it burned him up to think about all the eyes that got to enjoy her body and fantasize about her.

He realized that he was thinking along the lines of some people he hated to think of himself becoming, so he stopped thinking about it. What right did he have to take that woman's public life and chain it up? She was her own person. She had every right to do what she wanted to.

It still bothered him deep down inside though.

While he was thinking, someone sat down beside him and rapped their fingers upon the table. Jack paid the person no mind. He wasn't in the mood to fend off strangers. If anything started happening, he could just call for Anathane and have her jump on it in a flash.

"You sure look like a sorry sight right now. One little BJ and you're toast, huh?"

"Oh, how true Volna. How true. But riddle me this, how am I supposed to friggin' do it? I have Elassa, Niaf, and Fain to find and then fuck until they're all satisfied, not to mention Anathane with them. Not that I don't want to, but if I meet them in the condition that I'm in now, then I'm gonna die!" He looked at the demon sourly. "How do you do it?"

"How do I do what?" she replied coyly.

"How do you fuck so many times in a day? How do all you demons and succubi and incubi do it? I can't stand more than maybe six or seven, on a fantastic day. You guys go all day, nonstop, and just never quit," Jack said.

Volna suddenly got very serious. "You are still developing, baby incubus. One day soon, you'll be able to do everything we do. You just need to keep tasting the desserts here in hell." She took his hand and slipped it under the table. He felt warmth on his fingertips and realized that Volna had put his fingers against her pussy.

"And this is one of those desserts you were talking about?" he asked dryly, beginning to finger her because there wasn't any reason for him to test her patience. This was what she wanted, and to fight that was just going to get him threatened and then forced to do it. He'd learned to be submissive around Nyx, Ekana, and Volna when they wanted something. Unlike Anathane, they weren't opposed to hurting him to get him to do things to him, especially Ekana.

Her weeping red wounds and bruised face were a constant reminder of what she was going to do to him the next time he was alone with her. While she had said that he was a great dom, she'd gone on to mention that she was an even better one and would show him eventually. Hopefully, Elassa would be there to stop her when the time arose. Jack figured her sister would be more effective than even Anathane at keeping the peace.

Jack dug his fingers into Volna's pussy with a slow, methodic rhythm. Every time his fingers reached their farthest extend, Volna's knees drew together a little. And when he curled his fingers and drew them to her vaginal lips, her hand resting on the table flexed. Other than that, she looked perfectly at ease.

Anathane and Jaelani sat down at the table as well, still chatting idly about their own little adventures during their time apart, which seemed to be something of an era because Anathane actually looked surprised at the moment. Jack only caught a little of it though while his heart rate slowed and Jaelani's scents wore off.

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