tagErotic HorrorCh. 05 It Came From Hell

Ch. 05 It Came From Hell


The fallen Angel Christine encountered did not fall but rather rose. He rose out of the deep depths of hell. In fact,he too was once a human. A human named Marcus. He couldn't tell anyone of his human life because frankly he didn't know enough to paint a picture for his avid listener. He only knew two things: his name and how he died. The deep scars covering his arms could tell anyone it was suicide.

It was for this sin he went down rather than up. Spiraling down to hell, where his soul was tortured for all eternity. Marcus found himself by chance trapped between a war between heaven and hell. Lucifer gathered his demon fleets. Millions of billions of Demon's gathered arms and prepared eagerly for war. But Lucifer was looking for a new weapon to wage against heaven, and he received it by the pretty mouth of one of his brides after satisfying him with that pretty little mouth of hers, her tongue lapping the salty stickiness of his evil seed that spawned the vilest of creatures. What a plan she had. He pulled her up on his lap and she propped her shins on his massive thighs as she sat on his damned thrown. She spoke her words carefully.

"Take some of these plentiful damned souls and make them into those wretched flying angels god has but in your image. They'll blend in perfectly my lord. Your own angel's will attack his as we watch the chaotic carnage from below." She cooed at him, her naked body pressed against his hard warm one, her lush dark hair towering over her back and past her butt. He grasped hold of her head with such conviction

"A most tactic plan," praised Lucifer he drew her face close to his and kisses her smart lips." Are you ready for your prize?"

"I long for nothing more, my master." The devils large warm hands seared her flesh slightly under his fiery touch. She moaned with delight, as he gently touched her wet, exposed gate. He prodded her and she clung to the invading finger. It was so large within her and she wondered how large his organ would be within her. She was a newer bride and he always took to his other brides first. He used her for the mere foreplay and always left her with a teasing desire deep within her belly. He removed his hand from the tender flesh he massaged. Her head bent back, back arched as she felt his large tip parting her tender quivering lips. Grasping her trembling thighs, he parted them further. He rushed his hand down her chest cupping her one breast and nibbled on the other tender flesh as he inched his way within with his hand supporting her lower back. She moaned. He was so massive! So thick! At last, he was completely in. It was a strange familiar mixture of pain, pleasure, and desire. She fought to control her aching sex, trying to convince her muscles to relax to make room for him.

"If you want your prize you must rid me," Whispered Lucifer in her tender ear, his hand on her hips. She was confused on what to do and he drew himself from her before nudging her again, as he rocked her hips. Her head snapped back up as she gasped in passion. She knew what to do She began to rock her hips forward and back as she thrust up and down the whole length of his cock, riding him hard. What a sight she gave him, her large chest bouncing up and down in an exotic rhythm under the faint veil of her hair that covered her, tickling his bare thighs and chest. She was good at this. He found her hard kernel between her lips and began to massage it. Oh did she deserve this! So many nights he left her without recognition. So many nights he refused to touch her, to place his hard cock anywhere near her aching sex but always to her little mouth to keep her quite. She came and how beautiful she looked trying to hide the look of pure ecstasy on her face with her long dark mane. He grunted as he thrust faster under her prolonging her climax as he moved her hair from her face to get a better look at her face. He took such great pleasure on the look on her face. She was so dark and beautiful as he ravished her. However, she wasn't satisfied until he was. He pinched her tender nipples and she knew she could not stop until he was satisfied. She rocked him feverously within her, pressing close to his hot body igniting hers with its touch. She listened to his moans, deep and longing. She rocked him faster within her. The moans became louder, she felt him harden, building up within her, and at last, his seed burst within her filling her with his sticky goodness.

She wrapped her arms around his high shoulders and rested her head on his chest, his shaft still lodged in her. He ran his fingers through her mane. He peeled his bride from him and sat her on her pillow close to his throne. There was no cuddling with the devil, not even for his brides. She whimpered in his rejection of her, crying quietly on her pillow as he summoned his guards. He leaned down to her ear and whispered, "You have pleased your master. Soon you shall please me again in such away." A sudden joy covered her; she wiped away her tears, and sat proud on her pillow as the guards entered.

"I want you to scout out the most angry, demented souls we have in this place and put them in a cage. I have a plan for them." The guards left with their orders and began to scour all of hell for souls of that caliber.

Marcus was one such soul. They made him flesh once more. Then with the painful fusion, he received his wings. After two weeks of the torture of the needles and saws, the damned stretched their new limbs awkwardly. Not long after their intense training began. They worked countless hours on air tactics, formations, codes, specific orders, and how to kill an angel. It was rather simple, really. All that had to be done was to dewing them. Then the angel would drop to the ground a mortal, making them easy prey if the fall didn't kill them. However, the damned never had to test their theory. The war turned into a shaky balance of good and evil and the war was over before it started.

As for his damned angels, Lucifer locked them away in a birdcage. Their confines were cramped. They had no space to stretch out their massive wings. Decades they lived this way, until one day their gates were opened.

One by one, they were removed and their wings ripped from the wrenching bodies. The cries of intense agony and bloody feathers filled the air. A panic ran about these dark angels. They all rushed to the door pushing at the open door to escape that fate. Marcus was the first to fly free of their prison as they all flocked out. However, he was the only one to escape the clutches of the demons. Using all of his training he flew passed the clutches of the demons past the dragons. He went the only way he knew how to get out of this wretched place; he went up. Maybe he could get to earth. While Marcus flew, he thought of nothing. For months, he flew this way until he felt the cool breeze on his face and the sunshine on him. Had he reached the human world? Not a soul wandered the empty streets. Not a soul answered his cries for companionship. And as the sunset, they began to come out.

No, it was not where the living dwelled. Marcus came to a place somewhere in between. Where those who are not dead but not alive come to exist. Then it came to his attention that he was such a creature- dead yet alive. Here he chose to exist in this particular place. He was informed by the fiery green-eyed creature named Daemon that he had come to a shadow world, linked to the mortal world by shadows. For when the shadows fall on the human world, a door way is opened. And through this doorway the immortals venture in to torture, rape, kill, feed, and take what they need to survive only to return before the doorways wane. They sleep the day away hoping for a dark and rainy day. You see the doors are only partially closed but it takes a pitch-black shadow to open the door fully. This world linked Marcus to an unfamiliar world.

Marcus took up residency there and few realized his strange existence. He had no trouble support King Serkan. Serkan kept the town strong and let his people do as they pleased. Marcus found it fascinating to stroll down the streets of the mortal world. To watch them carry out there small lives. He ate there food and wine, even took up a few friends. Marcus wished he knew what it felt like to be a human he dreamt of it. Marcus had no recollection of human life and his new friend Daemon took advantage of this. Daemon corrupted Marcus' clueless soul. He taught Marcus how to kill, how to take a woman by force. And after centuries, the same dream of being human seemed to fade out of existence.

He became nothing but an emotionless creature hungry to feel anything. He took woman under him only to feel something, then after he climaxed there was nothing to feel. No, hope no fear, no anger, just empty. Empty like a glass that was filled to the brim but he could never seem to drink enough of the liquid to be satisfied. But this all changed when he met his new queen. All he had to do was touch her and his senses returned. He could taste the honey of her lips, the salt in her sweat, the breeze on his brow and the warmth in his thighs still screaming for more. Finally, Marcus felt satisfied from a woman, by this dark doll of a queen. She had such a tender touch with so much power within her little to her knowledge. It was her beauty and power that awoken his soul allowing him to feel again. Marcus felt regret for all the crimes he had committed especially to his recent savior. no longer a life-less zombie, Marcus was ready to feel and act out, A lot of planning was in store, as he left the great castle to his small room and board, leaving the woman who had awaken him to the rest of the monsters in the room. He regretted not taking his precious rose with him but it was too risky King Serkan enjoyed her too much to take her away, well at least not yet.

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