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Changes Ch. 01



Our entire family had been abducted as we shopped in a little market in Mexico. We had been drugged and kidnapped. We found ourselves all together in a small room, with our hands tied behind our backs and our ankles tied together. We were each gagged, but other than that, nothing else seemed to have been done to us. My husband, Keith was obviously worried. There was little I could do, but I tried to scoot over so I could at least touch our oldest daughter April. She was 21. Next to her was our other daughter Amy, now 19, and our son Allan, now 18. April's boyfriend Robert had also come along with us and he also had been abducted with us. April and Amy were now both attending the university located in our hometown, and Allen had just graduated high school. All three still lived at home.

Suddenly the door to the room we were in opened and our feet were untied. Then we were led into a larger room where we were each sat in a chair made of metal tubing, with a thick, course cloth as its seat and its back panels. The people who had brought us into this room secured us into the chairs, releasing our hands from behind our backs, but securing them to the tubular arms, and our legs to the tubular legs of the chairs. These people, two men and two women, were dressed in long white lab coats. Now my girls and I sat facing Keith my husband, Allen my son and Robert. The chairs were only separated by a narrow space, enough for one person to walk between, but not much more. The room was large, and all white. There wasn't a single other thing in the room except these chairs. I most certainly didn't like the way things were going.

After a few minutes, a large man, also wearing a white lab coat entered the room.

"Welcome to the Williams family, and their friend. My name is Dr. Richard Campbell, and this is my top secret experimental clinic."

"You're I'm sure wondering why you have been brought here, and I am about to answer your questions. First, let me explain a little about what we do here. I am conducting a number of extremely untraditional research projects that for the time being at least need to stay completely out of the meddling interference of governmental troublemakers. Certain friends of mine have been more than gracious to foot the bill for my research. Now, however, I have reached the point of needing human subjects to conduct the final test upon, and in turn, hopefully begin to help repay some of my financial indebtedness to my gracious silent partners. That is where each of you will come in. through the unique alterations that my new compounds will produce in each of you, you each will become very valuable commodities that my partners can use or sell to begin to recoup their investment. Based upon what we accomplish in your body alterations, we can then move forward to increase our production of similarly modified sexual toys, and get rich, very very rich."

"now, don't try to be heroes. There is absolutely no escape. You are a very long way away from where you were taken from. This compound is tightly monitored day and night, and there are well trained armed guards everywhere. There is simply no way to escape. Life as you previously knew it is over. Now, to get on with some fun!"

With that, two guards stepped up to both of my girls, and brought out long slender knives. Dr. Campbell walked over to my husband Keith and removed his gag, and then his bindings. Keith saw the knives in the hands of the guards, and stayed still and quiet.

Dr. Campbell said "Very good Keith, I knew you would be a reasonable kind of person! Now, I'm going to hand you a pair of blunt end scissors. You will get up and cut off all of your wife Alice's clothing, and you will do this without making a sound. Either that, our friends with the knives begin some interesting cutting on your two daughters, starting, say with the removal of an ear or two, before they get to more interesting parts like nipples, breasts or worse!'

Fortunately the scissors were sharp and Keith kept his hands from shaking too badly, so I wasn't nicked or cut. Once all my clothing had been cut away and I was sitting there totally nude, they took the scissors away from him. Then they made Keith remove all of his own clothing before making him sit back sown and re-secured him back to the chair. Never before had we allowed our children to see either of us naked, and the shame of it all made my eyes fill with tears. But the horror was just beginning, because the exact same thing happened with each of our girls. First, our son Allan was made to cut the clothing off of Amy, then strip himself, then the same thing happened with Robert and April. At the end, all six of us were sitting facing each other, all of us completely nude.

As they fell, our clothes had been gathered up and whisked away. Once we were all secured back on our chairs, a small metal cart was wheeled in. the cart had a cloth draped across it's top, concealing whatever instruments lay beneath it. The cart was wheeled to the end of the two rows of chairs, then Dr. Campbell took the cloth off, revealing seven hypodermic needles. As he picked the first one up he said: "Before we start having fun, we need to start each of your treatments. Each of you will be injected with an experimental solution that will begin to effect changes within your bodies. Now, Alice, we know that as a good mother, you breastfed each of your children here, which or course means that your breasts developed the glands necessary to produce milk. What a shame that you like so many women today let their milk dry up. Well, modern science has developed the solution to that little problem, and all I needed to do was to do a little additional work to enhance its effectiveness. Once you receive first this, then two additional twin or double injections, your breasts will once again begin producing milk, and that milk will never again dry up. The more your milk gets suckled from you, the more milk you will produce. We also believe that an interesting side effect is that you will become more and more insatiable for sex. Your libido will increase dramatically. With that he plunged the needle into my exposed left breast and quickly injected the contents into my left breast and then a second syringe went into my right breast. It stung like fire for just a moment, and then the hurt went away, replaced by a gentle warm glow enveloping both breasts, and slowly flowing throughout my body. As it reached my vagina, it seemed to intensify somewhat, causing my pussy lips to flower out and my clit to begin to throb, swelling and poking its way out from its hood. My juices began to run out of my open pussy and onto the cloth of the chair I was secured to.

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