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Changing Taste


My wife of 10 years never ceases to amaze me. She is absolutely terrific in every aspect of the word. Very talented both in and out of bed and an imagination that makes my head spin. Over the years we have had some incredible sexual experiences both with one another and through sharing many sexual experience with others. Over the last 3 years our experiences have slowed quite a bit following the birth of our first child. That was until recently.

Our sex life had finally began to pick up, from the once a week or 3 times a month to 3 to 4 times a week. I personally have enjoyed this return to normalcy. Often while having sex I can get my wife extremely turned on by talking about some of the more kinky things I know turn her on but that she has always been reluctant to talk about. Our past experimentation has always really turned me on because of her initial superficial reluctance to talk about her deepest and darkest fantasies. Often after following my lead she never ceases to amaze me with how wild her thoughts really are under her modest, prim and proper exterior.

During one of our recent lovemakings I whispered a little question into her ear and her answer put me into a sexual bliss. She has always enjoyed me and another man. She absolutely enjoys having two hard dicks at her disposal. Her pussy becomes instantly drenched when either she or I describe in detail her running her tongue all over one of our dicks while the other slides in and out of her beautiful wet pussy, four hands caressing every inch of her naked flesh, two tongues slowly licking her from the tips of her feet, pausing at her knees and then converging to devour her delicious fold together. She almost comes at just the thought of myself and another man licking and sucking her tits at the same time.

It was in the midst of her straddling my hard cock and doing a fantastic job of riding my dick when I pulled her to me and pressed her tits together and began sucking both of her nipples at the same time when I took a brief intermission to push one of her hot buttons. I asked her in a hushed tone if she still fantasized about me and another man sucking and licking each one of her tits. She moaned and whispered back an emphatic "Oooohhh, yeahh." After a few more strokes of her deeply moistened pussy along my cock I decided to go further. I asked her if she still enjoyed the thought of a threesome. Her reply floored me, "I do, but not in the way that you think." I almost came at the thought of the possibilities.

Naturally, me being the inquisitive person that I am I asked her to explain. She did not disappoint. As my lovely wife continued to grind her pussy into my loins she said "I do think of a threesome often but not with another man." This was too good to be true.

She went on "I dream of you, me and another woman." This was a totally new turn of events because she had always been into two men and her. "I want to suck on a pair of beautiful breast while I ride your cock. It would be incredible to lick your cock as it slid in and out of another pussy. I want to watch your body stiffen and shake as you spew your hot cum deep into her pussy and for me to taste your cum from her lips as you and her kiss following your orgasms."

Her justices were coating my balls as she went on. "I want to feel her mouth moving over my cunt knowing that the movements are caused by you pounding your dick into her from behind. In my fantasy we fall asleep together totally exhausted from our lovemaking." Not another word was spoken as she rode me until I erupted deep inside her as she cried out in orgasm. We fell asleep with her on top of me in my arms.

I did not think that much more would come of it although I thought about it frequently over the next couple of weeks. This past weekend however she went out for drinks with the girls. I had stayed at home an put our daughter to bed, decided to take a shower and sit back and watch some TV to unwind from an extremely busy night at work. After a couple of hours I was out like a rock sitting back in one of our large chairs in the den dressed only in a pair of shorts that I usually wear to bed.

Shortly after midnight I was awoken in a terrific manner, kneeling between my legs was my beautiful wife with her mouth wrapped around the head of my cock which had begun to sneak out the leg of my shorts. I could tell that she was quite tipsy as she began to stroke my dick to full hardness with her hand as she told me just to sit back, close my eyes and enjoy what she was about to do. I laid my head back and did as I was told. My wife pulled the leg of my shorts up and licked my freshly shaven balls while she slowly stroked my cock with her hand. Her actions coupled with my surprise only worked to heighten the already exquisite sensations. My wife Michelle then began to pull my shorts off. Once she had me completely nude she really went to work giving me an incredibly hard, sloppy, sensual blow job. As she sucked and licked on my balls and cock she moaned with pleasure as she ran her fingers over her pussy with her skirt on.

Michelle stopped, stood up and asked me to stroke my dick as she began to undress. As I laid there watching her, I really gave my cock a great rub down. My wife did not get undressed with haste, she did a nice striptease that really was getting me fired up. she began by running her hands up the sides of her body, slowly bringing them up to her breast and cupping them for me. She slowly, one by one began to unbutton her blouse stopping now and again to play with her tits. Once the blouse was open she slowly slid it back of her shoulders and began to slide her hands down her body, paused to play with her nipples through her bra then worked her hands down and slowly began to pull up her skirt. I had to really concentrate not to make myself cum. she stood before me and pulled her satin panties aside and began to finger herself. After about a minute of this she stopped and sensually pulled her skirt down across her hips, let it fall to the floor and stepped away from it. Her attention again turned to her breast as she played with them. I could not help but to notice her panties had become very wet. she finally unclasped her bra and played with her bare tits as I continued to jack myself off. I began to moan almost incoherently as she pulled each nipple to her mouth and sucked her own nipples to their fullest. Once she had each nipple sufficiently swollen she worked her hands to the waistband of her panties and pulled them to the floor.

With the panties off Michelle stepped to me and straddled my legs and replaced my hand with her own. Slowly she lowered her hot, drenched pussy around the head of my throbbing cock. She did not plunge her self down upon it but rather worked her hips in slow circles as she buried me to the hilt inside of her. Using slow, long rocking strokes she rode my hard cock well. In short order she pressed her ample bosom to my chest and held it still as she continued to hump me. As she kissed my neck she asked me "Do you remember my little threesome fantasy?". I replied with a moan, "Oh yes!". My wife smiled, let out a moan then whispered "I want to make it a reality. I want to share another woman." She then looked into my eyes and asked "Are you into it?" At this point I had no choice to but to tell her I was into it. A long slow "Goooooddddd" passed from her lips.

I pulled her to me and asked if she had anyone particular in mind. "Oh yes I do." she said with a coy little smile. "I was hoping you would approve of Mallory." I was quickly approaching the orgasm of my life as I envisioned the tall, light skinned, strawberry blonde haired beauty that my wife wanted to play with. Michelle then proceeded "I want to feel her hands caress my body as I ride your cock. I want to lick the juices from her pussy as you slowly make love to her." Michelle began grinding her hips harder into mine stared me right in the eyes and asked "You are about to come thinking about fucking Mallory aren't you? Would you mind fucking my friend?" This was a dream come true and I replied "I would love to make love to her, I would fuck her for a hundred nights if it made you happy." No sooner than that had come from my lips, my cum erupted from my cock. Feeling this, Michelle quickly moved off my cock and pumped my remaining cum onto to her tits.

As she stroked my exploding cock she asked me again if I would really enjoy "sliding my hard cock into her beautiful pussy". All I could do is scream out a mumbled "Yes, oh my yes". It was at this point that I heard a familiar female voice from behind me say "Michelle, I'm sorry but I have to have some of your husbands hot cock right now!"

I almost had a stroke as the tall, beautiful Mallory walked into the den from behind where I was seated. As my cock immediately returned to a bursting fullness I watched this light skinned goddess walk around and stand in front of me and my wife. She had obviously been masturbating while watching Michelle and I discuss the possibilities of including her. Her skirt had been removed, her blouse unbuttoned except for the bottom two buttons, her breast barely were held back by the small lacy cups of her demi bra and her matching black panties appeared extremely moist. I stared at her shapely long legs as I stood up and pulled my wife up with me and walked over to her.

Not a word was spoken as I ran my hands slowly up each of the womans backs and they began to stroke each others faces. As Mallory ran her hands over Michelle's body I began to kiss my way down her neck and to her chest. As I placed soft kisses across the top of her chest and unbutton the remaining two buttons on her blouse, she and Michelle began to softly explore each others mouths with their tongues. Once Mallory's blouse was unbuttoned my wife then unclasped her bra and set her tits free. As the women continued to kiss we sank to the floor. Mallory slid on top of my wife and began kissing her neck. I gently pulled her panties free as she sucked on my wife's tits. Kissing my way from the small of Mallory's back and across her curvaceous butt cheeks I found my way to one of the sweetest pussies I have ever tasted. It was stunning, beautiful light pink lips folding out from a protruding mound framed with light wisps of dirty blonde pubic hair. With each of the pussies inches from me I was able to run my tongue directly from the familiar black haired folds of my wife to the new found friend that she had brought home.

There were still no sounds except of the combined moaning of the three of us as Mallory and I both began to enjoy Michelle's breast. A long slow moan escaped her lips as Mallory began to rub her pussy. We continued our oral assault on her breast and finger her pussy for the next several minutes. As Mallory moved down her body to feast on her pussy, my wife was in pure carnal bliss. Tremors began at the tips of her limbs and continued to grow until her entire body was convulsing in orgasm and her breathing came in short hard gasp. "Oh my God, Oh my God" Michelle said over and over again until it was only a whisper. Her eyes closed and she seemed to pass out but still silently mumbling inaudibly.

I began to run my hands over Mallory's long, slender body. Kneeling behind her I could kiss her neck as I caressed her shapely, pink tipped nipples. "I need your cock so bad now." she said as she laid her head back on my shoulder. I ran one of my hands down from her breast across her taut stomach and cupped the work of beauty that was her pussy. It was more wet that I could have dreamed.

Slowly rubbing her pussy with me she broke from nibbling on my ear "Would you please fuck me?" I did not answer but rather just slid a finger between her strawberry folds. "Oh, pleeeeaaaassseee fuck me." More of a polite demand than a statement this time but I still decided to tease a little more. As I rubbed her pussy I looked over at my wife who had defiantly passed out. She had such a beautiful, satisfied look on her face. "You wouldn't feel bad about making love to me as my wife and your good friend laid there not knowing what you were doing?" I asked knowing almost what the answer was. Mallory turned around to face me and stroking my now hard dick said "She and I have discussed my situation, no boyfriend, no sex no release in almost ten months and we have also discussed her little fantasy." Once again I almost erupted right then and there in her hand knowing she had been discussing her fantasy with her. "I really need this, I really want this and I know she would love for it to happen between us." That was all I needed to hear.

I slowly laid her back on the floor and mounted her missionary style. I wanted to make love to this beauty not just fuck her. The incredible look of pure satisfaction on her face was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen as I slid the length of my cock in her. We fucked slowly and each time she would near orgasm I would slow to allow it to build up. I was making love to one of my wife's best friends, not fucking but making incredible love. After about ten minutes of this I began to stroke faster, she opened her eyes and looked directly into mine. "Please, please, please let me cum. I want you to make me cum." I continued stroking her as she moaned loudly and dug her beautiful nails deep into my ass. As she came I looked to see Michelle, my beautiful bride still lying there with one hand one her pussy out cold and still a satisfied smile on her face.

Rolling over on my back, I brought Mallory with me. We kissed deeply and passionately as we continued to feel each others bodies. Mallory sat up and deftly guided my dick into her pussy. "Now it is my turn to give you the pleasure." she said as she began to ride my cock in slow circles that paralleled my body.

As she rode me I admired the contrast of her compared to my wife. Michelle was a tanned, brunette, petite curvaceous woman while Mallory was light skinned, very rosy pink nipples and very long and lean. It made me harder. I ran my hands all along her body for several minutes as we said noting but continued our coupling. We just stared into each others eyes with knowing smiles. It was one of the most erotic things I have ever experienced. We did not even have to tell each other when we were coming, we just knew.

I felt her cunt begin to spasm around my prick as she tremored in orgasm. I could not hold off any longer as I exploded deep inside her. She milked my dick for all it was worth then collapsed on top of me.

As the morning came it found us still entwined in each others arms. Michelle was sitting naked in the chair where it all started. Mallory and I awoke at about the same moment. Michelle smiled down at us and said "You know guys, I still have an unfulfilled fantasy!"

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