tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCharlie's Angels: Target: Anal

Charlie's Angels: Target: Anal


Kelly awoke to a wonderful warm sensation between her legs. Someone's breath flowed over her pussy. A warm, wet tongue softly lapped at her slit. Someone's hair rested on her thighs. She opened her legs a little wider, feeling soft hands spreading her thighs apart. She determined the source to be the large lump moving underneath the sheets, and put her hand down to tug the covers off. A hand grabbed hers and held it, preventing her from removing the sheets. With a sleepy smile Kelly rested her head back on her pillow and enjoyed the anonymous pleasuring. She wasn't even sure if she was awake or dreaming but was feeling too good for it to matter.

Soft fingers stroked and caressed just around her pussy, both teasing and massaging every inch of her skin. Warm lips kissed her clit as though it were her mouth - opening and closing, gently sucking, with slow flicks of the tongue. This wonderful mouth worked slowly and deliberately, lingering in each place for an eternity. It didn't even seem to be trying to bring her to an orgasm, it was just giving her a long, loving massage. A hot mouth sealed around each of her pussy lips, sucking gently. A strong, slippery tongue explored the folds of her pussy thoroughly, licking and probing. It slipped over the rim of her love hole, now running wet from ecstasy. As soon as she felt a drop of juice spill from her pussy, she felt a flick of the warm tongue that licked it up.

The mouth shifted down further, and it began to lay gentle licks on the sensitive strip of flesh between her pussy and asshole. Soft lips gave it a hundred little kisses, almost sucking on her tender skin. The trail of kisses went south, lips finally landing on her asshole. They kissed her puckered little hole again and again, not quite sucking, not quite licking.

A warm tongue slipped out against her hole. Kelly tensed, expecting it to stab inside her. Instead she was lavished with more gentle kisses, reassuring her that whoever it was would never hurt her. She relaxed again and enjoyed more long, slow licks up and down her crack, and hands that cupped and massaged her smooth ass. The tongue began to lap at her tight asshole and Kelly let out a little moan. Its movement was not soft enough to tickle, but not hard enough to make her worry about being penetrated. Each flick of the tongue applied the perfect pressure that made her feel wonderfully relaxed. The thought of an orgasm didn't even cross her mind; she merely remained still in a sleepy, ecstatic daze.

For what seemed like hours the gentle licks on her tight ring continued. She felt her pussy grow wetter and wetter, occasionally it would spill from between her pussy lips and drip down to her asshole. It wasn't licked up anymore, instead it was massaged into her skin, and her hole grew more and more slippery. Soft hands caressed her ass, thighs, and just around her pussy.

She felt the lips open wide against her body, and the tongue rested over her asshole. It stopped licking and started slowly twisting and drilling itself in place, still not hard enough to penetrate, but a little harder. Over the next several minutes its pressure gradually increased, until the tip of the wet tongue was slipping comfortably just through her asshole. She didn't even squirm as it eased deeper with each lick that followed, massaging her tight ring carefully.

At the same time as the tongue was embedded in her ass, gentle fingers closed in on her pussy. They rolled and swirled in the slippery juices that flowed from her, and began to press gently against her opening. With many slow, gentle strokes, one long finger slipped into the intense heat of her drenched pussy. Her cunt squeezed the finger, feeling each knuckle slide through her sensitive opening. It worked deeply in and out, feeling her velvety walls thoroughly, clearly in no hurry. Not a worry or care drifted through Kelly's mind. Her entire world was the fact that she was being taken care of slowly and sweetly by someone who loved her very much.

Kelly sighed and squeezed bunches of the sheets in her hands. Her eyes remained closed and she didn't even notice when she tugged the blanket off, revealing Jill sitting nude between her spread legs. Her hips rolled along with the thrusts of the mystery finger deep within her. It massaged her body lovingly from the inside. Her asshole squeezed and relaxed around the wet tongue buried inside it. It stiffened, pushing deeper in and then withdrawing, all slowly and carefully.

Kelly's sighs grew a little louder. Her arousal had been building slowly over the past hour while she'd been fingered, licked, and sucked, and she knew she was getting close. Only now was she sure she wasn't dreaming. She felt a very tight, hot pressure welling up deep inside herself, and it seemed to grow larger each time the finger inside her plunged deeper towards it. Her legs spread wider, her back arched and her chest began to heave with each breath.

Kelly slowly seized up hard inside with the intensity of the climax that began. She leaned her head back on her pillow and let out a long, quiet moan. While her pussy clenched, the rest of her body seemed to melt like butter. She unclenched for a fraction of a second, then squeezed again as the first waves of her orgasm crashed. Her inner muscles spasmed again and again, gripping the finger inside her and leaking juice out around it. Kelly's brain completely shut off and all she knew was the intense pleasure reverberating through her body. She moaned and writhed against the tongue still darting inside her sensitive asshole, and the long finger gliding in her slick, warm juices.

Her orgasm matched its buildup; very long and thoroughly pleasing, a sweet one that made her feel loved. It was not the same kind as from fucking, only from making sweet, gentle love. It seemed to go on for hours, and she continued to be pleasured even after the last throbs of her pussy. The finger withdrew from her body, leaving her feeling empty but oh so drenched and satisfied. Softly the tongue returned to her skin and began to lap from her asshole the juices that trickled down from her pussy. It licked the sweet nectar from her tender skin, massaging her gently back into reality.

Slowly her eyes opened and she looked down to see Jill's golden mane and gorgeous green eyes looking up at her. Kelly sighed dreamily, unable to speak, but her eyes spoke for her.

"Good morning, sweetie," Jill purred, lifting her face briefly from Kelly's pussy and smiling sweetly. She moved up and pressed her creamy lips against Kelly's in a soft good morning kiss. "I love you," she whispered, then dipped back down. Kelly watched her; most of her face was hidden as she continued to lick the juices from her glistening pussy, but her eyes never left Kelly's. Seeing Jill's beautiful emerald eyes gazing lovingly into hers while she slowly lapped and swallowed the sweet nectar flowing from between her legs... Her pussy rippled in another small orgasm just from the incredible sight.

This incredible sight was not only Kelly's. About 20 minutes earlier Sabrina had been awakened by the sound of moans from the next room, and as she went to investigate she came upon the most beautiful scene she could imagine. Kelly was splayed on her bed in bliss, her wavy brown hair cascading over the pillow. Her eyes were closed and her mouth lay open silently. Her breasts rose and fell gently with each breath, the snow white skin capped with delicate pink nipples. Her legs were spread open and folded to the sides of her stomach, showing that she had completely surrendered her most private, vulnerable place and was trusting of Jill's caring fingers and tongue.

Docked between her legs was Jill, intently licking Kelly's pussy while one long finger gently pumped inside her. Her skin was tanned against Kelly's, and she sat curled so that her little ass pointed up in the air. Sunlight shone through the bedroom window, illuminating their beautiful young bodies. They were like ... well, they really looked like angels. She stayed in the doorway, stroking herself absently as she watched. Kelly was so beautiful as she moaned in ecstasy that Sabrina nearly felt like crying.

She tiptoed over and knelt at the foot of the bed, and planted a kiss on Jill's round, firm little butt. Jill turned around and gave her a good morning smile and kiss. Sabrina flicked her tongue over Jill's lips, tasting a little of Kelly's sweet cream. Jill went back to cleaning Kelly's pussy, leaving her butt pointing at Sabrina again. She ran her hands over the smooth cheeks and kissed her soft skin. She flattened her tongue and licked quickly from Jill's clit all the way up her crack, making her shiver. Her pussy was nearly dripping and Sabrina eagerly slurped it up, her nose tickling Jill's asshole.

Jill really woke up this morning on a mission without really knowing why. She was in the mood for ass, right off the bat, plain and simple. She had lightly fingered her own ass while still in bed but it just wouldn't do. She wanted a rimjob. She wanted her ass filled with fingers and toys and tongues. When she felt Bri's nose brush past her asshole she pressed back against it, arching her back a little. She wanted it bad and Sabrina could sense it. Jill's cunt was sopping but she knew that was not where she needed attention.

She flicked her tongue over Jill's tight little hole, making her moan into Kelly's pussy. At this success Sabrina began to lick Jill's asshole thoroughly, wrapping her hands around her ass and just pressing her face between her firm, slick cheeks. Her tongue roughly massaged the rim of her asshole and burrowed just inside. Jill felt herself get even wetter as she tried to keep from moaning constantly. While she wanted to feel her tight ass massaged by Bri's tongue all day, Jill realized that she needed it hard and fast because she wasn't going to last much longer. She turned around to face her.

"I need you to do me up the ass."

"What?" Sabrina paused, slightly surprised by her boldness.

"Please fuck my ass. I need it."

With a quick kiss on the lips she got up and retrieved her favorite toy from the nightstand. She handed it to Sabrina and then got on all fours on the bed, ass pointing in the air. Sabrina took it and strapped it onto herself, then turned her attention back to Jill's ass. She wet a finger with her pearly fluid and then teased it over Jill's asshole. It was easy to see that she was good and ready - in less than a minute she had relaxed enough to allow the finger to penetrate her up to the palm. Bri pumped Jill's ass well for a few minutes, twisting it around and curling it and loosening her up. A groan of disappointment escaped Jill's lips when Bri's finger pulled out of her.

Sabrina knelt behind her and wrapped one hand around the dildo, guiding it up between Jill's legs. The head pushed just inside Jill's sopping cunt. She thrust a few times, coating the toy with slippery juices, and then removed it.

With her hand she again guided it between Jill's legs, this time resting the head against her asshole. She gripped Jill's hips with both hands and pushed until the head popped into her ass. Sabrina paused a moment to let her adjust, then slowly pushed further until she was halfway inside Jill, pumping steadily, penetrating deeper with each thrust. Finally she sank all the way into her ass, Bri's thighs resting against Jill's cheeks. She fucked her ass with long strokes as she moaned. Jill pushed back with each thrust, jamming the cock inside her. Their rhythm made the mattress squeak and bounce as they rode hard.

Sabrina smacked Jill's ass, making her cry out in surprise. Her breasts swung beneath her as she was reamed from behind. Through gasps of air between thrusts, Jill begged her almost incoherently to spank her again. She stung her hand against Jill's smooth skin again, leaving a pink mark on her ass cheek that jiggled as she continued to slam into her over and over..

Then Sabrina leaned over on top of Jill and reached around to stroke her clit while she fucked her. Jill's back arched and her asshole squeezed and flexed around the thick dildo. She reached back and spread her asscheeks wide apart, trying to force herself deeper. Wetness dripped down Bri's hand as she rubbed Jill's clit furiously. Sabrina was pounding her ass so hard that it lifted her knees off the bed a little with each thrust.

Jill's body tensed and began to twitch as her orgasm struck. She came hard, moaning loudly and bucking her hips, trying to grind her clit on Sabrina's hand. It slipped past her fingers again and again in the river of juices that flowed from her throbbing cunt. At the height of her frenzy Sabrina steadied her hand and pressed directly on top of Jill's clit, rubbing it hard. The twitches of her body turned to violent jerks as she completely lost it and screamed loudly. Drops of her juice ran down Sabrina's wrist as her clit throbbed with the aftershock of her shuddering climax.

Bri continued with slow strokes into her ass as she calmed down, then finally removed the toy from her ass. She immediately burrowed her face into Jill's cunt from behind, hungrily licking up her dripping juices. Bri's pussy was on fire and she was about to climax without even touching herself, just from the taste of her friend's delicious nectar. She plunged two fingers already coated in Jill's pussy juice into her own cunt while continuing to eat her out, almost immediately crying out and tensing up in a powerful orgasm. She gritted her teeth as she came, feeling her muscles milking her own fingers. When she finished cumming she pulled her fingers out of her cunt and held them in front of Jill. She sucked them both into her mouth, cleaning off the juices. Jill turned around and licked the rest of the warm liquid from Sabrina's pussy, her flicking tongue coaxing out an after-shock orgasm. She sucked every drop of cream from her trickling pink hole.

All three lay together, breathing, resting, sighing, kissing and caressing, holding and nuzzling and stroking each other's smooth skin and soft hair. Just as everyone was in a state of blissful semi-sleep, the phone rang. Kelly's hand blindly searched her nightstand for the phone and picked it up, listened for a moment, and hung up again.

"Charlie," she said with a groan. "Time to go to work."

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