tagBDSMCharlotte's Story Ch. 06

Charlotte's Story Ch. 06


First the disclaimers, which some of you are already aware of. These are most all true, except that I do change the names of everyone but myself, and that the dialog is as I remember it, though with the time since this all happened, I am sure it's not dead on. So please forgive me my literary license on the speaking parts.

We were in Charlottesville, staying at the Boar's Head Inn. That probably wasn't far enough from Richmond for what was about to happen, but it's where we were.

By now Paul and I had been together almost six months. It was may. On our weekends away, I was accustomed to, and had come to really like the fact that he dressed me when we traveled. At first, I have to admit, it took some getting used to. But he had a good sense of what looked good on me, and I knew that whatever he dressed me in, he liked. Sometimes what he chose was soft and romantic, often dresses made of linen or white cotton or lace, with floral blouses. Sometimes, they were just flat out advertising kind of sexy, which was a little embarrassing at first, but I had come to enjoy the attention from men that came from his dressing me that way. He was particularly fond of putting me in black pencil skirts, which hug my bottom, and a corset for the top. The corsets he had bought me (except for the red one) were classy enough, but they did what a corset does, cinch in my waist, and lifted my breasts to near overflowing.

This day he had combined the looks. I was in a white lacy skirt, that was full and moved in the May breeze. And a new floral corset. We had been antiquing all day, and he had me in a low set of heeled sandals, and allowed me a small white jacket for modesty. Still, I felt pretty exposed with the corset hugging my body so tight all afternoon.

It had been a good day of poking around. He bought me a couple of things that would look lovely in my house. We held hands a lot. But I knew that he was up to something. On these trips away, I had learned, he always had something ready for me.

"Hungry?" he asked?


"Good. I know just the place. Lots of college boys wait on the tables. They will eat you up with their eyes."

I blushed. It amazed me, after all we had done together, all the exposure he had subjected me to already, that I could still blush. But I did. For what it's worth, even now, I still do.


"Ah, that's my little secret." he said. He reached into the back seat of the rental convertible, and from his camera bag, he pulled out a white scarf. He pulled the car to the side of the road, and used it to blind fold me. "Trust me?" he asked.

I had that feeling, half scared and half excited. Part of me wanting to run away, and part of me half crazy to go forward. I nodded.

We drove. Don't ask me where. To this day I don't know where. It could have been a fancy place, or just a nice place. I don't know which. But we drove, and I felt very aware of the wind, the smells of the town as we drove. He partked and came to my side of the car, opened the door, and guided me out. I held onto his arm as we walked. I can imagine what a site I must have been, if we were in a public place, and I believe we might have been. I could hear people all around. I could not help but wonder what they were thinking. This was different, some how, from the other games he had played with me. My trust faltered, but then came back. He had never taken me too far before. I had to remember that.

We went in a building. I could hear people talking and eating. I heard the receptionist ask if we had a reservation, and it turns out we did. Paul had obviously planned this ahead. He led me to a table, then pulled on my jacket. I moved my arms so it would come off before I thought about it or realized that now I was in my skirt and corset in the middle of a college town restaurant. He sat me in my chair. As if he were reading my mind, he said, "Yes, a lot of them are looking you over from head to toe.". I felt myself blushing again.

We had a delightful dinner. Paul fed me, which was novel and fun. We had wine with dinner, a lot of wine in fact. Paul described different men who could not seem to help but look at me. "But the one who can hardly control himself is our waiter." he said. "Even in his loose docker, the poor boy has a hard on."

I don't think of myself as a couger, but at forty couple, I had to admit to a thrill knowing had a young man excited. "And..." I asked.

"And, he looks quite large." Paul said. "Maybe this is the night."

I gasped quietly. We had been talking about my having another man for some time. The conversation had ranged from pillow talk and fantasy that often led to some pretty steamy sex, to serious talk. I had been "shared" once by my ex husband and while that night of sex was AMAZING, it had also led to all kinds of jealousy that had in the end, ruined our marriage. My ex just never got that while the sex that night had been incredible, it was him I loved, not the stranger in my bed. I didn't want that to happen with Paul. The six months with Paul had been amazing. I didn't want to risk that.

But Paul was someone very different from my ex. His confidence ran deeper. And by the way he had seen my inner sexually submissiveness from the beginning, and had brought me so very far in such a shirt while, I felt that probably he would be fine. But I had to ask. "Are you sure?"

"I think you are ready." he said.

"Are you?"

"I've been ready." he said. "And this boy is smitten, and like I said, obviously large."

I took a sip of wine. It was like all of a sudden every nerve in my body was alight. I nodded.

Paul got up. He was gone a few minutes, and when he came back, he said simply. "I wish you could see him. He has a look of disbelief on his face that is priceless. And I swear he's grown."

"Paul! Oh my God. How big is he?"

"You'll find out soon enough." he said. I was wet at the thought.

We rode back to the hotel. I was still blindfolded, and drunk and excited. He led me to the room and we kissed. It was a long, slow, burning kind of kiss, and he reached around and unzipped my skirt from the side. It fell to the floor. "You won't need that." he said. We kept kissing. He was hard. I was almost crazy at his touch.

There was a knock at the door. Paul went and opened it. I just stood there, still blindfolded. I heard them walk closer. "Charlotte. This is Brad. He's six foot tall and in good shape. I'd guess he is a swimmer."

"Yes sir, I am." The boy's voice was husky.

"Brad, this is Charlotte. You can... well you can see what kind of shape she is in."

I was suddenly very self conscious. I was standing in a corset and heels in front of a young man I had never really met.

"Charlotte, I think you need to remove young Brad's clothes."

Blindfolded, I did. I felt his chest and found he had on a button down shirt. I unbuttoned it. I felt his chest and it was hard, muscled and smooth. Not a hair on it. I felt one of his nipples. It was hard.

I slipped to my knees in front of him. I reached down and removed his shoes. Loafers. Easy. I took off his socks. I reached up and found his belt buckle. My fingers fumbled with it, then got it. Then the snap on his pants. The slid down easily. I felt him step out of them.

He wore boxers. Still on my knees, I slid my hands up his legs They were strong and hard. My hands slid up his thighs, and finally, I felt it.

It was just huge. I heard him gasp just a little as I first touched it, I slipped my hands back down and pulled the boxers down. I reached back up, and hesitated.

"Go on. Explore it."

I let my fingers lightly caress it. I could not get the fingers of one hand around his shaft. It was that thick. I felt it, rubbed it gently. Even from on my knees, I could feel his breathing speed up. He was shaved, his cock and his balls both. I ran my fingernails down it. I felt the swollen veins in it.

"Taste it."

I was almost afraid to. It was so big. But when Paul told me to, I could hardly help myself. I felt somehow mesmerized by it. I licked it and heard a soft groan from Brad. I kissed it, up and down, I took his balls, smooth and swollen, each on my mouth, one, then another. They were enormous too.

"More" Paul's voice was soft, but commanding. I took hold o fit and guided it to my mouth. I felt his swollen head slip in, larger than anything I had ever put in my mouth before. Thick, satin smooth. There was some precum on him and it was salty. A bit like Paul's but different too. He stood totally still as I took in his cock head, the let it out, in and out, afraid, actually, to take more.

"More." Paul commanded.

So I took more of it. I can deep throat Paul's, but this one? I didn't think so. but I slowly took more and more of him, moving my head in a slow rise and fall over it. He began to tremble and with no warning, he came while half way in my mouth, spouting his salty cum, Poor boy, he had not lasted long. I was disappointed, because I wanted him in me, even if i was also scared to have him in me.

Paul's voice was gentle. "He'll rise to the occasion, I am sure my dear." And I felt him next to me again, I was suddenly aware of him, aware that he had stood and watched my mesmerized by a strange cock, a young man picked up out of nowhere. But nothing in his voice betrayed whether he was affected by it. He led me to the bed, and laid me on my back, my head hanging back just a little at the edge of the bed. I felt him there. heard him unzip his pants. I reached up. I know how he likes to take my mouth in this position, and I wanted to do something wonderful for him. I felt him and guided his cock to my mouth, Compared to Brad's it felt small, but this was my man. I could take all of him like this. I wanted to bring him pleasure.

"Brad." I heard Paul say. "You need to return her favor."


"remove her thong boy, And lick her while she does me."

As I felt Paul's hips start to slowly push his cock in and nearly out of my mouth in slow repetition, I felt Brad on the bed. I felt his hands, trembling a bit, tug at my matching thong. And I felt him bend down and start to kiss me between my legs. I could tell he was not experienced, but he was eager to please and the sensation of having his mouth all over my crotch, licking, kissing, nibbling, and Paul's cock insistently moving slow in and out of my mouth was more sensation than my body knew what to do with. The first orgasm came so fast I hardly knew it was coming. I heard myself cry out, the sound muffled by Paul's cock in my mouth. Then I felt him come and suddenly my mouth was full of a different tasting cum. I could taste them both still and the idea of what I was doing overcame me and I came again, my hips pressing against Brad's mouth as Paul pulled out, his cock slowly softening.

But Brad was hard again. Paul told me so.

"What do you want to do with her Brad?" I heard Paul ask.

"Sir, can I have her on top?" he asked. "I've never had a woman that way."

"Lay on your back then."

I knew what to do.

We both shifted on the bed, and once Brad was situated, I straddled him. I reached down and found his shaft. Amazed again at it's size. I wondered if I could even take him all. But I was wet and loose from his attention. I guided his cock to my slit and slowly began to lower myself on him. He began to grind his hips almost immediately and I nearly fainted, honestly nearly fainted at the feel of his girth spreading me and starting to go in. I heard myself whimper. I heard him groan with pleasure. Then I felt Paul climb behind me. I felt him unlacing my corset. Somewhere, he had removed his own clothes and I felt his skin against my back, his hands on my breasts. His fingers on my nipples.

And Brad, his massive cock, working it's way in me from below. It was almost too much. Orgasms came, even before he was all the way in. Then finally, he was in.

If you have never had a man that large in you, there's no way to describe it. Just like there is no way to describe what it's like to have four hands all over you. A man under you, a man behind you. Your body feels out of control. Not yours, at the mercy of sensation. I know I cried out as Brad began to pump his hips hard. I know my own hips were pushing against him. Brad was murmuring "oh my god, oh my god, oh my god." over and over again. Paul kissed the back of my neck at some point and the feel of his lips was electric. I think I was crying with pleasure. Brad was bucking now and I could tell he was about to come.

When he did, he thrust his hips high and I thought I would die, I was so full. I cried out. I don't know what I said, it was just a cry. I swear I could feel his cock as it spasmed in me. It was hot, and I have no idea how there was room for cum. I was that full. I felt so close to the edge. Then I felt Paul back away, his hand slipping down my back, to my ass, one finger, just one finger pushing against my ass.

That is all it took. I swear I screamed as I came. I've never done that before but I was out of control. I can't imagine what the people in the next room must have thought if they were in their room. My orgasm was like something exploding not just in one place but throughout me. I tensed up, exploded like nothing I had ever felt before, and then sagged. Drained. Brad too was limp, his body, and very quickly, that magnificent cock too was falling limp. I looked to one side and caught a glimpse of me in the dresser mirror. My hair was wild. I had a look on my face that said I was spent, desperate, done.

I think it's what people say when woman has a fucked out expression. My eyes were almost glazed. My lips were swollen and pinker than pink. All of us were breathing heavy.

"Brad, you can go now." Paul's voice.

We all shifted and untangled. I heard Brad, without a word, get dressed and leave. I was just laying on the bed, too spent to even say goodbye. Paul came up and kissed me. I know he must have tasted his own, and Brad's cum. My mouth was still full of their taste. He undid my blindfold.

"You, my dear, are not done yet."

I was so glad to see him. To see again. The man I love, who had just treated me to something unimaginable a mere six months earlier.

Paul climbed on top of me. His cock was hard. It looked so beautiful, straight and swollen and red and... mine. He lay on me, and slipped in. I could not believe it, but despite having had Brad's massive member in me, I had already shrunk down to a size where I could feel Paul. I just had to lay there, Paul just pumped. Slowly. In and out. How he had any stamina left I can't tell you. In and out. I could feel him. My man. Loving me. In and out. Despite myself, I felt another orgasm slowly building. In and out. It grew from deep in me. My mind began to think about the night, the exoticness of it, the feel of that cock huge under my fingers, in between my lips, in ME. And Paul, kissing my neck, my shoulders, my face, in and out. And then it came, one last, overwhelming, crazy good orgasm. I had been laying limp, but when I came this last time, my arms snaked around him, pulled close, and he began to pump me hard, slapping against me with every thrust. He was pumping hard now, until I felt that final thrust from him and heard his moan that told me he too had come.

We fell into each other's arms. Neither of us said a thing. To be honest, I didn't know where to begin, what to say. In fact, it was almost a whole another day before I could talk about it. By then, we were home.

The rest of the week was not, as you might expect, a week of crazy sex remembering that night. No, it was a week of tender lovemaking, of cuddling, of reassurance and reconnecting. And eventually we did talk about. It was an amazing night that I've relived in my mind more than a few times. And now I've relived it with you. And, having relived it by writing it, I have to go visit Paul and do something about how I am feeling. I think he'll like it!


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