Charly Ch. 02

byPandoras Desire©

The first story in the "Charly" series is part nonfiction, part fiction. The second chapter, is of the same. No harm is in anyway intended towards the beautiful and talented Ms. Charly McClain.

Charly's Surprise

He was suave and debonair. Very striking good looks. Had the voice of distinction, a few hits of his own, and was a cousin to fellow musician Jerry Lee Lewis. He was Mickey Gilley. And now he was in the recording studio with Ms. Charly McClain.

In the last chapter, Charly's publicist, Jeannine thought the song should be a duet. And Charly agreed. Jeannine said that Mickey Gilley would be perfect for her duet partner. Like many times before, they had done duets on a few songs. Such as "The Right Stuff," and a remake of Roy Orbison's "Candy Man." So now that the fine print was settled, they were about to work on their new duet. A song called "Paradise Tonight."

Charly and Mickey both had their headsets on, and their microphones in place, as the music started. Their voices rang throughout the studio. From down the hall you could hear, Charly's first words, "Honestly I can't believe the magic you do.." then Mickey chiming in with "everything, anything as lovely as you." It only took a few takes before it was finished. Or so they thought. Half way through, Charly's producer speaks up and says, "OK, let's take it from the top again. Just a slight technical problem."

So with that, Charly and Mickey took their positions in front of the mic again and then the music started, and again you heard Charly sing, "Honestly I can't believe the magic you do." Then Mickey sang, "Everything, anything as lovely as you."

This could go on all day, thought Wayne. Now that he was married to Charly, he was her producer.

So after the song had finished. Wayne speaks up and says why don't we take a break. So Charly and Mickey gave each other a pat on the back, and left their spots in front of the mic. Mickey headed down the hall to grab a drink out of the soda machine. And Charly went into the booth to see her husband Wayne. Charly speaks up, after walking towards Wayne and says, "are we doing something wrong?"

"Oh no," replied Wayne, "it's just not the sound I was going for, that's all."

"Oh," replied Charly.

Wayne says, "but I can fix that." Then he grabbed Charly's arms and slowly pushed her up against the wall. And laid a slow tongue filled kiss on Charly. Charly breaks the kiss and says, "Wayne, someone might see us." Wayne says, "I don't care who sees us, I have the most beautiful woman/ wife, here in the studio with me and I want a piece of her." Charly realizing that she needed Wayne as much as he needed her at that moment, kisses Wayne, and gave him her tongue to suck on. They played like that for a few more minutes before Wayne's hands caressed the sides of Charly's breasts. The undersides, the aureoles. With the feel of his hands he could feel Charly's nipples restraining though her blouse, and her bra. So Wayne quickly remedied that situation. He slowly unbuttoned her blouse, and cupped her breasts with his hands slowly taking her straps down both arms, with Charly's blouse still on, he took those straps down as far as they would go. Just enough to reveal the tops of Charly's beautiful breasts. Wayne then bent down and kissed the tops of Charly's breasts. Charly then gave out a little sigh. Letting Wayne know that what he was doing was so right. He then traveled his kisses down her beautiful torso, to her belly button and laved there a few minutes. Before undoing the button and zipper on Charly's dress pants, and lowering them slightly along with her panties. Then when Wayne went a little further. Charly parted her long legs further apart to accommodate Wayne's ministrations. Wayne then took his hands and cupped Charly's long luscious thighs, and his tongue went to town between Charly's long legs. Running his tongue up and down Charly's wet slit. Before parting her lips and laving their inner walls. Slowly, then faster, he repeated this process a few times, before his tongue found Charly's budding clit and fastening his lips upon it, and began sucking. Charly nearing orgasm, begins to utter something in the form of words, "OMG! Wayne, Surround Me With Your Love. I'm almost there." Then Charly's fist hit the wall behind her, as she bucked her hips against Wayne's tongue and lips. Bringing her nearer and nearer, then sending her over the edge with juice after juice flowing into Wayne's mouth. Charly finally went limp against the wall, before realizing that out of the corner of her eye Mickey had walked into the studio and sat down on the stool that was waiting for him. Charly speaks up and says, "Uhhh, Wayne."

Wayne ready for another round with his wife Charly, turns around and notices Mickey sitting on the stool sipping his soda, waiting for Charly.

Wayne quickly says, "I'll stand here, while you get dressed, and tell Mickey that you'll be there shortly."

"OK, Wayne," says Charly. As she slowly pulls away from the wall, and straightens herself up and finishes fixing her bra, and her blouse, and puling up her panties and dress pants, zipping and buttoning them.

Meanwhile through the PA system. Wayne tells Mickey that Charly will be there in a second.

"No problem," replies Mickey.

Wayne then turns around to see if Charly is finished clothing herself. Just as Charly leans up and kisses Wayne on his lips, and says, "Thank you for taking me to paradise tonight."

Wayne just chuckled, and as Charly turned around to leave he gave her a pat on her ass. Charly turns around and smiles at Wayne, as she exits the booth, and walks next door to the studio where Mickey sits on the stool, waiting.

Charly says, "Sorry to keep you waiting, Mickey."

"Oh, no problem at all," replies Mickey.

Again Wayne's voice came over the PA, and says, "everyone ready?"

As Mickey and Charly put their headsets back on, they replied, "Ready," in unison.

Again they heard the familiar sound of the intro. They took their places and Charly again chimes in with "Honestly I can't believe the magic you do." "Everything, anything as lovely as you," replied Mickey. This went on for about an hour. Before they finally got the sound they all agreed upon.

That's a rap, said Wayne over the PA system. With that, Charly and Mickey took their headsets off, and placed them on the stools behind them. Mickey speaks up and says, "congratulations to you and Wayne on your wedding."

"Thanks," said Charly. "And thanks again for being available to duet this song with me," said Charly.

"My pleasure, I always have time for you," said Mickey.

"You're so sweet," said Charly.

Mickey then broke out in song, with "Come on baby, let me take you by the hand, come on sugar, let me take you by the hand, here for me, honey let me be oh my own candy, candy, your candy man." With that they both just laughed.

Then Wayne came in and said, "great job guys." And then gave Mickey a pat on the back, and surprising Charly a huge kiss on her beautiful lips.

Wayne said, "hey, we're gonna go out to eat tonight, some place fancy, care to join us Mickey? Our treat." "Well sure, said Mickey, if ya'll don't really mind?"

"Not at all," said Charly. "We'd love to have you."

"Well then," said Mickey, "I accept."

With that, they exited the studio, Wayne held the door for Charly and Mickey, then they went down the hall. And out the door. Charly and Wayne headed to their Jaguar, and Mickey to his. Charly and Wayne decided on Chey Nashville, a quaint little restaurant not to far from the studio. They pulled in with Mickey trailing right behind them. Charly and Wayne got out of their car, and Mickey his. He walked over to Charly and Wayne. And they all walked in together. With Wayne and Mickey ushering Charly in first. Once inside, the maitre d' spoke up and said, "Ms. McClain, nice to see you again." Charly said, "likewise, a table for 3 please, some place quiet."

The maitre d' said, "right this way, please." As he led Charly, Wayne, and Mickey to their table, pulling out a chair for Charly. They all sat down, as the matre d' left and the waiter appeared. "Hi, I'm Steven, I'll be your waiter this evening, can I start you off with some drinks," he says. "That would be lovely," replied Charly. "I'll have a glass of your best Champagne."

"And for you sir?" gesturing towards Wayne, "I'll have the same," he replied. The waiter looked in Mickey's direction and said, "for you sir?" Mickey said, "the same for me please."

"All right then, 3 glasses of the best champagne, coming up." Charly, Wayne and Mickey all took a menu and studied it. When the waiter came back with their drinks, and set them down in front of them, he then asked, "does everyone know what they would like to order?"

Charly, Wayne, and Mickey chimed in unison, "yes."

The waiter says, "ma'am?"

Charly says, "I'll have the salmon dinner, please."

The waiter says, "OK. And may I ask what type of dressing for your salad?"

"Italian please," said Charly.

"And for you sir," again looking at Wayne, who says, "the prime rib dinner."

"With mashed or baked, sir?," said the waiter.

"Umm, baked, please," said Wayne.

"And dressing for your salad, sir?"

"Italian please," said Wayne.

"And for you sir," looking at Mickey.

Mickey says, "I'll have the pasta rosita, please. Italian dressing also."

The waiter said, "thank you, I'll be right be right back with your salads."

Charly, Wayne and Mickey picked up their glasses of champagne and toasted one another. Then exchanging pleasantries. Before the waited appeared with their salads. Placing them down in front of each one of them.

They said their thank you's. As the waiter again said, "anything else I may get you?"

Charly speaks up and says, "not for me thank you."

Wayne and Mickey both say, "we're fine thanks."

The waiter turned around and left. Charly then took her cloth napkin placed it in her lap. Picked up her fork and began eating her salad, as did Wayne and Mickey. With the sound of the crunch of their salads, appeared the waiter. "I'm sorry to bother you ma'am, but we seem to be out of the salmon, tonight. Again my apologies, ma'am."

"Well, said Charly, lemmie see. I'll have the baked chicken, with mixed vegetables, then. Please."

"As you wish ma'am, and please except my appologies."

"It's not your fault, apology accepted," said Charly.

So again, the waiter was off to the kitchen with Charly's menu change. And the three exchanged small talk again. Mostly about the music business, and Charly and Wayne's wedding.

Which Mickey was invited to and attended.

It was a big beautiful wedding, with Charly's band and other musician friends, and Wayne's soap opera freinds and co-workers, and both of their families. Charly was a beautiful bride, all dressed in white. The most beautiful bride this side of Memphis. Where Charly grew up. Actually it's Charlotte, but her childhood friends in Memphis dubbed her as Charly. When she turned 17, she was a regular on the lounge circuit, she used the name Charly. When Epic Records signed her they thought Charly was catchier than Charlotte. And thus Charly McClain was reborn. Her dad developed TB. when she was 8 years old, Charly was too young to visit him in the hospital, so she had to communicate with him via tape recorder. That began Charly's interest in recording. So with that, their conversation continued. The waiter appeared and cleared their salad plates. And said, "I'll be right back with your dinner."

"Thank you," said Charly.

As the waiter brought a tray with their food. He set The chicken dinner with mixed vegetables in front of Charly. The prime rib dinner with baked potato in front of Wayne. And the pasta rosita in front of Mickey.

Looking at Mickey, he says, "would you like some parmesan cheese, sir?"

"Yes, please," said Mickey. The waiter placed the parmesan cheese next to Mickey. Then asked if everything was to their satisfaction.

Once again, in unison they replied, "yes."

"OK then, I will be back to check on you later then," said the waiter.

With that, Charly just nodded her approval. The three just sat there in silence for a few moments. Eating their meal. And Then Charly spoke up, and said, "this is good, not the salmon, but good nonetheless." The others said, "yes it is." Charly reached in front of Wayne, and took a piece of steak with her fork, smiling at Wayne with a mischievous grin on her face. She put the piece of steak in her mouth and began to chew. Wayne took a piece of chicken off of Charly's plate, with his fork, and looked at Charly with an arched eyebrow. And smiled. Mickey just sat there and laughed at the two of them. The waiter came back and said, "Anything wrong?"

They all just smiled, then started giggling. The waiter left the check on the table and said, "I'll take this when you are ready, sir."

"Thanks" said Wayne, as he elbowed Charly's arm. Then reaching around to his back pocket, and took out his wallet, and then took out his credit card, and placed it on the tray with the check.

After Charly, Wayne and Mickey we're able to compose themselves again. The waiter appeared, and took the check. He then came back a few minutes later and asked for Wayne's signature. Wayne happily signed, and took his credit card back.

Charly said, "I'm awfully sorry, sir. Must have been the champagne." And giggled again.

The waiter said, "quite all right ma'am." And gave Charly a wink. With that Charly blushed.

Wayne finally said, "are you two ready?"

"Yes," Charly and Mickey said in unison.

And with that, they got up and left the restaurant. Once in the parking lot, they decided they all were gonna head over to Nashville's famous , Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, a place where any musician famous or not, gathered to strut their stuff. Charly decided to surprise everyone there.. so she just signed her name to the roster. When her name was called, the woman there took a double take, and said, "Well everyone, seems we have a surprise guest here tonight.. please ya'll give a big welcome to Ms. Charly McClain. The place just roared, and cheered. Charly even got a standing ovation, as she took her place in front of the mic. Some studio musicians behind her, some she recognized, and some she didn't recognize.

Seeing as the crowd seemed a little rowdy, she turned around and said to the band, "Who's Cheatin' Who." With that Charly turned around to face the crowd, and the band started the intro. Right on cue Charly chimed in with "Everywhere you look, you can write a book on the trouble with a woman and a man, but you cannot impose, you can't stick your nose into somethin' that you don't understand. Still ya wonder who's cheatin' who and who's bein' true." Charly finished up the song, then pointed to the band with her hands and took a bow. The crowd applauded and cheered for at least 5 minutes. Charly said, "thank you." And then said, "would ya'll like another song?" The crowd went nuts with her, screaming. So again Charly looked at the band and said, "Sleepin' With The Radio On." The band again started the intro. And Charly on cue started the song. Then after the song was over with, Charly says, "I'd like to bring up my husband Wayne, would you please come up here honey. With that Wayne made his way through the crowd, and got up on stage. Charly says, "With Just One Look In Your Eyes." Charly and Wayne belted out the song. Then when it was over, the crowd roared again. Charly says, "hey Mickey, come up here please." Then she says, ya'll welcome Mr. Mickey Gilley." The crowd went crazy, as he made his way to the stage. Charly said, "how bout a little "Candy Man." So the band started again, and Mickey chimed in on cue with "Come on baby, let me take you by the hand. Come on sugar let me take you by the hand. here for me, honey let me be oh your own candy, candy you're candy man." Then when it was over, they went right into "The Right Stuff." Then when it was all over, the woman proprietor came up on stage and said, "lets give a big hand to Epic recording artist Charly McClain, her husband Wayne Massey and recording artist Mickey Gillley. Charly, Wayne, and Mickey gave a bow, and Charly took her hand and pointed like Vanna White towards the band. The crowd gave Charly a standing ovation. As they exited the stage. Some arms extended towards Charly, Wayne and Mickey, as they went to the back of the lounge, they greeted their fans, with open arms.

Charly, Wayne and Mickey stayed at the club milling about with some other musicians, like herself. Some famous, and some not so famous. The ones that were not so famous, Charly was kind enough to give them a word of advice or to about the music business. Which everyone of them were appreciative for her advice and thanked her.

But just as they were ready to leave, the proprietor of Tootsie's Orchid Lounge came over to Charly to shake her hand and tell her how proud she was of Charly and her success. And also to tell her that it was an honor to have Charly stop in her club and give a little performance for her fans.

Charly immediately thanked the woman. They hugged and Charly, Wayne and Mickey left the lounge, and headed to their cars. Charly and Wayne thanked Mickey, for his patients, time and for having dinner with them at Chey Nashville. Mickey says, "my pleasure." He hugged Charly and shook Wayne's hand, before he headed to his own car and left.

Wayne and Charly headed to their own car, and hopped in. Wayne started the car, and backed out of the parking spot, and headed down the road, and onto the highway, heading home. Once home Wayne parked the car, and him and Charly got out, and went inside. Once inside Wayne grabbed Charly and laid a deep kiss on her lips. Charly melted in Wayne's arms. Then Wayne tells Charly that she is such a good sport.

Charly says, "wait a minute.. what do you mean I'm a good sport?"

Wayne says, "I planned that little routine in the studio this afternoon. You know not getting the right sound."

Charly gasped, and said, "Meet Me In The Middle Of The Bed." And she ran upstairs. With Wayne following her.

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