tagInterracial LoveChastity's Lessons Ch. 02

Chastity's Lessons Ch. 02


A few days after her first 'lesson' with Jeremy, Chastity was back in the same clearing on her knees, only this time she was completely naked. Her mouth was eager on his long black cock, licking and sucking... this time he was letting her be more exploratory, not just swallowing him, but licking along the shaft and kissing his tip before wrapping her pink lips and trying to swallow him to the base. Chastity shivered as his large black hands squeezed her pale breasts, tweaking her already erect nipples. Juices were already dripping from her pussy, she was so horny and turned on.

The past few days her mind had been overtaken by fantasies of Jeremy, the way he'd pleasured her with his tongue and finger... she'd tried using her own fingers, but it just hadn't felt the same and she'd given up. Mostly all she'd managed to do was frustrate herself more... and now here she was, on her knees, salivating over his big black cock, and hoping that he'd return the favor.

Looking up at him with her big blue eyes, she tossed her blonde hair back from her shoulders and fisted his cock with her hand, moving it gently and slowly back and forth as she asked, "Lick me, Jeremy? Please?"

"Well that wouldn't really be teaching you anything, now would it," Jeremy said, smiling, "We did that last time."

"We did this last time too," Chastity pouted, her tongue flicking out to lick the head of his cock as if to prove her point.

Jeremy had to laugh, "Well that's true enough." Thinking it over as she continued to lick around the sensitive head, he thrust his hips forward a little, "Alright, I'll lick you and we'll do something new at the same time."

Chastity was excited as he lay her back, this time his big black hands rested on the backs of her thighs and pushed them up towards her chest, effectively folding her in half and spreading her pretty pink pussy for him. She moaned as his tongue slid up the center of her folds, teasing her clit before moving back into the center of her juicy wetness. His hands were so erotic looking, black darkness against her pale skin, holding down her thighs, keeping them spread for him. Moving her own hands, she put one on top of his and the other on top of his head, rubbing his hair as he licked and nibbled at her open pussy.

Then his tongue began to move lower and she gasped, "Jeremy! That's not where you're supposed to be licking!"

His tongue flicked against her sensitive crinkled asshole and he told her, "This is part of the lesson Chastity, and I'm going to be doing plenty of other things to your sexy little ass, so just enjoy it."

She felt distinctly uncomfortable, but also aroused as he licked her asshole the same way he would her pussy. Then his hand moved hers from on top of his to holding her own thigh up, and his fingers trailed down to her pussy hole... he began to push his finger inside of her as he licked at her asshole, and Chastity found herself moaning and pulling her thigh back even farther to allow him better access. It was a good position for Jeremy too as he could tongue her ass while watching his dark finger slide between her pink pussy lips, thinking about how much fun he was going to have with her.

Moving her other hand from on top of her head to her other thigh, Jeremy gave Chastity complete control over how much she was spread. Then he took the finger that had been in her pussy, all coated and lubricated with her juices, and began to press it against her tight little asshole as he pushed a finger from his other hand into her pussy. She shuddered and moaned as he invaded her ass, all the while his other finger fucking her pussy.

"Oh Jeremy," she squirmed, "It hurts... take it out!"

Her asshole tightened down on his invading digit, not even halfway in, and he crooned, "Just relax and it'll start to feel better... here, I'll help you."

And with that, he added a second finger to her pussy, stretching her out there too. Chastity gasped, her hips moving up and down... it felt strange but good to be filled up like that, and she knew that eventually he was going to put his cock into her pussy, and his cock was much bigger than his fingers. She wondered if he was planning on putting his cock into her little asshole too, and she shivered with the thought. His finger there was still uncomfortable, but at the same time starting to feel kind of good, and she thought that she must be a very naughty girl.

Squirming on his fingers, Chastity could feel her insides starting to tingle again as he pushed his fingers in and out of her, watching her with eager dark eyes as she moaned and writhed for him, her hands keep her thighs splayed. Leaning forward, Jeremy caught a little pink nipple in his mouth and bit down, making Chastity arch.

"OhhhhhhHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" she cried out as she began to cum, his fingers pumping in and out of her, thumb rubbing against her clit as it swelled up... his teeth bit down harder on her tender nipple and she shook with the force of her ecstasy. Moving her hips, she rode the sensations, her ass and pussy tightening over his fingers... in fact, she was pretty sure that having his finger in her ass just made everything more intense.

"Good little white girl," Jeremy murmured as he pulled his fingers from her holes, Chastity moaned and let her legs drop, but he caught them on their way down, spreading her thighs wide as he lined his cock up with her pussy.

"Oooooo," Chastity whimpered as his big black cock began to split her open.

Jeremy stared, entranced at the way her little pink pussy was swallowing his snake, the way his darkness looked as it entered her body, "Well ain't that pretty..."

Putting his hands on her thighs, Jeremy kept pushing until his entire cock was buried to the hilt in her virgin pussy, Chastity's eyes were closed and tears leaked from the edges... it hurt, but it felt good too, much more stretched than his fingers had made her. It felt huge and tight inside of her, and she pictured his long hard blackness impaling her body in her head... her pussy was already sensitive and it felt incredible as his groin touched hers and rubbed against her pussy lips.

Then he began to thrust, and Chastity cried out with the rapturous torment, the way it hurt and stretched her over and over, while at the same time felt gloriously gratifying... to be filled, over and over again. Her eyes popped open as he leaned forward and she wrapped her pale arms around his dark shoulders, pulling him closer as he heaved energetically, hips thrusting as their lips came together.

Chastity shuddered and cried as she gave up her virginity to his assault, her hips lifting to meet his, impaling herself upon his black cock. It was agony and elation all wrapped together, the stretching of her body to receive him and the euphoric feeling of being taken. Jeremy's arms wrapped around her body, squashing her breasts against his muscles as he bucked and thrust, steady strokes that rekindled the fires in her loins which had barely begun to dwindle.

She mewed and whimpered in his arms, shuddering beneath him as her nails dug into his back. Jeremy could feel her already tight pussy convulsing against him, tightening even more and massaging his cock, and he groaned, gritting his teeth and shoving hard into her, rubbing his crotch against hers. Chastity squealed as his body pushed against her clit, making the little nub tingle and then explode, her back arched as she came, and Jeremy shoved all the way deep inside of her.

Chastity thought she might faint with the rapture of it, ecstasy seeming to spill into her body, and then suddenly she was empty and hot wetness was spurting over her pale stomach. She opened her eyes, shuddering with the last remnants of her gratification, to see Jeremy fisting his cock and taking his, white froth spraying from his cock onto her breasts and stomach.

Staring at it for a moment, Chastity watched as Jeremy sighed, and the formidable black cock began to shrink.

Grinning, Jeremy began to put on his pants as he told her, "Better get up to the house and wash yourself off before your Daddy gets home, little white girl."

Gasping, Chastity jumped up and tried to look at the sun through the shade, seeing that quite some time had passed since her Daddy had gone out. She wiped Jeremy's cum off of her stomach with her blouse, since it was white, before putting it and her skirt on and running back up to the house, leaving Jeremy far behind. Arriving, she found she was perfectly safe, and she heaved a sigh of relief. Neither she or Jeremy would be getting in trouble... humming happily, she let her mind wander over her latest lesson as she headed to take a bath.

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