tagSci-Fi & FantasyCheer Raider & SABRE Panther: CF

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther: CF


"Debbie Woods here, reporting live from Hollywood at the premier of the summer blockbuster we've all been waiting for: Cheer Raider and SABRE Panther! It's been over three years since the events in Bensonville, Oklahoma captivated the world, and finally we all get to see the adventures from the perspective of the two heroes at the center of it. Here they are, coming across the red carpet now, Jennifer Monroe and Matt Peterson! Jennifer, Matt, what can you tell us about the movie?"

"Always good to see you again, Debbie," said Jennifer. "The actors that are portraying us are amazing, the special effects are beyond amazing, and I think everybody is going to really enjoy the film."

"I know you worked very closely with the studio on this, how true to life is what we're going to see on the big screen?" Debbie asked.

Matt replied, "Well Debbie, we did have to leave some things out for, uh, time considerations, but all the vital events are there and we think it absolutely captures the feel of how things happened. One thing that's definitely accurate is this reporter right here as herself in the movie."

"And my thanks again to the studio for allowing me that incredible opportunity," Debbie said. "Who's this here with you?"

"This is our best friend in the whole world, our biggest supporter and the first person to know our secret, Theresa Fawcett," Jennifer replied.

Theresa waved to the camera and cheerfully said, "Hi!"

Jennifer continued, "She's portrayed in the movie too. It's a small role but we just couldn't leave her out."

Debbie said, "Well that's fantastic! So other than the film, what have you been up to and what's next for you?"

"Matt's attending a very good engineering college, and Theresa and I are at a State University close by to him. We've just finished up for the year and are looking forward to a quiet summer back home," Jennifer said.

Matt added, "Panther and I are going to assist with a test out of Artemis Base next week, the first field trial for new technology derived from attempts to reverse engineer some of what's found in Panther. It's very exciting stuff and hopefully it will help keep the brave men and women of our armed forces safer in the years ahead."

"That's wonderful to hear, and it's been great talking with you again. I see coming up next here, the movie leads, playing Jennifer and Matt—" Debbie was cut off by the blast of cold and snow washing over the television. As frost grew rapidly across the screen, it cracked from the sudden temperature change and the picture went dead.

"Soon, Cheer Raider. Soon..."

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther: Cold Front

[Title Theme: "All For You" by In This Moment]

"Oh my word, this is the hotel the studio is putting us up in?" Jennifer's mom asked.

"Don't get used to it. Tomorrow it's back to Oklahoma," said Jennifer's dad.

"Now, now, don't be a spoil sport," Theresa's dad scolded.

"That's right! Just for tonight, we're living it up!" Matt's mom added.

"I guess I'll get our room keys, then," Matt's dad said. He headed towards the check-in counter, and everybody else fell in behind him.

"Alright, I have one suite each for the Monroe, Peterson, and Fawcett families, and then for Matt and Jennifer, the VIP suite," said the hotel desk clerk.

"Hey, no fair, why do they get their own room?" Neil complained.

"I think it has something to do with us saving the world and then being poised to make the studio a ton of money with a movie about it, little bro," said Matt.

"Yeah, I know, but still," Neil said.

Theresa sidled up to him and said quietly, "Neil, you know my sister Vicky over there, right? She's in your class."

"Sure," Neil confirmed. He looked over at Vicky, and when he caught her eye, she looked away shyly, but then smiled.

"Well I happen to know three things that are facts: this hotel has a swimming pool that stays open late, she has an incredibly sexy bikini packed in her bag, and she thinks that you're very cute."

Neil's eyes went wide. "Really?"

"I would never lie about this sort of thing. Go get her, tiger," Theresa said, pushing him in her sister's direction.

Everybody got their room keys without further incident, and they rode up the elevator together. Matt noticed that Neil had managed to position himself next to Vicky and marveled that he was already holding hands with her. The parents and younger siblings got off on their floor, leaving Matt, Jennifer, and Theresa to finish the trip to the top floor. Theresa's mom held back behind the rest, and as the doors closed she said with a knowing wink, "Have fun, you three!"

"Mom!" gasped Theresa.

As the elevator started moving again, Jennifer said, "Well it's good to see that she's supportive of you being gay."

"Yeah, they both are," Theresa said, and sighed. "You two are lucky. The way your parents learned your secret didn't make you worry and stress about it." The elevator stopped and they headed towards their suite.

"Girl, don't make it a contest about parents causing you stress. I had to put up with both of mine rejoining reality after all those years," Jennifer said.

"Your dad's never looked better, though. I barely recognize him compared to the first time we met," Matt said while unlocking the suite door.

"Yeah, that's what happens when you quit drinking and start taking care of yourself again," Jennifer replied. "Holy shit, this is our room? It's huge!"

"Wow. That's Hollywood opulence for you, though," said Matt.

"Ridiculous is what it is," Jennifer said. "But we're here, and for tonight, I'm going to enjoy it. And I'm going to enjoy the two of you even more." She pulled Matt in for a deep, passionate kiss, then immediately turned towards Theresa for another. Both girls' hands found their way to the zippers on each other's backs and pulled them down, allowing their elegant strapless red dresses to fall to the ground around their ankles, leaving them in nothing but panties. "Mmmm, I've been waiting to do that since the limo ride to the theater."

"Tell me about it," Theresa said.

"So was your little side trip earlier successful?"

"Oh yeah, I got a great haul. It's too bad you're too famous to be seen in a Hollywood adult toy store. You would have loved it in there."

"Let's see what you've got," Jennifer said, already opening Theresa's suitcase. "Ohhh, this is beautiful. Put it on," she said, handing her a strap-on dildo. While Theresa freed the toy from its package and secured it in position on herself, Matt shed his tuxedo as well and knelt in front of Jennifer. He slipped her panties down her smooth legs and took a taste of her dripping wet pussy. She gasped softly and said, "God yes, lick me." She moaned as he ran his tongue through the folds of her sex and teased her clit. When the now well-endowed Theresa nudged him aside to eat Jennifer herself, Matt moved around behind her, spread her cheeks, and ran his tongue over her asshole. "Oh fuck!" Jennifer yelled, and let out a long groan as her two lovers licked her from both sides.

When she couldn't stand it any longer, she said, "Please, oh please fuck me with your cocks now!" Theresa stood up and kissed her while pushing her back. Matt got down onto his back and guided her down onto him, her asshole opening to accept his hard member as she settled in. Theresa came down on top and easily pushed her faux dick inside Jennifer's eager muff. She squealed with pleasure as she felt her holes get stuffed and moaned as they got fucked hard, and it wasn't long before her body shook with her first orgasm of the night.

Theresa pulled Jennifer off of Matt and flipped her over onto all fours beside him. She leaned in and engulfed his penis in her mouth, cleaning off Jennifer's ass juices, before turning and licking them from the source, pushing her tongue inside Jennifer's gaping asshole. She guided the moaning Jennifer onto Matt with his flesh rod sliding into her pussy, and then took Jennifer's ass with her own artificial one. Jennifer loudly expressed her pleasure at being double penetrated once again, and built to her second orgasm as the two cocks thrust quickly in and out of her tight fuck holes.

After a brief rest, Jennifer looked back at Theresa and said, "Your turn now. Stand up." Theresa got to her feet and Jennifer dove for the strap-on cock, sucking it down and moaning as she tasted her own ass on it. She loosened the straps and slid the harness down Theresa's legs, letting the cock slip free from her mouth and instantly moving to Theresa's waiting pussy.

"Oh yes baby, please, I need you so bad," Theresa said as Jennifer's tongue went to work on her damp cunt. She yelped in surprise and then moaned long and deep as she felt Matt's tongue join in against her asshole. When Jennifer finally pulled away, she begged, "Oh please don't stop."

Jennifer lay back, now brandishing the strap-on herself, and invited, "Come on baby, you know you want this inside you." Theresa moaned and sank down onto Jennifer, working her wet pussy lips down the length of the girl penis and riding it. She felt Matt against her back and leaned forward to grant him access, and as his meat entered her asshole she screamed out, "Fuck!" She went all the way down against Jennifer and kissed her hard, their large breasts smooshed together, moaning loudly into her mouth as both her holes got pounded. Now it was her turn to cum, as Theresa's back arched and she let out a long and contented scream.

"Mmmm, that tasty ass of yours is mine next," Jennifer declared, and she slipped out from underneath Theresa and replaced Matt's cock with her tongue. Theresa groaned softly, and then louder as the strap-on dick pushed into her back door. Matt stood up so Jennifer could taste Theresa's ass on his cock while she rammed into that same ass, and also reached around to finger Theresa's pussy.

"Oh baby, use me, use all of me, I'm yours!" Theresa encouraged. She grunted as she felt suddenly empty, then opened her mouth wide to accept the dildo as Jennifer pushed it into her mouth, letting her taste her own rear passage.

While Theresa's lips were still moving up and down the fake cock, Jennifer looked at Matt with a sly smile and said, "Now it's your turn to take this cock."

"What, me?" Matt asked in surprise.

"Oh come on, I realize I wasn't quite myself the last time we did that, but I know you enjoyed it," Jennifer insisted.

"Well, I mean, sure, yeah," Matt admitted. "Just, can you start out a little gentler this time instead of full bore right from the get-go?" She smiled coyly and knelt down behind him, spread his cheeks and ran her tongue across his asshole. Theresa took the front and took his cock deep into her mouth. "Oh fuuuck," he groaned as the two girls worked him over orally, their tongues massaging his cock head and his tight rear entry.

When Jennifer was satisfied that he was ready, she guided Theresa down onto her back and Matt on top of her with his cock inside her pussy. Jennifer got behind Matt, pressed the head of her strap-on cock against his back door, and started pushing it inside. Matt grunted as it penetrated him, and Jennifer rubbed his back saying, "Shhhh, just relax yourself, you can take it." Matt nodded but continued grunting softly as Jennifer worked her dong deeper inside him.

When she finally buried the entire length of the strap-on dildo up his ass, she began fucking him slowly with long strokes. Matt groaned and worked his hips back to meet her, which also moved his cock within Theresa's pussy. "Mmm, you like that baby?" Jennifer said.

"Aaaaahhh, yeeeesss," Matt replied, and Theresa also moaned and nodded her head in response. Jennifer quickened the pace of her thrusts, which increased the volume of Matt's moaning, and Theresa's as well.

Jennifer gave Matt's ass a slap and demanded, "Beg me for it!"

Matt immediately moaned, "Ohhhhhh fuck my ass baby yeeessss fuck me!" Jennifer increased her speed again, now pounding the artificial penis into his eager asshole.

Theresa yelled out, "Aaaahhhh Jennifer, you're fucking me with Matt's cock, it's you with his cock, fuck me Jennifer!" A huge lust-filled smile grew across Jennifer's face as she continued ramming her cock into Matt and his cock into Theresa.

"Fuuuuck I'm cumming!" Matt burst out and grunted loudly as he pumped his jism into Theresa.

"Yes Jennifer cum inside me!" Theresa shouted before succumbing to her own screaming orgasm.

Jennifer pushed her cock deep into Matt and held it there while her two lovers came, then resumed with an easier, slower pace. Matt moaned softly as he felt the dildo working his ass again. "Theresa, slide back. Matt, eat your cream pie out of her." Matt groaned but did not protest, and set to licking Theresa's pussy as soon as it was within reach of his mouth, lapping up his cum and hers from within her cunt.

Feeling his tongue at her folds and deep between them, Theresa moaned, "Oooohhhhh, fuck."

After giving him several minutes, Jennifer asked, "Did you get it all, slut?" Matt nodded, and she said, "Good boy. Theresa, go get ready with the other strap-on." As Theresa pulled away, Matt looked back over his shoulder at Jennifer, who replied by grabbing a handful of his hair and yanking his head back while pushing into him harder. "That's right, you're going to take both of our hard cocks inside you." He only moaned in reply.

When Theresa strode over with her own tool in place, Jennifer pulled out and gave her the spot. Theresa pushed her rod into Matt easily and resumed his ass fucking. Jennifer circled around to his front, and without a word he obediently raised himself up with his arms and opened his mouth wide, accepting the dildo inside and tasting his ass on it. Jennifer moaned out of pure excitement as she pushed her toy into his mouth and watched Theresa fucking his ass with hers. Matt continued moaning in pleasure through the dildo filling his mouth as he took it from both ends. After several minutes of that the girls traded places again, and Matt now eagerly took Theresa's strap-on from ass to mouth

"Oh, you dirty boy, you really are into it, aren't you?" Theresa smirked.

She allowed Matt to pull free in order to answer, "She kinda has that effect, you know? And it— uuhhhnnn! —really does feel fucking great."

"Yeah, that's our girl, making us both learn to appreciate getting stuffed with cock," Theresa said, while forcing Matt's face back down onto her own.

"Fortunately the two of you are quick studies and I was able to bring you up to my level. Congratulations, you're both grade-A sluts," Jennifer said, while continuing to pound against Matt's ass, thrusting her dildo hard up into him. Soon she switched places back to Matt's mouth, delivering to it a fresh cock load of his ass juices.

When the two girls finally pulled their tools free of him for good, he dropped to the floor and groaned a weary, "Ohhh, fuckin' shiiiit."

"Let's let him rest a bit and give him a nice show," Jennifer suggested.

"I have just the thing," Theresa said, retrieving two double-ended dildos from her suitcase and freeing them from their packaging.

"Oh, fuck yes," Jennifer said, taking one of the extra long phalluses and holding it up between them. Both girls took an end into their mouths, and then pushed it deeper and deeper until their lips met in the middle. They managed to hold it for a couple of seconds, and then quickly pulled free, leaving it well coated with their saliva. Theresa held up the other one, and they repeated the move, this time gagging through the dildo-stuffed kiss a little longer before pulling back. "Turn around, on all fours," Jennifer directed.

Theresa did as she was told, while Jennifer did the same and positioned herself ass-to-ass with her. She reached back with her double dildo and first worked it into her own pussy, then the other end into Theresa's. Theresa moaned softly, then louder as she followed suit and inserted her dildo into her asshole and then Jennifer's. Both of them moaned even louder as they slowly brought their asses all the way together with four stuffed holes between them, then began rocking forward and back, working both dildos back and forth inside them.

"God damn, that's hot," said Matt, his cock once again hard as could be, and his sore asshole all but forgotten. He got up and knelt in front of Jennifer, who took his meat all the way into her mouth, and didn't protest when he took hold of her head and started face-fucking her with hard thrusts. Her moans were replaced by gagging sounds and his moans.

When he finally released her, she gasped for breath and said, "Fuuuuck, yes." Matt moved to the other end of the double dildo double penetration and offered his cock to Theresa, who also took it all the way in. Matt took a handful of her hair and guided her slowly up and all the way back down the length of his rod, listening to her gag on it as her lips reached the base. Then Jennifer begged, "Uhhhnnn, Matt I need you back over here."

He obliged her and returned his penis to her mouth. This time she slammed it down into her throat, gagging rapidly and repeatedly, all on her own without his help. "Oh shiiiiiit!" he exclaimed, as her over-the-top enthusiasm made the tightness of her throat feel all the better. He screamed out as several spurts of cum pumped into Jennifer's mouth, and she pulled back slightly to capture it there rather than let it go straight down her esophagus. She immediately pulled away entirely and spun around to face Theresa, setting both double dildos free to slide out of their wet holes and fall to the floor.

She took Theresa's face in her hands and tilted it back, then leaned in above her and let Matt's cum drip down from her mouth. Theresa opened her own mouth to receive it all, then smiled as she savored the taste. Jennifer dropped to the floor and opened her mouth wide, and Theresa complied by letting the cum drain back out from her lips to Jennifer's. Matt watched while stroking his suddenly renewed erection as they traded places yet again, and his cum flowed once more into Theresa's mouth and then back to Jennifer. Finally, Jennifer shared a very sloppy kiss with Theresa, with both of them eventually swallowing the remainder of the swapped cum that wasn't now on their faces.

"Daaaamn, I don't know how we are going to top that," Matt said.

Theresa moved to her bag and rummaged through it, pulling out various implements. "How about you take a little revenge on us for earlier?" she said, bringing the pile over to Matt.

"Oooo. So are you ready to pay for being such naughty girls?" Matt asked.

"Oh, yes sir. Punish us! We've been very bad!" Jennifer replied enthusiastically. Matt took the load of toys from Theresa and brought it over to the bed. The girls dutifully followed behind. First, he stuffed ball gags in both of their mouths and fastened them tightly. Next, he sat on the bed, pulled Jennifer down over his lap, and gave her a swift and hard spanking. She wiggled and squealed through her gag as his hand repeatedly slapped against her ass, turning it red. After the final swat, he pushed a buttplug into her asshole, which took it with little resistance. Then he pushed her aside onto the bed and pulled Theresa down for the same treatment.

With Theresa's spanking completed and her ass plugged as well, he positioned them on the quite large bed and set about tying them down with rope and bondage cuffs. When he finished, they we both on their backs, side by side, with Jennifer on Matt's right and Theresa on his left. The girls' arms and legs between them were bound to each other, and then secured tight towards the head and foot of the bed. Their arms and legs to the outside were tied off to the bed's corners.

"Well well, isn't this a pretty sight," Matt said before taking several photographs of the scene with his phone. Then he set the phone aside and picked up a riding crop. After testing it against his other hand a couple of times, he turned it on the helpless pair. Every slap of the crop against their bodies evoked a jump and a cry from the targeted girl, and even more pronounced ones when the crop struck a plump breast or a moist pair of pussy lips.

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