tagRomanceChelsea, My Girl in Space

Chelsea, My Girl in Space


It is like being in apace. It is like floating around a never ending universe in our own snug space pod.

We are away from the trial and tribulations of living on this crazy planet. We have each other and that is all that matters, because we are as one and each time we make love something goes 'ting!' and we are lost in the pure magic of all that our love can stimulate.

You are my space girl, my Lieutenant and I am the captain of our craft. We just shut off the communications centre for peace, perfect peace and tranquillity - just to completely chill out in the way we choose.

I see you. my baby hitched in your space suit to your chair. As always you look ravishing and enticing just the way you always so, no matter how you are dressed or not.

I feel the ache for you that needs to be remedied. I look into your eyes and see the love beams explode and I know you want me just as much as I do you.

There is something very special and different making love in a space capsule and it can be fun trying to make it floating about in a non-gravity sealed vessel. It creates a completely new experience in the bonding art but we are like angels, allowing our bodies to drift until they touch. When I can spread my arms and clasp your waist and we enjoy a wonderfully stimulating space kiss.

It is like nothing on earth, we float in our passion and you find delight in unzipping my space suit. We chuckle and enjoy the challenge, but put to the test nothing on earth, or rather in space, will deter us, it is fun, you remove a garment and then so do I, and I take in the beautiful array of your feminine body, just in the lovely and thrilling red tie-on thong and bra in which you excel.

You begin to remove them but I put my fingers to my lips and you know I adore you to keep them on until it is time, the same as I keep on my black tight boxer shorts.

We float some more, and you have found new ways in movement to entice and tease, the way you wiggle and spread and the occasional touch of your warm lips on mine.

You are so very naughty though, you find my full erection and grasp it like a lever to assist you in changing positions and attitudes, you swivels me around the capsule in space and we enjoy a whole new sensation of touch and tease.

But I came to the conclusion that must deal with your mischief and take the securing tape on our seats and tie together your wrists, fastening you to a stabilizer.

You apologize for being mischievous but you know the score, it happened once before.

I swivel myself around your form and tease your flesh with my fingertips, gently scratching and applying sever short but firm slaps to that wonderfully seductive bottom. You cry for mercy but you have to endure the penance.

Your body curls as I deep massage you - completely at my mercy as you hang there, for my pleasure and deliverance, for what I have to deliver will be firm and true, to enjoy the very essence of you.

Those wonderful deep expressive eyes of your delve into my being as I find you. You feel so warm and good in those gorgeous silk undies. You murmur sweet nothing's as I press myself against you from the rear, managing to stable myself as we hang there in space. I find my niche, that beautiful warm and snug niche I call my diamond; the guardian of your femininity and, perfectly fitted, I squeeze the round delightful contours of you hind around my swell and I hear you murmur your joy,

You are mine for the taking; as soon as I can work out a way to complete out passion, but that is all but part of the ecstasy and still enjoying the sensation between those contours I demand much more. I make you squirm as I tease and tease you, easing Freddy into the silkiness of you thong. Just enough to let cherry feel his throb against her, as I gently move him and take in the electricity that is you, through and through.

I want you, of course I do but not yet despite your cry.

I slither myself downwards, still stabilizing myself with my hands exploring you, down and down I go to the place where Freddy has just been and I part your thighs so I can enjoy you between.

I can feel the warmth and moistness there and I aim to drive you crazy with just teasing you through your thong and tasting your honey dew, all that is you. I massage your breasts and tease your firm nipples as I undo the tie on to your thong and let it slip down to reveal all that is soon to me mine. So warm, inviting and fine.

"Please Pete, Now! "you cry, bending your knees and sitting on my shoulders as I continue to really oral you. I am in your soul as I lap you up like I am out of control, you wiggle and squirm as I delve deep inside you, deep mouth fucking you and rimming you simultaneously. I am in my element and come what may. I intend to enjoy you to the full and there is nothing that you can do except say the 'safe' word. It is so good to taste and feel you and I want to cream you up and rummage your being, so for a while I take the cream and massage it into you everywhere. You still cry for my fuck but you have been very naughty and you must relent and if you are very good, I will let you have your wish but in the meantime I want to tease you more as we continue to float in space.

The time has come for us to be one and I hear you sigh as I squeeze him into you, so easily because she has been so spoiled and as we hang there we find ways manipulate and build our fuck, you grasp me around the back with tour legs and I feel the throb of you reach an ever increasing intensity.

I am feeling you sweet fuck now, I feel the warmth and scent of you as you moan and cry for me not to stop.

I feel the climax build and build and reach the point of no return as I thrust into you with all my might and I hear you whisper 'I love you' and then as I feel the swell the climax cum I manage to tell you I love you too and the final thrust makes it true.

Unfastening you we just float and enjoy that which we have just so wonderfully enjoyed in the depth of space.

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