tagExhibitionist & VoyeurChristine and Megan in Florida Keys Ch. 02

Christine and Megan in Florida Keys Ch. 02


At the end of part 1, Christine and Megan had just joined the rest of us nudists and bared their beautiful, naked bodies for the first time. Myself, my wife Keiko, and our college-bound daughter, Melody, often take our 40-foot boat down to the Florida Keys from our waterfront home in Miami. The three of us are devoted nudists, who also push the limits of exhibitionism. We also enjoy introducing friends to the nudist/exhibitionist life. On this week-long trip, our guests are Christine and Megan, two striking ladies in their twenties. This story continues with their adventure on the S.S. Happy Place.

We pick up the scene from part 1. It was the early morning following our arrival the previous night. The timid Christine had just joined the rest of us, who were already nude, in the galley for breakfast. The story continues mere seconds after she had emerged from hiding, and for the first time, flashed her fully-naked body for us.


WOW... is all I could mutter about Christine, once my eyes popped back into my head.

I had worked with this Eurasian beauty over the last few years on various projects and always longed to see what kind of body she was hiding under those baggy clothes. I was deliriously surprised. Christine was more breathtaking than I ever imagined, and I had imagined quite a bit.

Declaring her newfound freedom with a big "Ta-Da", she stood on display for us with arms outstretched wide and hips cocked in rebellion. The expressions washing over her face were priceless. First of defiance at Melody's dare to stand up from behind the counter, then of terror at realizing she's actually standing naked in front of people she barely knew, then of a brief conciliatory acceptance that the hard part is now over, and finally a wry smile of wicked amusement at being the center of attention.

Her hourglass figure was perfectly proportioned, kept from any hint of aging by her taught and smooth Asian skin. Faint tanlines from a bikini revealed that her golden skin was natural. Her long black hair dramatically framed her provocatively-perfect, oval-shaped face, then continued down, tenderly draping her shoulders, and then gently ending its caress with a wispy kiss of her cleavage.

Her fine Asian hair glistened in the rays of the morning sun and gently flowed like feathers on the breeze. Her cat-like eyes, pouty lips and warming smile stopped all mankind in their tracks. I was so glad she agreed to come along.

As for the interesting parts, they were more spectacular than I had ever imagined. On every previous meeting, she always seemed to be wearing a sports bra or tight tank under a loose top. I could only guess she sported somewhat average B-cups, if that. Boy, was I surprised... or rather blown-away at what popped out from behind her clutched arms. They were perfectly-shaped and very big. Probably at least large C-cups, although more likely D-cups. They stood proud and firm, with slight splaying out to the side.

The sumptuously circular undersides gently continued curving around to seamlessly merge into her deltoid shoulder muscle. This continuous line — beginning from a girl's cleavage, outlining her boobs and then smoothly continuing up her side to finally crease her bicep — was one of my all-time favorite attributes a woman could have. It just drives me nuts, and Christine's got it.

I was so enthralled by her curving bustline, I had to mentally tear myself away to explore the rest, lest my gawk time expire and she sits back down behind the counter. She had the entire room's attention though. The other three girls were staring as intently as I was. I'd no doubt be hearing prangs of jealousy throughout the rest of the trip.

Steeling away from the still-hypnotic outline of Christine's curvaceous boobs, I finally chanced a detailed look at her love-buttons, crowned atop those works of artistic mammary perfection. They were delicately perfect, of course. As if I would've expected anything less than perfection by now.

Her areolas were perfectly round, and slightly puckered by this time. No doubt responding to the erotic excitement of the situation, standing naked for inspection. Their silver-dollar size was in perfect proportion to the globes they crowned. Her nipples appeared almost flush with her areolas, surprising, given her state of relative fear combined with erotic stimulation. From my own research, most women admitted their nipples became quite engorged in a situation as this.

I sure hoped Christine's own nipples would rise to the occasion when called upon. I vowed to investigate this further during the next few days... wink, wink!

Sensing she would sit back down any second, I quickly dropped my alluring gaze down south. This entire time, my peripheral vision registered the existence of some hair, but I neither detected a full forest, nor lack of any. Once my gaze arrived at its target, as you will the culmination of my torrid examination, I swear my dick was at full erection once again. Wow, this girl just doesn't seem to disappoint, does she?

My attention glued, the untanned skin from her bikini beautifully presented her dark pubic hair in striking silhouette, as if it was artistically adorned for display in a museum. Now that would be my kind of museum.

Christine held her legs tightly together as she stood, probably more from a comfort standpoint than any lingering modesty. But as typically demonstrated by just about every other female guest we've had, their first naked strip is one thing. It usually takes another couple days nude before they release their vice-gripped legs. I'm sure Christine will follow the same track.

Therefore, my view of Christine's crotch was limited, but I could still admire the view. It didn't appear she trimmed the top or upper sides at all, it wasn't needed. Wisps of hair flowed from the edges toward the center, smoothly forming a liberal covering, yet still seemingly malleable. For if my previous deductions were correct, the trend would no doubt continue lower, generously covering her womanhood. I'll explain.

When Christine would drop by my house for a meeting or working session, she would often wear tight jeans or loose shorts. And my ever-leering observations noticed a common trend. I rarely, if ever, caught a panty line. At first I just assumed she wore thongs, as many girls do to avoid lines, but my vigilance didn't weaken. She would sometimes bend over wearing tight jeans and a short top, offering me a view down her butt. I never caught any panties then either, although I expected a thong at least. I therefore assumed she went commando all the time.

My second observational pastime then led credence to my assumption that Christine sported a good amount of pubic hair. During our sessions together, all these years, I would naturally take quick glances at her clothed crotch. It's natural for a guy, always hoping for a camel toe or just to stare and wonder. But my vigilance was never rewarded with any camel toes or even the slightest fleshy bulge.

Therefore, putting two and two together, commando yet no bulging, I deduced she had a very taught set of vaginal lips and plenty of hair coverage to keep any fabric from intruding. And from my current observation of her naked crotch, it looks like I was right, even considering my limited view. I was beaming.

My examination completed just in time, for as satisfied we all had a good look, Christine quickly sat back down on her stool, the counter covering her body from the waist down. We all ate our breakfast in silence for awhile, only interrupted by an occasional smile across the counter. My glances though spent most of their time sneaking peeks of Christine.

She was even more interesting then ever at this moment. It must've also been her first time eating at a table while nude, because she had the same struggles as Megan had earlier. The high stool combined with the low counter caused Christine to lean forward over her plate. This awkward position, compounded by the lack of her usual sports bra, placed her free-swinging boobs in a direct line between her plate and her mouth. Every other bite or so, a utensil or hand caught a boob, resulting in a rhythmic wobble and frustrating sigh.

In addition to the boob interference, whenever she used a knife to cut her ham patty, the sawing movement created a little side-to-side dance from her pendulous boobs. She tried to calm their movement by squeezing them together with her upper arms, but that just caused them to squirt out forward while continuing to dance. Her struggles had everyone's covert attention.

We were trying not to laugh, but she just couldn't seem to get the hang of this nudist eating thing. Keiko often steps in at this point, always vigilant for a struggling first-time nudist. Without saying a word, Keiko leans into the counter herself, and mimics Christine's awkward movements, catching one of her surgically-enhanced D-cups with every bite. She even has a go with the side-to-side boob dance, albeit highly-damped though.

Megan joins in with the fun, and even leaves a little food behind on her nipple. Christine starts laughing along, even exaggerating her movements for effect.

Melody looked down at her barely-there chest and sighed, but didn't want to be left out. So she tugged and pulled each nipple in an effort to at least let something stick out, then leaned way forward and joined-in with the boobie games.

We were all laughing by now, when I pouted about being left out because I lacked the proper equipment. The girls teased, but I got back at them with a shocker. I stood up, leaned my nearly-limp, but still long dick over my plate and proceeded to make it dance with each forkful. The surprised looks and laughter were priceless, but did the trick to break the ice and release a little anxiety from Christine and Megan.

For the rest of that first full-day at sea, both Christine and Megan nervously expanded their foray into nudism. They hung close together, no doubt for mutual support, but also let Melody take the lead. The camp counselor in Melody guided them through their fears and by noon had both Christine and Megan gleefully snorkeling on the nearby reef. But baby steps were the order and the two girls made Melody promise to not take them around any strangers who happened by. Melody tried her best, even though boats were starting to arrive in the lagoon for the weekend.

The girls just had to suck it up one time though. The three of them were snorkeling a few hundred yards from the S.S. Happy Place, when they got boxed in on their way back. Keiko and I both laughed at the situation. The girls' only way back was through a group of three boats anchored loosely. Melody led the way between two of the boats. One was fishing the shallows with two older men and the other was a 25-foot cabin cruiser holding what appeared to be a small family.

Even from my boat, we could see Christine and Megan's futile attempt to cover their bare asses with their hands or duck under the water. Futile indeed, considering the clear water afforded a view of just about everything. Swimming rapidly face down, there's no doubt Melody's little A-boobs couldn't be seen, not that she would hide them from anybody anyways, and Megan's taught B-boobs would be difficult to make out. But Christine's generous melons would no doubt provide a good show for the boat people. With her hands busy covering her gyrating bare ass above the water, the transparent water provided a clear view of her unimpeded boobs pendulating to their own rhythm.

As totally predicted though, we saw Melody stop and talk with the family in the cruiser, motioning for Christine and Megan to continue their dash back to my boat. Both red with embarrassment, Christine and Megan made me start an engine and spin the boat to position the rear transom away from the other boats. They zipped into the safety of the cabin upon a harried climb out of the water.

Keiko and I both laughed, because we knew that within a day, both of these shy girls will be strolling nude down one of the nearby beaches, all aflutter to let strangers see them in the altogether.

Melody arrived a few minutes after the girls and said she invited the family from the other boat over for dinner, drinks and ghost stories. Upon hearing this, the girls appeared guarded, and wanted to know more of what the invitation entailed, especially the expected dress code.

Melody explained that she knew the older girl, Wendy, from high school, and she had also met her younger brother and parents at a football game. They were cool and didn't even flinch at seeing Melody nude in the water. The mother even removed her bikini top after a few minutes. Wendy's younger brother, Keith, appeared very nervous, and avoided looking at Melody in the transparent water, obviously embarrassed at the whole situation.

Melody knew the look all too well, so she explained the situation on our boat, including what Christine and Megan are going through. Melody then offered the invitation, without any obligation to go nude, but if they wanted to try it, we would be very encouraging and understanding.

Upon hearing this, Megan seemed a little reluctant, but made a personal goal to be ready for her first guests by that evening. Christine was much more hesitant, so we all agreed to let her wear clothes if she really wanted.

We all enjoyed a nude lunch on the rear deck, with Christine and Megan tucked into the shadows, away from any eyes around the lagoon.

Melody joined me in the galley for clean-up duty, when after some idle chit-chat, she asked, "So, you think Christine is really hot, huh?" I nodded in guilty admission.

Melody pressed, "I think they're both really hot, and have awesome bods. Can I get my boobs done like Christine's this summer? You know you promised I could after I graduated, and I almost have enough money for my half. I saw how you reacted at seeing hers, and I wanna get that same reaction from guys."

I said, "Well, we all agreed you could have them done this summer... and I suppose you can get whatever size you want, but I think Christine's would topple you over. She has a much bigger frame than you. We can talk about it more later, but I want your mom and the doctor involved with the decision, ok?"

Melody nodded in agreement, and continued, "There's one more thing on my mind though, and I'm sure you've been dreading this, but..." I winced at the lead-in, as she began, "...since I'm an adult now... well, ya know, for a lot of years now I've been shooed away to my cabin when you adults get all frisky late at night... but I know very well what's going on. I've sneaked a few peeks and played with a few hard dicks on this boat.... and well, I think it's time I was allowed to play along ... It's no secret you and mom take on the whole crowd, she even brags a little... So, can I? ... now that I'm an adult and all."

Yup, my grown-up daughter was right, I was definitely dreading this conversation. So, avoiding eye contact with her, I cleared my dry-as-a-desert throat, and stammered, "My little girl is all growed up now, what's a Dad to do.... Well Melody, you're right, as much as I find this excruciatingly difficult, I can't stop you from joining our games. We did promise you a few years ago, didn't we? I just thought the day would never get here... your mom saw this coming, and told me a few weeks ago that the decision, and especially the conditions, would be up to me."

Melody tried her best to keep her enthusiasm subdued, for my benefit, but she liked the direction this conversation was going and was ready to burst. I clutched my heart, and gave her my decision, "Well sweetie, I suppose you can join the games, but here are the conditions. First, and this one's for me, I just don't want to actually see you having sex with a guy. You can join us with the foreplay, but please go to another part of the boat when you're actually doing it. At least the first few times, ok sweetie?" Melody nods in agreement, then asks if there are any more rules.

I answer, "Well, that's the big one. But the second rule that comes to mind at the moment, is that I get final approval for any guy you have your sights on. You know I like all your friends, but you still need to get my nod before you get busy with him... Oh, and one last thing, any dick around my daughter better be wearing a raincoat. Got it?"

Melody's enthusiastic nod said it all, let the games begin. But before she bounded away with her newfound freedom, I asked a favor of her, "I'm glad you like your new toy now, but in return today, you gotta do me a big favor, which just might help you with your new toy also." She was all ears, eagerly awaiting her mission.

I began the mission plan, "It's obvious how enamored I am with Christine, as you can plainly see, and Megan is pretty hot also. Now you know we've been in situations like this before, getting people nude the first day and then bonking by the end of the week. But this time I really don't want to wait that long. I want to spend the whole week bonking Christine. So, what I'm asking, is for you...."

Melody stopped me mid-sentence, and blurted, "I know, I know...you want me to accelerate the process a little, huh? No prob.... I gotcha covered. You'll be bonkin them both real soon... and I guess that means I better be looking for a boy toy myself, huh!"

Just talking about a romp with Christine got my dick almost fully erect. Melody and I both laughed at my excitement, and joked that she better hurry, I'm ready right now. Melody bounded off right away, in search of her marks.

I worked my way up to the fly bridge to take care of some boating stuff, when I saw that Christine and Megan had joined Keiko on the foredeck for some serious tanline removal. Keiko was stretched out on her back, firm boobs pointing high towards the sky, while Christine and Megan displayed their pale asses for me. I still couldn't make out what kind of tattoo Christine had on her lower back. It appeared very detailed though, and oh so sexy.

I shouted down to them, but Keiko was the only one to respond. The other two girls were sound asleep from the afternoon sun. Keiko had to repeat her answer to me a few times, for I really wasn't paying much attention. The hourglass figures splayed out before me captured my lustful thoughts and just wouldn't let go.

I made some crack that I'd help with the sunscreen when Christine or Megan turn over, but instead of the wave-off I was expecting, Megan mumbled an "ok." I told her I'd be on the bridge when she needed me. I went back to my business, but after a few minutes I heard Megan call out from the foredeck. I nearly fell down the ladder, sprinting to the aid of a fair maiden in sunscreen distress.

She lay awaiting, with those beautiful, blond, mermaid trestles fanned out across the deck pad. Her gravity-deifying boobs standing firm, like pyramids rising out of the sweaty desert. Her legs parted effortlessly, relaxed from the sun's warmth. Her gaze said it all though, do with me as you would a generously oiled turkey, ready to be basted by the warm sun. How could I resist, with such an invitation.

Keiko looked on as I generously covered every inch of Megan's supple body. Of course a few places needed multiple coats of sunscreen. She even let me explore her innermost sanctity of womanhood.

Complete in my duty, I sat motionless on the edge of her pad, intoxicated from her energy. She then raised her head, in search of her trophy. She smiled in triumphant satisfaction, upon finding my manhood pointing masterfully toward the sky. I coyly whispered to Megan, "Promise me you and Christine will both see to it I stay like this the entire trip." The wink sealed the deal, and I was off.

Christine slept through the entire affair as I began to leave the scene, when I turned to see Keiko's hand emerging from her own crotch. She loved to play along. I took a long, big bite from each of her erect nipples, leaving her to lust over the two beautifully greased goddesses.

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