tagGroup SexClaire & the Painters Ch. 02

Claire & the Painters Ch. 02


That was a Tuesday, and I wouldn't see Nick or Harry until Friday. By Thursday morning I was starting to go crazy thinking about all the fun we could have. Like every morning, I went for a run of about 4 km, and when one of the local boys commented on the way my breasts were bouncing I just couldn't help myself. I stopped and walked over to where he and his friend were standing beside the road. I had seen him in his school uniform, wearing the special blazer for students in their final year, so I assumed he was 18.

"You like these, do you, boys?" I asked. The reply wasn't exactly articulate, but it was definitely affirmative.

"Would you like to see them?"

The two lads nodded.

"Keep up with me and I'll show you at home." I took off, pushing home as quick as I could. Only one of them kept up, so I invited him in, and we kicked off our shoes.

We had a quick glass of water each, and he couldn't keep his eyes off my heaving chest. When I had regained my breath I led him by the hand to the bathroom. I backed up against the basin and with a little encouragement he pulled off my singlet. He eventually negotiated the sports bra, and grabbed my exposed tits. I let him maul them a while, and soon he bent his head and started to suck my nipples. At first he suckled like a baby, but I showed him how I like it with more tongue, and it wasn't long before this kid was turning me on.

"You like 'em, huh?" I murmured to the top of his head. "Yeah, they can be fun, but you'll enjoy it even more if you get into my pants." I took his hand and slid it down me to the top of my bike shorts, which he obediently slipped down.

As he knelt to take my shorts right off I took the hem of his t-shirt and slid it up. He raised his arms so I could pull it off him, then he slipped my shorts over my feet and flung them into the corner. When he stood I unbuckled his belt and it was my turn to kneel as I pulled his jeans to the floor. I leaned forward and sucked his erect dick as hard as I could through his boxers. Then I slipped them off and sucked him again, gently this time.

I grabbed his buttocks, pressed my tits against him and stood up, sliding my nipples up his body. I felt the warm hardness of his cock rubbing against me as I pushed him slowly back toward the shower. I stepped around him to turn on the shower, and he began to fumble between my legs from behind. I parted my thighs a little, and waited for the water to run warm.

I turned around, grabbed his hand and brought it to my lips. I sucked his fingers and stepped back, gripping his fingers gently with my teeth. He followed me into the shower. I let him soap me up, then rubbed myself against him. Our bodies slid over each other in the steamy shower. I had my back to him, grinding my arse against his dick, his hands caressing my front. I put my hands on the tiled wall, poking my arse back at him. I felt him back away to aim his dick, and then he tried to plunge straight up my arse. It was unexpected, so I resisted, but I decided to just go with it since I was being the neighbourhood slut. His second attempt was so powerful he actually lifted me off my feet. As soon as I was able I began pushing back against his thrusts, thankful that the soap was so slippery.

After a few minutes I asked him to stop. He just kept right on pumping me, so I thought desperately. I begged him to let me suck him off, and he pulled out. I pushed him up against the wall under the spray and stroked his length hard a couple of times, trying to clean his pole. Then I ducked my head into the cascading water and sucked his balls. As I licked up the shaft I pulled his foreskin back hard and let the water play into the little folds of skin. When I wrapped my lips around his knob I could only taste his cock, not my own arse.

Elated that I had regained control of the situation, I began to give him a fantastic blowjob. I put both hands flat against the wall and pressed down onto his dick, easily pressing my nose into his pubic hair. I began rippling my tongue against his shaft, slowly bobbing my head, and it wasn't long before he ground his hips into my face and shot his load into my mouth. Feeling quite the slut, I pulled off him, showed him my mouth full of cum, then swallowed, giving him a good look. I thanked him politely, licked him clean, and turned off the shower.

As he dried me I talked dirty to him, telling him I wanted another load, aiming to just be a bit of a tease. He grabbed my shoulders and turned me around, and I saw his friend watching us through the window high on the opposite wall.

"How long was he there?" I asked.

"He saw me fucking your arse," replied my young stud.

"So he'd be all turned on and ready to go, then?"

Without waiting for a reply I left the room and went to the front door. The kid outside could hear everything we'd said and wasn't slow on the uptake. He was outside the door in a flash, dick pointing straight ahead out his jeans, but I had my own ideas.

Our front door has a letter flap in it, which just happens to be at groin height. I flipped it open, wiggled my fingers through it, and called to the boy outside to poke his cock in for a blowjob. He stepped up to the door and stuck his organ through the slot, straight into my waiting mouth.

Meanwhile my first lay had dried himself off, and emerged naked from the bathroom. He stood in the hall, taking in the sight of me slurping enthusiastically on a disembodied penis, then crept up behind me and grabbed my hips. I jumped a mile, but luckily injured neither myself nor the boy I was blowing, but he totally ignored my reaction and slid smoothly into my slippery pussy.

Two loads of cum later, I was feeling a bit less frisky. Having swallowed the oral load, I turned to the boy behind me who had retrieved his clothes and was dressing himself.

"Thank you, honey," I purred as his sperm dribbled down my thighs. "Tell your friend out there, and anyone else, actually, that if they're passing by and want a head job all they need to do is poke their cock through the letterbox and ring the doorbell. If I'm home, I promise I'll suck them off."

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by Anonymous

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by PlayfulGB10/31/17

Why not more??

What happened with the rest of this hot story??

The house has not been painted yet :)


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by hotforlegs08/28/17

So hot

This was very hot. I loved how you teased both boys relentlessly, and you insisted on finishing your blowjob with the first guy in the shower. I found it very hot that you had the second guy stick hismore...

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