tagNonConsent/ReluctanceClover is Coerced by Martin

Clover is Coerced by Martin


I had been working for Jed for a few months by now. I was in my first year at Uni and nearly twenty so you'd think I'd have spotted this one a mile off.

Whilst I don't like bondage, when Jed said that a man called Martin wanted to take me by force I went for it like a shot. The plan sounded exciting - a coercion fantasy involving Martin following me home, pinning me down, and forcing me to suck him and fuck him whilst begging and pleading for mercy. I reckoned I would really enjoy it.

On the night I dressed carefully. I wore a white lace G string and a half cup bra so that my nipples sat exposed over the edge of the lace. I wore socks and trainers, and a pleated skirt and little jumped over the top, and put my hair into a pony tail. Then I strolled along waiting for action.

I was heading up the stairs to my flat when I heard him behind me, and as I opened the door it began. I was shocked. Not because he was about sixty, well built with white hair and a distinguished look to him, but because he was my Dad's best friend. I called him Uncle Martin. It wasn't the sort of relationship he wanted tonight. He grabbed me roughly from behind, a hand on my breasts and the other straight up my skirt and into my pussy.

'Got you, baby,' he said, 'you're going to fuck Daddy for as long as it takes.'

I could feel his hard-on pressing into my back, his hand squeezing my breast through my thin jumper. I struggled as he was holding me very tight.

'Get off me, you bastard...'

He smacked my bottom hard, hard enough to surprise me."

'Ow. I did not agree to...'

'Shut the fuck up, Clover Moffatt. You're getting what's coming to you...!'

And then we were in the room and the door was shut and his tongue was right in my mouth. I struggled and tried to scream but he gripped me against his hard cock, tight and hard. 'Fucking shut up, baby, you're going to suck my cock and show me how you love it...' and he pushed me hard onto my knees on the carpet.

'Oh God Uncle Martin,' I said, starting up at him. He had his cock out now. It was quite a large one, bent in the middle and uncircumcised, with a brownish hue to the skin and a very large, fat glans. 'Oh please no, don't make me, I can't do that...'

He rolled back his foreskin, eyes on mine. 'do you know how long I've wanted to see you lying there begging with my cock in your mouth...? Oh baby, I've been planning this for years...'

'No, I won't...,' I said, 'I'm not doing this. I've changed my mind.'

'Suck my cock,' he said, grabbing my head roughly. 'Don't think I haven't seen you, flaunting yourself at me for all these years...'

I felt a bit alarmed. He was very good at maintaining the fantasy. Or was it a fantasy? 'No, no please Uncle Martin don't put your big cock in my mouth...'

He forced the huge cockhead against my lips. 'Open your mouth baby, you're going to love gobbling on Daddy's hard fat cock..."

I shook my head, fighting him, 'mmmmnnnn.'

He put a hand on my throat. 'Open your mouth honey, Daddy's coming in with you conscious or unconscious...'

I opened my mouth in shock. I wasn't expecting that. And he pushed his delicious fat cock right in and held me tight there. I could feel it swelling in my throat. I was scared and horny, furious and delighted all at the same time.

'Stay still baby,' he said, 'Daddy's going to make sure you don't know what's coming...' and I realised he was getting something out of his pocket. I heard the unmistakable sound of duct tape.

I wasn't having that. I tried to pull off his cock but he rammed me back as he taped a cloth blindfold around my head. I couldn't see a thing. And then he pushed me onto my back and started to slowly fuck my face.

I struggled hard. His cock was huge and I couldn't scream, could barely swallow him all down.

He was saying, 'that's it baby, if you're a good girl it won't hurt... oh yeahh... oh yeahhhh... oh fuck me... Oh yeahhh... Say mmm baby if you're enjoying it'

'Grphphphph,' I went around his cock.

He stopped, the cock was right in. 'You are loving it aren't you little cocksucking baby, say mmmmm,' and he grabbed both of my wrists and pushed my arms straight above my head, 'you're loving this so much you're wetter than a whore...' He said, 'you horny girl...' And he taped my wrists together.

'Oh yeahh...' he said... 'you pretty thing. My cock looks so good in your mouth...' and he started to face fuck me hard and fast and rough, holding my hands back on the floor. I was choking on his cock, moaning and trying to plead with him to stop, when he roared and came, spurts of cum shooting into my throat.

'Swallow, baby, you love that don't you... Suck me clean, baby, I know you love the taste of my cum...' he pulled out and I suckled and noshed him clean, loving the fact that his cock was big and hard, forgetting for a second that I hadn't agreed to this level of restraint...

I couldn't help moaning as I gobbled. Oh this was gorgeous...

'Oh you love that don't you, you bad bad baby...' he said, his cock dangling above my face, harder than ever, jerkins as he spoke, 'beg Daddy to fuck your pussy honey...'

'Uncle Martin stop it,' I said, 'I didn't agree to being tied up. This isn't fair...'

And to my complete shock he slapped me hard on the side of my bottom.

'Shut the fuck up baby,' he said, and I was fighting and shouting at him and he was dragging me along the carpet by my bound hands... till he taped the binding to what must have been a chair leg.

I was stretched out now, arms above my head, and he sat on my knees. He ripped off my shirt and I struggled. 'No, please, get off me...'

'Oh yeahhh,' he said. 'Those are lovely titties. Girls like you should know better than to flaunt your lovely titties at Daddy...' and then I could feel him on my tits, sucking and chewing and slurping... and at the same time he had pushed his fingers into my mouth so I couldn't speak. He was muttering as he sucked, 'oh lovely, oh that's nice, oh honey what lovely tits...' and I could hear him slurping and slobbering on me, and saliva trickling on my hot wet breasts.

The tit sucking was making my pussy very hot and wet and the taste of his lovely fat cock had got me very horny but I didn't agree to the bondage and I was genuinely fighting him off, struggling and wriggling.

It didn't last long. He had my right ankle l taped and connected to something. I kicked out with my left leg and

'Oh god no, please don't tie me up, Uncle Martin I'll be a good girl...'

'You certainly will, baby... You're going to call me Daddy, you're going to beg for Daddy...' and he turned me over onto my front with a rapid, practiced movement.

'Oh yeahh, Daddy's taking your wet pussy...' and he was on me, his cock banging into my pussy, straight past the G-string, fucking me roughly and fast.

He was breathing heavily and pounding me into the ground with every stroke. He was strong and I didn't stand a chance of stopping him.

'Get off me! Oh God, please don't...'

But he was fucking me like mad, roughly and fast and out of control. 'Oh yeahh,' he was saying, 'oh yeah guys, I'm fucking Clover... look at her go, look at her down on the floor begging for it... oh yeahhh, oh hot bitch... Oh yeahhhh...'

I couldn't escape that hard thrusting cock. He was huge and filling my pussy completely. 'Clover loves Daddy fucking her...'

I tried to fight, but my G-spot was on fire with lust, his fast raging fuck just hitting the spot, 'get off me...'

He fucked harder, 'beg baby! Oh yeahhh, oh yeahhh, oh YEAHHH...'

'Oh God,' I said. I could feel my cum building...

I know he sensed it. The hard fucking stopped and his fingers were on my tits, in my pussy...

'Beg daddy, little girl...'

'Untie me,' I gasped...

'Not till I've finished with you. Beg Daddy to put his tongue in your mouth. Beg him to play with your little babe button...' he rolled me onto my back.

'No, get off me you bastard I don't kiss, get off me or I'll scream...'

He pushed his mouth onto mine, tongue right in. I never kiss them so I wriggled and squirmed but his cock was pushing at my pussy again, and he was in again and tonguing my throat as he fucked, both hands squeezing my nipples...

I didn't want to cum but I could feel it building. God knows how he could keep on for so long but he kept fucking my soft wet pussy, and pulling on my teats, his tongue right in my mouth, and I started to cum, humiliated and furious, with him on me like that. I was crying, genuinely. He was sixty-five, my Uncle, and I had known him for ever and he was violating my face with his tongue and using me and making me cum with his cock...

My orgasm raged and spasmed, and I tried not to bite his tongue. I was afraid he'd hit me. But I was moaning...'mmmmmuuuuuuhhhhhhhh.'

I know he felt every spasm in my pussy. When I'd finished he slid out, and I felt the slap of lube.

'Oh baby, you're loving this, you're so wet for Daddy...'

He turned me over again and his cock-head was pushing at me ass.

'Uncle Martin please, I don't do...'

'Daddy, baby. '

'Daddy, please don't take my ass...'

'Baby you talk too much' and he started to spank my buttocks, repeatedly and hard...

'Stop it...,' I shouted, and I heard the duct tape again.

And then I was gagged.

He took me up the butt moments later, sliding his huge fat cock through my tiny tight hole with the aid of so much lube it ran all over me. Once in he stayed still, swelling whilst I whimpered through the gag. His fingers were in my pussy and he was saying, 'oh that's good baby, you really wanted me in your ass... Oh you're going to love my big cock, you wet horny girl... Oh gorgeous, oh lovely oh yeahhh... Oh Clover baby the film of this is going to be so wonderful...'

I started to struggle again. Nobody was meant to film me. Who was filming me? Was someone else in the room...

He pinched and squeezed and played with my knobbly clit and I moaned, feeling his hard cock swelling in my ass. He was all the way in now. And then I heard the noise of a vibrator. I knew then that there must be someone else here. Someone had passed it to him...

He was still in my ass, huge and rigid, but he pushed my muff up with his other hand and a slim vibrating tool slid into my pussy.

The sensation was gorgeous and I moaned again.

He slapped my ass again, hard, and I started to cry. And then the ass fuck began. And I am ashamed to say that with the vibrator in my pussy and his cock plunging into my ass, the minute he added his fingers to my titties I came in a huge, muffled scream, spasming and clenching so hard that I got my revenge as he gasped at my vice like grip on his cock and dragged himself, shocked, from my tight ass.

I lay on the floor gasping and cumming as he spanked me - the dildo still vibrating my vagina until I was gasping with pleasure.

And then I was on my back again, satiated, looking up at him, and he was ripping the gag off my mouth.

I opened eagerly, hoping for the lovely fat cock, but he was rubbing it in front of me...

'You want it don't you baby? Beg daddy...' and he jerked and spasmed and shot his cum all over my face and my tits.

I was furious. 'You bastard,' I said, "trying not to lick the cum off my lips, I never agreed to any of this...'

'Ah but Uncle Jed did, didn't you Jed? Daddy's going to watch you suck Jed's cock, baby, and then we'll finish you off.'

Jed. Jed with the camera. Jed tricking me into being bound and ass fucked. Jed and...


And here he was. Smiling, cock out, ready to do me every way he could.

Oh God. I begged. I begged and pleaded for Cyril. I promised to do anything. Then I gobbled and sucked and licked Cyril like a long lost friend, his great veined shaft and beautiful purple cock-head a matching tool for Uncle Martin's. And when he stopped the face fucking and mating stopped the clit sucking that they were sharing between them and lifted me into a standing double fuck, I was too exhausted and thrilled to object. And this time both lovely cocks were swollen and spasming together as two men moaned 'oh yeahhh, oh yeahhh, Oh fuck her harder... oh that's right, band the little slut... oh look at her loving it... ' And they swapped and fucked me until they had nothing left, and left me there on the floor with my hands tied and legs tied and the door ajar.

It was the postman who found me next day. I was asleep when I felt his mouth on my clit and his tongue in my pussy, as he slipped two fingers deep in my ass. God it was good.

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