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This story contains a number of different elements; BDSM, bisexuality, group sex, bondage, anal, lesbianism and homosexuality. If these topics upset you, go away! If they don't, enjoy.


Jennifer Lowe was a successful woman. She ran a medium sized advertising agency that a few years back was a very small advertising agency. She had a staff of 22 and the business returned a handsome profit each year. For a woman of 35, she appeared to have everything. But, there were holes in her life.

She married at 22 to a wonderful man who cared for her deeply. He satisfied her every desire, intellectually, spiritually, and sexually. He was an esteemed teacher who had, perhaps foolishly, tried to prevent a school shooting. He lost his life saving the lives of his students. Jennifer threw herself into her work after her husband's death. The loss of her husband explained the rise of her company. It filled some of the loss, but not all.

In the six years since his death, Jennifer had sex with two men, but both relationships weren't giving her what she needed. What she needed was intensity, passion and something else. She didn't want to direct like she did at work. She wanted to follow; to be led. She always thought that she was good looking. Legs and a shapely ass were always hidden by business suits and her breasts, not large, were certainly perky and there was no sign of sag.

When she allowed herself the pleasure of fantasy it was always as a submissive, pleasuring men and women. She read stories on the internet about women selling themselves at auctions, or clubs that catered to exploration of dominance and submission, but she thought that these places and opportunities did not exist.

There was really no one she confided in; no close friend or relative. The only person who came close to filling that role was her Personal Assistant. Mark was the only person that she ever asked, "how are you?" Mark had been with Jennifer's company for five years and her assistant for the last three. The only real thing she knew about Mark was that he was gay. Mark was one of those rare individuals who could look at a person's face and tell if something was wrong. That is what happened on the afternoon that began to give Jennifer a direction with her sexual life.

"One of two things is going to happen. Either you are going to fire me for asking or you're going to tell me why you are lost in thought so far away," Mark said as he brought in papers for her to sign.

Jennifer stared back at Mark. "Oh, it's nothing really, thanks for asking."

"Oh, it's something really, and you're welcome." Mark replied.

Jennifer was thinking to herself that she could risk telling Mark. He had never betrayed work confidences and she did trust him. She then decided to tell him that there was an element to her life that was missing. She wanted to feel sexual again but here she stopped. She felt that telling Mark anything more than that could present a problem.

"This is more than going to a bar and meeting a guy and taking him home to bed, isn't it?" Mark asked.

"Yes, it is. It's a craving for something, I don't know, forbidden, or wild. Just to let go and have things happen. I know that sounds sick or perverted."

"No, not at all. More common than you think. I'll be right back." Mark got up and left her office but was back almost instantly.

"If you want whatever experience you are looking for, call this number and speak to Andrew or Connie." Mark handed her a card with the name Club 35 on it with a phone number.

"What is this? An escort service?"

"No, it is a club. Call and see for yourself. Maybe it's what you're seeking, maybe it's not. But you will never know if you don't call. All I will tell you is that the members are completely open minded."

"Are you a member?" Jennifer asked Mark.

"Yes. So is another of your employees." Mark smiled. "Call."

Mark left her office and Jennifer thought about the conversation just concluded. What did she have to lose? Maybe they could provide what she wanted. Maybe not. And who else on her staff was a member?

Two days later, throwing away her doubts, she closed the door to her office and called.

"Club 35. Andrew speaking."

"Yes, it was suggested by an acquaintance that I call and speak to you and get some information."

"May I ask your name, please?"

"Oh sorry, my name is Jennifer. Do you need my last name?"

"Not at this time. We have two ways that you can get information about our club. You can come by for a tour of our facilities when the club is closed or you can come on one of the nights we are open and just observe what happens. You can even do both. The only restriction is you may not take part in any activities until you are a member."

"Could I come in for a tour?"

"When would you like come in? We have time tomorrow afternoon, say 3:00 pm?"

"That would be fine," said Jennifer.

"Jennifer, would you prefer a male or female to take you on your tour? Some people are more comfortable with a member of a certain sex so we offer that."

"It doesn't matter to me," Jennifer said.

"Then I will see you tomorrow at 3. Ask for Andrew when you arrive. Here is the address."

Jennifer wrote the address down and said goodbye. There was that unmistakable feeling of excitement in her chest. Had she just done something that she would regret? Or, would this be an answer? She pushed the thoughts out of her mind. Besides, she thought, I could always not go.

But at 3:00 pm the next day, Jennifer was getting out of a cab in front of the address Andrew had given her the day before. It was a large building that had once been a warehouse or factory. It blended with the other buildings on the block. Except, this building had a side drive where loading docks had been. A polished plaque that read "Club 35" was next to a door. Jennifer, hesitating only slightly, pushed the bell and a voice came through a speaker on the bell plate.


"I am here to see Andrew. I have an appointment."

The buzzer rang and Jennifer pulled the door open. She walked in to what must be an entrance lobby and coat check room. She heard footsteps and a tall, very handsome man, about 40 with some gray hair around the temples came through. Very nice, Jennifer thought to herself.

"Hello, Jennifer. I am Andrew. Welcome. Please come this way and we can begin the tour or we can sit and chat and do the tour after. Totally up to you."

"Let's talk first."

Andrew led the way past a very large room with a small three or four foot wall around it. People could easily see in this room standing against the wall from outside, or seated along benches that were attached to the wall on the inside. Andrew stopped by an open area that was clearly a bar area and sat down at a small booth.

"Let me start by telling you about the club and what it is that members do here. The club was formed by 35 people who wanted a place to, well, play and explore certain aspects of their sexuality. It grew since it was founded six years ago into what you see now, this large building and well over three hundred members. Primarily, the club caters to people who want to explore Dominance and Submission. But, to be honest, some just come for sex. We do not discriminate against any gender, or sexual preference. We have gay and lesbian members as well as straight. We have dominant and submissive males as well as females. Some are bisexual, others not. Any questions, so far?"

"Is everyone paired off, I mean I am single and wouldn't have a partner to share this with."

"Oh, no. Part of the allure of this place is that you may find someone to share with or you may just let go and have whatever happens, happen. But I will explain more of that later. May I ask what it is you are looking for?"

Jennifer knew that eventually she was going to have to answer that question; not so much to help Andrew explain the nuances of the club more specifically, but she was going to have to answer for herself.

She explained that she wanted a place, an experience, where she wasn't making the decisions as to what was going to happen.

"That is a fairly common fantasy here at the club. But, I must point out that it is the submissive who sets the limits on what happens to them. Our members are very careful to observe the limits. They will test those limits but never, without approval, exceed them." Andrew explained.

"May I ask, is there some type of punishment involved?"

Jennifer thought and her brain was screaming "yes" but she resisted the urge to answer directly. She told Andrew that she wasn't sure.

"Would you like to tour the facilities? "

"Yes, please."

Andrew led her out of the bar area and into the large area she saw when she entered the club.

"We call this the party area. Multiple activities can happen here and people can watch. We have also had one scene going on and people just watched what was happening. Equipment can be moved in ahead of time, if necessary. If your fantasy or kink is to be watched by many people, this is the room."

They walked around the outside of the party room and Jennifer saw three small square areas, with waist high walls. Andrew explained that smaller groups or individuals could use the area for whatever they wished, provided they didn't care about being watched.

Jennifer's mind was racing. She could imagine all types of things that could happen to her in these areas. Andrew noticed the far away look in her eyes and asked if there was something specific going on in her head. He smiled at her when he asked. Jennifer didn't answer.

"On to the private areas." Andrew said.

At the first room, Andrew opened the door and Jennifer saw stocks, a St. Andrews Cross and some type of padded bench. Jennifer walked around the room and she couldn't help but touch each of the pieces. She noticed that there were cuffs and straps on each of the devices.

"Obviously," said Andrew, "this is a bondage room. A person could be bound and played with."

"You mean whipped." Jennifer said.

"Oh, no. I mean you could be whipped, or paddled or spanked, but also taken sexually, if that was your desire. There are really no limits here, except, as I said earlier, what the submissive sets."

They left the room and went into a second room that resembled a doctor's office.

"My goodness. There is more equipment in here than in my Gynecologist's office."

Andrew laughed and said that this room was quite popular. "Men and women both use the room," he said.

The last room was covered in a large mat, that spread almost from wall to wall. Jennifer didn't need to have Andrew explain what was done in this room.

"Orgies." Jennifer said.

"Or multiple partners." Andrew said.

Heading back to the main area they stopped in front of a large room. Inside was an array of bondage equipment Jennifer had certainly never seen.

"Any type of implement for impact play you will find on this wall, along with cuffs and straps. Harnesses are for strap on play and we have dildos, vibrators and butt plugs of every length and dimension. As a club member, you can check anything out to use or to be used on you. Everything is sanitized after every use."

"That's the tour. Let's go back and sit down and I will answer any questions you have."

"The floor is yours," said Andrew once they returned to the bar area.

"If you're single, or unaccompanied like I might be, how do you initiate play with someone so that you get people who are into doing what you want?"

"We have a system in place just for that purpose. If you noticed, there were slots on each piece of equipment and outside each private room and even in the public areas. We have colored coded cards that slip into those slots. Let's say, for example only, that you wanted to be put in the stocks, nude, in the large public area, and wanted to be paddled by women only. A pink card would be slipped into the slot to indicate play with you is limited to women. A blue card, men. A white card, anyone."

"But if you are alone, how do you get into a device. I think it would be somewhat lame if one had to sit and wait for someone to come and put them in a bondage situation. Not to mention, how do you get out or stop?"

"All good questions, Jennifer. Let me answer each one. Members wear bracelets if they are dominant or collars if they are submissive. If they are not into that particular kink, they wear a white wrist band. Most, however, wear the black bracelet or black collar. Let's create an example, alright?"

Jennifer shook her head. She was interested in what Andrew was saying and wanted to learn everything she could about Club 35.

"Let's say that you are coming here by yourself. You have decided that you want to be put in the stocks in a private room and that both men and women can spank or paddle you. You will allow oral contact but no penetration. You reserve the room, which you can do before you arrive. You check in, get your collar and change into a robe or you may chose to go naked. You find a dungeon guard, someone who volunteers for the club, and they will put you in bondage."

Jennifer told Andrew that she understood but asked how do you communicate what you want done to you during a scene.

Andrew explained that the cards have places for numbers to be circled. "The cards have numbers 1 through 5. If you circled a one, you could be teased while you're in the stocks. If you circled 2 you could be spanked or paddled with with whatever implements you brought into the room and you could be gagged. A 3 would indicate you could be penetrated in your vagina or rectum with fingers or dildos or in your mouth with a penis or vagina. You would bring in the dildos with you as well. A 4 would mean that you could be sexually used in any opening of your body. A 5 would include multiple, simultaneous penetrations."

All Jennifer could say was "wow!"

"If anything gets to intense you use your safe word and it stops. If you're gagged, you make an "tsk tsk sound and it stops. What do you think?"

Jennifer thought for a moment and said that she would like a chance to observe the club when activity was taking place. Andrew told her to come one night as a guest. He told her that she could not participate but she could go anywhere in the club as long as the door was open. Andrew got her the pass, she thanked him and she left.

That night, Jennifer thought about all that she had seen. Her mind flashed to different scenarios but in each one, she was being watched. She was still thinking about the events and the images in her mind when she went to the office the next day.

She was busy the entire day buy as the office emptied out, Jennifer noticed that Mark had lingered. Jennifer was certain that he was curious about her reaction to her visit but reluctant to ask her. She decided to tell him and waived him into her office.

Mark said nothing waiting for Jennifer to talk.

"I met Andrew and took the tour and it is quite the place. He gave me a guest pass and I said I would think about going, perhaps Saturday night."

"Saturday night?" Mark said.

"Yes, why?"

"Well, if you do come on Saturday night, don't be surprised what you see your Personal Assistant involved in."

"Mark, I know you're gay and you know I don't care. Whatever makes you happy."

"I am going to hold you to that because you will probably see more about me than you ever thought. I really wish you would have come on a night when I am a dungeon guard."

So, Mark is a guard, Jennifer thought. Might be helpful if her very unformed fantasy scene ever came to be.

"Well, for sure I am going on Saturday night. I am curious to see what you get up to. Or maybe I should say gets in you." Jennifer laughed and Mark smiled at her comment. "Can you suggest what to wear?"

"Casual. Slacks and a blouse. You can't really wear anything else until you're a member and I really hope you join. I, for one, think you could use a place like Club 35."

At home that night, Jennifer decided that she would go and she promised that she would never be judgmental of anything Mark did at the club. She also fantasized about being bound and watched and those thoughts were with her as she fell asleep.

The next day passed slowly. Jennifer bathed and laid out an outfit. Taking Mark's suggestion, she wore a casual outfit over her bra and panties. She left at 9:30 and arrived at the club a half hour later. She showed her guest pass to a young woman who gave her an orange wristband to wear. The girl told Jennifer that it meant she was a guest and not to be asked to join in any activity. She said that people could talk to her and that she was free to ask or answer any questions.

Jennifer thanked the girl and slipped the band on her left wrist and entered. She headed to the bar area and got a glass of wine. As she left the lounge area, she noticed that the large public area was rather empty. But as she walked to the around the large public area, she saw that there were people gathered around one of the smaller areas.

Finding a spot, she saw a young woman bound to a large St. Andrews Cross. The woman was naked and her hands and wrists were bound to the cross. A man of about 50, very good looking Jennifer thought, was whipping the girl with a whip that had many strands but very short. He stuck the girl on her very cute ass and Jennifer thought that the impact was very strong due to the sound it made hitting the girl's bottom.

But the man was not the only one involved in the scene. A woman, wearing leather pants and a bustier held a flexible paddle. When the man stopped whipping, she began to paddle the young woman. Jennifer also noticed that the woman would occasionally run her hand over the ass of the bound woman. She asked out loud if the woman was enjoying herself. The dominant female slipped a hand into the woman's pussy and smiled. "Yes, you're enjoying this," as she stuck her fingers in the bound woman's mouth.

Jennifer kept watching, transfixed by what she was seeing. But, the scene stopped and the woman was taken down by her two dominants. Jennifer thought that that was close to what she envisioned her fantasy.

As people drifted away, some, but not many, stayed and moved to watch another scene in another small public area. She saw Mark. He was naked and his hands were cuffed behind him. Jennifer quickly moved to an open area so she could watch what would happen without having to look around someone. Two men were with Mark. One was dressed in leather and carried some implements with him. The other man was wearing an orange vest. Dungeon guard, Jennifer thought.

Not noticing everything that was transpiring and staring at Mark's nice sized cock, Jennifer wondered what was going to happen. That was when she noticed a padded bench device in the area. The bench had places for a person to kneel on but those leg rests were spread apart so that whoever was on the bench would have their legs spread, hiding nothing. The device supported Mark's torso and his hands were uncuffed and pulled down to the front of the bench and cuffed to the legs. Mark's legs were spread and cuffed to the bench. Jennifer noticed that Mark had no hair anywhere on his body, except his head. The man in leather slipped a blue card into the slot next to the entrance where Jennifer was standing. She looked at the blue card and saw that the number 5 was circled. A fraternity paddle and a small flogger were on the floor next to the bench.

One or two men would enter the area and pick up the paddle or flogger and hit Mark on his ass. As the sounds of the paddle hitting Marks ass echoed around the club, more people gathered until there were at least 12 men inside the area and 15-20 women watching like Jennifer. Two men were removing their clothes and were standing in front of Mark feeding him their cocks in turn. Other men were taking turns using the paddle or flogger.

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