C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 09


"Suck them, darling," she begged, "Just suck them dry ..."

Just then I heard my wife scream , and I knew that the chilling cry heralded her first orgasm for the evening.

Looking in the direction of the other couple, I spotted Dave lying supine on the carpet with Tina squatting astride his face. Her elastic skirt was drawn up to her waist, and Dave was eating her naked pussy while his hands fondled her breasts. Tina's body arched back as she spasmed in the throes of her climax.

The next thing I knew, I was gasping for breath as Jill pressed her milk bags over my face.

"Suck, suck, suck ... " I heard her mutter in a trance-like state.

I opened my mouth to let her nipple in, and then I just sucked and sucked till I could hear Jill screaming in pleasure-cum-pain. I played with her beautiful globes, squeezing and kneading the firm flesh, while continuing to suckle on her large erect tits.

I took a break, moving my face up to look into her dreamy eyes while my hands continued to fondle her breasts.

"You are fantastic," I said to Jill after giving her a soft kiss on her lips.

"So are you," she murmured.

"I haven't tasted your pussy yet."

"It's all yours to have whenever you feel like it."

"Wow," I said in a somewhat shaky voice, "Why don't you just sit back and let me ..."

I helped Jill lean back on the sofa. Getting on my knees on the floor, I flipped the front flap of her skirt upwards to expose her pussy. Then I eased her white thighs apart and buried my face between them.

Oh my God! She was soaking wet and the overpowering scent of sex sent me overboard. I licked her pussy lips and then the juicy slit between them, my tongue venturing into her vaginal opening. Her pussy was nothing less than a mouthful of heaven.

My mouth moved further up to find Jill's engorged love button. I took her swollen clit between my lips and gently sucked on it. Jill moaned in pleasure while I let my tongue play with her most sensitive sex organ.

"Oh Tom, darling ... " Jill muttered, "Mmmm ... Tom, please .." tolerate

I continued to work on Jill's pussy with my mouth till she succumbed with a loud scream and a series of violent convulsions. Her thighs tightened around my head as she rode through the peak of her orgasm. Finally, she pulled her pelvis back to escape the overwhelming intensity of the prolonged oral stimulation.

As Jill lay collapsed on her back, I helped adjust her body into a comfortable position on the sofa. Then I unfastened the little hook on the waistband of her skirt to leave her completely naked.

Now the time had come for me to do my part as a man. Arising from the ground, I hovered over my woman, preparing to mount her in conjugation. Today I would go all the way with Dave's wife. Today she would receive my seed deep inside her womb.

Just as I was about to spread myself over Jill's naked body, I took a quick glance to see how my wife was getting on with Dave.

Tina lay locked in the sixty-nine position under her lover, her little skirt lying discarded on the floor. Dave was intermittently plunging his huge cock deep into her throat while his mouth was sloppily clamped over her pussy.

Tina seemed very content indeed, having the full attention of her illicit lover. She squirmed under his weight, accepting and enjoying his rather harsh and aggressive domination over her body.

"Fuck me, darling ... please fuck me ..." Jill's pleading voice brought my attention back to her, "I can't wait anymore. I just want your cock inside me."

I positioned myself on top of her and kissed her tenderly on her lips. As Jill parted her legs to let me get between them, I moved my cock closer to her pussy. Then I let the tip of my cock slide back and forth along the soaked slit between her labia.

"Take me ... please ... make me yours ..." she begged.

Jill moaned in uncontrolled excitement as the engorged head slipped into her vaginal opening. I eased my cock very slowly all the way into the moist depths of her tight vagina. Then, with my cock embedded deep inside her, I kissed her very passionately on her lips while pressing my pelvis very firmly against hers.

"At last we are one," I whispered to Jill when our lips parted, "Now you are mine, only mine."

"Yes," she whispered back, "I'm all yours ... fill me up with your love ... fill me up with your sperm ..."

I drew my hip back to slowly withdraw my cock from her love slot. As soon as the head plopped out, I thrust into her again, going all the way in. Jill gave a subdued scream as my pubis thumped against hers.

"Oh Tom ..." she cried, " It feels fantastic to have you inside me."

"And it feels fantastic to be inside you," I told her.

Then I began to work on Jill like a piston inside her, slamming into her again and again. She moaned in ecstasy as she accepted each stabbing thrust of illicit love.

"Don't stop now," she begged, "Give it to me ... please ... don't stop ..."

When she threw her head back and tightened her body, I knew that she was heading for another climax. With her fingers digging into my back, Jill let out a shrill scream as she peaked in orgasmic pleasure.

It did not take me very long after that to blast her with my load of pent up seminal juices. I shot load after load of thick fertile sperm deep into her. Finally, drained of all my energy, I collapsed onto her. I gave her a gentle kiss, then let my head rest on her bosom.

With Jill's heartbeat pounding next to my ear, I strained my eyes to focus on the other couple still frolicking on the carpeted floor. I caught a hazy view of Tina lying on her back with Dave hovering over her naked body.

Dave's cock was still in full erection, so I reckoned that he had still not performed his ultimate duty. It did not look like he was in a hurry to fulfill the sexual obligation he owed Tina for tonight. I could see that he was taking his time savoring the full delight of fucking another man's wife.

Lustful passion was clearly engraved all over my wife's beautiful face. I could imagine the utterly stormy state of mind she must be in after such prolonged foreplay with an extramarital partner. Tonight she was going to finally fulfill her ultimate fantasy of having another man's cock ejaculate inside her hot pussy.

I looked on in awe as Dave lovingly soothed Tina's hungry pussy with his caressing fingers, while his eager tongue lapped up the smoothness of her milk globes. Occasionally he would allow his fingers to venture into her love tunnel, eliciting soft murmurs of excitement from my wife.

Dave's tongue wandered aimlessly over Tina's torso, first over her chest, then moving down over her flat tummy, and later up the side of her slender neck. He nibbled at her earlobe for a while, then whispered something into her ear. Tina managed a weak smile and a gentle nod before closing her eyes in resignation.

I lifted my head to look at Jill's face. She was a picture of absolute bliss, eyes closed, lips slightly pouted, totally at peace with herself after her gratifying experience.

The next time I looked at the other couple, Dave was already lying on top of Tina. Her arms were wrapped lovingly around the man whose cock was poised to be the first one after mine to access her sacred recesses. My wife's lover had positioned himself steadfastly between her legs in readiness for their ultimate union.

I was in a daze. It was difficult to believe that this was really happening. Here I was lying fully drained after some really good sex with another man's wife. And there before my very eyes was my faithful wife, lying sprawled on her back, her chest thrust out in open invitation, her head thrown back in total resignation, her legs spread wide apart in anticipation, offering her everything to the man who was barely inches away from claiming her as his.

I could only watch as Dave guided his rock hard erection towards the drenched slit between Tina's labial folds. He gazed intently at her, like a wild beast surveying its prey before the final kill.

I was totally mesmerized and felt absolutely helpless as my wife shamelessly tilted her hips upwards to receive Dave as the tip of his cock made contact with her aching pussy. Dave let his organ slide back and forth between Tina's sex lips like a trespasser testing the illicit territory.

"You really love your wife, don't you?" Jill's soft voice seemed so far away.

"Yeah," I replied without even looking at her.

"I can see that ... it's so obvious ... but tonight she's not yours, darling," Jill continued, "You can look at her as much as you want, but you cannot have her tonight ... she's going to be taken again and again throughout the night, but only by my husband. I know my husband, and I know how much he's capable of in one night."

I looked at Jill's face. Her eyes were now open, and she was dreamily observing the other couple.

"I may not be your wife, but I am your woman for tonight," Jill went on, almost mumbling to herself, "You have filled me up with your seed. You have fertilized my womb. Now you can use me as you like for the rest of the night. I will do anything for my man, and tonight you are my man."

I turned to look at Tina and Dave just in time to see the glistening head of his penis slip effortlessly into her vagina. While Dave pushed his cock deeper into her, Tina let out a soft moan as she received her first extra-marital penetration.

"Oh Dave ... please ... slowly ... oooooh ... yeah ... " I could hear Tina mumble, as the huge monster sank deeper into her.

"She's lost her virginity," Jill murmured, with obvious sarcasm, "He's done it. My Dave has done it."

Like a bride on her wedding night, Tina accepted Dave's entry with initial apprehension which quickly switched to lustful excitement. And when his cock was fully embedded inside my wife's pussy, Dave let his lips meet hers in a kiss that blatantly expressed the passion and love that he was nurturing for her.

I turned to Jill and kissed her briefly on her lips. She seemed to be recovering somewhat from the exhaustion that had overcome her after her explosive orgasms.

"They're in love," she commented, again sounding a little sarcastic.

"So are we," I responded.

Jill wrapped her arms around my neck and clamped her lips against mine for another lingering kiss.

Dave had begun giving it to my wife real good, pumping into her violently, giving full vent to his virile urge. And Tina was playing her part well, moving her hips in harmony with his stabbing thrusts. She held on to her lover in utter desperation, her fingers digging and clawing into the back of his body, as she enjoyed her first ever fuck from another guy. Her lustful fantasy had at long last become reality.

The image of my wife locked in sexual intercourse with Dave conjured up all kinds of mixed feelings in my mind. I felt very aroused, and also felt very happy for her. I had always imagined her enjoying an adulterous fuck, but the reality of it produced an even more intense kind of emotional upheaval.

Watching Tina receiving the supreme token of love from Dave also elicited a tinge of envy and jealousy. She was my rightful wife, but tonight she was his, to use as he wished for his carnal pleasure. With my conjugal rights over her relinquished for tonight, the sight of her in Dave's loving arms made her look even more desirable and attractive than she had ever been before.

As Dave continued to satisfy the lusty needs of my dear wife, I was overcome by a strange yearning to touch her and to feel her. Her naked thighs cradling her lover looked whiter and smoother than ever before. Her breasts looked magnificent, and her lush lips so inviting. The picture of lust and passion painted on her innocent face, together with her seemingly helpless state, made her look utterly irresistible, and I wondered how I could have taken her so much for granted over the years.

With his cock lodged firmly inside her pussy, Dave raised her left leg and turned her over to lie on her side. He then proceeded to continue slamming his cock into her while she screamed in ecstasy.

"Oh, that's deep ... that's really deep ..." Tina cried out, as she received Dave's powerful thrusts.

Jill's loving fingers combed through my hair, and I realized that I was not giving her enough attention. I brought one hand down to her cum soaked pussy and let my fingers play with her swollen labia. At the same time, I took one of her nipples in my mouth and began to suckle on it.

"Are you ready for another round?" Jill asked, bringing her hand down to assess the state of my penis.

As if in reply, I sucked even harder on her breast and let two of my fingers slip into her slimy vagina. While finger-fucking her, I let my mouth move from one breast to another, licking and nibbling and sucking her milk bags to my fullest delight.

My wife was now getting it doggie-style. Looking at them from my angle, I could not be sure but I assumed that Dave's cock was in Tina's pussy. I doubted that Tina would allow him to violate the sanctity of her anus. Anyway it would have been tough penetrating her anal sphincter for the first time without adequate lubrication.

I kissed Jill on her lips, then brought my lips close to her ear.

"Are you ready for your next orgasm?" I asked.

"No problem," she replied, "I'm ready for a whole night of orgasms."

Bringing my lips back to meet hers, I withdrew my fingers from her vagina and began to play with her engorged clitoris, rolling and rubbing the sex button with my fingers.

I was amazed at the intensity of Jill's response to the clitoral stimulation, especially when it was so soon after her previous orgasms. It did not take her very long to go into a spasm as she enjoyed her third climax for the evening.

"Thanks, that was great," she whispered, just as our lips parted after the long kiss, "I love you."

"I love you too," I whispered back to her.

Just then the tranquility of the room was abruptly disrupted by a very familiar ear-shattering scream. I turned my head quickly to see what was going on.

Tina was lying on her back, and Dave was pounding her with all his might. His big cock was plunging into her again and again right between her quivering thighs. I admired Dave's level of energy as he relentlessly labored to satisfy my wife's infinite lust.

"Aaaaaaahhh ..." my wife screamed again, "Give it to me, Dave ... fuck me harder ... don't stop now ... pleeease ... I need you, Dave ... I need you and your cock ..."

This was not the woman I had married a decade and a half ago. This was not the woman who had to fantasize and masturbate to enjoy illicit sex with her friend's husband. This was certainly not the woman who had to be cyberfucked by Morris, her online lover, to savor the pleasures of extramarital sex.

This woman, who even at that very moment was being rammed repeatedly by a man whom she hardly knew, was the new liberated Tina. This woman, in the throes of carnal ecstasy, was the reincarnated Tina. Impaled on a very real man's very real cock, she was desperately pleading for more.

In her present state, Dave seemed rightly suited to quench her insatiable desire for raw and savage sex. The manner in which he was handling her in this drawn-out display of masculine prowess, there was absolutely no room left for Tina to feel unfulfilled sexually. Dave was a reservoir of inexhaustible vigor and manly vitality. He continued his barrage of stabbing blows even when an orgasmic spasm began to overwhelm my wife.

"Ooooh Dave ... I'm coming ... mmmmm ... oh my God ... I'm coming ..." my wife announced, as her thighs tightened and her hips rose in response to the sensory gush in her pelvis.

Just as Tina's convulsions were beginning to subside, Dave pushed his engorged phallus deep into her vagina, pressing his pubis firmly against hers. His body arched back in an involuntary tightening that heralded his climax.

When Dave's hips began to buck and jerk uncontrollably, I knew that my wife's crowning desire was about to be satisfied. She was now on the verge of receiving another man's fertile seed deep inside her sanctimonious womb.

Looking dreamily into my wife's face, Dave delivered shot after shot of his sperm deep into her, claiming her as his rightful woman for the night. And my wife lay savoring the blissful moments, emitting soft moans of pleasure, fully aware that she had finally fulfilled her ultimate fantasy.

When Dave finally tumbled limply onto her in utter exhaustion, Tina searched frantically for his lips to seal a kiss of heartfelt gratitude. With his cock still embedded inside her, Dave continued to give an occasional thrust as he responded with a deep passionate kiss marking the official consummation of their illicit love.

"I need a drink," Jill's soft voice drew my attention back to her. She was still lying under me, recovering from her series of orgasms.

"Let's go to the kitchen," I suggested, as I got onto my feet. I helped Jill up from the sofa, and we walked slowly, hand in hand, towards the kitchen. Quite a bit had taken place since our earlier trip to get ice from the kitchen.

As Jill and I shared a large glass of lemonade at the breakfast table, faint voices kept filtering in from the sitting room. We heard Tina's soft moans, an occasional groan, and then a long hissing cry , and we looked at each other in total fascination.

"Looks like my good husband is still at it," Jill whispered, "Working hard at pleasuring your love-starved wife."

"If she wants more, let her have more," I whispered back, "Your husband's very willing."

I looked at Jill admiringly. I was glad that I had her for company on this night of nights. She was such a sensible girl with a subtle sense of humor. And she looked really attractive sitting naked on the stool next to mine, taking little sips of lemonade. I had plans for her beautiful body just as her husband had plans for Tina's.

"Want another sip?" Jill offered me the glass. As I took the glass from her, I gave her a soft peck on her cheek. She smiled lovingly as I sipped on the drink.

I had just finished the last bit of lemonade in the glass when Tina and Dave appeared unannounced at the kitchen door. And what a couple they made.

The totally naked Dave had his strong arm wrapped assertively around Tina's waist, and the similarly unattired Tina appeared completely submissively as she leaned shamelessly against his masculine form. My wife and her lover projected a splendid picture of explicit sensuality.

Tina's unkempt hair, her beautiful face devoid of any visible make-up, her dreamy eyes with drooping eyelids, and her smooth white thighs smudged with glistening traces of her lover's semen - all bore testimony to the ravaging sexual encounter she had just experienced.

Dave's steady stature, his dominating demeanor towards the woman under his spell, and the good size of his throbbing semi-erect phallus - all foreboded a wild night of unbridled passion and sex for my newly emancipated wife.

"We're going upstairs," Dave announced in a very matter-of-fact way, as he tightened his hold around Tina to support her. Tina's legs seemed to have gone quite limp, almost on the verge of giving way.

"You can take her to the master bedroom," I told him, sending him a subtle message that he could take full charge of her with my blessings, "We'll take the guest room."

"Thanks," Dave mumbled, placing his other arm behind Tina's legs and suddenly lifting her up. Holding my wife confidently in his arms, he headed for the staircase.

"She can hardly walk," Jill commented, watching her husband carry his prey up the stairs, "But she's quite a woman."

"Hope she'll be okay," I didn't want my wife to go through anything unpleasant.

"Don't worry, she'll be begging Dave for his cock as soon as they are in bed. They are two of a kind, totally insatiable, made just for each other."

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