Cockweasel Meets The King


"Beautiful," breathed Cockweasel in admiration, immediately lifting both his hands to her big jugs. He cupped the full orbs in his palms, giving them a firm squeeze and pushing them up her chest slightly as he groped. He gave the hard nipples a pinch and then resumed squeezing and kneading the fleshy spheres.

Jenn reached down and rubbed the goblin's crotch as he played with her naked tits, rolling them around in his hands and twisting her nipples. He was like a kid with a new toy, completely entranced by the beautiful brunette's wonderful breasts.

Cockweasel's cock was rock hard, bulging inside his grubby pants. Jenn rubbed his hard package with her palm, gasping as the goblin got more turned on and squeezed her tits more vigorously, almost mauling them.

"That thing you did back at my place..." said Cockwasel, jiggling Jenn's tits in his hands, mesmerised by the quivering flesh.

"You want a handjob?" asked Jenn, slipping her hand down inside his pants and reaching for his hard cock.

"Yeah," he agreed immediately, his breathing quickening as she squeezed his penis.

"How about something even better?" she suggested with a wicked grin, moving off the bed and onto her knees on the floor in front of him. It meant that his hands were pulled away from her lovely big tits, but Cockweasel didn't complain as something even better was on the way.

Jenn tugged Cockweasel's pants downward. He lifted his hips up off the bed so that she could pull them right down to his ankles and his hard cock sprang free, slapping against his stomach and standing, quivering just in front of her face.

The naked beauty leant forward into the goblin's lap, and planted a soft kiss on the underside of his hard dick, right near the base of his cock. Cockweasel let out a long moan of pleasure at the touch of her lips. The sight of this gorgeous brunette on her knees with her mouth right against his penis was spectacular. Jenn's tongue flicked out and gently swiped across his balls, eliciting another long moan from the amazed paladin.

Jenn sucked one of his balls into her wet mouth and used her hand to rub his hard cock against her face as she nursed on his testicle. She then licked up along of the underside of his cock, tracing the full length of his shaft before swiping her tongue over the slit on the head of his dick.

"Do you like that Cockweasel?" she asked teasingly, stroking his cock slowly in one hand and licking her lips.

"Oh hell yes!" he groaned.

"Do you want me to suck you?" she whispered.

"Yes!" he gasped, arching his hips up off the bed, trying to push his cock towards her mouth. He was so turned on.

"Then ask me to," she told him. "Tell me what you want."

"Suck me," he moaned. "Suck my cock."

Jenn plunged her mouth down, this time actually taking his penis inside her mouth for the first time.

"Oh fuck!" cried out Cockweasel as his dick slid between Jenn's lips. He felt the underside of his cock slide over Jenn's wet tongue and his shaft was enveloped in warmth and wetness.

"Mmm," Jenn moaned around his penis and began to bob her head, sliding her tight lips up and down Cockweasel's hard length. It felt so good being sucked off by the gorgeous human that Cockweasel almost came, he definitely would have if it wasn't for the handjob he'd gotten earlier on, not to mention titfucking Gwendallyn. If Jenn was at all put off by the fact he was a goblin, she showed no sign as she slurped eagerly on his green organ.

Jenn took another deep suck of Cockweasel's dick and then drew back, running her tongue down his shaft and once again sucking on his testicles. She then sat up, guiding his cock to her chest and nestling it between her heavy tits.

The goblin gave a short groan as the ample pillows of Jenn's breasts were wrapped around his hard penis. "Oh that's nice," he murmured as Jenn began to slide her soft tits up and down on his cock, titty-fucking him. His hard dick looked so good between those ample jugs.

Cockweasel thrust up with his hips, lifting his ass off the bed and humping his cock against Jenn's bouncing breasts. The head of his cock bumped against the underside of her chin. On his second thrust she was ready for him, bending her head down and letting the head of his cock slip into her mouth at the end of his thrust.

"Oh fuck yeah!" groaned Cockweasel, ramming his cock up between Jenn's tits again and driving the end into her mouth, her tongue swirled teasingly around the tip of his dick before it disappeared back into her cleavage.

This was too good to be true. Cockweasel grabbed the top of Jenn's head and pulled her mouth back down onto his cock, letting her tits fall away as he rammed himself back between her lips. Jenn gagged slightly at his sudden intrusion but did not stop him as he moaned lustfully and pushed her head down harder into his lap.

"Fuck!" he grunted, almost snorting in lust as he humped her face, trying to stuff as much of his cock into her mouth as he could.

Cockweasel let go of her for a moment and her mouth popped off his cock as he stood up in front of her to get a bit more leverage.

"You're a horny little fucker, aren't you," observed Jenn as she shuffled back a little to give him room to stand up.

Cockweasel took hold of Jenn's head in both hands, lining his cock up with the entrance of her mouth. With a lustful groan he thrust into her mouth, ramming his cock all way into her mouth and jabbing the head into the entrance of her throat, stretching Jenn's lips wide around the base of his green shaft. "Ahh!" Cockweasel grunted as his balls slapped against her chin.

The horny goblin drew his cock back so that just the head was between Jenn's lips and then once again rammed it deep, sliding his penis across her tongue and into her throat. It felt so good to fuck her face, such a rush and feeling of power and control. Almost always he had to trick reluctant women into giving him blowjobs, so to find an apparently willing partner was quite a thrill for the little goblin. Cockweasel tightened his grip on her head and began to pump his hips, rapidly sliding his cock in and out of her sucking mouth.

Jenn took his lustful thrusting expertly, only gagging a few times as he increased the pace and depth of his jackhammering cock.

Cockweasel adjusted his grip on her head, one hand holding her under the chin and the other on the back of her head. He gave a slower thrust, pushing until he was buried to the hilt and his balls were on her chin once again and held her in place.

With a mighty roar of pleasure Cockweasel's dick exploded. His back arched and he pushed forward, trying to shove his already bottomed out cock deeper into Jenn's mouth. Load after load erupted from his orgasming cock, spurting directly down Jenn's throat as she desperately breathed through her nose, her nostril's flaring wildly. Fortunately Cockweasel was somewhat spent from his handjob and titjob earlier so his load was not quite as plentiful as it otherwise would have been.

Once his seed was spent he finally let go of Jenn's head and she fell back, coughing and gasping for air. Cockweasel slumped onto the bed, panting and grinning.

Jenn took a few minutes to catch her breath. "That was some serious deep throat action Sir Cockweasel," she said to the lusty paladin.

"That was amazing," breathed the goblin, reaching down to pull up his pants.

"Leave those off!" ordered Jenn. "After all this foreplay you probably want to do some fucking, I know I do."

Cockweasel's jaw dropped, he could hardly believe she was so brash. He had no intention of arguing however as he kicked off his pants. This was a woman after his own heart.

Jenn pushed Cockweasel onto his back in the centre of the bed and climbed onto him, straddling his thighs. Cockweasel reached up, cupping Jenn's heavy tits in his hands and giving them a squeeze, his green fingers rolling over Jenn's hard nipples.

Jenn bent down and pressed her mouth against Cockweasel's, passionately kissing him, her tongue sliding into the goblin's mouth with a lustful moan. As they kissed, their tongues intertwined, Jenn ground her ass down onto Cockweasel's lap.

They pressed harder together, not pausing their kissing even for an instant. Cockweasel's flagging cock was starting to grow again, stiffening slightly at the passionate kisses Jenn was sharing with him. He'd never been kissed quite so eagerly before and the feeling was amazing.

Jenn rubbed her ample tits hard against Cockweasel's chest. His hands slid down the smooth skin of her back and cupped and squeezed her lovely round ass, grinding her hairless pussy against his growing erection. She rolled her hips, grinding herself back against him.

Suddenly Cockweasel rolled Jenn over, switching positions so that he was on top of her now. He bent his head down and slid his tongue around over her right breast, sucking her hard nipple into his mouth.

Jenn gave a moan as the goblin nursed on her boobs for a minute or two and then slid lower, moving between her soft thighs and pressing them apart. He then went for the kill, pressing his mouth against Jenn's pussy as she gasped in pleasure. Cockweasel slid his tongue along Jenn's slit, teasingly parting her pussy lips as he worked his way up to her clit.

"Oh yes Cockweasel!" groaned Jenn lewdly as the goblin's tongue began to rapidly lap at her clit.

Jenn moaned, reaching up and squeezing her own tit as Cockweasel's tongue slipped into her cunt. She reached down, rubbing the top of the goblin's head and pushing her pelvis up against his face as he ate her out with surprising skill.

Cockweasel gave a moan of his own as he lapped at Jenn's sex. His cock was now hard again, rubbing against the inside of Jenn's knee as he buried his face in her lovely cunt tasting her delicious juices.

"Spin around," instructed Jenn, her breathing fast as the goblin's tongue coiled thrillingly over her clit.

Without moving his head from between Jenn's silky thighs, Cockweasel spun his body around and straddled the busty brunette's face, his erection rubbing across her cheek and his balls resting on her nose as he shifted into position.

Cockweasel moaned into the apex of Jenn's thighs as he lifted his hips up and then dropped them down, sliding his cock in her warm, wet mouth, the two of them in a 69 position.

The gifted brunette immediately began to suck as his shaft pierced her lips. "Oh fuck yeah!" groaned Cockweasel into Jenn's snatch as he immediately began to move his cock, thrusting in and out of her hot mouth as he continued to eat her pussy.

Jenn seemed to have no difficulty in taking the full length of his penis as he stuffed it lustfully between her lips, his balls slapping on her nose each time he thrust downwards into her face as they sixty-nined.

They remained like that for a several minutes, Cockweasel fucking Jenn's face as he sucked on her pussy, before he eventually rolled off her, deciding it was time to follow the brunette's advice and do some fucking.

Cockweasel spun back around, positioning himself between Jenn's thighs, his chin and mouth glistening with her juices. Holding her by her thighs, he lined the head of his cock up with Jenn's soaking wet pussy and with a deep breath of anticipation he drove forward, shoving his cock up inside the beautiful brunette.

"Oh fuck!" he groaned as he slid easily into her cunt. She'd been well warmed up by his tongue and his cock smoothly penetrated her lubricated vagina. Jenn moaned as Cockweasel started to fuck her, the goblin tightly gripping her by the hips as he pumped rapidly between her legs. The sound of their slapping flesh filled the room, along with both of their lustful groans and the squelching of their genitals.

As he fucked Jenn, he leant forward and passionately kissed her on the mouth, his tongue sliding hungrily into her mouth. She moaned into his mouth, tasting herself on his tongue and arched her chest up against him as he slid one hand up to squeeze her big right breast roughly.

"Let's try a different position," suggested Jenn after the goblin had hammered between her silken thighs for several minutes. They broke off their kiss and then Cockweasel climbed off her, groaning as his cock was suddenly released from the velvety-clutch of her vagina. Jenn lifted herself up and turned around, on her hands and knees facing away from Cockweasel. The position presented her ass and pussy towards the goblin, ready to be fucked doggy style.

"My favourite position," murmured Cockweasel, he couldn't believe he was this lucky. He climbed up the bed, kneeling behind Jenn, poised to thrust back inside her.

Cockweasel gave Jenn's ass a slap and then grabbed her by the hips, moving forward and shoving his cock into her snug pussy. Jenn cried out at his entry, pushing back against him with her round ass.

"Oh fuck yes!" he grunted as he fucked her doggy style. Cockweasel immediately began to pump his hips, his hard cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

Cockweasel's hips were jerking rapidly as he slammed his cock in and out of Jenn's tight cunt. Jenn herself was also moaning noisily as he pumped away at her gorgeous snatch.

"Fuck!" he groaned, "I'm gonna cum!" Cockweasel pulled out of Jenn's cunt. "Turn over, I wanna cum on your face!" he groaned as he grabbed his cock tightly in one fist.

Jenn hurriedly obeyed, rolling onto her back, as Cockweasel hovered above her, rapidly stroking his fist over his shuddering cock.

"Ahhh!" Cockweasel cried out as he climaxed. Semen spurted from the tip of his erection and splattered over the beautiful face below him. Jenn opened her mouth to receive his load as he painted her perfect face with his cum. Only a small spurt went into Jenn's mouth, most of the rest splashed all over her face and hair, his load surprisingly plentiful despite cumming several times today already.

When he was finally spent, Cockweasel collapsed onto the bed beside her, gasping for air.

Jenn was eagerly up on her knees again, taking his sensitive penis into her mouth and very gently sucking him clean.

"I'm going to sleep like the fucking dead tonight!" the goblin declared happily.

Sure enough Cockweasel was fast asleep within minutes of his sex marathon. His body curled around Jenn's back, groin pressed against her firm posterior. Enveloped in soft feminine flesh, the goblin paladin slept like a baby.


About an hour or two before dawn, Cockweasel's eyes cracked open, his bladder full to bursting. He was completely naked, still pressed up against the back of the naked brunette. Her bare ass was pressed deliciously against his crotch, his soft penis wedged between her firm buttocks. His penis would have stiffened at the position he found himself in if he hadn't been distracted by a desperate need for a piss.

He untangled himself from the naked beauty and stumbled over to the chamber pot on the far side of the room. As he took a long, satisfying piss he looked over at the sleeping form on the bed and smiled to himself, pleased to find that he had not yet woken up from this dream, the naked babe was real.

His eyes had adjusted to the darkness somewhat, and as Cockweasel moved back towards the bed he was able to make out the sleeping figure on the bed. Jenn had rolled onto her back, her head turned towards him and the mountainous slopes of her two large breasts rising and falling as she breathed deeply in her sleep. Whoever she was, she was incredibly sexy.

Cockweasel stood at the side of the bed, moving right in front of Jenn's head. He reached down and brushed his fingertips over her left nipple, watching it stiffen slightly in the cool air of the room.

The goblin smiled as he stared down at the sleeping woman, the low bed meant her head was just below his groin level, at about the perfect height...

Cockweasel leant forward slightly and the tip of his drooping dick brushed against Jenn's nose and cheek, leaving a small droplet of piss that he hadn't properly shaken away back at the chamber pot. He turned his hips and let the end of his cock brush her lips. The brunette didn't stir at all, sleeping right through his touches.

He licked his lips in anticipation and put one knee up beside her head so he could manoeuvre his crotch closer to her face and took hold of his flaccid penis in one hand. Even though he wasn't hard this opportunity was too exciting to turn down. He couldn't help but think of that time he'd used Valeria the Black's mouth while she was unconscious. That had been right back before he'd even met Lady Gwendallyn. How his life had changed since those days as the sorceress's slave.

He gently stroked the tip of his cock across Jenn's mouth, tracing the outline of her lips. Cockweasel leant in, rubbing the head of his dick over her smooth cheek until his balls pressed against her mouth. He then reached down and grabbed one of her firm tits, giving the ample orb a firm squeeze.

His cock began to stiffen as he fondled her breast and rubbed his cock all over her sleeping face.

Jenn stirred slightly in her sleep as he gave her nipple a slight pinch, tapping his now semi erect cock against her chin as he felt her up. Cockweasel moaned and pushed his cock against her lips, prying them open and pushing the head of his shaft into her mouth.

Still holding her big tit in one hand, he reached down with the other hand, holding her head still by the back of her neck as he pushed his now erect cock into her warm, wet mouth.

"Yeah, suck that cock!" he whispered softly, squeezing her tit as he stuffed his cock into the sleeping beauty's mouth.

Jenn woke up with a start at the sudden intrusion, her eyes blinking open and going wide as she focused on the hard, green cock filling her mouth. Her body tensed in surprise, but relaxed when she got her bearings and realised what the paladin was up to. The horny goblin was oblivious to her surprise however; his eyes were closed in pleasure as he slowly pumped his hard penis in and out between her full, red lips.

Jenn gave a moan and began to actively suck on the thick cock stretching her lips wide. Cockweasel had a tight grip on the back of her neck, keeping her head in place and maintaining control as he fucked her mouth eagerly. As he rammed his cock repeatedly into her mouth his hand roughly massaged the heavy tit that filled his palm and Jenn could do little more than lie there and let him have his way with her mouth, doing her best to avoid gagging on the thrusting cock.

After a few minutes Cockweasel pulled out of her mouth, letting go of her tit and holding his cock around the base of the hard shaft.

"You've got such a pretty mouth," he told her with a grin, slapping his cock against her lips and cheek. He then pushed into her mouth again before she could reply, sliding his dick all the way in until his hand, which was gripping the base of his cock, touched her lips.

Cockweasel pulled out again and this time slapped his cock against her forehead a couple of times. He then stuffed his cock back into her mouth and returned to the face fucking he had been giving her, now holding her head in both hands, his fingers laced through the brown locks of her hair.

He lasted less than a minute this time, ejaculating directly into her mouth as he pulled her face against his groin. Cockweasel was rather spent from the previous days multiple orgasms so he only unleashed a few small spurts of cum over Jenn's tongue and she effortlessly swallowed them down.

After the pretty brunette had sucked him clean, Cockweasel climbed back into bed beside her and went straight back to sleep without another word.


The next morning they were up quite early to catch the river barge, Cockweasel requesting a quick blowjob from Jenn just before they left. He knew that when they got to wherever it was they were going, that more likely than not he'd no longer have use of the gorgeous young woman so he definitely planned to make the most of the time he had with her and her apparent willingness to do almost anything he wanted.

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