tagRomanceCommander Murphy Visits Camp David

Commander Murphy Visits Camp David

byGrey Eagle 286©

(This story is a continuation of a series of stories about Commander Murphy. Reading the previous stories will give the reader a better idea of the development of the story line and of the characters.)

Commander Andrew David Augustus Murphy, U.S. Navy (Retired) sat and watched the noon news on the Fox News Network. He mumbled under his breath about the state of the war in Iraq. After three tours in combat as a Navy Seal, he knew the frustrations of that type of war.

His mind wandered to Angela, his recent bride. She and her daughter, Molly, had gone to Gainesville to clear out the house she had received in the divorce settlement from her abusive ex-husband. She and Molly had only been gone overnight. He had not realized how totally they had become the most important things in his life. They had not been apart for more an hour or two since they started living together six months ago. He had not slept a wink last night. His lunch and dinner last night had been tasteless and he did not even bother with breakfast this morning.

Andy smiled as he remembered how the visions of her at various points in their relationship in the past months kept creeping into his mind. He had seen her as she looked when she first came to him for help. She had been stunningly beautiful in her business suit. She had looked elegant, intelligent and coolly efficient if you did not notice the white knuckled grip on her purse. Then there was the picture in his mind of her standing before him soaking wet and shivering after she had pushed him in the swimming pool and he had retaliated. She had been simply irresistibly adorable.

The vision that occurred most often was of her walking toward him a month ago at their wedding in a pastel yellow suit with white shoes, hat, and gloves clinging to the arm of the President of the United States.

That lovely vision was chased away by the sounds of female voices and laughter in the foyer of his house. He heard small feet running down the wood-floored hall. He turned to catch the tiny body that jumped towards him. He held the little blonde girl close to his chest.

Andy heard a giggle behind him and turned to see his wife grinning at them. "I should have known Molly would be in here cuddled up to her Daddy, she sure missed you. She hated being away as much as I did." Angie moved beside the chair and leaned over to press her lips against his. Her lips parted and her tongue slipped inside his mouth to find his tongue. It was a very long and hungry kiss for both of them.

Andy grinned as she pulled back. "Mmmmm, I guess you did miss me a little."

"I sure did Honey, I don't think I slept a second the whole time. I just lay in bed thinking of you. I can't sleep without you anymore."

"Sweetheart, I had exactly the same problem. I suggest we go take a nap as soon as possible." He looked down at Molly. "How about you Molly, are you tired too?"

"Yes Daddy, I am tired too. I missed sleeping in my nice bed with all my toys. We got all our old stuff packed up though. Mommy says we are all ready for the movers to get our things today, we don't ever have to go back again."

Angela smiled at Andy, "The realtor said we ought to get three and a half million for that place. Rem wants all his stuff put in storage until he gets out of prison. His lawyer said he bitched about the judge awarding me the house and my Lincoln but as long as he got his 'castle' he wasn't too vocal about it."

"Did the guys look after the two of you? Were there any problems?"

"No Dear, the guys were very sweet. They adore Molly; she can do no wrong in their eyes. Rem's people were very polite. I guess the housekeepers and maids were as nice as you could expect seeing they are losing their jobs today. Bart stayed behind to ensure all of our things got moved OK."

"Great, girl, let's all go have a nice lunch. You can't believe how happy I am to have my two girls home with me."

Andy looked in deep admiration and appreciation at his young wife. She was very beautiful, she wore jeans, high-heeled boots and an ivory cowl necked sweater under a navy blue jacket. Her long auburn hair was in a high ponytail with a large ivory bow and still hung almost to her waist.

She caught him looking her over. "Well Sir Andrew, do I pass your inspection?"

"Absolutely Sweetie! You pass with flying colors in every respect, as always."

"I try to always look nice for my lord and master. I am afraid if I don't look good he will find someone else."

"The chances of that happening are nonexistent. That will never happen. First, I love what is inside you as much as I love how you look. Second, you always look good. The simple fact is that if there are two hundred women in a room all the guys will be looking at you, and you love it, right?"

"I know that men look at me, I am used to it. If they smile, I feel good because I know you will like what you see. Your approval is the only one I need and I really do NEED that."

Andy grinned, "I have never seen you when I didn't approve of the way you looked, never, and I really do NEED you right now. Your little belly is still flat as a board even if you are carrying our child." He pulled her close and whispered in her ear, "Honey, you look absolutely delicious and I am starving."

Angela smiled softly, "Oh, sweetie, me too! Let me check and see if everything made it up to our suite OK. I told the boys to go ahead and just put everything in our parlor; I can sort it out from there. Then we can put Molly down for her nap, I need one too.

Molly snuggled against Andy's chest as he carried her to her room, "Oh! It is so nice to be home with Daddy, now I can sleep. I had to sleep with Mommy last night an' she bumped me all night."

Angie lowered her head and looked up at him out of the corner of her eyes; a small smile curved her lips. "I was trying to find you, Andy; I couldn't believe how much I missed you being next to me."

Andy and his new family lived in his huge home in North Central Florida. The building also contained the offices and communication gear for his business. The home was located in a large one-mile square compound. Many of his workers lived inside the compound in a trailer park. The fenced compound was not only protected by armed guards, but by TV cameras and by numerous motion, vibration, sound, and heat sensors. The compound was so secure that the Secret Service agents inspecting the site for the president's weekend visit for the Murphy wedding found no weakness. As matter of form, they had added several of their own people to the existing guards.

When Molly was sound asleep for her nap Angie walked toward their bedroom looking for Andy and shedding clothing as she went. She entered as saw him watching her from between his toes while he rested on his back on the bed. He was completely nude. She stopped and sat on the chair by her vanity to remove her jeans, high-heeled boots, and sheer pink panties. She stood and rubbed her breasts and the area showing marks from the band of her bra.

"Oh boy, it sure feels good to get out of that bra. Are you ready to sleep now?"

"Not quite yet, dear girl. You do not look very sleepy either. You claim to always know what I want, so show me."

Angie moved over the bed and stretched out beside him. She slipped on up the bed and then turned over and leaned back against the headboard, her legs spread. "I don't know exactly what you want; I do know what I want." She turned his head with her hands and he rolled between her legs. She pushed him down and firmly pulled his face into her pussy. She felt his tongue work its magic and a tingle shot through her body. He rose on his knees and elbows and his hands caressed her inner thighs, just brushing the lips of her pussy. She watched as he gently spread the lips and opened her whole pussy to his gaze. She giggled when his fingers played with the lips and moved them around against each other.

She giggled harder as he pushed back the tight hood of flesh covering her clit. When he touched it with the tips of his fingers, the blast of sensations made her jerk. She grabbed his hand, "Wow! I'm really sensitive there, be very gentle." He rubbed the fleshy skin hood against her clitoris. Mmmmmm, that's nice, what you did before was just too intense. He worked the little hood back again with his fingers and held it there exposing her clit again. This time he rubbed the underside of his tongue over and around her clit. He felt her quiver, her legs involuntarily giving tiny twitches. He looked up at her. Her eyes were closed.

"Are you alright, Hun?"

"Oh God, yes! That feels so damned good I'm cumming right now. Unhun, unhun yes, yes mmmmmmmm, unh, unh, unh, STOP, STOP! No, don't stop, I love that." Andy decided to change techniques and inserted his forefinger and his middle finger in her wet, hot, vagina, his knuckles down and his thumb above the fingers with the ball of the thumb just touching the folds of skin covering her clit. He began stroking in and out with the thumb hitting the clit as he thrust inward.

Her eyes popped wide open, she looked down and smiled, "Oh! My! I like that too, un, un, un, un." She grunted softly with each stroke. Her hands grasped his head and pulled him upward while she leaned forward until her lips were pressed against his.

She whispered, "I need your cock deep inside me now, take me from behind, doggy style, fast and hard." Andy lifted while she turned over on her knees. He pressed the head of his cock to the opening of her vagina. He slipped slowly forward until his pubes hit her ass. He pulled back and then thrust forward much harder, His pubes hit her bottom with a slap. Wap! Wap! Wap! Wap! Wap! Wap! Wap!Wap!Wapwapwapwap. Angie thrust back hard against his thrusts. She was in rhythm with him. She stopped, "Wait, let me turn over I want to finish by kissing you while you fuck me and make me cum! Love me Andy! Fill me with your seed, yes, yes, yes. Oh! Yeah! I feel you cumming now, Meeee Toooo! YEEESSSS!

"Andy, you are just wonderful! You love me differently each time, I love it." Angela leaned over and picked up her panties from the floor, she balled them up and pressed them between her legs. "I am leaking like a sieve. Come on let's jump in the shower before I make a puddle."

Later Andy sat and watched Molly and Angie play hopscotch on the patio. He grinned at how alike they were. His cell phone vibrated and he answered it. He listened and looked up to see Angela and Molly watching him. He said, "Yeah Jeff, we will be ready for his call.

Angie asked, "Work?"

"Yeah! I think it is, it was POTUS. We have to go to the den and wait for his call. They said within ten minutes, so let's go."

They were all seated in front of the large screen TV when the picture showed the Great Seal of the President of the United States in the Oval Office of the White House. A moment later, the familiar face took its place. "Good afternoon Molly, Angela and Andy, you all look happy."

"We are happy to see you again Sir. We trust you and the First Lady are well."

"Yes, Andy, we are fine. I have a request; I need your help with a couple of problems. Would it be possible for the three of you to spend the weekend with us at Camp David? Come up Friday afternoon and return Sunday evening or Monday morning?"

Andy looked at Angie. She smiled and nodded. Andy said, "Yes Sir. Should I coordinate with your people later?"

"Great, we will be looking forward to seeing you all; my people will contact you shortly. I can tell you it will be very casual, jeans and stuff. It is sweater and jacket weather up there now."

"We will see you in a couple of days then Sir."

After the call was terminated, Andy and Angela looked at each other. Andy said, "Honey, did you read a little more in there than was said?"

"Yes, I felt he was anxious to talk to you about something. There is definitely something bothering him."

Andy stood and walked to his desk and pressed the intercom button, "Jeff, did you hear all of that?"

"Yeah, Boss, what do you reckon that's all about?"

"I don't know? I do think it would be a good idea to have all our key people on stand-by this weekend until we release them; Friday evening through Saturday evening at the most I'll let everyone know about it. I believe that being available by phone is adequate."

"Right, that is my thought. I think he would have said something if he had something real urgent for us."

"Friday after noon the company Lear Jet disembarked Andy, Angie and Molly at the Rider Jet Center terminal at Richard A. Henson Field in Hagerstown, Maryland. The jet was to stay at Rider for refueling and servicing. Andy and his family were escorted a few yards to a large Marine Corps Blackhawk helicopter, a cart carrying their luggage followed close behind them. The turbine engines started as soon as they were aboard and the baggage was stowed. The interior was quite comfortable and luxurious. They were assisted in strapping themselves in their seats. Molly was placed in a child's seat between Andy and her mother.

The young female Marine flight attendant offered to hold Molly's hand if she were afraid. Molly said, "No thank you, my Daddy will hold my hand." The Lady Marine informed them the flight would be about 15 minutes. She took Andy's brief case, secured it in a luggage rack, and said something in her headset and the aircraft rose off the ground and tilted forward as it climbed. They were soon away from the town and roads below and were flying through mountains. Molly asked the girl if she could sit in Andy's lap and look out the window. The girl smiled and said she could. Andy pointed out the forest and the mountains.

The Marine flight attendant soon informed them Molly would have to return to her seat for landing. When they were on the ground they were greeted by a Marine Officer; he saluted Andy and said, "Commander Murphy, you and your family are welcome to Camp David. Please board the golf cart and it will take you to meet the President at Aspen Lodge. Your things will be taken to your cabin; may I take your brief case and put it in your cabin with your other luggage?"

Andy said, "This stays with me. It contains Items for the President's eyes only."

"I am sorry sir; I cannot permit you to enter without having that case searched."

Very well, Captain, You hold this case until I speak with the president, better yet if you have a secure safe for top secret material that will hold it, you can place it inside and lock it." Andy smiled, "that should satisfy both of us."

"Yes Sir, we do have a safe for that just inside."

Andy said, "I thought you might have one."

They entered the foyer of the rustic lodge and were greeted warmly by the President and the First Lady. The President's wife picked Molly up, hugged her tightly, and said to Molly "How is the beautiful little flower girl?"

Molly smiled, "I am fine, thank you. My Mommy and I like you very much, don't we Mommy?"

They all slowly walked into a rustic family room. There was a huge fireplace with a nice fire going.

Angie stepped close to the older woman and kissed her cheek. "We sure do Honey." She laughed, "She talks about 'Mr. and Mrs. President' all the time."

"Well she is a very sweet little girl, we both are very fond of her, I will baby sit for her anytime. A little birdie told me you are expecting."

"Oh yes, we are both very happy about it. We are counting down the days and hours."

Molly was trying to get the First Ladies attention. The older woman looked at her, "Yes girl, what is it?"

"Do you really talk to birds?"


"Yes Mrs. President, you said a birdie told you something."

"Oh no Honey, I don't talk to birds, I just listen to them. OK?"

"What do they tell you?"

"They tell me nice things about people I like very much, like you, Molly; they tell me that you are a very good little girl."

Molly hung her head, "Sometimes I am not very good." Her head jerked up, "I try to be good and I promise I will be lots better. Can I get down now, I have to tell Daddy."

The woman put her down and she ran to Andy and jerked on his sleeve. The First Lady turned to Angie, "She is so precious. If you will have us we would love to be God Parents to your new child."

Ma'am, we would be very honored." Tears ran from Angela's eyes. "I can't wait to tell Andy."

The First Lady laughed, "You had better wait a bit, between my husband and your daughter he has his hands full right now." They watched as Molly tried to get Andy's attention.

Finally, he looked at the President, "Excuse me Sir. Something very important has come up." Andy dropped to one knee and pulled Molly to him."Yes Sweetie, what is it?" Molly told him all about how the birds talked to 'Mrs. President' and about what the birds told her. He kissed her cheek and thanked her. She ran back to the ladies.

"Does he always pay attention to her like that?" the older woman asked.

"Yes, he sure does. She knows not to interrupt him while is talking but she will try to get his attention. Her real father never had time for her at all. She really loves Andy. She is very good and rarely needs to be disciplined. When she does do something bad he will just look at her and say he is disappointed in her. It tears her up when he says anything like that. Spanking her would never hurt that much. She remembers her 'disappointments' for a long time and doesn't repeat them. She is afraid he won't love her anymore.

"What I love about my man is that after he thinks she has suffered enough he will find her and comfort her. He makes sure she knows he still loves her very much."

"We hope to have a grandchild soon. I hope to God that our daughter has better luck than you did with your first husband. We think you have found the perfect husband in Andy, he seems to know just how to counteract the trauma caused by Molly's own father."

"Yes, he is everything she ever wished for in a father, and he is everything I ever dreamed of in a husband."

Meanwhile Andy and the president were talking quietly off to the side. Andy listened carefully as the older man explained his problem. There was a serious leak of information of things that were discussed in his private conference room. So far, the leaks were only about political matters. At first, his people thought the moves the opposition party made were just luck or a coincident. After it happened several times the president conferred with the same advisors in a different room and fed them misinformation. There was no apparent leak. The next meeting was held in the conference room and within a few days the opposition party took steps to counter the move this wrong information indicated. The president suspected a bug in the conference room. The room had been swept daily several times during the leaks. Nothing was found.

Andy asked if he could see the room. The President told Andy to act as if he was just on a casual tour of the room. It was a typical large conference room. There was large table with seating for twenty people on each side. There was also a chair at each end. There was a large picture window on one side with a breathtaking vista of the Catoctin Mountains. There was another window near the foot of the table. Andy stood at each window stared out of each one for several minutes. He remarked on the beauty of the view from the picture window. He looked carefully at the end window too. Andy said, "I guess we had better get back."

"I think they probably haven't missed us yet."

Andy laughed, "You don't know Angie very well. I will bet she makes some remark about how long we have been gone as soon as we walk in. Then, so she doesn't look too possessive, she will blame it on Molly."

"That sounds like a sucker bet to me."

They entered the family room and Angie said, "We missed you, dear. Molly was wondering where you were."

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