Confessions of a Wild Chick Ch. 04


We were both naked now and his cock was indeed stiff as a rock. I could feel it bob into my thigh as we continued to embrace in the water. I reached for his dick and grabbed it under water as his kisses became more forceful. We were in about four foot of water and my breasts bobbed up and down with the waves. I had him sit up on the ladder as I moved my head closer to his cock.

The more I played with his penis, the less he seemed to care about where we were at and what we were doing. I had never gone down on him although both Teri and Jennifer had me suck their rubber dicks. They would often stand above me kneeling and instruct me to suck their cock, lick it good, before they took me.

Now I was eyeing the real thing. As I stroked Tommy's stiff prick, I noted it was smaller than the dildos Teri and I often used. While it may not have been as big, it was really soft and warm to the touch. I stared at the purple head before I lowered my mouth and took just the tip in my mouth. Tommy's head fell back on his shoulders as he threw his face to the sun.

I eased more of the cock into my mouth, coating it with my saliva. It actually felt good and I liked the feeling of his dick. I stroked my hand up and down the way I knew he liked as I moved my lips up and down, stopping every so often to lick the shaft and crown, drawing groans from my boyfriend, who rubbed the top of my head, encouraging me on.

I knew from his moans I was doing a good job. "You like that baby? Were you thinking about me doing this while you were away," I said, pulling my mouth away only briefly, before retuning to his blowjob.

"Were you a good boy while you were gone? You didn't gallivant behind my back did you?" Tommy just moaned and then grunted a response that I took as a "no."

"I wasn't a good girl. I was naughty." How true that really was. "I lay in my bed at night fingering myself. Thinking about you. Thinking about all the things I would have you do to me when you got home. The things I would do to you."

Tommy's body stiffened and his legs raised up in the water. I watched as his little nut sack seemed to tighten up and I could feel his dick harden even stiffer than it was before. I took his cock out of my mouth to examine it. The head of his dick dark purple as I stroked up and down. I was totally unprepared for what came next as Tommy launched stream after stream of cum that landed in my hair and across my cheek.

Some even splashed in the water behind us. His body lurched as he convulsed with shot after shot. I couldn't believe all the cum he seemed to produce until he went limp and leaned into the railing of the ladder. As I held his cock in my hand, it began to soften until it was almost completely limp in my hand, covered in his warm cum. It was then I realized the control I actually could exercise.

My suggestive talk, much like the naughty banter that Teri had with me, that never failed to turn me on, had actually caused him to shoot his load. I reflected on that idea as I urged him up and inside where we could clean up.

I took a shower first, washing the sperm out of my hair and cleaning up real good. I spent a little time shaving, getting my pussy extra smooth for the plans I had in store. Tommy was next as I passed him in the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my body. I yelled out that I would throw his trunks in the dryer and be in the bedroom when he was finished.

As I heard the water cut off, I removed the towel and lay down nude on the bed, waiting for my lover to appear. He was surprised I think to see me still naked. I sat up on the side of the bed and asked if he'd do me like I did him. Would he lick me down there? I knew he had never done that with anyone before and I was excited to be his first.

I acted like it was my first time as well, trying my best not to betray my experience. "Kneel on the floor," I asked as I spread my legs letting him get a look at his first real pussy.

"Do you shave it? I mean you don't have any hair and all the pictures I've seen..." he began until I interrupted him.

"You look at pictures?" I queried.

"Well, yea. You know. Guys look at magazines and stuff. Playboy and Penthouse. I've seen them," he responded.

"Do they look like mine?" I toyed with him.

"Well, yea, sort of. I've not seen a lot but I don't remember seeing one without hair," he added.

"Do you like it?" I purred. "You like my little hairless pussy?" I questioned.

"Yea, it's pretty," Tommy said looking at my pussy and then up at me.

"Show me. Show me how much you like it. Kiss my pussy Tommy. Put your lips to my pussy and kiss it there," I instructed.

Tommy did as I directed and I felt his warm lips touch the top of my folds. "That's it. Now lick me. Take your tongue and lick my pussy baby. Push it in," I told him as he stuck his tongue out and lightly ran it down my slit. He was very tentative at first but I grabbed the back of his head and pulled it into my box.

I reveled in the moment. I felt so confident as I instructed him how and where to lick. In all of our time together, Tommy had always been the outgoing take charge kind of guy. He decided when we would go out and where. But now, here I was clearly in charge, directing him to suck on my clit, push his tongue further up my vagina. I loved it.

"Oh fuck Tommy. That feels so good. Lick my pussy. Damn you eat pussy good. Yea, suck my clit. Lick me there," I chanted encouraging him on. I looked down to see his little peter stiffening again.

"Tommy, jack your cock while you eat me," I urged. He broke away and looked up at me.

"You want me to play with myself?" he replied back meekly, almost embarrassed.

"You've done yourself before haven't you? Don't tell me you've never jacked off to one of those magazines you say you look at," I shot back.

Tommy's face turned completely red as he slowed his licks on my box.

"Well, yea. But never in front of any body," he said back softly.

"Well, I hope not. But you're with me now and I want you to do it. Do it like I was doing it a while ago. Stroke your cock for me," I demanded in a serious tone back.

I watched as Tommy reached around his shaft with his right hand and began to stroke back and forth, tightening his grip, until he was moving in a regular fluid motion.

"Yea, that's so fucking hot," I encouraged him. "Now lick me, stick your tongue up my pussy. That's it. Fuck me with your face baby. Eat me," I cried.

Tommy was beating his cock pretty good and I loved how easy it was to have him doing the things I wanted. I raised my legs up and pressed my feet into his shoulders, spreading my legs wide as he lapped at my juicy pussy.

I felt my orgasm approaching and I grabbed his hair, pulling his face into my hot box. I bucked against his face as he continued to lick, sucking my clit, and running his whole mouth across my lips. A wave swept over me as I felt the release I had been looking for all day. My chest was rising up and down as I pulled him up. He stopped momentarily to lick and suck on a nipple before we kissed full on the lips. I could see my juices covering his face and I licked his lips and chin.

He still had his hand on his cock as I encouraged him to continue to jack off - to cum for me. He stood on his knees looking down at my tits as he beat his cock.

"That's it baby. Cum. Cum for me. Cum on my titties," I implored as I reached down and tweaked a nipple, rubbing my breasts in front of him, pulling at my hard buds.

"Cum Tommy. Cum on them. Give me your hot load," I urged him.

He stiffened and again his semen shot out splashing on the sheets and my stomach. He missed entirely my breasts. But I dipped my finger in a pool and brought it to a nipple, coating it with his slippery juice.

It was our real first sex together. We had not had intercourse but I had enjoyed it none the less. I realized I was now the teacher. It was a first for me as I directed our lovemaking. I liked it. I liked it a lot. I knew then that I enjoyed being in control and Tommy seemed okay with it.

I knew something else about myself. I loved sex. I loved going down on him, the feel of his cock in my mouth. But more than anything, I knew that I could control how and when he came. I liked that feel of dominance, the power I had with my hand around his penis. How he responded to my directions and while the summer was nearly over, my fun was just about to begin.

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