Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 06


In another scene, loosely based on the movie 'Indecent Proposal,' Hanna plays a newly married bride whose husband has incurred a large debt to keep a business he started from going under. Meeting him for dinner their conversation was overheard by an older man in his late 60's who could not keep his eyes off the sexy young wife from the very second she entered the room.

After introducing himself he apologized for eavesdropping on the conversation and felt terrible about the financial troubles he had heard the husband talk about. He was very distinguished and extremely well groomed and while he listened to the husband explain the seriousness of the situation, and that he borrowed 2 million dollars from some people that could be ruthless if it wasn't paid back in a week, she and the older man were looking at each other in a way that had sexual overtones in it. The scene even dissolved into the two of them kissing each other passionately as she groaned in lust.

The 69 year old man being very bold and to the point told the young couple that he could easily erase the debt for them and would even give the husband 10 million dollars if they agreed to one condition, which was that the sexy wife come to his private villa in Spain for a week.

They sat their speechless for a few seconds the husband was thinking about the gift of 10 million dollars in addition to the 2 million for the debt owed and she thought about being alone with the older, distinguished man at his private villa in Spain. That image shifted to her by a extravagant pool dressed in a sinful white slingshot bikini and black pumps kissing the older billionaire as she messaged his bulging cock in his swimsuit while he rubbed her amazing ass and one of her huge tits.

As the young couple sat there in a daze he handed them a card and told them to search his name on the internet and to call him if they accepted the offer. He then stood and left 2 thousand dollars on the table and walked away. They sat there speechless and knew the money was a symbol of how wealthy he was.

They did not speak about the offer, but paid the $70 dollar check with one of the twenty, hundred dollar bills he had left on the table. On the ride home she cuddled her husband but they did not talk. As she cuddled him her mind drifted to the incredibly handsome man and even saw herself dressed in a white corset with long garters attached to tan stockings on her knees, getting fucked from behind by a massive, older 12 inch cock.

As soon as they got home they searched his name on the internet and saw his photos and learned of his vast wealth. He had made his incredible fortune in the shipping industry, and by the time he was 25 was already a billionaire, five times over. That night they both tossed and turned over the offer, he thinking about the money and her thinking of his proposal.

While she tossed and turned images of her and the older man fucking were deep in her thoughts, so much so that the scene showed her masturbating to an explosive orgasm while she lay beside her snoring husband. The scene ended by going back and forth from her rubbing her clit and pussy to the old man shooting his powerful load all over her massive tits as she looked up at him with the most seductive sly grin as she told him she loved his huge cock.

The next morning the scene shots to the couple finally speaking at breakfast about the offer and see it as the only way out of the terrible situation. Although he protests and is sad about her having to be the reason for the deal she reassures him that it is the only way out of the terrible mess and that it will only be a week.

The scene shows her dressing in garters and stockings with a sheer lace bra and tiny thong with black pumps as the shattered husband watches his sexy wife get ready for her sexual encounter with the older billionaire. Seeing that he is distraught she attempts to give him a blow job, but his smallish 5 inch dick can't even get erect with her amazing oral abilities.

The scene has her walking out to the private limo dressed in a sinful white zipper-down mini dress with her husband lying on the bed in tears. As soon as she gets into the limo the older billionaire hands her a glass of champagne and within minutes are kissing like lovers all the way to the airport, where his private jet is waiting.

Once in the private jet he strips her of her dress as he kisses her neck and tells her how sexy she is. In the sexiest way, he devours her pussy with incredible oral skills that have her squirming and biting her lip as she cums numerous times before she releases a huge cock, 12 inches long and as fat around as a baseball bat.

The week is spent fucking in the most elaborate and exotic plays in Spain. During the week her husband pays his debt to the loan-sharks and drinks himself to the point of passing out. After she returns home she feels empty and after fucking her husband's small dick realizes that she misses the older lover and his huge cock.

The scene shifts to a caption that reads 4 months later and shows her with a huge diamond ring on her finger while she's bouncing up and down, on the huge 12 inch cock of her new husband. They are on a giant yacht as she's nude on the deck wearing only a pair of black pumps.

The third website which was also developed by the wealthy 80 year old literally showed the darker side of the young 18 year old. The site featured Hanna fucking the biggest black cocks in the porn industry. If not for having huge cocks, all of the black actors would have had menial or unskilled jobs at best or shared a life of crime and incarceration like a majority of the black population that make-up prison life.

It was clear by the guttural way they spoke that these actors had a limited intelligence, but were 'gifted' in the way today's professional basketball or football players are. Each of the amazingly shot videos on this website featured the stacked white teenager with up to three hung black studs at a time in the most sinful videos of their genre.

In one wild scene Hanna whose actor name again is Jennifer, she plays an 18 year old daughter who comes home from a date only to find her father being held to a chair by two huge black men in their 40's, dressed in white tank-tops with sagging, oversized jeans and timberland boots while being punched in the stomach by an enormous middle aged black man who was dressed similarly, and was bald but had skin that was as black as coal.

After learning that her father embezzled millions of dollars from the man who was punching her father she agreed to fuck him if he'd stop torturing him. When he took her in his arms and started kissing her with his long tongue snaking into her mouth the actor playing her father protested and the two black thugs punched and kicked him.

The scene was very life-like and extremely violent. Like all of her the websites, the quality and budget was very high, especially for these types of sites with some budgets rivaling some independent films or high-priced documentaries.

As she kissed the black thug her groans began to get deeper and throatier, and as he lifted her short mini skirt over her delicious ass with one hand and played with her ass while he squeezed one of her huge tits through her sheer blouse she lifted the backs of her high heel pumps and came in a hot wave. In every video her orgasms were very real and explosive. It was clear that she loved making videos which was obvious to the millions of fans that subscribed to her four websites.

After she came he ordered the two black studs out of the room and to take her father with them. Taking off all his cloths except for a pair of Timberland boots her eyes went wide-open as she saw his massive cock. Kicking back on the sofa his enormous black cock went up his chest about 8 inches before it curved over his muscular thigh and the huge crown touched the sofa.

Telling her to strip 'slow' for him his enormous black snake continued to grow to immense proportions with every item of clothing she removed. As she stripped her eyes were riveted to the enormous black monster that was turning on and getting rock-hard because of her incredible white body.

While she stripped he told her she had an amazing body and that he was going to fuck the shit out of young, white pussy. This made her groan in a deep breath. When she got to her to her tan thigh high stockings and black pumps his cock was a massive hard on that was leaking a steady flow of pre-cum.

Calling her to the sofa she sat with her sexy legs crossed and her ass angled off the cushion as they kissed hotly as her tongue flicked across his. He began to alternate kissing her to sucking her huge tits as he cupped and messaged her incredible ass. As he sucked her tits and played with her ass she threw her head back and rolled her eyes back inside her head as she announced that she was cumming.

When she lifted his massive cock her hands looked tiny in contrast to it, especially the enormous girth that her hand could barely go a quarter ways around. Kissing his huge crown as she pumped his giant shaft had her groaning like crazy as she told him how huge he was, and that she loved his black cock.

The incredible fucking between them lasted over an hour in this scene as the cameras captured him taking her in amazing positions that could only be done with a massive cock. In one scene she is sitting on his lap holding his huge black cock against her stomach as she uses his long shaft to rub against her clit. The scene shows the enormity of his cock as five inches hang below her pussy and seven inches rise way above her navel. In this video the big titted Hanna came more than 50 times and treated his enormous black cock to 5 powerful orgasms that she took in her mouth and in her pussy.

The video ended with her fucking all three black studs while the actor that played her father was forced to watch. In the years that followed she was voted porn star of the year for four years in a row and was awarded best interracial and girl-on-girl and young and old each one of those years. Her off- camera sex was constant, going between Hollywood celebrities that included both men and women, her brother, her father and the 80 year old who made her a star in the industry.

She was at every Hollywood event where stars and noted celebrity and wealthy business people attended, and always dressed in something that showed off her amazing body and made all of the nightly television tabloids. She began to get offers to star in cable series that showed nudity as she continued to work her popular websites.

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