Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 12


As soon as we got into the private compartment, we instantly went back to kissing and playing with each other. Within seconds he had me stripped of my dress, leaving me in my sexy stockings, thong, garter belt and high heels. He couldn't keep his hands off my sinful dark body, and I loved every second of being played with by my husband's wealthy and powerful boss.

As his expert hands ran over my stockings, and garter belt, than to my ass, I rolled my eyes back and told him how sexy I felt. He then played with my aching nipples for a few minutes, taking his time to suck each one, while he twisted, and pinched the other.

As he played with me, I was running my palm over the front of his freakish cock. I ran it from the base, then over the top, and then followed the bulge along the huge hook, that ran to the right, just above his knee.

"So fucking, huge," I moaned, as I played with his giant, menacing cock.

Our tongues instantly shot out, and we sinfully kissed for a few minutes more, before he took off his cloths. As he stripped, I couldn't get over his incredible physique, especially for a 84 year old man, and when I saw his giant cock again, I gasped out loud and as I kept saying how huge it was. As I said it I was instinctively squatting on her high heels and putting my mouth against it and began kissing it, telling him I never saw anything so huge and that I would do everything to please it.

Within seconds we were locked in a very sexy 69 position, which we held for the entire 30 minute flight to his luxury yacht. As I lay on top of him licking and pumping his giant, towering cock, he was enjoying the taste of her pussy and ass.

Although he gave incredible head, he was much more interested in getting sucked off, or fucking. In the rare cases that he would suck a teens cunt, it was because he was extremely turned on to her. And this was a hot-exotic Asian teen that he loved giving head to.

As he ate my scorching pussy, I licked up and down his towering shaft, marveling at its enormity, imagining what it was going feel like and do to my tiny fuck hole. At times I would feel his tongue snake deep into me and I would throw my head back and snarl how much he was turning me on. Switching from my pussy to my ass caused me to groan in a throaty voice, and take my mouth off his massive cock.

"Oh fuck, that's so hot baby," I said, looking back at him.

He then began inserting two fingers into my wet ass, which instantly sent me over the edge. He felt her shudder, as I came in a hard orgasm all over his face. At times the feeling of his tongue buried in my cunt, with two fingers in my, dark round ass, was too stimulating for me, and I had to stop licking his enormous cock, as I threw her head back, with my lip curled up, snarling at him that he was making me cum hard, and then exploding all over his mouth.

After she came he instantly began finger fucking her pussy and ass, which kept her in one, continuous wave of pleasure. As he ate her pussy, and spread it out with his tongue and fingers, in his mind, he was sizing it up for his giant cock. He knew that her beautiful Asian pussy was going to love the pounding his 14 inch cock was going to give it. Almost as if reading his mind, she looked back and snarled, while pumping his giant shaft, which she couldn't wait to have his huge cock in her pussy.

Just as the helicopter touched down, he felt his cock throb and get ready to shoot off.

"Oh God, I need to taste your huge, hot load baby

Suddenly giant bursts of cum flew out of his inch- long cum slit. As soon as his hot cum hit my tits, I cried out and came, from the force of the blast and the intense heat of it as it hit the tips of my huge nipples. He came so hard that his cum was dangling off the front of my 34D chest and flowed-off and dripped to the floor like melting icicles.

As I came, I kept pumping his huge, spurting cock as it continued to spay all over my tits. Desperately wanting to taste his hot load, I guided his spraying cock to my mouth, and began to swallow five blasts of cum, before I started to gag, causing the tenth burst of cum to flow out of the sides of my mouth.

For the next two minutes his giant cock sent burst after burst, of two- foot ropes of cum into her sexy mouth, as she swallowed each one eagerly, while looking into his eyes with a burning lust that only stirred him on even more. As he looked at her body, he knew he had to get into her sexy pussy, before he went insane.

I had never experienced so much cum in my life. I went wild drinking his hot load and loved the taste of his cum. As he came I instantly began rubbing my big distended clit, and joined him in a wild finish. I couldn't wait to fuck his massive cock, and kept pumping him passionately after he stopped.

"Stay hard for my pussy baby," I moaned as I fisted his giant cock.

I was astonished to feel him go rock-hard within a minute after his giant cum. I was so turned on by my husband's older bosses, ability to cum so hard, and recover so fast, that I couldn't wait to get off the helicopter and start our fuck.

The sight of the exotic Asian teen and the 84 year old businessman getting off the helicopter was almost surreal. He was completely nude, except for his 50 thousand dollar Rolex watch, while she was clearly dressed to fuck in black thigh high stockings, garter belt, black thong, and black high heel pumps.

They got off his private, luxury helicopter, as if no one else was there, stopping every few feet to kiss and play with each other, with his enormous cock, bulging out, from his tight body, raging to fuck the sexy Asian 19 year old bride of his newest employee. As they made their way to the railing of the ship she was eagerly stroking his enormous shaft, letting him know that she was desperate to fuck his massive cock.

"Oh god, I can't wait to fuck it," I said hungrily before kissing him.

To anyone watching, it would have looked like the most sinful scene imaginable. An incredibly sexy 19 year old, clearly turned on and anxious to fuck a 80 year old man, a man old enough that he could easily be her grandfather, or even great-grandfather, 61 years her senior. But, the way I was dressed, and the way I kissed and played with him showed that I was so turned on and fuck crazed for him, which was obvious to anyone watching the wild scene.

To any church-going or conservative person, the sight of a 19 year old teen dressed in stockings, high heel pumps and a garter and thong set, with a man that could easily be great grandfather would have been considered distasteful and immoral. I have to admit that the age difference between us, more than 60 years apart did made it hot for me, that and the fact that he was wealthy beyond imagination, and ruthless and powerful, but what mostly had me fuck-crazed was the enormous cock he had and the way he fucked.

As for Robert Sterling, he only fucked young, teenage pussy. Nothing turned him on more than having his 14 inch cock buried deep in a sexy 18 or 19 year old pussy. He and the young Asian wife were so turned on to each other that they stopped every few feet, and met in a sexy, frenzied kiss, while playing with each other, her hands pumping up and down sexily, never leaving his giant cock, while his ran up and down her stocking covered legs and over her garter straps, then to her big tits, where he sucked on them heatedly.

I had wanted to fuck him so bad, I wasn't going to let go of his enormous cock until it was stuffed deep in my burning cunt. As I kissed and pumped him, my 19 year old pussy was dripping as I marveled at the enormous size of his monster cock I was stroking, thinking about it, and what it was going to feel-like in my scorching pussy. I had fucked a lot of men and some with what I thought were really big cocks, but nothing came close to the size of my husband's boss's monster cock.

He had come in the limousine and just a few minutes before in his private helicopter and he was still rock hard and staggering in size. I was so turned on, and never more horny to fuck. I had been turned onto him for months before meeting him, because of everything I had heard about him, his power, and wealth and his huge cock. From the night I met him at dinner with my husband; it was all I could think about.

Walking out of the helicopter with my pumps clicking on the deck of his yacht, my heart was beating as if I had just run a marathon. He in turn couldn't get enough of my body, and finger fucked her pussy and ass, as he greedily sucked and bit my dark, inch long nipples, every time we stopped.

At one point I squatted on my pumps and took his huge cockhead in my mouth. I was so ravenous, as I sucked on his enormous crown. As I sucked him I pumped his 14 inch shaft with long deliberate strokes, feeling the maze of veins pulsing against my sinful touch. Overcome with lust, I allowed the head to come out of my mouth and pushed back on her pumps and groaned excitedly, before I put his oversized cock head back in my mouth.

His enormous cock was too stimulating for me and every few seconds I would pull-back and pump it with both hands, while groaning, incoherent noises of lust.

"Oh fuck, I groaned, over and over," as I came instantly, every time we stopped to play with each other.

As we worked our way to the yachts railing, I was so fuck crazed, and the only thing that mattered to me in the world, was getting that angry, 14 inch cock into my scorching pussy. When we got to the railing, I was so horny and sex-crazed to fuck his giant cock, that I instantly squatted on my pumps and spit all over his giant shaft, and pumped him feverously in both of her outstretched hands, while looking up at him with a lust in my eyes, and a wild, sly grin on my face, as if I knew I was going to get the fuck of my life. Pumping him like this was an opportunity to feel the sheer weight and size of his monstrous cock once more, before it reshaped my pussy for life.

"That's it. Get it nice and wet baby," he said in a commanding voice that resonated throughout the upper-deck of the giant yacht. "Get it ready for that sexy young pussy of yours," he snarled through clinched teeth.

"Fuck, it's so fucking huge baby. God I can't to fuck it," I snarled lustfully, as my big, dark nipples shot off the tips of my tits, causing him to reach down and pinch, and pull them aggressively.

By the angry way his huge cock was pulsing, I knew that he was going to fuck me real hard, and that was just the way I wanted it from my husband's huge cocked boss.

After a few minutes he groaned and told me he needed to fuck. Although he loved the attention I was giving his huge cock, he was growing impatient and need to fuck me.

I could feel his impatience growing in him and the sound of his voice becoming demanding.

" Now baby, " he said in a heated demanding tone of voice and suddenly lifted me up and spun me around, almost forcefully, which caused me to almost loose my balance, as I reached out and grabbed the yachts railing, just in time.

Once again, he squatted down and buried his mouth into her wild, delicious ass and pussy and spit on her cunt, which caused her to look back and groan hotly.

"Oh God baby, that feels so fucking good."

After a few minutes of eating my pussy, and knowing I was dripping wet, he stood and took his monstrous cock in his hand and lined it up with my steaming cunt. As he spread my long, dark fuck lips apart, I looked back and nearly died as she saw him taking his monster cock in his hand and line it up with my exposed pussy.

As I leaned over the railing, I instinctively spread my legs, in order to give him total access to my smoking cunt. My pumps helped arch my back, giving his enormous cock the perfect angel to begin our fuck.

Her ass spread wide' and seeing her pussy open caused his giant cock to begin oozing a clear flow of pre cum. The sight of her round, dark ass, encased in her garter belt, caused his enormous cock to leak pre-cum like a dripping faucet. After he spun the hot Asian teen around, he tore off her thin thong and tossed it into the ocean.

"Oh fuck," I groaned from the assertiveness of my husband's 80 year old boss.

I was delirious as I looked back at the most frightening sight in my life. It looked like I was about to be fucked by a baseball bat instead of a mans cock.

"Ohhh yes baby....I'm sooo fucking horny for that great big cock of yours," I groaned as I saw the look of sinister rage in his eyes. "Oh God, fuck that horny pussy like a wild man," I said in a heated voice as I looked back, still in shock of how huge a cock he had.

As his hands teased up and down my sheer nylons, then over the edge of the lacy tops I moaned,

"Ohhhhhh yesss that feels so sexy baby...You're driving me crazy, just by the way you're hands play with my body."

He then grabbed me by her long black hair and caused me to turn my head. I knew we needed to kiss, because of all the sexy tension that had built up between us. I was so hot, and immediately let my tongue out as I was turning my head, to meet his.

Our tongues slashed wildly at each other, in a feverous assault that lasted a few minutes. I was so hot to get fucked by his enormous cock that my tongue missed his half the time. As our tongues flicked wildly across each other's he was lining up his giant cock with my burring fuck hole.

While kissing me he began running his giant cockhead through the long folds of my pussy lips, which caused me to look back and groan excitedly. Each time he raked his softball-sized cockhead through my long fuck-lips, my pussy was spread further apart, and coated his giant crown with my clear liquid. My pussy was jumping like crazy. I was so desperate to get his massive cock inside me.

This teasing, using his huge cockhead to spread- apart my pussy lips was torturous for me.

"Oh God, fuck it baby. You're driving me crazy. I want to feel that great- big teasing cock deep inside my horny pussy right now," I said with a rasp in my voice. "I've been going crazy all week to fuck you and that massive cock of yours," I said into the open air, lustfully.

He was so turned on by the sight of her dark, exotic body, that he began shouting sexy obscenities at her as he inched his giant cock further into deepest parts of her scorching fuck-hole. The sight of her long stocking covered legs dressed in those sexy sheer black thigh high stockings with the six inch lace tops, while she stood with her back arched from wearing high heel pumps, was driving him both crazy and angry at the same time.

As he talked about how sexy I was, and how he was going to reshape my pussy with his big cock, I was loving every torturous second of my husband's bosses giant cock.

"I've been thinking about this hot, wild pussy of yours since the moment I laid eyes on you baby," he said as he fucked another fat inch of cock into my already, overstuffed pussy.

"Oh God, this pussy was yours to fuck, that night at dinner baby," I said through short, fast breaths, as I felt the biggest cock in my life, bore through my pussy lips, and stretch my cunt in a wide circumference that I knew it wasn't designed for.

He had the sexy Asian wife in the most delirious state, in her life, as her body was trembling, from the sheer size of his enormous cock. Although he only had 3 inches of cock inside her, she already felt over- stuffed, and maxed-out, but she knew that there was so much more to fuck. Even with a few inches inside her scorching pussy, he had more cock inside her than any man and he still had another 11 inches to go.

Each time she moved her horny ass, to adjust to his freakish size, his giant cock would instantly force its way in that direction, and continue to reshape her insides. Suddenly she felt her pussy begin to spasm, as he slid another inch past her clinging pussy lips. The excitement of a explosive orgasm caused the backs of her feet to come out of her high heel pumps, as her sexy ass trembled excitedly.

As I shuddered, and came all over his monster shaft I bit my lower lip and groaned,

"Ohh fuck! ....its sooo fucking huge... I'm cumming already.God, just looking at that monster cock of yours baby, can make a pussy cum."

Without any concern for what his giant cock was going to do to my pussy, he began feeding his turned on monster into my scorching opening. He was going wild and as each throbbing inch penetrated my violated pussy, as I welcomed each inch by cumming all over his huge, thickly veined shaft, with cries of lust that filled the open-air around the colossal yacht.

I knew that he was at a point of no-return, and that any pleas for him to pull back, or not to fuck any deeper, would fall on deaf ears. Of course that would never happen as my pussy craved to have every inch of him buried deep inside me.

As he fucked into me he began running his hands up and down my sexy black thigh high stockings and began fucking me harder and harder. As his huge cock filled every inch of my burning pussy I began using my turned on ass to meet each one of his long, deep, angry thrust. I was going wild from the experience of having such an enormous cock inside me.

At one point I crossed one of my black high heel pumps over the other which caused my sexy ass to stick out more. This allowed his monstrous cock, to fuck deeper, and way up into the back of my pussy.

The sight of my ass, and my stocking cover legs was driving him crazy. I was so happy to hear how excited he was, from this new angle.

"Oh yeah baby , that's real nice....That ass looks so fucking sexy, while your taking my big cock inside that deep 19 year old pussy of yours." he said groaning, in a deep, dark resonating voice.

"Oh god baby, that great, big cock feels so fucking good." "Never fucked anything so fucking big," I groaned in a lusty voice, as his angered monster snaked way up into the back of my burning fuck hole.

As he fucked into her deeper with each stroke, he kept complimenting her on her amazing body saying how sexy it was. He was thoroughly enjoying the incredible feeling as his massive cock slid deep inside her incredible cunt; farther then he had ever fucked into.

As he fucked into her he was thinking that she without a doubt had the most amazing pussy he had ever fucked. He marveled her incredible body, so slender with perfect tits and beautifully tapered legs. As he fucked her from behind and took in the sight of gorgeous, and sinful ass, as it stuck out perfectly from crossing her stocking covered legs, while she stood in her black high heels.

I couldn't stop cumming from this wild position, as I took every delicious inch of his giant pussy stretcher into my scorching fuck-hole. Every time he drilled back down and bottomed out I came in wild shock-wave that was heard throughout the luxury ship. As his huge cock slammed deep into me my high heels clicked on the deck, as I nearly passed-out from having something so huge in my pussy.

As he continued to thrust his monster cock all the way up into the deepest regions of her young, teenage pussy, he thrilled her by telling her she had the best cunt he ever fucked. At one point he fisted his huge shaft and pulled out without warning.

"Ahh fuck-pussy's too hot," he growled.

"Burning your great, big cock baby?" I groaned, having heard that many times about my cunt being as hot as a furnace.

"Fuck, you're scorching my dick with that hot pussy baby," he groaned as he lined his huge head up to my scorching hole once again.

"Fuck yeah-let me light that huge-assed cock on fire baby," I looked back and snarled as I clinched my teeth.

"The hottest pussy I ever fucked," he growled as he pried his massive cock back inside me.

Once he was buried deep inside me again I began meeting his every thrust as I slammed my ass back at him, he began to growl like a wild-man. As I looked back and saw the contorted look on his face I snarled,'

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