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We stripped and you put a butt plug up my arse then forced me down into a seat and cuffed my hands behind my back and tied my ankles to the front legs of the chair then took another chair for yourself and sat down facing me took out your dildo opened your legs and started fucking yourself in front of me. I sit there watching you satisfying yourself unable to do anything. I hear your cunt start to get wet then specks of white cum beginning to appear on your dildo and I begin to feel horny myself, you can tell by looking at my face that it's making me horny so you fuck yourself harder until you cum. You look over at me and my eyes are transfixed on your wet cunt and I'm biting my bottom lip slightly and panting slightly....you love having this effect on me. As my ankles are tied to the front legs of the chair my legs are wide open and my cunt is in full view and you can see that it's starting to glisten:

"Is this making you need to cum bitch?"

I shake my head "It's turning me on though"

"Your cunt's getting wet so don't lie to me."

"It doesn't feel wet to me!" I protest.

"You know you cant cum till I'm done and fucking you with this!"

"I know..." I sigh

I lower my head knowing my body is going against your wishes. You start fucking yourself again. I keep my head down hoping that'll help me hold off until you're ready for me to cum, even though I know it's probably already a lost battle. You always did have this effect on me when you make me watch you make yourself cum. I hear your cunt getting wetter and you begin to moan. I know this means you are on the edge and about to cum:

"Get your head up. I want you to watch me squirt bitch!"

I quickly do as you say. Your moans grow louder and you fuck yourself faster until you come again and cum squirts from your cunt. I bite my lip to try and focus. I feel my cunt throbbing and I can feel pressure building up inside. I look at you again and I see that you are almost fisting your cunt and the next thing I know waves of warm orgasmic heat are radiating through me and before I can stop it it takes over me. The heat reaches my belly and my hips slide forward slightly and cum drips from my cunt. I sigh resigned to the fact that my body has disobeyed us both yet again. I look up at you:

"You're fucking weak! You couldn't do what you were told could you, you selfish bitch?!"

"It just happened. I tried to hold it!" I moan

"You know that means I have to punish you now?"

I nod and bow my head.

You come around behind me and pull my head back sharply by my hair and force your dildo into my mouth telling me I have to clean it for you. You start fucking my mouth with it, hard. You ram it into my mouth so hard and fast that I can't help but gag:

"Don't you dare fucking puke!"

I moan in recognition.

You take your dildo out of my mouth and you knock my chair back so I'm lying on the floor and before I realise what's happening you're standing over me with your back to me. Then I feel it, warm liquid running into my open cunt then I realise you're pissing on me or rather in me. I gasp in shock.

"I'm gonna give you what you fucking deserve so you wont disobey me again! Oh yeah.....and I don't just need to piss..."

I start to protest but I give up knowing that I deserve whatever you think I do.

Once you've finish peeing you step over me, turn round to face my head, walk up so you're standing over my tits and squat. You watch my face as you push. Knowing how dirty you're being is turning you on. I lie there helpless as you shit on my tits and stomach. You come again as you're shitting and squirt cum all over my face. You finish and you bring me and the chair back upright again. As you do so your piss runs from my cunt and your shit slides down my tits and stomach:

"Now I've made you as dirty as I think you are. Are you going to disobey my orders again?"

"No, never." I say shaking my head.

Just then you notice a strange look on my face but before you can ask why:

"I don't feel too good" I say with a slight moan

You smile wickedly at me and say "I knew you'd fail so I did something."

"What did you do?" I moaned

"I gave you something..."

My stomach cramps and gurgles and it dawns on me:

"There's more than just a butt plug up your arse and I slipped you a little something last night. I think I'd better take the plug out your arse."

You loosen the rope around my ankles just enough to allow you to get the butt plug out but then tighten it back up again afterwards:

"Aren't you gonna let me go to the toilet?!"

"No. I wanna see your body lose control and see you suffer the humiliation of shitting yourself. I know you secretly like it."

"I don't like it!" I say almost crying.

Before anything else can be said my stomach cramps again and I can't hold it this time. I push and I feel mushy shit escape out my arse and over the whole seat of the chair. I push again and it begins to run down the inside of my legs and onto the floor. There is a look of embarrassment mingled with relief on my face.

"Now I know you've had your punishment now." you say satisfied.

You free me from the chair and tell me I can go get cleaned up now. I get halfway across the room when another wave of pain hits and I double over and end up pushing more shit out of my arse out of the effort to stay upright. Once I stop shitting I get up and go to the loo to get cleaned up. You begin cleaning the room up. You then make your way to the loo so you can get yourself cleaned up. I'm shitting again when you come in and you start to apologise:

"I wanted to teach you a lesson....but....uh'm.....I didn't think you'd end up shitting this much."

"It's ok. I deserve it.....and if I'm being honest I enjoyed it to a certain degree." I say, smiling slightly.

"I always knew you were a dirty bitch."

You smile, get up and leave the bathroom. You return a couple of minutes later hiding something but I speak before you can say anything:

"Uh'm.... can I ask you something?"

"Yeah ok."

"Can you fuck me hard while I sit here? All this shitting has got my cunt wet again and I wanna squirt for you....." I pause expecting you to object but you just bring out your rubber cock from behind your back and say:

"Hell yeah!"

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/14/18

Wow! 5-Stars and 5-Yummy Scat Orgasms!

Hallo cornixregina!

Your yummy scat story "Consequences", is so hot,,, yes! .... I really hope you read my message to the author, I would love to chat with you, I might be able to convince you to startmore...

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by Anonymous11/03/17

Geat Story

I enjoyed this, very much indeed, though I would have liked BOTH girls to have shit uncontrollably!

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