tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCoronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 04

Coronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 04


Sally Webster was in a panic, her washing machine had sprung a leak and the kitchen floor was covered in water.

She phoned her daughter Rosie, to see if her boyfriend Jason was around to help. Rosie said Jason was out on a job, but she would try to contact him. Her ex husband Kevin was out on a pick up, she was stranded.

The water was now getting really deep, Sally opened the conservatory door to allow some of it to flow away, just as Jason entered the front door.

"Where's the stop tap?" Jason yelled.

Sally in a panic replied "I don't know, Kevin always dealt with the household things, try under the sink.

Jason cried out "Jesus what a mess, you ok Sally?"

Sally burst into tears and fell into her daughters partners arms. She felt comforted by the strong muscular body holding her close as she sobbed, comforted and despite it being oh so wrong, slightly aroused.

Jason located the stop tap and at last the water stopped flowing. He disconnected the washer and turned the water back on, no further leaks, the cleanup was on.

Several hours later the kitchen was all cleared and beginning to dry out.

"I don't know how I can thank you enough , you have been brilliant." said Sally

Jason recalling how Sally had clung to him during the flood said, jokingly "I can think of a way, but I bet you couldn't handle a young fit guy anymore,"

Sally could not believe what she was hearing, was her daughters boyfriend propositioning her for sex? She looked at Jason, his body was something else, toned in all the right places. She often felt envious of Rosie getting to have hot sex with a hunk like him on a very regular basis.

"Oh I could handle you alright, no problem, well there is actually, she's called Rosie and she's your girlfriend." said Sally laughing.

"It should dry out overnight, Rosie's on a job tomorrow, so I will call in and check in the morning. Oh and by the way,"

Sally waited with baited breath, was Jason going to take the sexual flirting further?"

He carried on "you need a new washing machine, that one is knackered."

At the door, Sally pulled him back and wrapped her arms around him in a hug, kissed him on the cheek and said "you are a star, thank you."

That night Sally was restless, she could not get the thought or image of Jason out of her mind. She tossed and turned before drifting into a deep sleep, and dreamed of Jason, but he was making love to Rosie, not her.

Next morning Sally skipped work. She was consumed by the thought of making love to Jason.

Stepping out of the shower she looked at the image reflected in the mirror. Natural blond hair, a pretty face, men found her slightly upturned nose something of a turn on. Looking down, her breasts, not large, but still had an attractiveness, the nipples sensitive to the touch. A nice flattish belly, a light brown pubic triangle, and legs that many younger women would envy. "Not bad for a forty-two year old, not bad at all." she said softly to herself.

As she dressed, she discarded the every day basic white bra, for a rather sexy pink and lilac push up, which enhanced her cleavage. Likewise the plain cotton panties were replaced by a pink thong, she felt really sexy. She thought to herself, can I really go through with this? Then answered, "Oh yes."

Sally busied herself clearing up the last of the debris from the flood. The place was pristine again.

Jason arrived about ten, "Hi Sally, how are things?" he asked.

"Fine Jason, thanks to you, you really saved the day, I don't know how to thank you."

"I told you yesterday, the offers still open if you are up for it." he replied with a cheeky grin.

"You don't really mean, what I think you mean, do you?" asked Sally.

"What? A morning of sex, with my girl friends mother, its been my fantasy for ages, I just never thought it would come along." said a confident and upbeat Jason.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" said Sally advancing slowly towards the young man.

He took her into his well muscled arms and their lips met for the first time. Her tongue slid into his mouth, seeking his. Smooth tongues rolled against each other swirling around and around in a welter of passion.

Jason moved his mouth from hers, his lips slowly kissing the soft skin of her neck, Rosie loved him to do this and judging from the soft moans coming from Sally's mouth, so did her mother.

His hand slowly reached for her breast as hers slid down the front of his jeans and felt the hardness of him already there.

They fell back onto the leather couch and began to kiss again, hands exploring and tongues entwining.

Sally sat up and pulled the sweater she was wearing over her head, revealing the sexy bra. Jason was not bothered, he just wanted to get to her breasts and quickly removed the item. He lowered his head and took Sally's right nipple between his lips, flicking it slowly with his tongue. Rosie it seemed had inherited her sensitive nipples from her mother as Sally's stiffened under his tongue and lips.

Sally was still stroking him as he broke from her breasts and kissed her again. Then Sally slid from the couch onto her knees and reached for the zip on Jason's jeans. Jason stood and eased down his jeans. He was not wearing underwear. His large dark cock sprang into Sally's view. It was much larger than she had imagined, she said "god, now I know why Rosie is always smiling, its just fantastic."

With that she reached out and took him in her hand, then after kissing the head, the rest of him deep into her mouth.

Oral sex had never been Sally's favourite, she had found the practice repulsive when her then boyfriend Kevin has first suggested it. But had sucked him on special occasions, like birthdays, anniversary's and Christmas, but she had done it under sufferance, not out of choice. Likewise with lovers in the past. But this magnificent piece of rigid flesh belonging to Jason, was meant for sucking.

Licking down the length of him, she took each of his tight balls into her mouth and sucked hard, causing Jason to wince as her teeth dug into the skin. Then kissing up again, took him in her hand and ever so slowly rubbed the cock, wet from her saliva, all over her face before again plunging him deep into her mouth until she gagged as the tip hit the back of her throat.

Slowly she removed him and standing, undid and removed the trousers she was wearing. Sitting back down on the couch she pulled aside the materiel of the thong and said "I think its time you fucked me, don't you?"

Jason was of course keen, but first he wanted to taste the juices her could see were seeping from between very nice wrinkled pussy lips.

His lips and tongue were soon working in unison on her hot pussy. She was not as moist as Rosie, who produced copious amounts of pussy juice for him to enjoy. But the taste and feel of her was more than satisfactory. The sounds coming from her assured him that his technique was more than satisfactory.

After a few minutes of his oral ministrations, Sally gave out a cry of pure joy as her orgasm hit her, racing through her body like a river of pleasure.

Jason moved his mouth away but continued to play with her pussy, tweaking the lips between his fingers occasionally poking one of them deep into her.

Jason settled in behind Sally on the couch, raised her right leg and slid his long, hard cock deep into her, wet and eager pussy. His hand holding her right breast, tweaking the nipple, Jason proceeded , with her eagerly urging him, began to fuck the mother of his girlfriend.

Sally had been married to Kevin for years, had had affairs and very occasionally a one night stand, but she had never been fucked like this. Jason was probably the biggest man she had ever been with and boy did he know how to use what nature had endowed him with. He continued to sink his cock deep into her, bringing pleasure she had forgot existed,

Jason withdrew from her and sat on the couch. Sally raised herself and seeing the stiff column of flesh, standing proud from his groin again dropped her mouth onto it a slowly allowed the full eight inches to enter.

Sally was amazed at Jason's endurance, most men would have shot their load by now, but her daughters boyfriend seemed to have stamina to spare. Much as she was enjoying sucking his cock, she wanted it deep inside her again, so she straddled him and taking his cock, guided him into her pussy and lowered her body.

Arching her back and gripping the back of the couch, Sally began to move her hips to obtain maximum friction between his flesh and hers. Jason soon fell into the rhythm, matching her thrust for thrust. Sally soon came again, then again, while apart from the sheer joy of what he was doing, Jason just carried on fucking her, with no sign of his climax anywhere even close.

Disengaging their coupling, Sally spent the next few minutes with Jason's cock either in her mouth or licking its still rock hard length, before again sinking the organ deep inside herself as she again straddled him, this time face to face, bending to again taste his lips and tongue as they again began to build a rhythmic action to their fucking.

Still Jason was not finished. He wanted to fuck her "doggy " style and when he asked Sally to drop to her knees on the couch, she was only to happy to oblige. Jason gazed in wonder at the lips protruding from between the cheeks of her arse and could not resist inserting a finger between them. He bent and kissed her arse before licking her pussy lips.

He then inserted his cock slowly into her. Sally gasped as the full length entered her and seemed to fill her and go on for ever. As he thrust deep inside her, Sally buried her head in the cushion to stop herself screaming at the pure ecstasy she was experiencing.

Finally Jason could hold out no longer. "I'm coming," he shouted, "oh god, here it comes." He managed to hold back long enough for Sally to swivel around and take the first ejaculation load into her eager mouth.

The second, splashed onto her face as she took the cock and smeared her face with the end, before taking the flesh back into her mouth to extract every last drop of his precious load.

They collapsed on the sofa, bodies wracking with the effort they had put into the act, satisfied beyond words.

A couple of hours later, in Sally's bed, Jason came inside her. They had made love again this time taking more time, savouring the feel and touch of their bodies, Jason spending an age licking at Sally's pussy, bringing her to orgasm, over and over again. Sally sucking at his engorged cock and then inserting it into her and begging her young lover to fuck her in every position imaginable.

They lay in each others arms and talked of the future, when she might very well be his mother-in-law, it was scary, but did not stop Jason slipping his hand between her legs and slowly start round three.

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