tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersCould It Be Love Pt. 02

Could It Be Love Pt. 02



This story is fiction, well 75% fiction, with a splash of reality here and there. It contains depictions of sexual acts between men and men, men and women, women and women, and men and MtF transgendered. There is also a small amount of BDSM (mostly humiliation, Domination, and submission). If any of this bothers you please feel free to NOT READ IT. With that said, if you are still interested please enjoy.

Chapter Three

The light of the next morning found me waking in the guest bed. On my side with Randy spooning against me, his usual morning erection pressed between my cheeks. I felt so torn inside, sick with what I was allowing myself to become. Yet at the same time I did love it, the humiliation, being the object of someone's desires really got me worked up. My thoughts traced back to the events of last night, they must have carried me here. The last thing I remembered was being on the floor with Randy lying on top of me, and Chelsea next to me on all four. "If we're here, then the girls must be in the master bedroom." I thought to myself. "This is gonna have to end. I cannot let her control my life! Hell, she is sleeping in my bed with her new lesbian lover, and I... I'm... in the guest bed... with my gay lover." Even in my mind I didn't like hearing it. I did care for Randy and I did love feeling him inside me but, I just knew that a relationship would never work out. This all started because I was trolling the net for sex, more specifically pussy. Now here I am, about two months later, and I can't even get a blowjob.

A stir came from behind me and I started to wonder if Randy was awake, or waking. His throbbing manhood was now pushing against my still slightly lubed hole. I couldn't help myself, I knew things would have to change, but those changes could come a little later. I push back, just a bit, feeling him enter me. A whimpering little moan parted my lips at the sensation of his penetration. My curiosity was answered as with a groan and a deep forceful thrust Randy embedded his cock balls deep in my ass, forcing me to gasp at the unexpected pleasure.

"Mmm, well, good morning to you too." I whispered.

"Yeah," he replied as he slowly pulled back and sharply drove back into me, "good morning."

Randy was slowly sliding in and out of me. After a few minutes of this spooning and his hands caressing my chest, without even pulling out of me he rolled my over onto my stomach. Randy didn't waste any time, with his hand on my back pressing me into the sheets and his large cock buried deep he started to really pound my ass. Each thrust sent wave after pleasurable wave through my body, making my moan with each one. My cock was so hard it hurt, it begged for attention, attention I couldn't give because of my position.

"You like that cock?" –Randy

"Ooh, yes." –Pete

"Tell me. Tell my love it." –Randy

"I love it, I love your cock." –Pete

"More." –Randy

"Ooh god, Randy. I love that big dick of yours in my ass!" –Pete

My words spurred him on, he loved it and so did I. I was praying for release, I needed it so badly. My cock was burning to cum, I felt so on edge and yet for some reason my release didn't cum. Randy kept go, pumping in and out. My every moan and whimper compelled him deeper. With one long grunt and a deep thrust he released his morning seed into me. My bowels felt like they were on fire as his body lay atop me, his maleness deep in me, throbbing with each release. We stayed this way for a few minutes before he started to roll off me, pulling me back over to my side. He left his softening cock in me, something I admittedly loved about him. Even flaccid he was still big enough to stay in me. My own manhood, if you could call it that remained solid and painfully erect.

Enough time passed that began to crave a cup of coffee. Moving to leave to comfort of the bed I whimpered a bit as Randy slipped out of me. Walking to the kitchen I was surprised to see a fresh pot had already been brewed. As I rounded the corner I found Chelsea sanding with a cup in hand just below her lips. She was wearing one of my old t-shirts, and I have to admit she looked so good. Ignoring my current nudeness I grabbed a mug and poured myself some of the brown nectar.

"Oh wow, didn't you get enough last night?" She asked.

"Hmm? What do ya mean?" I asked

Both her eyes and her finger pointed down, her gaze locked on my swollen dick. I took a sip of the hot coffee and looked down at what I already knew was there. It didn't bother me one bit, her seeing me this way, but I was hoping she couldn't see Randy's cum that I could feel running down my leg.

"You like it?" I asked her.

"It's nice." She said. I walked toward her stopping only a few feet away.

"You wanta have a little fun?" I asked.

"Yeah, but I left my strap-on at home." Her response left a sour look on my face.

"I'm sorry, but I am a lesbian. I only like girls. Although after what I saw last night I definitely would fuck you." She said, finishing her statement with a devilish smile

"Mm, that would be a site to see." Kristen said, catching me by surprise.

"God damn, was I the only person in this house who liked dick?" I thought. Taking my coffee I left the kitchen, heading for my study so I could enjoy a smoke with the morning brew. I sat at my computer reading emails, checking the news, browsing a personals site I frequented. As the ads scrolled by nothing really jumped out at me until I saw a small picture of a beautiful little girl. The ad title read "ISO real relationship, NO ONE-TIMERS", and felt compelled to read more but just as I was about to click the link my door opened. Kristen stuck her head in the door.

"Hey, we need to talk." She told me.

"Yes we do." I replied.

I pressed the button shutting off the monitor and turning to face her, my arm extended to offer her a seat. Kristen took a seat in the cushy green leather chair, she was almost fully dressed. She never did enjoy being nude around the house as much as I did.

"Would you really like Chelsea to fuck you?" she asked.

"What do you mean? Her strap-on?" I responded.

"Yeah, I kinda figured by now that you probably prefer the real thing, but if you're interested it seems like she's game." She replied.

"Yeah, well no. I'm done." I stated with a bold solemn face.

"Oh, what do you mean done?" the puzzled look on her face told me I had caught her off guard.

"I mean we're done. I am tired of your games, and tired of being used." I said.

"Oh really, your done?" Her face was brazen with a look of fear and anger. "After all I've done for you..."

"All you've done for me! Like never having sex with me, you like trying to make me gay? Like you trying to make me into your personal slave-bitch, to be fucked for your amusement!"
The rage in my started to rise, she would not win this argument.

"Oh please. You loved it and you know it. Hell you came almost every time Randy fucked you." She argued.

"Yeah and when was the last time I fucked my girlfriend? When was the last time she blew me?" I countered.

"Oh, so that's all this is about! You just want me on my knees huh?" She said, moving to the edge of her seat, acting as though she was about to come kneel before me.

"Don't even, we're way past that." I said leaning forward. I was glad that my temper had help alleviate my raging morning erection. At least she wouldn't be able to use that against me.

Her mood changed swiftly as she realized her current situation, and she asked, "So, where do we go from here?"

I paused, having to think. I didn't want to throw her out on the street; I just wasn't that kind of person. "I guess you, and your new girlfriend, can stay in the guess bedroom if need be. At least until you can get on your feet."

Her pause told me she was hiding something more. "...but I may be able to stay with Chelsea."

"Oh yeah?"
I prodded.

"Yeah..." she said, "...she and I have kinda been seeing each other for a while now."

I said, "how long?"

"About as long as you have been seeing Randy."
She said.

While I wasn't really surprised, I felt hurt that she kept it from me for all this time. We stood and embraced. Not an embrace of lovers, but an embrace of friends.

"I'll talk it over with Chels, and grab something to wear for the next few days. I can tell you need your space." Kristen said in a defeated voice as she headed toward the door. "I'll call and let you know if I need the guest bed or when I'm coming for my stuff."

"Ok. Thank you."
I replied.

Kristen and Chelsea gathered a few things, namely clothing, and headed out. Randy seemed surprised by their leaving, I could tell he had no idea he was next. Though I wouldn't tell him for a few days, it was my turn now. My turn to use him for my own gratification, and the first business of the day was my own release.

Chapter Four

The next few days past quickly, Randy and I spent much of our time at our jobs. Our time at home though was spent with him inside me. With Kristen gone at least I was able to relieve myself while he fucked me. Eventually he and I talked, and I asked him to go home. It wasn't that I never wanted to see him again; I just wanted to be friends. Randy understood where I was coming from and we parted on friendly terms.

I spend a lot of time alone, enjoying my freedom from those who would try to control me. Nevertheless at the end of the day, as I was drifting off to sleep, I felt alone. That weekend I decided I should go out and try to meet some new people, not sex seekers from the net but real people. Not really sure where to go however I just started driving around looking for a place that look suitable. I spied a familiar sight ahead, "Free for All." Images of that cute little redhead sprang to mind. "God I bet she would look great on her knees," I thought to myself. So I found a spot to park, and headed in.

Taking a seat at the bar I waited for a chance to see her again. I was surprised when the other bartender told me that it was her day off, just my luck. I had a few drinks and took in the atmosphere for a little while before stepping out for some 'air'. Leaning against the building I lit a smoke and was inhaled the pleasant poisons into my lungs, savoring the flavor it of it.

"Fancy seeing you again." A recognizable voice called out.

I turned to see the find the face that this angelic voice came from. It was her, "Hey, long time no see. I thought it was your day off?"

"Yeah, well, I was bored at home and I feel comfortable here so..."
she said.

"Oh? Comfortable? I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were, you know."

"What, Gay? Oh no. Well, not like that anyways. I like guys heh heh."
She countered. Her laugh was so cute, it fit her perfectly. "Wait, did you come here just to see me? That's so sweet."

"Heh well, guilty. I hope you don't mind."

"What about your..."
she paused, "...boyfriend and girlfriend?"

"Their old news, we're just friends now."
I replied.

"Well, my name is Gwen. You wanta go grab a coffee or something? It's easier than trying to talk over all the music here." Her proposal threw me off a bit, she moves fast.

"Uh, yeah sure. Oh, I'm Pete, Peter, er Pete for short." Stumbling over my words, she giggled a bit and took my hand to lead the way.

"So where're you parked?" she inquired.

I pointed the way to my car, and we piled in. As I drove, she directed me to what I thought was going to be a coffee house or something of that nature. I was shocked when we arrived at her apartment. She led me inside, offering a drink as I took a seat on the couch. Her apartment was seemed lavishly decorated and yet with close observation I could see most of the décor probably came from a thrift shop, but still it was nice and welcoming.

"Well, it's not much but I call it home." She said while handing me a store bought bottle of ice tea.

"Thanks. It's nice, not very big, but you've really made the most of it." Then it hit me, I knew where I had seen her face before. The ad on the internet, it was her! Damn, I wished I had read it now.

"Yeah? Thanks, that means a lot to me." She looked around the back to me. "Is something wrong? You look like you've got something on your mind."

"Yeah, well, I just realized I recognized you from a post you put on the net. You said something about wanting a real relationship."

"Oh, yeah saw that huh?"
She said, her mood elevating, "So you're into that kinda thing?"

"Into a relationship? Yeah..."
I paused trying to read her face, "to be honest I really didn't get to read much past the title. Why, what did it say?"

"Oh, wait. So you don't know?"
she replied.

"Don't know what? What did it say?"

"It said that I..."
she bowed her head, looking at the drink in her hand, "that I'm... looking for a nice guy, a guy who doesn't mind that I can't have vaginal sex."

I managed to keep my composure, despite the fact that I felt disappointed. Her answer left me feeling as if I was back at square one, another woman who I can't have sex with.

"But I can still do other things," she blurted out, "I like oral, and anal, sometimes."

I wasn't sure what to say to her. Yes I had been with women before who would do anal, but very few ever admitted to 'liking' it. I guess I could live with that, it had been a while since I got to fuck anyone, so it seemed ok. As I did my best to collect my thoughts, Gwen sat her drink on the table and moved over next to me. She placed her hand on my thigh and started rubbing up and down, working her way further between my legs.

"Gwen, it's ok. You don't have to try and prove anything." I said, placing my drink on the small table before us. "I like you, and I want to get to know you. There's no need to jump the gun."

Her hand stopped, although it was resting firmly against my stiffening member. Leaning in she pushed her wait on me until I fell against the arm of the couch with her nearly atop me.

"That's so sweet, but I can tell you want this, and I want it too." She whispered in my ear before leaning back and grabbing my leg, pulling it up and around her so that she now had my legs spread around her.

"I remember what you said from before. How long has it been?" she asked, "Since anyone paid any attention to your needs?"

"At least two and a half months, maybe more."
I answered sheepishly.

"Oh, you poor guy. I can't imagine how hard it must have been being with someone like that." She said while slowly unzipping my jeans and working her hand inside. Expertly her hand found its target, encircling my now throbbing manhood. "Mmm, and it looks like someone is definitely in need of some relief."

"Oh god yes, someone is."

I suffered the feel of her letting go and removing her hand from within my pants, but she soon had the buckle undone. The cold conditioned air surrounded my now freed dick, and I savored to sight of this beautiful little redhead examining her new find for the first time. Each breath made it pulse as she looked it over closely.

"It's so big," she complemented, "you have a really gorgeous cock, you know."

"Thanks. I think it likes you."
I jested.

Of course it liked her, I liked her. She was the first person to pay it any attention in months. With one hand wrapped firmly at the base and the other holding herself up, she brought her lips to down to meet the head. She kissed it once lightly, then again. One the third motion she engulfed me, taking most of me into her sweet, moist mouth. I could have passed out from the sensation, my head thrown back with an audible groan escaping me. The heat encasing my maleness sent shivers through my body, and the look on her face told me all that I needed to know, she loved this.

"Oh shit that feels so good." I moaned.

"Mmm, mm hmm" was all she could say with me filling her mouth.

Gwen's head bounced up and down on me, her lips gently encasing my most sensitive flesh. Skillfully she pulled at my jeans, working them down a bit. Gwen slipped a hand up behind my pants and began kneading and massaging my balls. Clearly she had done this before, perhaps many times before. The expertise of her tongue was incredible, swirling around the head of my dick, playing with its most sensitive spots. Saliva running from her mouth coated my length and soaked my balls; she slipped her hand low using the liquid, playing with my puckered asshole.

"Mm, oh god you're gonna make me cum!" I shouted as her petite little finger slipped inside me and started playing with my insides.

Pulling back, freeing me from her lips the rush of coldness made me gasp. With my dick resting just below her bottom lip she said, "Mmm, you like that don't you, my finger in your ass. Cum for me baby."

With one motion Gwen swallowed a full six inches down leaving only one left between her lips and my pelvis. It was all too much, and for the first time in months I felt ecstasy flow over me as I unleashed a torrent into her mouth. Neither of us was prepared for it as my cum filled her faster than she could swallow, leaking from her lips. With my body convulsing, the light grew dim. I saw a tunnel forming before me, the end of it getting smaller and smaller till only the black remained.

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