tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCounselor Troi Needs Help Ch. 3

Counselor Troi Needs Help Ch. 3


Jean Luc Picard sighed and smiled to himself. He indeed was a lucky man. He had just gotten back from Risa and he felt great. He remembered going there as a tired man thinking about retiring from Star Fleet, and now was ready for a challenge. As he walked, he talked quietly to himself. "What a glorious day this is. Nothing can ruin it!"

Just as he said it, Q appeared. "Mon Capitan, you have returned."

Picard sighed. Q had been a menace ever since they had met. In their first meeting, he put mankind on trial. In their second, he offered William Riker a spot in the continuum. In the third he nearly destroyed the Enterprise when he took them face to face with the Borg. He was a troublesome person.

"What do you want Q?"

"You'll find out" was all he said as he vanished. Picard shrugged his shoulders and went to see Beverly for his checkup. Well, that was a lie. In reality he was going to fuck the day lights out of her. He had been attracted to her for years and now that she was aboard his ship, he could fuck her anytime he wanted.

Picard got to Beverly's room, and heard moaning. He walked in quietly and found Deanna Troi in between Beverly's legs. Deanna seemed to be moving faster and faster as Beverly seemed to scream more and more. Deanna focused her attention on Beverly's clit as she bit, sucked, licked, and pleasured Beverly. Beverly was screaming and begging for more. As she came, Picard applauded. "Fantastic work Deanna!" Deanna blushed as she smiled mischievously. Beverly got up and hugged Picard. "Jean Luc, I have missed you so much."

As Beverly got down to suck Jean Luc, he couldn't help but wonder what Q had meant by his comment. However as Beverly wrapped her lips around his cock, suddenly all thoughts about Q were forgotten. Within minutes, gallons of Picard's cum flooded Beverly's throat. Picard rested for a moment while Beverly licked Deanna's ass. Within moments, Picard was ready to go as he pummeled Deanna's ass. "You are no longer a virgin here?" He inquired. "No, Data helped me, she said." You are getting to be a little slut Troi, just like your mother."

"But I am your slave, sir" With that, Jean Luc came in Deanna's ass.

Suddenly Q appeared. Troi gasped. "Forgetting our little deal, Deanna?" I knew a Betazoid was no good in the brains department. Jean Luc, take your dick out of my slut's ass."

"Your slut?" Picard inquired. "My dick is in her ass. Looks Like she belongs to me."

"Stupid mortal, do you really think you can convince me of anything? 5 years ago I was ready to condemn humanity until Deanna decided to sacrifice herself for you. In exchange for your lives, she has become my property. I own her tits, ass, mouth, and all other parts of her. But, I don't mind sharing." With a snap of his fingers, Deanna was spread eagled with Beverly looking at her pussy. "Now, Beverly, its showtime."

Suddenly Q shoved Beverly's face into Deann's pussy. Beverly protested, but Deanna's pulling of Beverly's hair, was too much. She even raised her ass, to get a better angle. Q saw this and quickly shoved his dick up. Beverly screamed. "No! I have never been used there!"

"Well, its time you did," Q said as he shoved Beverly's head closer into Deanna's pussy and his own dick farther up Beverly's ass. Within minutes, Deanna was screaming as well. After filling Beverly's ass, he spanked it hard till it was red.

"This is certainly not the end," he cackled as he disappeared. Picard said, Well from now on, we must pretend not dispise Q, so nobody will suspect. Beverly, and Deanna only smiled and nodded as they thought of the next time Q would use them like sluts.

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