tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCounselor Troi Needs Help Ch. 2

Counselor Troi Needs Help Ch. 2


After a recent experience with Lieutenant Commander Data, Counselor Troi beamed with happiness. She had finally found a way to deal with her condition. Between Data, her new dildo, a new lieutenant, Lieutenant Drag, and an occasional Ensign that needed a little help with his evaluation, Deanna was fully satisfied.

One-day things started to change. An encounter with the Borg, caused the Enterprise many causalities. One of those casualties was Lieutenant Drag. Drag had been a Tolovian, a species of highly intelligent creatures that had just joined the Federation. Drag was a lot like Lieutenant Worf, the only member of his race ever to join Starfleet. As she thought about Drag she cried. He had not only been a good friend, but a incredible fuck. She had fucked him many times to relieve frustration, and every time he made her cum. It was a special relationship, which few could ever understand.

As she sat in her room crying, her bell rang. "Come in" she said. In came Data. " I know that you are sad over the incident with the Borg" he said, "but you must cheer up. Maybe it would help if you thought of some of the good memories. Is that not what you would tell your patients?" Deanna had to smile at that. That was exactly what she would tell one of her patients. Data disappeared behind the door to get the Counselor her favorite hairbrush. He had learned that she often combed her hair when sad, and he felt this would be very therapeutic for her.

The door bell rang again, and in entered Commander Riker. "Will!" she said. She practically jumped in his arms and started crying. "hey, hey, easy " he said. "I am not going anywhere. Besides I think I have something that you may like." With that he removed his pants to exhibit a 9 earth inch cock. As this happened, Data walked around the corner to give the Counselor her hairbrush.

"Commander", he said. "I had no idea you were here."

"Yes" Riker said, a little nervously. Suddenly Deanna grabbed his cock and started sucking on it. "Hey, I am the one who needs cheering up. Suddenly Data removed his pants and walked over to her. After getting Riker hard, she worked on Data. Within minutes too hard, large dicks were at her disposal.

"Well, looks like I am the senior officer here," Riker said. " Troi, I order you to come here and take off your uniform. "Yes sir!" she said as she stripped out of her uniform. He then massaged her breasts as he had her lick his balls. Then as he lowered his dick into her mouth, he bent her over, so that her ass was in the air. " Data, fuck her pussy, and don't be the least bit gentle." he ordered. " Suddenly Data's 10 earth inch cock was being rammed in and out of Deanna's pussy. She screamed in delight. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, OH DATA, FUCK ME HARDER!!!" MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, OH WILL, ERUPT IN ME!!!" ORDER ME AROUND LIKE THE SLUT THAT I AM!

Within seconds, will was cumming in her mouth and Data was cumming in her pussy, and Deanna was having the most intense orgasm of her life. Oh, thank you she said, I feel better already. Will simply looked at her and said, "What makes you think we are finaished?"

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