tagMind ControlCountermove Ch. 06

Countermove Ch. 06


Summary so far:

Day 1: Onyx vs. Tyger- Onyx loses for the first time ever and pays the price.

Day 2: Onyx vs. Jewel- Onyx defeats Jewel to stay alive in the tournament but realizes she is slowly changing into a bimbo.

Day 3: Onyx vs. Chaos- Onyx defeats Chaos to make it to the final 4 but discovers she has been set up.

Interlude: Onyx travels to Darkview to investigate Tyger.

Interlude- part 2: Onyx learns more about Tyger while coming to terms with being pierced and tattooed.


Interlude- part 3

I never saw the hand that grabbed me from behind. One moment everything seemed fine, the next moment I was lying flat on my back. Seconds later my knees were pushed back, my thighs were spread and my bare feet were in the air.

"You're pinned," said Diane, the bimbo formerly known as Bambi. "Again, I might add. You really need to stop watching for only the obvious moves. That's fine against your local competition but against top level opponents you're going to get taken down."

I got to my feet rubbing my sore tattooed ass. "You just got lucky, that's all."

Diane laughed. "Of course. Your bottoms. Now."

I grumbled but slid my bikini bottom over my rounded hips and down my thighs. I tossed them in the corner. "This is just pwactice. We didn't have to use house rules, you know."

"I know," said Diane, "But I have three years of pussy-licking to get even with you for."

That didn't sound good. I got into position and got ready to "practice" again. I had taken the championship from Diane 3 years ago but I had a couple of advantages then...the main one being that I had access to my power then. Not that I didn't have access to it now, but I couldn't use it against Diane. Wrestling Diane straight up, particularly after being physically sore from my narrow escape from Tyger's bar and then being tattooed and pierced, was proving troublesome. In fact, she was handling me with ease.

This was actually a training session in the ring of the otherwise deserted club arena. Diane had been a champion in two different wrestling federations and knew her stuff. She was trying to give me a crash course in championship wrestling in hopes that it would help me defeat Tyger.

Diane was good, but part of the problem was that I was losing my physical edge. Oh, I was still a good athlete and wrestler, but my razor-sharp skills that were so effective in my toned athletic body weren't quite as effective in my new softer, curvier bimbo body. I could still handle a lesser wrestler, but Tyger wasn't a lesser wrestler. For that matter neither was Fury, who I'd be taking on in two days. My tits had grown from B-cups to DD-cups since my match with Tyger five days earlier and they were definitely getting in the way. My balance was slightly off and they interfered when I tried to reach across my body. My nipples were perpetually hard now from my piercings and they were embarrassingly sensitive as well. And my hair...a smirking Diane had finally admitted this morning that the lotion she rubbed into my scalp when we were at the tattoo parlor was a growth accelerator. Hormones for hair. Diane acknowledged that it was petty but she was returning the favor of making me as girly as possible, even beyond what Tyger was doing to me. The result was that my hair was practically exploding from my head. Because of Tyger my hair had faded almost completely to blonde, but now it was growing about five times faster than normal. It was halfway down my back this morning and I tied it back for our practice but the sensation of a long ponytail tickling my bare back was foreign and distracting.

The main problem, however, was that I was feeling embarrassingly sexy. It was getting harder to focus on wrestling. Pressing and rubbing against Diane's lush body was getting distracting. And now I was trying to wrestle naked.

"Shannon! Focus!" Diane barked. Grrrrrrrr.

I didn't wait for an opening. Instead I went straight for Diane, waist high, perfectly centered. Let's see the bitch avoid this...

...and I suddenly found myself upside down, legs spread and pinned wide open, and completely helpless. I tried to sputter but squeaked instead.

"Let me go, dammit!"

"Do you submit?"

I clenched my teeth. "Yes, I submit."

Diane released me and I dropped to the ground. Three straight easy pins. I got up slowly as Diane belted on the strap-on dildo. My eyes widened slightly.

"You get to fuck me?!?"

Diane nodded. "Oh, yes. House rules, sweetie. Get on your knees."

I was going to argue but the sight of that dildo jutting out from Diane's hips made my breath catch. My mind was pink mist as I dropped to my knees and took that dildo in my mouth. My red lips wrapped around that dildo and instinctively my mouth began to slide up and down the length. I felt fingers threading into my hair and paused, looking up, my mouth full of fake cock. Diane's amused eyes looked down into mine and I felt my cheeks redden. Then those fingers gripped my hair and forced my head to resume its bobbing motion.

After a minute of this Diane slid the dildo out of my wet mouth and said, "Alright, sweetie, get on all fours." Diane stood directly behind me as I complied, dropping to my hands and knees, ass high. Diane patted my rounded ass before I felt her press the tip of the thick dildo against my smooth-shaven pussy. She slid an inch inside me before taking hold of my hips and driving it inside me until her belly was pressed against my ass. I shuddered as that thickness sliding inside my sensitive pussy sent heated fingers of pleasure through my belly. My ass instinctively rose a little higher and Diane pressed tight against me and began stroking that fake cock back and forth inside me. I moaned and unconsciously parted my thighs a little more. My heavy boobs jiggled and swayed as Diane stroked into me, my belly muscles trembling and twitching as my heat grew. Finally my shoulders lowered, my hips bucked and I exploded in a high-pitched squeal of heated release. Hips bucking to meet Diane's continuing thrusts, I became embarrassingly loud as it seemed the flow of pleasure would never end.

At last my shoulders dropped and I fought to catch my breath, waiting for my heart to stop pounding. I felt Diane pull the dildo out of me and I was horribly empty again. Then I felt a bare foot planted on my ass pushing me forward.

"Boy, you really are a slut, aren't you? Let's go...back to work," said Diane.

I struggled to my feet, trying not to show weakness. I wasn't used to getting it like that, let alone cumming like crazy from it. Giving it out, yes, but not getting it. I would show her.

Six lost practice matches later- and six crazy orgasms later- I stayed on the mat. I couldn't get up. My body was rubber but I was still a wet squirmy mess. My belly muscles still twitching from my most recent orgasm, Diane looked down at me and shook her head.

"Shannon, you're making the same mistake over and over again. Don't you learn? You're supposed to be able to reverse anything. You haven't reversed a damn thing. Stand up."

"I can't. You killed me."

"I did not, you big baby. Now stand up."

I grumbled but finally struggled to my feet. This training was not going well at all. I faced Diane again on shaky legs.

"Now pay attention," Diane said. "Stop thinking of your opponent as a brick wall you have to knock down. Instead, think of yourself as mercury. Flow around the obstacles. Understand?" She sighed, then shook her head. "You don't get it, do you? Alright, I'm going to swing at you. Do what you need to do to keep from getting hit."

Diane stepped forward and swung her hand at my face. I stepped up and blocked it with my forearm. Her other hand shot out and slapped my opposite cheek. I stumbled back, hand on my red cheek.

"You bitch!"

Diane rolled her eyes. "You're still trying to knock me down. You're using strength to fight strength. That only works if you're stronger than your opponent and they're stupid enough to fight you like that. It also lets your opponent dictate the fight. Now, your turn. Slap me."

Oh, this was going to feel good. I flashed a hand at her face to deliver a stinging slap, except Diane wasn't there anymore. She had leaned back just enough to make sure my hand whistled harmlessly past her face, then she grabbed my wrist, twisted and flipped me over her shoulder.

I landed flat on my back with a thud. This was the most humiliating lesson of my life. Well, the second most. I looked up at Diane, my face red.

"I let you spend your energy swinging at nothing, then did what I wanted to do. I flowed around the obstacle and controlled the action," said Diane.

I sighed. I wasn't a good grasshopper. "I can't get up," I said.

"Fine," said Diane, stepping over me, her bare feet straddling my shoulders. "Just stay there." Then she dropped to her knees and sat back so that her bikini'd pussy sat on my mouth.

I tried to protest but my words were muffled by her pussy. She reached down and slid her bikini to the side.

"Now lick, slut," she said. My cheeks burned but I was too tired and sore to resist. My tongue slid into her pussy obediently.

"C'mon, pussy licker...do a good job and I'll let you up." She ground her pussy into my mouth for emphasis.

"Jeez, Diane, where did you find that gorgeous piece of...oh, shit...sorry, I didn't realize it was Shannon under there," said a familiar voice. I fumed. I couldn't see him but I knew it was Marty, club owner, "president" of our wrestling federation and weasel extraordinaire. Not to mention the sonofabitch that got me into this situation.

Diane's hips rocked back and forth on my face as she acknowledged Marty. "Oh, hello, Marty. Who's your friend?"

"This is, ahh, Cruiser. Cruiser, this is Diane and the girl between her thighs is Shannon, the one I was telling you about. Say hi, Shannon."

I wriggled and tried to tell Diane to get off me but all that came out was a muffled curse as Diane continued to ride my face as if she weren't talking to two guys at the same time. I was being forced to pleasure Diane while she carried on a casual conversation. Grrrrrrr.

"Am I interrupting anything?" asked Marty. He almost sounded polite.

Diane continued to rock her hips, adding an extra grind against my mouth. "Oh, not at all. Is there something we can help you with?"

"Yeah, actually. I brought Cruiser here to see Shannon. He might have some information for her, ya know? About Viper."

Diane paused, then reluctantly stood up. "This better be good. Shannon isn't bad with her tongue once you get her a little motivated."

I scrambled to my feet as well, wiping my cheeks self-consciously. Still naked, I looked for my bikini, then realized my modesty was wasted. Cruiser was wearing skin-tight leather pants with leather boots and a leather vest with no top. His torso was smooth and muscular, apparently waxed, and miniature handcuffs dangled from his earlobe. He glanced at my lush bimbo body and stifled a yawn. The hell with it, I didn't need to bother getting dressed.

I nodded at Cruiser. He left me no doubt that my "shifting" of Marty's orientation a few mornings ago was in high gear. Heh.

"You know something about Viper?" I asked. I hoped he did because I had come up with nothing. Viper had disappeared after defeating Tyger last year. I couldn't find anybody who would even admit they knew who she was. When Viper decided to go underground she had apparently decided not to do it halfway.

Cruiser nodded. "That's right, honey. I'm sure you realize by now that Viper likes her privacy. You aren't going to find anything about her from anybody. They're too afraid of her to tell you anything. But she has a friend...a luscious piece of dark meat named Malik. You talk to Malik, you may be able to arrange a meeting with Viper."

It wasn't much but it was a start. "Where do I find Malik?"

"Big, black and beautiful likes poetry, sweet cheeks. If you go to the Electric Raven Coffee and Juice Bar on Wednesday night- that's tonight- it's mike night. You should find him there sucking up culture. I wish he'd let me suck up some of *his* culture- owww!"

Marty had whacked Cruiser on the arm and actually appeared to be pouting. Wow. Maybe I had overdone it.

I nodded thanks to Cruiser and turned around to find my bikini. I heard an exclamation behind me.

"Holy shit, Shannon! You've got a frickin' tattoo on your ass!" Marty's eyes were wide.

I snarled. "Yeah? Well, you're walking weally funny, Marty!"

Marty actually blushed, then looked down and started mumbling. I didn't give him a hard time because I was doing the same. My lisp was getting uncontrollable.

I went to the locker room and took a long hot shower. My training with Diane had left me bruised and sore. Hopefully some of Diane's knowledge would stick. She was a surprisingly deep well when it came to wrestling moves.

I wrapped a towel around me the best I could and padded barefoot to my locker. I got my makeup kit and went to the large mirror. I applied bimbo red generously to my thick lips and covered it with a cherry gloss for effect. No man could look at my cock-sucking mouth now without picturing me on my knees, my red blowjob lips wrapped around a thick cock, sliding up and down a deliciously hard shaft, my tongue sliding along the underside, my cheeks puffed out, feeling that cock harden like steel just before it...

With a gasp I pulled myself out of the blowjob fantasy. The need to have a cock in my mouth was becoming overwhelming again. My hard nipples were pushing out through the towel and my belly felt empty. I turned away from the mirror.

I stopped suddenly, my heart beating in my throat. I realized someone was standing right next to me. I hadn't heard them enter.


She stood motionless for a moment. Then her expression changed as her lips stretched into a smile that didn't even come close to her eyes.

I stood frozen, trying to regroup. I was alone in the locker room. Unless someone saw her enter I was on my own. Alone.

"So," she said in her slightly accented voice, "You were trying to find out information about me. In my own bar, no less. You didn't feel we were close enough to just ask?" She laughed at her own joke. "Of course not. That's too bad. Did you discover anything you wish to ask me about?"

Her shark eyes locked on mine and I stayed silent. I couldn't answer. Tyger stepped up and wrapped her arms around my neck in an intimate manner, her breasts pressing against mine. She pressed her smooth cheek against mine, her lips next to my ear.

"I told you to lose to Jewel," she whispered. "I'm glad you didn't. Beat Fury, my little bimbo. Beat her, and beat Dominatrix. Beat them all. I want to break you in the final match. I'm going to take you in front of all your fans, my pet. They will see you kneel and give yourself to me. They will be the first to see Onyx the champion become Shani the blowjob bimbo slut. Because at that moment I will make your transformation complete, my pet. Continue learning your little tricks from Bambi. But they didn't really help her, did they? Of course not." Then her arms tightened around my neck and her voice hardened. "But stay away from my bar unless you want to start your new job early, slut." Then she released my neck and stepped back with that cold smile back in place. She pressed a finger to her lips and then pressed the same finger to my lips as if passing a kiss. She seemed to caress my lips for a moment, then shifted and slid her finger into my mouth. My swelled lips instinctively wrapped around her finger and my belly muscles twitched in sudden heated response. My eyes widened.

Tyger laughed and slid her finger from my mouth. She didn't say anything. She didn't have to; my helplessly instinctive reaction had said it all. She blew me a sultry kiss, turned and strolled casually out the door.

The breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding exploded from my chest and I dropped to my knees. My shaking legs couldn't support me. I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream. I wanted to suck cock in the worst way.

Tyger. That bitch.

NEXT: Day 4- Onyx vs. Fury.

Feedback appreciated. Positive or negative.

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