Couples Party Contest


Mary was really bobbing up and down on Rod. I could tell Rod was doing everything he could not to let out a moan giving him away. Mandy was moving much slower on Mark. She appeared to be really trying to figure out who belonged to this cock. I smiled as I watched four heads working over our erections. After about 5 minutes I touched Jim on his shoulder and he did the same to Mark who did the same to Rod and we pulled our cocks away from the girls who all whimpered with delight and switched positions. I now was in front of Mandy, Jim in front of Gloria, Rod in front of Tina and Mark in front of Mary.

I nodded and we placed our full erections at the lips of our next victims. I had been dreaming of shoving my cock into Mandy's hot mouth for some time. She sensed that a cock was close by and opened her mouth and I slowly but steadily entered her mouth. She felt my head enter and tried to clamp down on me. I wasn't going to allow that and quickly shoved my hips forward sending more length then what she was ready for. She tensed, gagged for a second and then gave in to my assault. Her mouth was magnificent. She knew how to suck cock and I wanted her mouth. I slowed my pace and allowed her to move her tongue around my shaft and to feel all of me. She slowly moved her mouth to the end of my head and licked all around it sending shivers up my legs. She then moved down my shaft very slowly measuring my length. She was good!

I looked over at the others and watched as the girls were doing their own version of what was happening to me. Gloria was slightly moaning with Jim's larger cock in her mouth. I was sure she had never had a larger cock. Jim looked at me and smiled his pleasure. Tina had taken Rod all the way down her throat to Rod's astonishment. He nodded at me with complete lust in his eyes. Tina would pull back allowing Rod's shaft to slide all the way out and then suddenly engulf him completely down her throat all the way to his balls bringing a slight moan from his lips. Meanwhile, Mark was coaxing Mary to take as much of him in as she could. Mary was succeeding I could tell because Mark' eyes had closed and he was smiling.

Another 5 minutes had passed and we reluctantly swapped again. I was now in front of Mary, Jim was in front of Mandy, Rod was in front of Gloria and Mark was in front of Tina. I grabbed my full slick erection and placed it on Mary's awaiting tongue. She smiled when she felt me on her tongue and licked all around my engorged head. I stood still as her extremely talented mouth began to take me in. She slowly took me in measuring my length and girth. I knew by her reaction that she knew I wasn't her larger husband Jim. She smiled with my cock in her mouth and slowly forced more of my shaft down her awaiting throat. I realized that it was possible that her husband was just a little too long and that maybe she couldn't take him all the way in. She kept going and was taking all of me in. She felt my balls against her chin and let out a small moan of satisfaction. I was weak with lust as I moved my hips back pulling out of her throat and then thrusting forward my entire cock to my balls again and again. I slowed down to a pace to keep myself from cumming, enjoying every plunge.

I again looked down the line of men and watched each of them experience the same treatment. Smiles formed on all our faces as we nodded to each other knowing that each one of us was going to "fool" our wives and receive a blow job. 5 minutes were up and we switched back to the first wife we started with. I knew we kept exceeding the 3 minutes, but it was damn hard to pull away from each talented mouth.

I was again in front of Gloria. I grabbed the side of her head and guided my cock again to her mouth. This time there was no hesitation and she took me right in swallowing a fair amount of my cock. I could hardly control myself anymore and tried to shove all of my length into her throat. She tried to take all of me but was unable to do so and pulled her head back while my cock slid mostly out of her mouth. She was game though and tried again as she appeared to take more and more of me with each down stroke of her mouth. At this point I wasn't watching the other men and concentrated on not ejaculating down Gloria's throat. I am sure everyone else was close to doing the same. This time I needed to cut the time to the 3 minutes and tapped Jim's shoulder while pulling away from Gloria. Soon everyone had done the same thing.

I motioned for everyone to back away and to stand close together. It was a little weird being that we all had raging hard-ons! I composed myself and asked, "Tina you are to go first, so which cock was mine?"

Without hesitation she selected, "Cock number one!" Jim smiled and I nodded my approval.

Mary was next and I asked, "Mary, which cock was your husbands?"

She immediately answered, "Cock number three". She had chosen me! I smiled and peered over at Mark who also was smiling and he nodded his approval.

Mandy was next and I said, "Mandy you are next with two cocks to go. If you chose one that has already been selected we will have to start again. Which cock was your husband's?" I asked.

Mandy hesitated a bit and answered, "Wow, I thought he might have been number two but I am sure it was number one." Mark smiled knowingly and looked over at Rod who was nodding his head.

"Well that leaves one cock for you Gloria," I stated. "You have the toughest choice because the selections so far have all been different cocks. If you chose a cock already selected, we will have to start all over again."

We could see Gloria's concentration on her face. The other gals were encouraging her to select the "right" cock. I confirmed with her that we had indeed kept the same order as we swapped from one mouth to the next. I am sure she was able to figure out that she needed to select cock number three or she would get all four cocks once again. "Number three!" she blurted. Rod smiled and received the same approval from Mark that we all did from each other.

"Ok," I said smiling to the other guys. "Stand in front of whom selected you."

We each positioned ourselves in front of the unsuspecting victims with our erections positioned in front of each mouth. I couldn't wait for the unveiling and knew that Tina was in the same state. I saw her licking her lips and fidgeting in her chair awaiting the removal of her blindfold. "Remove your blindfolds!" I commanded to the girls.

I watched as each gal released her scarf and in unison watched each set of eyes widen as they took in each hardened cock in front of their faces. Tina's eyes were the first to follow up the erection to find out who belonged to the cock in front of her. To her delight and wide grin she realized it was Jim. "I was sure you were my husband, Jim," she said trying to be convincing.

I laughed and said, "Well Tina, looks like Jim and a matter of fact, all of us are getting a blow job!"

Mandy and Mary halfheartedly protested as they took in who belonged to the erections in front of their faces. The only real protest came from Gloria. "Hey, how could we have all picked wrong?" she complained.

Tina jumped in saying, "Gloria, obviously we all thought it was going to be easy. But looking around at these beautifully erect cocks, notice how much they appear to be similar in size."

"I guess so," Gloria replied. "But I don't think this test was fair!"

Tina laughed and said, "Fair? Oh it was fair ok. I think we gals are going to have the men perform a similar contest, blindfolded one of these nights very soon."

The rest of the gals giggled and agreed that that was exactly what was going to happen. Of course we men just nodded our approval. "Can't wait," Jim replied.

Tina suddenly grabbed Jim's slightly softening cock in her hands and pulled him closer to her mouth as her tongue darted out and around his head. He moaned his approval as Tina began working his hardening shaft into her moist awaiting lips. Not to be outdone, Mandy worked Mark into a full erection with just a couple of quick bobs up and down his cock. Mary looked up into my eyes and lustfully ran her delicious tongue around her lips as she took hold of my still erect cock and placed her mouth over my enlarged head. I watched as she began to swallow me with a slow pleasurable motion. I was immediately as hard as I can get and she moaned her delight. I was loosing awareness of my surroundings as I heard the slurping of cocks by the other gals but became increasingly focused on my own desire. I loved the way Mary was taking my full length all the way down her throat and then releasing me slowly all the way to my purple head. She wanted me to cum and so did I as she picked up the pace moving with purpose. I could feel the intense build up and the tingling I get in my legs just prior to ejaculating. I quickened my thrusts as she pulled me into her by grabbing my ass. Mary knew I was close, looked into my eyes and continued to let me thrust in and out of her mouth as I let out a moan as the first shot of cum escaped my pulsing cock. She eagerly swallowed as I now let loose a torrent of cum. She slowed down her sucking as I finished, my legs weak from the pleasure she just gave me. Smiling at me she ran her tongue all around my softening cock.

I stepped back and began watching the spectacle. Shy Gloria was enjoying watching the other girls as poor Rod was standing limp in front of her. Mandy had Mark buried down her throat to his balls as he began shouting, "I'm cumming!" Mandy moaned her pleasure as she began to swallow Rod's offering draining him completely. Rod's cock was released from her mouth as she licked her lips and smiled at him.

We all looked over at Tina and Jim at this point. Both knew that they were now the center of attention and really began putting on a show. Tina had Jim all the way in to where his balls were bouncing off of her chin with his every thrust. He was in heaven. I am sure he had never been deep throated like Tina was doing to him. She was whimpering with her desire as he continued to slam his cock in and out of her. Suddenly with a final thrust he moaned as his muscles of his ass constricted with his ejaculation. Tina also moaned her delight as Jim filled her mouth. We watched with fascination as Tina continued to suck him down her throat as he completely emptied his balls of cum. Tina would not let him pull out until she was satisfied that she had drank everything he had to offer. Finally she released his spent cock from her glorious mouth.

Now that we had finished I looked over at Rod who had regained his erection from watching Tina and Jim. This time he was not going to be denied as he stepped up to Gloria with erection in hand and pressed it to her lips. She pulled back hesitating as he continued to present himself to her. Shyly, Gloria relented and closed her eyes as she opened her mouth to Rod's impatience. We watched as Rod worked his stiff cock into her nervous mouth. With eyes still closed, Gloria began to bob up and down taking a little more of his shaft with every downward move. Rod grabbed Gloria's head and helped guide her motion without forcing her head down on him building a rhythm that she could handle. Gloria then grabbed Rod's ass with both hands and began pulling him into her taking to our astonishment almost all of his length. Rod began to moan his pleasure as he quickened his pace. "I'm cumming," he gasped. Gloria tried to pull off of him as the first shot of cum hit her mouth, but Rod held her head firm as he began to empty himself. Gloria relaxed and gave in to him as she swallowed as fast as she could, draining Rod. We all clapped as Rod removed himself from Gloria and she gave us all a big smile.

We had all become much closer that night and planned on getting together more often. Tina admitted to me later that she had known that she was picking Jim because she and Mary had compared our cocks on many occasions and knew that he was slightly larger then me. I admitted to Tina that we men had set them up by not letting our wives have their husband's cock to compare too. She laughed and said that they would get even!

Thanks again for reading my story. I was involved in a party something very similar to this......

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