tagIncest/TabooCousins Reunion Ch. 03

Cousins Reunion Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Night Out

Recovered from our morning activities, breakfast consumed and coffee savored, we dressed and Kay showed me the town. University towns always fascinate me. I find they have a unique energy level. I also love the mountains, and as Boulder is nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, I was beginning to already like this town a lot. My beautiful sexy cousin, a very lovable and fuckable cousin as it turns out, a lovely town, a lovely day and more adventures to unfold. I was glad I made the long overdue trip.

We enjoyed the day out exploring. Having coffee and browsing books together at a local Barnes and Noble. We caught an early afternoon movie and held hands and fondled each other in the dark like high school kids. We walked across campus enjoying each other's company.

Kay had reservations for dinner in Denver. We went back to the house to freshen up and get dressed. When I came out, Kay was already in a beautiful calf length fur coat and her lower legs clad in very stylish high boots. I whistled softly and simply said, "Wow."

She smiled with pleasure as I opened the door and we walked out to the car. As Kay sat and swung her legs into the car, her legs parted, her coat fell open, and I was treated to a view of her lovely thighs all the way to her crotch. "Jay?" Oops, she caught me. But what's a guy to do when in the presence of beauty and seductiveness.

The valet gave Kay an appreciative twice over as she stood up out of the car. I wondered if she had given him the same flash of thigh. Inside, when I helped her out of her coat, my breath caught. She was draped in a black cocktail dress, made of fabric, not shear like the one she wore the previous evening, but plunging front and back, hinting at revelations that might occur at any moment. Her breasts were covered, but the fabric threatened to slip off with each movement. The neckline dipping to, I'm not sure just where. Likewise, the fabric coursed down the flat of her back in a flowing curve, stopping just above the cleft of her bum. The boots she was wearing I could now see were knee height, black nylons continued up, drawing my eyes to the high hemline of the cocktail dress. Heads were turning again as we were ushered to our table.

"Kay you look fantastic. Every eye was following you across the room to see if anything important was going to be revealed."

"Hmmm, you know, after I order I will have to visit the powder room briefly. Too bad it is way out in the lobby, isn't it?" she asked impishly.

Our waiter arrived and couldn't keep his eyes off Kay's cleavage as she moved strategically to let first one breast, then the other threaten to fall into view under the loose draping of her dress. I was having fun watching Kay torment the poor kid. His eyes riveted on her chest as she shifted and leaned back and forth, her breasts moving seductively under the slippery material, her nipples erect and proud. I was sure her areolae were exposed at times, but the low light left you wondering.

We placed our orders; the wine was opened and poured. "To my cousin who has astounded me, entertained me, and so completely satisfied me." I toasted Kay.

We clinked glasses and drank the delicious nectar of the gods.

Kay set her glass down and gracefully stood up, flashing me a full view of her breasts as she stooped to pick up her napkin, accidentally dropped in front of me. It occurred to me, as her knees flexed to allow her to carefully reach for the napkin, that she would be lucky to keep her bum fully covered with the short dress. As she stood, I glanced quickly around the room. Several eyes were following the course of her derriere as she stood back up. Kay saw me looking around, a small smile pulling at the corners of her mouth.

"Hmmm, do you think I gave them a show?" She turned and walked across the room carefully picking her way through the tables. Heads swiveled and followed. A few minutes later, Kay returned with much the same effect.

"Well Kay, the fabric isn't shear tonight, but non-the-less, it is definitely more provocative. You haven't let anything truly slip, but everyone is getting an eyeful. You really seem to enjoy this don't you?' I asked with a chuckle.

Our waiter returned to refill our wine glasses. Kay rewarded him with a big smile and when he glanced at her cleavage, she leaned forward causing her dress front to open slightly giving him a nearly unhindered view of her breasts. He paused with frozen look on his face. He recovered quickly and poured each of us more wine, turned and walked away, somewhat reluctantly it seemed.

Wanting to set the tone for the evening, I asked Kay, "Did our afternoon together remind you of anything...?"

She knew I was referring to our intimacies several years ago. "Yes, I still think of that movie we went to see, the one with Banderas and Jolie, the one with all the nude sex scenes? We were in the balcony, back row, nearly alone. You had your arm around my shoulders and had undone a few buttons of my blouse, your hand inside, fondling my breasts. I reached up and unbuttoned the rest so my breasts were almost completely exposed. You were so shocked. But when I put my hand in your lap, I could tell you were also aroused. Your cock bulging, wanting to stand up straight but trapped by the fabric of your jeans."

"Yes, I still think about that as well. I was thinking about it at the movie this afternoon." Kay was always the risk taker. Kay was always the wild one. "You were an exhibitionist back even then weren't you? I couldn't believe it when you reached over and undid my belt and pulled down the zipper of my pants. But it felt so good when you reached inside my underwear and freed my cock. I was so incredibly turned on. I could see your breasts, fondle your breasts, and having your hand between my legs holding my penis was so exciting. And doing it in the dark theatre with other people nearby added a crazy energy to it. I was anxious at first, but you were so bold, you were amazing."

"Having my breasts exposed like that and taking your cock in my hand in public was an incredible turn on I have never forgotten. The cool air of the theatre on my bare skin, I could feel my nipples tighten and stand up. It kind of hooked me right there you know, being somewhat of an exhibitionist. Do you remember the mess we made?"

"How could I forget? You jerked my cock a few times and I came all over myself. My cum shot up all over your hand and the front of my shirt. Fortunately Anthony and Angelina were making appropriate noises at the same time, and I think everyone was paying attention to Angelina's naked body at the time. However, if they had caught a glimpse of you Kay, I think we would have become the center of attention."

"What happened next?" Kay urged.

"You wiped your hand with some napkins, then undid your jeans, took my hand, and guided it between your legs. You whispered in my ear that you had to cum or you were going to scream."

"It was true. I could barely stand it. The pressure in my crotch, in my pussy was unbearable at that point. I could hardly wait for your fingers to touch my clit.

"You were sopping wet. I slipped my hand under the elastic of you panties and felt you slide your hips down on the chair and open your legs. Your blouse fell open with your movement. Your breasts were completely exposed. You didn't notice or didn't care. When my fingers touched your pussy, it was sopping wet. My fingers slipped easily between your labia and found your clit. You grabbed my hand and wouldn't let it stray from that spot. I circled and rubbed it as your pelvis moved against my hand. Do you remember moaning as you came?"

"God yes. I really was trying to be quiet. But it felt so good, the tension releasing in waves of pleasure. God that was fun, wasn't it?"

"Yes, it most definitely was. I am in the same state right now." I said as I reached down and adjusted the swelling member between my legs.

We finished our meal without further incident, or being arrested.

After retrieving Kay's fur I followed her out to the sidewalk, and rather than retrieving the car, she turned and started walking. "How about going to a bar, having drinks and dancing?" she asked.

"Sounds good," I replied. "I guess you know of a place near by?"

"Yes, The Jet or something like that. A hotel that is supposed to have a great bar with a dance floor and good music."

"Let's go," I liked the idea of dancing, especially being able to wrap my arms around Kay with the dress she was wearing.

We ordered cocktails, she, a Grey Goose martini with three green olives and I, a Bombay Sapphire on the rocks. We sipped our drinks in silence enjoying the music and just being together. The warmth of the drink spread through my body, a nice buzz building as the alcohol hit my bloodstream. Kay was swaying to beat of the music.

"Want to dance?" I asked.

"Yes," she answered while standing and holding her hand out to me.

She led me to the dance floor. I took her in my arms, we immediately caught the rhythm of the music. I put my hand on Kay's back enjoying the sensation of her skin on my palm. I traced my hand down the small of her back to where the fabric of her dress began just above her ass. The feel of her breasts against my chest was as intoxicating as the alcohol we had consumed. I let my hand slip down further, inside her dress, feeling the crack between her cheeks, tracing it with my fingers, encountering the narrow strands making up a thong she wore. Her ass was bare and smooth. My penis swelled against Kay's pelvis. I pulled her tightly to me and pressed my now erect cock firmly against her.

"Hmmm," she sighed into my ear. The song ended and we went back to our table, finished our drinks and ordered another round.

"Enjoying yourself?" Kay asked.

I quickly agreed. "You are such a turn on and I can't believe how we have just clicked again. As if we were never apart. I worried about that you know. I was hoping. This has turned out better than I hoped."

"I was worried too. But I decided to go for it. I wanted you so badly when you called and said you could visit. And then yesterday morning when you arrived, when I opened the door and there you were, I knew I had to have you again no matter the consequences."

"No matter the consequences?" I reached under her dress and took her breast in my hand. I was fueled by the alcohol, emboldened by her revelation, felt hidden by the low light of the bar. I pulled her breast into the open and took her into my mouth, sucking her nipple, drawing her breast into my mouth, tasted her flesh. I reached between her legs and touched her sex. The fabric of her thong was wet. I pushed the small patch of fabric aside and cupped her pussy with my hand. She gasped in surprise, grabbed my hand and held it against herself tightly.

"I need you now Jay. I want you inside of me."

"I wanted to fuck her right there. I went to the bar and picked up the house phone. "Reservations please. I want to book a room for tonight, a king if it is available." I was informed that it was. I gave them my information and let them know I was in their bar and would pick the key up momentarily.

We were all over each other in the elevator on the way to our just booked room. Kay may as well have been undressed. Her breasts were fully exposed, I had her dress up and was fondling her ass with both hands as we kissed passionately. Kay had worked my zipper down and had her hand in my pants holding my rigid cock.

The elevator stopped, doors opened, our floor, hallway empty fortunately. Kay was literally pulling her dress over her head as I unlocked the door. She stood their naked except for her boots and very skimpy thong. It caught me by surprise. I didn't push the door open quickly enough and the electronic lock re-engaged. Kay just laughed looking so sexy and so beautiful in the light of the hallway. Kay grabbed me around the neck, pulled me to her and kissed me lingeringly in front of our door. I ran the plastic key through the mechanism once more. The door slammed behind us. I hurriedly stripped out of my clothes wanting to feel Kay's body against mine.

Kay walked to the window and opened the drapes. She beckoned me over beside her. We wrapped our arms around each other. I pulled her to my chest feeling her breasts press against me, my cock pressing against her pelvis. We kissed, our tongues exploring and tasting each other, breathing in each other's breath.

Kay turned and pulled the chair around, knelt on it, her ass presented to me, in profile to the window. "Fuck me now Jay, I need your cock inside me now."

I moved behind her and guided my achingly erect dick to her opening. The head of my cock parted her labia and easily found the opening to her moist vagina. Kay gasped as my cock penetrated the tight opening and I pushed into her body, impaling her pussy with my rigid flesh, her warmth surrounding me with the most pleasurable sensations. My hands grasped her hips and held her steady as I fucked her there in front of the window.

The tempo of my thrusts increasing as my excitement built.

"Don't cum yet."

I slowed and stopped just before I lost control.

She pushed me away, stood, sank to her knees in front of me and took my cock in her right hand, my balls in her left. She guided my stiffness into her mouth running her tongue along the exquisitely sensitive, sucking and fucking my cock with her mouth, tasting herself as she pleasured my cock with her tongue and lips. Her hands caressed my balls delicately occasionally reaching between my legs to caress my ass.

I held her head and pushed more firmly wanting her mouth to envelop my cock. I wanted her to swallow me.

"I am going to cum Kay," I warned.

"Good," she muffled out around my dick.

I started humping my cock into her mouth with rhythmic motions of my hips. I came, my sperm erupting into her sucking mouth, onto her licking tongue, each contraction, each spurt of cum giving me relief and giving me pleasure. Kay swallowed each liquid spurt my cock deposited in her sucking mouth. She pulled back and licked the last dribbles oozing from the tip of my cock, which was now beginning to soften in her hand.

Kay sat, slouching down, her hips at the edge of the chair and spread her legs. I knelt at my altar and impatiently tore her skimpy thong from her hips and drove my tongue into her waiting pussy, tasting the tart wetness. I lightly teased the base of her clit. Building the pressure of my assault as her moans increased indicating her desire and the building of her excitement. As her hips moved more fiercely against my face, I sucked at her swollen pearl and worked it like a little cock. As her orgasm came I inserted my index finger into her pussy, and my middle finger into her ass and finger fucked both holes. She cried out as her orgasm rocked her body, her pussy and anus contracting strongly against my fingers, wave after wave, Kay moaning with pleasure.

I lay my chest against hers. The cold of the window began to chill us. We agreed to shower together. The steamy hot water felt good. We lathered each other and rubbed our soapy bodies together, unable to get our fill of the other's touch. We toweled each other dry and walked naked into the bedroom, pulled down the covers and crawled into the comfortable bed. I caressed Kay's breasts as she took my penis in her hand and was rewarded with a rapidly swelling erection. She bent down and took me into her mouth, her swirling tongue bringing a sigh of pleasure to my lips. Kay lifted her leg over my head and shoulders and positioned her clean pussy over my mouth while keeping my hard penis in her's. I happily pulled her close and let my tongue tickle her labia and slip into her vagina to taste her once more.

She purred with pleasure as I stimulated her clit with my tongue and lips. The tip of my nose penetrated her labia and pressed against her vaginal opening. She pressed down. Her pussy enveloped my face bringing a moan of enjoyment from her throat. As her excitement built, she sucked my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Suddenly, she allowed my cock to penetrate her throat. It felt incredible. Fucking her mouth felt as good as fucking her pussy, her tongue was licking my shaft as I slid in and out of her. We both came again. She was humping my face. I came deep inside her throat, my sperm pumping directly into her. She fell to the bed beside me still holding my cock, panting for breath.

"That felt so good," I told her.

"I love the feel of your dick sliding in and out of my throat. As I approached my orgasm, it was like I no longer had a gag reflex. It was so easy to let you slide all the way inside of me. I could feel your cock contract and pump your cum inside me."

She turned around and relaxed into my arms. We kissed. I could taste our co-mingled juices as our tongues caressed. We pulled the covers up over our exhausted bodies and soon fell asleep.

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