tagNovels and NovellasCrapshoot Ch. 04

Crapshoot Ch. 04

byArt Martin©

Judy showered and then the hairdresser fixed her hair while another beautician applied makeup. She was still wobbly when she stood to get dressed. The combined effects of the mud bath and massage with Bruno had left her curiously drained and weak. By the time she walked out dressed into the reception area of the spa to leave, she felt great. Still there was a gnawing need that still demanded to be satisfied. She hoped that John would fulfill that need soon.

“There seems to be a problem,” said Sandy with a shrug. “Your husband is up in Mr. Clametti’s office. They need to see you. This gentleman will take you upstairs.”

Judy looked to the impeccably dressed man waiting to escort her. She shrugged and followed the young man to the third floor. After punching in a security code, he opened the door, escorting her into the sumptuous suite, the door closing behind them with a solid thump.

“Hello Doll,” greeted Nick as he came in from another room.

“Where’s John?” asked Judy as he took her in his arms.

“He’ll be here in a few minutes,” he said just before his lips touched hers. The kiss was another languid one. Soft and slow, the tip of his tongue circled and outlined her ruby lips before probing between them, his hands rising from the flare of her hips, and up her sides to caresses the slight swell of her breasts.

Breaking off the kiss, he asked, “Did you enjoy your visit to the spa?”

The very fresh memories flashed before her, until she remembered her plaintive plea for Bruno to fuck her. She blinked several times, in disbelief, aware that her pussy was itching again, before stammering, “Yes, it was quite…quite an experience.”

“Fine, fine. I’m glad you’re enjoying your stay. Perhaps we could…”

“Sandy said that there was a problem,” she said in an attempt to gain control over the situation, “and that you and John were in your office. What kind of problem?”

“Oh, its really nothing…Well…actually, your husband is in deep shit.”

“What? What did he do?”

“He tried to pass me a bad check for the room bill.”

“Where is he?”

“He’s with a couple of my men.”

“Oh, god! Please don’t hurt him.”

“Please, don’t worry. He’s fine. I don’t want to hurt him, but I do want to get paid.”

There was a knock on the door. Nick answered and John was escorted into the suite, surrounded by the hulking figures of Bruce and Mickey.

“Well,” said Nick, “I was just explaining to your wife that you tried to stiff me for your room bill.”

At the sight of his wife, John uttered, “You stupid bitch!”

Judy bristled and seethed at the insult.

“You shut the fuck up!” snarled Nick as Mickey grabbed John by the collar and lifted him on to his toes. Judy seethed at John’s piggish behavior; after all, he was the one who lost all their money. “I’ve already told you once, don’t ever call her a ‘stupid bitch’.”

John gasped, “Okay, okay…”

Nick nodded and Mickey lowered him to the floor.

“Like I said, we don’t like dead beats who try to stiff us for their bill. You can pay up, right now, or go dance with my men…or…” Nick paused to let his implied threat sink in.

“Or what?” asked John desperate for an out.

“Your wife is a sweetheart. I like her. I like her a lot. I really wouldn’t want to see such a ravishingly beautiful woman stuck for the rest of her life with a cripple. Now I’m a fair man, a sporting man. Like I said, I have something in mind to settle your debt.”

“What?” asked John doubtfully. “What do you have in mind?”

“A little game of craps. Street rules. You win, your debt’s paid, and you can go home in one piece. If I win, your debt’s still paid, in full. You can go home tomorrow in one piece. But your wife, she’s mine for the evening to do with as I please.”

John looked at Judy who looked at Nick.

“Rules are simple. Judy rolls for point. If she makes point again before she rolls craps, you win. She rolls craps before making point, she’s mine for the night. Either way, your bill is paid and you can go home a whole man.”

“What’s craps?” asked Judy uncertain of anything other than the desire to lose and get back at John.

“You roll a two, three or twelve. Odds are four out of thirty six you’ll roll craps.

“What’s a point?”

“Whatever you roll the first roll, unless it’s craps, then I win. If your point is seven, odds are six out of thirty six. If your point is nine or eleven, odds drop to two out of thirty six.

John looked about, his mind racing, evaluating the offer. It stunk. Shooting craps for Judy? Then again, with a little luck… He quickly figured odds in head, a four, three in thirty six; a five, four in thirty six; a six or eight, five in thirty six…

Noticing that she was enjoying her husband’s discomfort, Nick winked at Judy and added, “To liven things up a little bit, if she doesn’t make point, she takes something off.”

Judy snapped her head around. She wasn’t about to take her clothes off in front of Nick’s men.

But before she could voice her concern, Nick anticipating her objection, reassured her, “Don’t worry, Doll. There will only be the three us here for the game.”

Nick turned to John, “How about it? Are you game?”

Hesitating, John looked desperately towards Judy who looked back at her husband with a blank face, giving him no clue as to her feelings. He’d seen that face before, that controlled, affected, ‘everything is all right dear’ look that might mean just that or might mean ‘you’re a dead man, Buster’. ‘Dear God, this can’t be happening,’ he thought. ‘Oh god, what should I do?’

Nick nodded to Mickey who tightened the grip on John’s collar. The threat was immediate. Closing his eyes, he crooked, “Yes! Okay, okay.”

Judy immediately felt disgust for her sniveling husband. How dare he offer her up as a prize in a craps game? Then again, angry though she may have been, she really didn’t want him hurt. Besides, she could win, maybe. And if not, well she was certain that Nick would relieve the horniness that had gnawed at her ever since she ovulated.

Nick winked at her with a grin that John couldn’t see. “How about it Doll? You want to help your husband out? Or do you want him to go dance with the boys?”

Judy could hardly keep from snickering, certain that Nick wouldn’t actually hurt John, even if she refused to play his game. Nick just wanted in her pants. For John, the worst that would happen was that he would be humiliated knowing that another man was having sex with his wife all night while he waited alone in their room. She struggled to maintain an indignant expression. “I don’t know. I don’t like being treated…”

“For god’s sake Judy,” blurted John, “tell him yes! Damn it, tell him yes!”

Judy looked back at John and with a submissive expression conceded, “Okay, hon, if that’s what you want.”

“Good,” said Nick with a grin, “then we are all agreed?”

“Yes,” said John defeated, yet hopeful, relieved that he wouldn’t have to face Nick’s men, especially the monstrous looking animal with the bulldog face.

“And you Doll? Are you game?”

“If that’s what John wants,” she said looking to her husband. John looking down at the floor, nodded in acquiesce.

“Fine. Now, so that there are no misunderstandings, no sudden remorse after you two go home, I have a couple of papers for both of you to sign.” Nick picked up some papers from a table and gesturing towards a chair directed John to sit down.

He handed John a sheath of papers and then handed Judy a sheath. “These papers merely outline our agreement to play a game of craps and what the stakes are. It states that if we play our game, regardless of who wins or loses, I will pay your debt in full to the casino and hotel. It further states that if I win, all sex with your wife will be consensual on your part and her part. Furthermore, you state that you agree to these terms on your own free will and are cognizant of the consequences that may arise and that there is no rape or coercion involved. In other words, tomorrow, you can’t run to the cops and claim that I raped your wife. Now if you are agreed, sign.”

John scanned over the document hardly reading it, just catching the gist, the gist being what Nick had just stated. Mickey offered John a pin. John glanced back at Judy. Unable to read her expression he signed at the indicated place.

Nick handed Judy a pin. Without looking at the documents, she signed where Nick pointed.

Nick gathered the documents and placed them in a safe. Turning back around, he gestured with his hand saying, “That’s all, boys. You can go now.”

Bruce and Mickey departed leaving John, Judy and Nick alone in the suite.


“Would either of you care for a drink?” Nick offered.

Relieved that the two thugs had left, John sighed, “Yeah! I need a drink. Make it bourbon…a double…on the rocks.”

“How about you Doll?”

Judy’s hands felt clammy. A drink would help her, no matter what happened next. “Pina Colda?”

Nick laughed. “Sorry Doll, but I don’t mix fancy drinks. How about some champagne?”

“Oh, yes, that would be nice.”

Nick poured John a stiff bourbon on the rocks and two glasses of champagne. John chugged his drink as soon as it was given to him.

“Would you like another one?”

“No,” answered John. “Let’s get this over with.”

Nick sipped at his drink, studying the desperate sucker. “Sure, the sooner we play, the sooner you can go.” He went over to the cabinet that housed the safe, opened an unsecured drawer and took out a pair of dice, still packaged from the factory. He handed the dice to John, who with still trembling hands, struggled to remove the tightly secured cellophane. Finally the cellophane yielded and John extracted the new dice from the package.

“Check them over carefully. Toss them a few times. Satisfy yourself that they’re honest dice. I don’t want you to leave here thinking that you were cheated.”

John studied the dice carefully; looking for modified rounded edges or other irregularities. He tossed them several times and satisfied himself that they were honest dice.

“Would you like another glass of champagne?”

“No, she’s fine,” snapped John. “Let’s get this over with.”

Nick shrugged, not concerned or caring that his hospitality had been rebuffed. He pointed his glass towards a vacant corner of the room. “Shall we?”

The three of them stood a few feet from the corner. John offered the dice back to Nick, who declined to touch them with a raised hand. John handed the dice to his wife.

“Now what?” she asked sincerely clueless. She looked at John, then towards Nick for direction. Nick merely nodded towards John and indicated that he should clarify what she should do.

“Just shake the dice in your hands, then when you’re ready, toss them against the wall.”

She took a sip of her champagne, paused and then she knelt down.

“Yes!” John shouted as the first toss showed seven, giving him the advantage.

“Seven’s the point,” intoned Nick without emotion.

“Way to go baby!” gushed John as a fresh hit of adrenaline tricked into his bloodstream.

“Now what?” asked Judy innocently.

“Roll a seven baby. We need seven to win,” urged her husband.

She picked up the dice and rolled again.

“Five,” intoned Nick.

“Now what?”

Nick stared John in the eyes. John swallowed hard and answered, “You have to take something off.”

“Oh.” She unbuckled a white high-heeled sandal and discarded it.

“Now what?”

“Roll again,” said John with a hint of irritation.

“Oh, okay.”

“C’mon seven, c’mon seven,” John chanted as the dice rattled in her hand. She tossed them against the wall.

“Eight,” declared Nick. He sipped his champagne and watched as she removed the other shoe.

Judy had it pretty well figured out by now. She scooped up the dice and to the chant of her husband, invoking the blessings of the dice for a seven, tossed the dice with a flourish.

“Four,” said Nick with sly grin.

Judy put her hands to her mouth as she thought about her next move. She reached behind her neck and removed the blue topaz pendant her mother had given to her. The pendant was part of a set, pendant, ring and earrings that her father had given to her mother when she was born. When her mother had remarried a few years ago, she passed them on to her daughter. Naturally, they had deep sentimental value to Judy, as they were an expression of her deceased father’s love.

“No fair,” chuckled Nick. She looked up forlornly, believing that she had somehow broken the rules. “Oh, okay,” conceded Nick, “this time it’s okay, but no more jewelry.”

“Jewelry’s fair,” asserted John.

Nick glared at him with a ‘don’t fuck with me’ look. “I said, no more jewelry.”

As Nick stared him down, John’s stomach churned. He meekly accepted the rule. “Okay, no more jewelry.”

“C’mon baby, you can do it, seven, give me a seven!”

The dice ricocheted in the corner and settled on the floor. “Six,” said Nick with big smile.

Judy’s eyes darted around seeking an out. Pleadingly, her eyes met Nick’s.

“Take it off Doll,” said Nick with smirk. John felt his gut tighten.

She looked back at her husband. After a brief pause, she slightly turned her back to her husband and asked him to unzip her dress. As the zipper lowered downward, he saw that her back was bare.

“You’re not wearing a bra?”

“No,” she answered meekly.

With a pained expression, his hands fell away as she pulled one strap off her shoulder and then the other. Then shaking and shimmying she peeled the form fitting dress down.

The dress hit the floor and she delicately stepped out of it dressed only in a red thong.

“Oh yes, Doll! You’re gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!”

Judy blushed mightily standing nearly nude before a near stranger as her husband looked on helplessly. John seethed as he studied the lust filled eyes of his rival and nemesis, as Nick unabashedly scanned up and down her body, openly feasting the nudity of his wife.

As far a Nick was concerned, he had won. It wasn’t that he had seen her close up and for all practical purposes in the nude. He had what he wanted. He had won even if the first roll after point was a seven and they packed up and went home. He had the releases she had signed. The releases giving her consent for him to use and distribute any video footage of her taken at the casino. In a few days, his crew would have the material edited into several video clips for his web site. The web site was a perpetual cash cow, but was always in need of a fresh new face, of fresh new footage. The suckers and their wives and girl friends provided a never-ending supply of fresh meat. Best of all, even though the odds were against him, the fact was the game went on; next roll he could get more, much more, and that was a thrill.

Judy sank to the floor, trying to preserve as much of her modesty as possible. She meekly gathered the dice. John was suddenly strangely quiet. The dice barely hit the wall and settled in the corner. John leaned forward to see the results. His heart sank as he slumped back dejectedly.

“Craps,” he mumbled.

“Does that mean…”

“Means I win,” said Nick triumphantly. Turning, he walked back to the bar for the bottle of champagne. Then he filled her glass and his.

John sat with his hands buried in his face.

“You want to hang around and watch me screw her?” Nick said cruelly.

John glared at him.

“I didn’t think so. The bill’s paid in full my friend,” said Nick with unction, putting a good spin on it for the pathetic sucker crumpled on the floor. “Look, I know you need to eat, so I’ll have room service bring you something for dinner…on me, of course. Now if you will excuse us…I have a hard on I need taken care of.”

John slowly rose. He looked down at his beautiful wife. She stared at the floor, hiding the smile that threatened to spread across her face, destroying her feigned distress. “Judy, I, I, I’m sorry baby. I’ve really made of mess of things.”

She kept her head down, concealing her wicked delight in the outcome of the game. She strained to contain her laughter. Tonight she’s going to get fucked by a real man and John had only himself to blame.

“Uh, you need to use a rubber,” stammered John, “she’s…”

“No rubbers! The doc says you’re free of STD’s and HIV, so I assume she’s free too. You haven’t been sleeping around on the side, have you Doll?”

“No,” she replied indignantly, “but I could get pregnant,” protested Judy realizing that things weren’t as easy as just getting a good fucking.

“Don’t worry Doll. I had a vasectomy. I already support three kids I never see, and that’s enough. You’re quite safe with me.”

Judy felt a little better. Then she had a pang of regret. Disappointment showed on her face. Nick read her expression and added with a laugh, “Don’t worry Doll, I still come like horse.”

Judy blushed again, this time because he had read her so easily. She looked down at the floor again not wanting John to read her too.

Nick bent down and picked up her blue topaz necklace and offered it to John. “You better take this with you. I wouldn’t want it to get lost.” As John accepted the pendant, an idea began to formulate in head.

“Now, I’ll send her back to you before checkout time.”

“Yeah, sure,” said John almost absentmindedly.

“Now if you will excuse us…”

“Yeah, sure.” John stood and staring at the clear blue stone, walked to the door. Without any other parting comments, John left his darling wife to be fucked all night by another man.

As the door closed behind him, John took a deep breath. Quickly he glanced up and down the vacant hallway, half expecting a goon to be waiting for him. “Stupid bitch,” he muttered. He opened his palm and studied the topaz again. “Sure, why not? I bought the damned things!” he declared to himself. Then he strode off down the hall in a hurry.


Back in the relative safety of his room, John punched in the code for the room safe. As he expected, Judy’s little jewelry bag was there. He opened it and shook the contents out, the diamond earrings and necklace fell onto the floor.

With a knock on the door, he nearly jumped out of his skin. “Shit,” he muttered. “Who in the hell?”

“Room service!”

“I didn’t call room service,” he answered through the door.

“Compliments of Mr. Clametti, sir!”

John cautiously cracked the door open. Sure enough there was young kid with a room service cart. “Okay, just a minute.”

John scooped up the diamonds from the floor and stuck them in his pocket with the topaz. As the kid wheeled the cart into the room, John suddenly regretted it, his gut tightening into a knot. ‘How could he have gotten here so soon?’

To John’s relief the kid parked the cart, cheerily said, “Goodnight Sir!” and quickly departed.

Opening the tray, John was greeted by a half-eaten, stone-cold hamburger and scattered, limp greasy fries, a reminder that he nothing more than a pathetic cuckold.

“Oh, fuck you,” he hissed as he slammed the cover back down on the unappetizing mess.

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