tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCraving Humiliation Ch. 02

Craving Humiliation Ch. 02


Author's Note: Thanks for your interest in this story! For the very first of Anna's adventures, check out "Craving Humiliation Ch. 1" although it is not strictly necessary to enjoy this story. I would like to thank my editor AsylumSeeker for translating my mad ramblings into coherent English. I heartily recommend him to any would-be writers.

Although for stylistic reasons the characters are not blurting out their ages, rest assured they are all over eighteen.

Chapter 2: Denial

Today was my first day back at College after the humiliating event of last week. I had been found tied up and dripping wet with some guy's sperm as well as female pee all over me lying on a weight machine workout bench by one of the gym instructors. After having my hair cut off I had been carried to the nurse and then the principal's office, where I refused to identify my attackers or contact authorities. Not wanting to prolong my humiliation the college authorities let it drop and gave me a week off. A week I spent in bed, healing my abused body and mourning my beautiful hair, now cut a little above shoulder level.

The pictures of my ordeal had not surfaced on the net, but from some of the looks I was occasionally getting gave me the impression they had been shown around. I was nervous; I couldn't help blushing every time someone looked at me, and my heart threatened to beat out of my chest.

I felt like I might be sick any moment but somehow, despite all that I had gone through, my pussy was drenched. I had been having the same dream night after night since that day. Instead of being found by a lone instructor, I was discovered by a whole class that touched and mocked me. To my shame I would always wake up with a raging need to masturbate. God, I was a slut.

I checked the clock over the hallway as I made my way through the throng of students; ten minutes before class. I quickened my pace but grimaced and slowed again; I was still a little sore and walking too fast hurt. At the next intersection I turned and headed for the less crowded gym area, where I could cut across to my class.

As expected the gym area wasn't as crowded. Everyone with classes here would be changing; the other students passing through wouldn't get in my way. I checked the hour again; eight minutes. I gritted my teeth and accelerated a little.

A blonde came in from a hallway further ahead and I froze. It was Mandy! She had her back to me and hadn't seen me as she sped off ahead. Should I turn back?

"Whoa look at that!" a guy heading toward me said to his buddy.

With horror I realized I had started massaging my clit through my jeans in the middle of the hallway, and in plain sight of everyone! I grabbed my books with both hands and quickly lowered my head to hide my blushing. I could hear the guys joking about what they'd do to the horny girl as they went past me. I started walking again before they could try anything.

I tried following Mandy while keeping my distance, which wasn't too hard since she was walking faster than me. She was wearing one of her skimpy skirts that exposed the bottom of her ass cheeks with every step and a tank top which I was guessing nearly made her breasts spill out of it as it always did. She abruptly swerved and entered a locker room.

I stopped in front of it, indecisive. I was late anyway, should I try talking to her? Maybe make peace? I noticed my hand was going for my clit again and I snatched it... I made my decision and went in.

The air was humid; I could hear a shower somewhere, out of sight. Mandy was standing near a bench with a gaggle of her bikini-clad friends; she was topless in her panties, her friends urging her to hurry.

"Come on Mandy!" one said. "You know how Miss..." She spotted me and stopped. Mandy turned around; first she was shocked, and then her face clouded in anger.

"What the hell are you doing here!?" she stalked toward me. "Don't you ever learn?"

She grabbed my shoulders painfully and pushed me to the ground, my books falling everywhere. While I was laying there on my back she reached for my shirt and tried getting it over my head. I started flailing my arms around; I hit her hard on the arm and with a gasp she let go of me. I got up quickly, holding my arms tightly over me for protection.

"Look, I just want to talk," I pleaded.

She didn't reply, but rather just stood staring at me looking pissed, her friends gathering around her.

Suddenly she launched herself at me again. We fell down and she landed on top, pushing my breath out of me. As I lay there trying to get the air back with her laying on me, holding me still, her friends grabbed hold of my legs and arms. She sat back on my thighs with her quickened breaths making her breasts jiggle.

"You bitch," she said while releasing the air in her lungs. "You hit me!"

She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and lifted it, exposing my breasts. I must have forgotten to wear a bra. Other hands grabbed for the shirt and it was lifted off my arms.

"Look," one of her friends announced to the group. "They look even smaller than in the pictures." They all laughed at my chest and my face reddened in humiliation. My breasts were not that small! Were they?

"I think she likes it when I play with her small tits," Mandy declared, reaching down and cupping my breasts. "That's too bad because it won't happen." She let go and stood up, her breasts bouncing. "Strip her and make her kneel over the bench."

My shoes and socks came off. My jeans were unzipped and with one motion were dragged down with my panties, over my legs and thrown somewhere. Here I was with my wet pussy exposed to Mandy and her friends.

There were a couple of chuckles for "the slut" and I was dragged and made to kneel over the wooden bench, my ass exposed and my breasts hanging down on the other side.

Mandy opened her mouth to speak but a voice cut through the room and everyone jumped.

"Ladies, class is starting," an older female voice announced. "Is anyone still in here?"

No one spoke and after a moment the click of a door closing echoed through the room. A hand went to my ass, slowly massaging it.

"You like that?" Mandy asked.

The next moment the hand was gone. I let out a yelp as it was replaced by a stinging pain; a loud smack echoed through the room.

More slaps landed on my ass and thighs. Ouch, this hurt! I pushed off and struggled but the hands on me were too strong. One went for my nipple and pinched; I cried out and stopped fighting.

The pain kept coming, my yelps of pain echoing back to me with every slap, but even more humiliating were the slapping noises of my hanging breasts hitting the side of the bench every time I jerked. The stinging grew as hand after hand replaced the first, until the pain went from my ass all the way down to the back of my knees.

Finally it stopped and the hands released me. I was just laying there panting, trying to get my breath back. Someone grabbed my arm and I was jerked up, breathless. It was Mandy.

"I'm not done with you yet," she announced.

Still holding my arm she dragged me toward the back of the locker room, her friends following us. We stopped in front of the showers; she started the first and fiddled with the controls.

"You should have done this yourself this morning you slut," she declared. With a satisfied smile she pushed me in.

I screamed and recoiled back out. The water was freezing! She'd been expecting it and, grabbing hold of my arm, pushed me back in again.

"Keep her in there," she told her friends. "I gotta get something."

They surrounded me; she went to the locker area. I was helplessly standing there, my nude body shivering all over, trying to stop my teeth from clattering when she came back with a twirled wet towel and a sadistic smile. Oh my God!

"Please Mandy!" I gasped. "Please don't do this."

"You think I care what you want?" she snarled; "you stupid bitch. You haven't learned your lesson yet."

I made a run for it but her friends grabbed me. I was thrown back in the shower with a gasp. It was coming, she hit me on the leg with the wet towel and I recoiled back in the opposite direction; hands grabbed me and pushed me back under the cold stream.

Another hit came, this time on my red ass, and I let out a scream. I tried to push out of the circle but they wouldn't let me through. A blow landed on the right breast and I nearly fainted. I couldn't take it anymore; I curled up on the cold shower floor, my legs pulled up against me for protection, gritting my teeth for the next blow. It didn't come. I looked fearfully up at Mandy.

"Learn your lesson this time?" she asked.

I nodded.

She turned the shower off, reached for my arm and pulled me upright. I stood there shivering. She had gotten wet sometime during the process; water was dripping from her hair and over her breasts, her nipples erect, her pussy starting to show through the wet material of her panties.

Pulling on my arm she dragged me, shivering, out of the showers with her friends trailing behind us. We reached the bench and I let out a yelp as she sat me down hard.

"Straddle it," she ordered.

I looked up at her standing over me menacingly and decided I didn't want to get hurt again. I moved a leg over and across the bench, straddling it and leaving my legs open with my pussy exposed. Mandy sat down facing me, our knees almost touching, her pussy bulging through her wet panties. When she leaned forward and pushed on my shoulders, I fell on my back.

"Hold her," she told her friends. "I want to see if she's still excited."

I tried jerking back up but hands grabbed me. I was held forcefully down against the bench. Mandy leaned her face forward, just inches from my pussy, and blew on it. I let out a gasp in spite of myself.

"Look at the slut," she mocked, "she's practically begging for it!" I flushed; it wasn't my fault my body was responding!

With Mandy still leaning between my legs, I felt two fingers against my pussy. She pushed and they went inside. They started probing, massaging my inside. I did the best I could to keep my control, but she was really good and occasionally managed to get gasps out of me; they had fun at that. She pulled the fingers out of my wet pussy, smearing juice all over my slit.

"Getting hot?" she taunted. "Feels good, huh? Your cunt's all wet like the good little slut you are. You know what? I think I'll make you squirm some more..."

Her wet fingers moved to my clit, stroking it. I couldn't pretend it wasn't affecting me anymore; I let out cries of pleasures as she masturbated me.

I suddenly let out a cry of pain; she had pinched my clit! I struggled to free myself, frantically pushing against the hands holding me. Her fingers came back to my clit and gently stroked until I quieted. All that time she was laughing. She kept on doing it; masturbating me until my cries grew desperate and then pinching me, but I was getting close to coming anyway. I almost didn't mind the pinching anymore. I lay there squirming in their hands, wishing I could touch myself when her fingers withdrew.

"Don't stop," I gasped. "Just a little more..."

"Doesn't that suck," she gloated. "And you were so close. Too bad you have to go now."

The hands left me. She grabbed my arm and I was pulled on my feet and pushed toward the door. I guessed what was going to happen and pulled in the opposite direction.

"Don't fight me bitch!" she warned. "Or do you want to go back in the shower?"

I didn't, and after I resigned myself to her will we started moving again. We reached the door; she unceremoniously opened it and pushed me out in the hall.

"Wait there." The door closed in my face.

I heard a gasp of surprise and jerked around. A guy had stopped in his tracks and was staring at me, mouth hanging open. I quickly hid my breasts and turned back around toward the door. I was exposing my red ass and legs but this was the best I could do, and anyway my face was probably redder than my backside; I wasn't sure if I was shivering from the shame or from the cold.

The door opened and as I stepped back Mandy came out still dressed in her panties. She looked over my shoulder with a slutty smile on her face then focused back on me.


She threw my books and some clothing at my feet before closing the door in my face again.

I didn't waste any time, I grabbed for the clothing. There were only two pieces that certainly weren't mine; a thin grey blouse and what could barely be described as a miniskirt. I quickly put them on as the guy continued to stare.

I let out a curse when I tried buttoning the blouse; only the two middle buttons were left, exposing my belly and most of my breasts. I should have been worrying that with any movement I would flash everyone with a full view of my bare breasts, but the thin grey material was already sticking to my wet skin. It was turning transparent, and exposing everything anyway.

The skirt wasn't much better; it just barely covered my ass cheeks. Every step would likely expose half my ass and pussy, and it certainly did nothing to hide my reddened legs and thighs. That was it. No shoes, no socks, nothing.

I grabbed for my books and held them as a shield to cover my breasts. I let out a sigh of relief. The guy was still staring but at least I wasn't showing him everything anymore. What could I do? Damn, I was late the first period after a week of being gone. I'd get in trouble for that. I hurried barefoot to my class, probably giving the guy a nice view of my ass as I sped off.

I hesitated outside the door. Could I really do this? I was barefoot, my legs were naked and completely red from behind, and even my right breast had a visible red mark from the whipping it had taken. I'd most likely be flashing my pussy and ass to half the class, and to make matters worse I was drenched and shivering, hair dripping all over my blouse.

I steeled myself, readjusted my books to cover my chest and went in before I could change my mind.

Everyone stared at my interruption. Murmurs went through the class and I turned beet red. I looked around for a seat; there was only one, all the way to the back in the far right corner. With one hand holding the books over my breasts, the other holding my skirt down as much as I could over my pussy, I made my way back taking the smallest steps I could.

It took way longer getting there than it should have and I probably looked like I was giving a show on purpose, but I didn't care. At least I had avoided exposing myself as much as was possible. After reaching the desk I lowered myself as modestly as I could, which wasn't much. A wave of pain shot through me as my stinging ass touched the chair. I barely managed to stay sitting.

The skirt was so small it had ridden up, exposing my whole pussy. I closed my legs as tightly as I could. I sat with everyone was still staring at me, but after a while of staring they realized I wasn't going to do anything else and they reluctantly turned back.

The Prof was unsettled at first but he couldn't really see me all the way back behind everyone, and eventually forgot my presence as he resumed his lessons.

After a moment I quietly sighed in relief and put my books on the desk. The girl to my side let out a small gasp and I cringed; she was looking at my breasts through the wet blouse. I did my best to act casual but my burning face was probably giving me away. That or the thudding of my heart I was sure she could hear.

The girl was still stealing glances at me, and I was starting to feel an aching need between my legs; my pussy was dripping all over my seat. I ignored it and focused on the lecture. If this boring lesson didn't work I didn't know what would, but before long I was squirming on my seat. God I was horny!

I just couldn't take it anymore, nothing else mattered but getting an orgasm. The girl hadn't looked at me for a while. I opened my legs a little and sneaked a hand down to my pussy. It felt like heaven. I barely managed to hold back a powerful gasp as my fingers found my clit.

The girl sneaked a peak at me again and her eyes bulged. I froze. What could I do? Damn, she had caught me touching myself. The hell with it, I needed to cum! I started fingering myself then and there.

The girl couldn't believe it, and neither could I really. Here I was, half naked in the middle of class and masturbating. Damn it was good. She was staring at me; I looked her in the eyes and smiled, opening my legs wider so she could watch me doing it.

But something was missing. I was squirming in need as I was masturbating yet I needed something more. With a shock I realized I needed something up my ass. I looked around; no one was looking back here. I quickly shifted my weight and removed the skirt out from under me, freeing and exposing my ass. The girl's mouth dropped open. She looked around and turned red.

I scooted over to the edge of my seat, lay back a little and put my cunt-soaked finger up my asshole. The girl was now in a trance, staring at me as if nothing else existed. I moved the finger around inside my ass while I rubbed my clit with the other hand.

This wasn't enough; I needed to be filled more. Then I spotted something. Making sure no one else was watching, I quickly leaned to the side, reached for the girl's desk, and grabbed her fluorescent marker. She looked surprised at first, then puzzled.

I took the marker and rammed it up my anus. Her eyes were wide in shock. Here I was on the edge of my seat, legs spread wide, and a marker up my exposed ass. I looked her in the eyes and started fucking myself up the ass while fingering my pussy.

The girl was beet red now, and so was I; I had never been so excited in all my life. Her hand moved down and she started massaging herself through her jeans.

We were in our own world and nothing else existed. I didn't care if anyone else was watching anymore; all that mattered was fucking myself. My eyes locked onto hers as she touched herself. I was about to cum; I could feel a giant orgasm building and threatening to explode at any moment.

The bell rang and I nearly jumped out of my skin. No! Not now! All I needed was a moment more. But it was too late; everyone was getting up and leaving. With one last lingering look at the girl I closed my legs, gathered my books, and stood up. I had to finish this.

This time I didn't care about my exposed breasts, or that I was flashing everyone behind me with the yellow fluorescent marker sticking out of my ass. I needed to cum. Now!

I left the class and walked through the crowd in a daze. I think some people were calling out to me, but I didn't pay attention. I was heading for the closest restroom. A thrill went through me as I reached my target; I almost ran in. A guy peeing in one of the urinals looked up in shock as I walked past him into a stall, slamming it behind me.

I didn't lose any time. I sat down, closed my eyes, and fucked myself as hard as I could, pounding the marker up my ass as I finger-fucked myself. I didn't have to hide anymore as I let out screams of pure pleasure. I could hear them echoing back at me.

Hearing my own lust-filled moans from the outside turned me on even more. I let the pleasure take over. I felt it coming and I let out a cry of pure ecstasy as a powerful orgasm exploded in me.

I slumped against the toilet, exhausted, as wave after wave of pleasure shook through me. School would never be the same again.

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