tagErotic CouplingsCross-Country Road Trip Ch. 03

Cross-Country Road Trip Ch. 03


Traffic picked up as we took US 50 eastwards from Grand Junction. Our night at the La Quinta had my head buzzing with warm, fuzzy feelings of lust for your pussy and all its delights. Still with all the traffic you had worn no bra or thong and your nipples were poking through your thin blouse as the wind plastered it to your tits. Your laughter was music to my ears. Your smile candy to my eyes. Your bare pussy fuel for my lust.

But, alas, the highway was crawling with other cars and trucks. Soon the city of Delta appeared in front of us and we crossed the Gunnison River for the first time since Grand Junction. The only concession you made as we went through Delta was to lower your feet from the dashboard. Your skirt still was high enough that I could see the fine hairs on your pussy. My cock twitched inside my shorts and I let out a small moan. You grinned at me, happy to see that I was paying attention and reacting to your carnal offerings. Delta, Colorado was soon a memory and your feet went back up on the dash.

Your wide spread legs offered me full view of your pussy in all its glory from the pucker of your asshole to the tip of your slightly protruding clit. You stuck first two and then three fingers deep into your pussy bringing them to your mouth and licking them clean. You repeated your finger fucking, but this time you held your fingers to my mouth and I slowly sucked each finger clean, groaning as I did. You squealed in delight at this sign of my pleasure.

Another 20 miles brought us to Montrose which was a good size city at the western edge of the Rockies. You repeated your concession of lowering your legs, but you reveled in the thought that anybody that wanted to look could see your dripping pussy bared to the warm summer sun and stuck your fingers into your gaping hole, finger fucking yourself through the city of Montrose with a glorious smile on your face and soft moans from your throat.

The road eastward from Montrose climbed as it twisted and turned along the bank of the Gunnison River. The terrain turned rocky as the road left the Gunnison and swung to the southeast. There is literally no place to turn off, but that didn't stop you from finally fingering yourself into a gloriously loud orgasm, your cum squirting out and hitting the dashboard. I reached over and slid my hand into your sopping cunt pulling out your girl cream and bringing it to my lips. It only made me hornier than I already was from watching your antics, but there was literally no place to turn off the road.

We raced through Cimarron and headed for Sapinero finally emerging above a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. By now, you had my cock out of my pants and were gently tugging it to full erection, as if it wasn't already full enough before you started. I moaned as you tenderly stroked up and down on my soft and yet hard shaft of manhood. Then you bent over and licked the precum out of the slit at the head of my dick. You licked your lips as you sat back and unbuttoned your blouse letting the wind blow it open. I noticed that your tan lines were beginning to blur with all the sunshine your tits were getting.

At the end of the lake we approached the small town of Gunnison--gee, I wonder why they call it that? You once again closed the front of your blouse but only buttoned one strategic button halfway down. Your breasts were covered and yet.... Your hand only partially covered my fully erect dick.

As we left Gunnison behind us, the road became a roller coaster of up and downs and we delighted in the way the Midget screamed up and over these little bumps in the road. Your hand was once again working hard on my cock and it began to leak cum all over your fingers, cum which you took to your mouth and sucked off your fingers before returning for more of my life giving fluid.

Soon the Midget was straining in earnest as the road started a steep climb heading for the Continental Divide at Monarch Pass (elevation 11,312 feet). The views were breath-taking when we were looking at them instead of each other. As we approached the pass, I asked "Have you ever been fucked two miles above sea level before?"

"No, I can't say I have."

"Well, I think it's time you joined the Mile High Club without leaving the ground. There's a Gondola to the top of the mountain at the pass. You interested in fucking among the clouds?"

"Hell, yeah! You know I'd fuck you anywhere, anytime, and anyway you want."

"Bring your toy with you. I want you to fuck me in my ass again today."

"OK, let me find it." You reached behind my seat and pulled your bag toward you. You quickly found Dick and, not knowing what else to do, turned him on and shoved him up your cunt.

"How are you going to keep it inside you when you walk?"

"With my thong silly." And quickly you pulled your thong into place to hold Dick inside your sexy smelling slit. You buttoned the rest of your blouse and stuffed my cock back into my pants as we approached Monarch Pass. As I entered the parking lot, Dick gave you a very satisfying, if almost silent orgasm and your thong was drenched with your juices.

I parked near the ticket booth for the gondolas and we bought our round-trip tickets. Surrendering the stub, we climbed into our personal gondola for the ride to the top. Immediately your hands were all over my cock urging it to regain some of its rigidity before we got to the summit.

"How am I going to get off this thing at the top, especially if there are people standing around?"

"With a hard-on silly. I want to show the world that you are my cock and that you stay hard for me all the time, not just at night."

As we reached the top, I faintly heard Dick doing his job inside your pussy and my cock was throbbing inside my shorts. We got off and walked around a bit looking for a secluded spot where we could be united as one body, where we could dance the dance of life itself until we were spent and exhausted from our gyrations.

Off by ourselves, you once again unbuttoned your blouse and let it hang from your shoulders. Your skirt and thong were suddenly in one hand as the other groped my cock once again. I shuddered from your gentle yet demanding touch.

"Pull down your pants and bend over."

I did so.

"Dick should be slippery enough with my cunt juice all over him. Open wide, as the dentist says."

I spread my ass cheeks with both hands as I bent over even further.

Without warning you jammed Dick up my asshole and twisted the vibrator on to its highest setting. I gasped with the sudden invasion of my up until then almost virgin asshole, but only moaned as it started feeling so good. You moved Dick in and out, slowly at first and then faster and faster. I felt my cum boiling in my balls and told you that I was near. You quickly took Dick out of my ass and threw yourself down on the ground spreading your legs wide, holding them close to your tits.

"Fuck me!"

I was only too happy to obey your command and quickly crawled between your legs. Though still hard as a rock, the urgency to cum had subsided and I started fucking you with a slow, steady rhythm building up the speed as I sensed your orgasm approaching. My cum boiled its way down the length of my cock and exploded inside your already exploding pussy, coating your pussy's walls. You screamed into my shoulder as I grunted into yours. We lay there for a few moments catching our breaths and then slowly separated ourselves from one another. My cock plopped out of your love hole and you licked it clean, expecting me to return the favor. I don't.

"Hey! How 'bout cleaning my pussy out?"


"Why the fuck not?"

"Because you are going back down this mountain leaking my cum down your legs. I want to show all those people that you are my cunt and I can cream you whenever and wherever I want, not just at night. Sound familiar?"

"You prick!"

"Yeah, but you love me, don't you?"

"You know I do, darling."

"I know and I know I love you very much, sweetheart. Now wrap Dick in your thong, straighten out your skirt and blouse and let's walk your dripping, hot pussy down to the gondolas. If you are a good girl, I'll let you use the restroom at the gift shop to clean up."

"Oh, you will, will you? And what if I'm not a good girl?"

"Then we ride on down the mountain with your cream pie being finger fed to me one lick at a time."

"I think I want to be a very bad girl."

"Go ahead. It's a win-win situation for both of us."

Laughing we walked back to the gondola and climbed on when its our turn. When we reached the bottom and got off, I noticed that you had left traces of our lovemaking on the seat of the gondola and smiled as I saw the young couple who be the next to ride in that gondola. If they only knew.

Since you were a bad girl on the way down, we climbed into the Midget and started the long ride down the mountain heading for Poncha Springs. You fed me cream pie all the way through Poncha Springs and halfway to our next motel in Pueblo. I ate it up and considered making some more when it finally ran out. But, by then it was getting a bit dark and it was time to clean up, go to supper, and fall into each others arms in a soft, warm bed.

You awoke in the middle of the night and felt my sleepy erection poking gently against your ass. You threw the covers back and gently slid out of the bed trying in vain not to awake me. You took your time in the bathroom and then climbed back into bed with me. I had rolled over onto my back and was naked with a semi-hard cock just poking its nose into the night air. You reached over and very gently began stroking my cock and rubbing your clit at the same time. After just a few minutes of this, I got very hard and you got extremely wet and horny. The pleasant aroma of your hot pussy hung in the air.

You thought I was still asleep as you straddled my cock and took my entire length deep into your hot and steamy pussy. You rode me gently trying not to wake me, not knowing that I had been awake the entire time. I moved my hands up to your twins on your chest and rolled the nipples between my fingers, a smile played on my lips even if my eyes were still closed. Up and down...rocking back and forth...up and down. I could feel your pussy gripping my cock as we both grew closer. I watched you take your tits into your hands and lifted them enough so that your tongue ran across your nipples. You continued to ride my cock, getting a little faster now.

I put my hands on your hips raising you just enough to allow myself to pound up into you. Harder and faster we moved and louder came the moans from our mouths, moans that started as far down in our bodies as our joined genitals. I took a tit into my mouth and tried to devour it whole. You bent your head and we both captured the nipple ending in a deep passionate kiss.

I poked a finger into your ass and you rode me even hard and faster...our bodies slamming together, trying to make us one body. Your nails dug into my back and your screams sounded as if they could wake the dead as you reached your first climax. I tried with all my might to hold back my own cum as you went into a second orgasm.

You told me to lie back and raised yourself from my cock dripping with your juices. Turning around, you took my cock deep into your mouth as you pressed your dripping cunt against my face. I ate you hard as you came again and again. Your mouth sucked at my cock enveloping it with its warm moistness. Your leaned your head a certain way and my cock moved deep into your throat. Up and down you went, faster and faster until I could no longer hold back my cum and my hot, creamy cum sprayed down your throat. My moans are just as loud as yours had been and I came long and hard as you mouth fucked my cock.

You rose up and turned to look at me. You smiled and said "I woke up and had to have you."

"Anytime, darling', anytime at all"

We drifted back to sleep and woke only after the bedside alarm dragged us from our pleasant carnal dreams.

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