tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCrossing the GAP Ch. 1

Crossing the GAP Ch. 1


(Note in Italics plz) NOTE: This story is not endorsed by any company. This is a work of fiction and is from my vivid imagination. Any resemblence from real life is entirely co-incidental.

Since I was 16 I’ve been a wrestling fan, the women are horny, and the Rock kicks serious arse. So I was delighted when one of my friends got tickets to RAW is WAR in M.S.G. during the GAP year we were taking touring America. It was supposed to sort of signify our transition from end of University to true Manhood & the outside World. We’d even laid bets on who would get bedded the most in America and who would get bedded my the hottest woman. Now I’m very modest, and I don’t have the 8-14 ridiculously large dicks some read about in these trash stories, my dick is 6 inches, and my balls aren’t particularly large, so I’m average or small, depending on whose perspective you look at it from. I also am not a slut/escort and have very British values, e.g. Most Americans are evil as they are mostly big headed and they elect the most stupid president (BUSH) who won’t sign a Kyoto agreement, which is very important for the future. I hope you begin to get a fair picture of the sort of guy I am.

Anyway the deal is that most of the WWF Diva’s are really hot. And I really respect their athleticism and showmanship even if it is entertainment scripted. I never dreamed I’d meet one though. Lita is one of the busiest individuals on the federation roster. She does everything and so here schedule is very tight, she was scheduled to be on RAW but was suffering from burnout; so another match was scheduled instead with different Diva’s competing. As you can imagine the lot of us enjoyed the other match but would have loved to see all the Diva’s compete. SmackDown! was also scheduled for M.S.G. so it made sense that the entire locker-room would be here for at least the first day. As the passes included backstage we went there after the show, but it had more or less cleared out for the night. We agreed that N.Y. would be wild so we agreed to meet Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on how lucky we got. I decided that since my Little Brother loves the business even more than I did I might try and get him a few autographs so I stayed behind whilst my friends went off in N.Y.

Most superstars I came across were friendly but offered me nothing apart from those who liked the look of me, as I am very clean cut. Others turned me away. Eventually I got to Lita’s dressing room, knocked and poked my head around. I found it empty but there was still her thong in the room, so I pocketed it intending to possibly buy a ticket for SmackDown! and give it to her then. As I turned around she walked in.

“What are you doing with that thing?” She demanded in a husky voice “Nothing” I replied innocently raising my hands above my head defensively “Put it down, or I’ll call security” she demanded. I had no intention of that happening so I threw it into a corner of the room near the shower. She went to pick it up, and I had a wicked kiss-&-run idea. As she whirled around about to give me an earful I pressed up to her and kissed her heavily, however my plan backfired, she grabbed me around the waist and I knew I was gonna get screwed by security, those arms can really hurt you know.

“Sorry” I stuttered. “Hang on a sec” she whispered in my ear. She then proceeded to lock the door. “I believe that you wanted these,” she said simply before revealing her trademark high thong.” “Uhmmmm….” “If you want them, you’re going to have to earn it” She pronounced huskily “You want money?” “I had a little something else in mind…”

Before I knew what was happening, Lita had drawn me into a corner, despite all the techniques I tried using on her, she wouldn’t back down. “I’ve been very busy lately, with all the things I have to do for the federation, and I love it and all, but every now and again you need a little loving, you understand what I’ saying? I think you do…” Next thing I know is that I’m in a corner with Lita ripping off her shirt and trousers and me assisting in unveiling those fine tits and thong. Her body was perfectly tanned all the way down, and she’d obviously been training well as she was well honed but still displayed feminine virtues. The thong barely concealed her pubic hair and edges of flaming red poked out of the side of the thong. Any and all thoughts I’d had of not completely screwing this lady were now eradicated, but I was still afraid of what she might think of what I affectionately refer to as ‘it’. “Drop your pants!” she ordered, “I’m wearing boxers” I replied innocently not realising she meant my Jeans. Eventually we sorted it out, and although the atmosphere had sorted disappeared, the lust was still intact, and after we’d both shed our garments I wasted no time in going for what I’d lusted after since I first saw her, her tits. I tried devouring them, forcing each bit into my mouth, but they were too big and they just hung firm. She however went for my dick, removing my boxers carefully and sticking my lump shaft into her mouth. I don’t know if she was disappointed with it or not, but she seemed to enjoy the fact that I picked up the pace as she started giving me an exquisite blowjob. I’d never stuck fingers in a pussy before, but she urged me along, so I stuck three in as started exploring it and tickling the inside finding the clitoris, she pointed at it, and I wasted no time fondling and rubbing it picking up the face as she bobbed faster, I came fairly quickly, I’d never had this done to me by a woman of such quality, and from then on, I was just on cloud nine, trying things I’d never done before. The moans erupting from her mouth every so often were pleasured and made the sweetest sound, nothing like you’ve ever heard anywhere. Eventually she told me she was going to cum, so when I asked what to do when told me to eat flesh from her pussy, lubricate them for later, I did as I was instructed and soon She was on all fours with me lying underneath, she working on my cock and I on her cunt. She came as I bit into her, and the taste was enough to make me cum and then pass out, from some of the best sex in my life.

Lita was in the shower by the time I recovered from my sleep. I couldn’t resist leaving her again, and needed to feel her. Still naked I slipped into the shower and started to help her clean herself by licking her clean from the underside. Looking up at her voluptuous breasts from her underside and tasting her diluted Pussy I couldn’t resist but get a hard on and stick my cock back into her. She screamed when she realised we were about to get at it again, and slid down the wall ready to take whatever I could throw at her. Licking her clitoris I yanked her hair and forced her onto my Belly. She started bobbing her head on my purple head whilst I continued licking her clitoris and tasting and smelling her Pussy. It wasn’t long before I came right down her throat whilst she came in my mouth. I asked her if she was on birth control cause I was gonna stick it to her, and I did. Yanking a towel off the rail I threw it around her and hauled her up against the wall. Standing about 10 cm apart I dragged her right onto me rough as anything and began to bite her tongue and make her bob on my cock. Turning the water off I put her legs around my waist so the all she could do was feel my cock and kiss me, and I her. I then used all my might to throw us into the bathroom wall with force so our bodies adjusted and she could remain raised. This pain was enough to make her almost pass out, and she began to scratch my skin raw whist I picked her up and made her scratch harder and faster as I held her in my hands and made her move up and down the wall across the uncomfortable tiles. She bobbed on my cock whilst I filled up her pussy and took one hand to fondle her breasts and kiss them with hunger and with the other hand I rubbed her clit. The pleasure of this and the pain of the wall made her cum on me, which was just what I needed to get out the final spurts of what I had in me. Sex always wears me out so we slipped down the walls together, I feverishly kissed her mouth and breasts following her everywhere whilst she looked for some wine she always kept with her. She eventually told me she’d “fucking left it at the hotel”

“But,” she said, “you’ve been a very naughty boy and naught boys need to be put to bed!” I took my head out of her breasts and started to kiss her ass, and told her, “If naughty boys aren’t tucked in they might escape” to which she replied with a moan and, “Mummy’s gonna take care of you all night long….” “Fuck this I thought”, I want her and I want her now. “This naught boy wants to play some more.” “There’s a time and place for everything.” she replied, “I just need to make a phone call…”

An hour later I was virtually asleep in her arms in a Cab, despite the heavy New York traffic and those blasted loud honking New York yellow cabs. While she watched the girls go by, I told her “Stortford I much quieter, much more cosy too, next time you come to the U.K. you should definitely check it out, life in the U.K. is more fun then you could ever imagine….” She just sat there fondling her pendant.

The WWF had bought out the hotel that evening and because we had left so late it was pretty quiet, the APA member Bradshaw was in the lobby trying desperately to make his computer work, but was having no success because Windows kept screwing up, and likewise Mick Foley was rattling his computer around ‘cos he hadn’t saved the chapter of his new book, and the bloody thing had crashed. And the landing was shaking, “that’s Trish” Lita told me while she was checking in an noticed me gazing upward. What amazed me as we left the ground floor was the clerk not gazing after the beautiful Diva, so I imagine he was just as homosexual as Josh in Big Brother 2.

We walked into Lita’s suite, it was nothing exceptional, but was good quality. “Now” Lita said as she locked the door behind her. “Fetch!” she instructed slipping the key into the clothes she had slipped on in a hurry. “And don’t make me regret this!”

I said nothing just lusted after her for a moment before grabbing her and tackling her over the top of the settee. It didn’t take me long to find the key, it was inside the thong rim… as I stripped her down I found myself growing hard, a sensation I thought I could grow accustomed to doing so many times a day. Lita just lay on the couch, quivering slightly as I started to lick her. My jeans proved too tough for her to dislodge from her position so I undid them, whilst licking her all over making sure that no piece of skin was left untouched. As I took off my short she picked up the key and started tracing outlines on herself with the cold metal. If nothing else, this made me want her more and I started rolling her over on the couch and spanking her with one hand whilst another hand found the open wine on the table whilst my face indulged in biting her ass cheeks and sweet skin around her neck. “Payback” I uttered as some skin turned crimson, “and divulgence” I uttered as I turned her over and spilt the wine on her front. Making her scream from the sensation. I stopped to lick her and drink whist pouring more on, some splashing against her huge mounds, whilst another fell on her clitoris, causing her to orgasm and mix wine with the cum which I drank anyway.

“My turn” she told me, and with the strength I’ve only seen on T.V. she grabbed my torso and wrestled me onto the couch, my errection getting into her Pussy through my Boxers, she screamed as the buttons went in, and began to joggle about to trying to get the boxers out, but it was no good, I had filled her, and was not letting her get out, so cat like she began to slap me until I grabbed her tits and squeezed her nipples and kissed her mouth to the extent that we both smelled equally of wine. It was then that I grabbed her hair and turned our positions. Pulling her head back made her scream and I dumped the whole bottle into her wide open mouth, some dribbled onto me, but I didn’t care, Tearing my dick out I removed my boxers and shoved it back in, and rubbing her clit, made her orgasm at the same time I did as she started to wrestle me, making us both fall from the settee to the floor. I’d saved some for her mouth and though I was dripping it through my shaft and onto her naked body I stuffed my cock into her mouth and made her drink down my cum and give me the greatest blowjob of my life. She couldn’t handle being ordered around like this, so she started talking dirty to me, trying to maintain that she was in control, “that’s right you bastard, stick it to me, give it to me how I like it, now take me to my bed.”

Though worn out, I did as she requested and it wasn’t long before she started to drift off, tired from her wrestling and the sex we’d had the entire evening. I didn’t want it to end this way, so I took the ice from the champagne bucket and began to rub it over her, cooling her down and waking her up, and it wasn’t ling before she was taking it doggy style, up the arse, (I only did that for am minute, enough to cause her serious pain, but not to feel any of her shit) but before long, my dick was where it belonged, in her pussy, and she was being bobbed on it, whilst I was kissing her to sleep mumbling “I LOVE YOU” to her, (hell I probably did, I was making love to her, and from what I’d seen of her personality I probably did love her). She seemed content with that as she sighed contentedly after our amazing sex session in the bed was finished, then finally as we were both tired we went to sleep, me in here and her in my arms, our mouths interlocked in a passionate kiss.

It was about 10 A.M. (U.S. time) when I discovered that I had been left alone in the bed. Lita had obviously done something with me because our cum stains were all over the bed and I was in a complete different position and the covers were off the bed. Lita had however left me a note. “Gone to get Coffee see you back here 10p.m. lobby 9:50 Tickets on table with new clothes.” There were indeed new clothes for me on the table, along with breakfast and tickets for tonight’s SmackDown! Taping.”

t.b.c. (To be continued)

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