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Cruel and Unusual Magic


Author's Note: Hi, all! It's been a few years since I posted "An Ill-Advised Kiss," for which I received a lot of kind and helpful feedback. Thank you for that, Literotica community! It was a fun exercise for me and I told myself I should try it again. And time passed. And then more time. Life has a way of intruding on fun sometimes.

But I digress. As with "An Ill-Advised Kiss," the seed of a story wandered into my head during a particularly deep and dream-filled sleep. While this story involves characters from an "An Ill-Advised Kiss" it is not a prerequisite.

Warning: this story is in two parts. While Part 1 is rather light-hearted, Part 2 becomes an even darker, but ultimately satisfying (I hope!), story than "An Ill-Advised Kiss" involving some non-consensual sexual activity.


Part 1

Magic is a power for good. It always has been. Tales of evil witches and spiteful sorcerers are fun and make for good drama but when you consider all the magic that has ever been used since the beginning of time, the vast majority of it has been used for good, or at least benign, purposes. Those skilled in the art and science of magic have made countless contributions to the health and well-being of the world, often silently and unbeknownst to those they've helped. Those with magical ability have a healthy respect for it; for them, there is no need to abuse it.

It's only when magic falls into the hands of the unskilled and undisciplined that things go awry. Magic is an amplifier of sorts. It can take love and happiness and thoughtfulness and multiply it in miraculous ways. It can also take stupidity and cruelty and turn them into misery and injustice.

Magic tolerates such misuse only temporarily. It is the nature of magic to mend itself, reward the good, and punish the wicked. The true devotee to the practice of magic is an instrument of good. And of justice.

Lena had corrected a few injustices in her life as a witch. As both the witness and victim of cruelty and deceit, Lena had used her power to balance the scales. She was not vengeful -- her punishments fit the crime, so to speak -- and she did not lose sleep over her actions. Lena learned from the best: her mother, and her mother's mother, and generations of women before that. Their accumulated knowledge and wisdom taught Lena how to wield her considerable power with love, modesty, and forbearance.

And these days, love was at the top of that list. Lena met Brad when he and his now ex-wife moved in next store. Lena's husband at the time (Roger) and Brad's ex (Cassandra) began a tryst that quickly escalated into a heartless plot to kill Lena and ruin Brad. That plot was unsuccessful, and justice was swift. In the aftermath, Lena and Brad sought solace and comfort with each other, which quickly bloomed into a deep abiding love. They were inadvertently, through the weakness and cruelty of their former spouses, granted a second chance at love, which they were enjoying to the fullest.

Lena was everything Cassandra wasn't. Lena was neither flashy nor phony. Petite, with long black hair and violet eyes, Lena was an approachable beauty, the girl-next-door with a welcoming smile. She could have used her powers to change her appearance any way she wished but she chose to remain true to herself. Which was exactly the way Brad liked it. He was nothing like Lena's ex, too: thoughtful and smart, average height and build, who would offer a firm handshake and a willing ear to all who needed it. And, as Lena discovered when their friendship took a turn toward the romantic, Brad was surprisingly well-endowed for a man of his size and was an enthusiastic and generous lover.

Lena and Brad were married eight months after their ex's "disappeared." Brad never knew what really happened. And, as Lena slowly revealed her true powers, it still never occurred to him that Lena may have had a hand in their disappearance. Brad was smitten with Lena's warmth and tenderness well before he learned she was a witch. Lena explained to him about magic, her family history, and the responsibilities of having such power. Brad understood as well as a non-practitioner could and took Lena at her word. For him, the love of Lena was the magic in his life; her power was a fun and often helpful bonus.

They sold their respective houses, opting to leave behind a neighborhood with painful memories, and bought a modest but comfortable house on the other side of town. Rather than living an extravagant lifestyle, they opted for a simpler and more intimate life. The world saw two people in love, not a couple that could have literally anything their hearts desired. In short, they were very happy.

On a lovely spring day, Lena was closing up her shop where she made exquisite hand- (and magic-) wrought jewelry when her cell phone rang. She picked up and heard Brad's voice say, "Hey, I'm home early today. Is there anything special you'd like for dinner?"

Lena smiled at Brad's thoughtfulness and replied, "Hmmm. How about we skip dinner and I have you for dessert?" It didn't take magic powers for Lena to know the effect that had on Brad.

"How quickly can you get here?" he asked, his breathing and voice both elevated slightly. Their sex life was always fulfilling, but when Lena wanted to get creative the results were staggering.

Of course, Lena knew very well how Brad was reacting. She loved his enthusiasm and his true appreciation for her. Together, they explored the combination of love-making and sex in ways Lena has never imagined. She was able to let down her guard with Brad, sharing secrets and desires that (usually) became realities to the wonder and satisfaction of them both. But, Lena was also a woman, and she liked to tease a little. "It's a beautiful day, honey. I'm going to walk home. I'll see you in half an hour."

Brad sighed. Thirty minutes seemed like an eternity, but he knew it would be worth the wait. "OK. I'll take a shower and will be waiting for you in the bedroom with a bottle of wine."

"Perfect. Love you, darling. Mwah!" Brad felt Lena's spoken kiss as if she had planted it on his lips herself. It was the little bits of magic in their lives that made him the most happy. He hopped in the shower and gave himself a good long scrub. He had shaved before work that morning but decided to shave again -- rough cheeks are less than fun in certain places and Lena would appreciate the effort. After drying off, he wrapped a towel around his waist, grabbed a bottle of wine, corkscrew and two glasses, and went back to the bedroom where he laid down to wait for his beloved.

Lena was enjoying her leisurely walk home. When she was about ten minutes from home, she paused and closed her eyes. A picture of her bedroom formed in her head. Lena hated spying and would never maliciously do it, but she couldn't resist looking in on Brad because a deliciously wicked idea had formed in her head. She saw Brad, laying peacefully on the bed, with a towel -- still wet from the shower (geez, Brad!) -- draped across his midsection. An evil grin crossed Lena's lips. She concentrated for a moment, spoke the words of a spell in her head, and then slowly licked her lips. Happy with her work, she continued her walk home.

In the bedroom, Brad forced himself to relax and be patient. He crossed his arms behind his head and continued daydreaming about the pleasures to come. He felt a brief and not unpleasant tingle pass through his body. Recent experience had taught him that such feelings often meant that Lena was up to something. His eyes did a quick scan of the room -- nothing looked out of place. It was then that he noticed that the towel draped over his body was beginning to slowly vanish. Where a moment before was a thick cotton towel, now was only a wisp of cool air which raised goosebumps at the base of his cock and caused an involuntary tightening in his scrotum. Reflexively, he covered his now naked crotch with his hands. Or, he would have had he been able to move his hands.

Brad quickly pieced the puzzle together. Naked. Hands immobile. Waiting for Lena to make her way home. He smiled. Lena had often teased him by magically binding parts of him, with his consent of course, and then stimulating him in creative and delicious ways. On one occasion, she had rendered him frozen on the bed, unable to move his hands or feet or head. She levitated over him, lowering her pussy to his lips, which he immediately began to lick and savor; Lena tasted sweet and fragrant and he loved going down, or in this case going up, on her. To his surprise, he quickly realized that every lap and nibble of his tongue was being telegraphed magically to the head of his cock. He was giving Lena and himself head at the same time! Brad loved the creativity of the game and decided to put his own twist on it as well. Showing great personal restraint, Brad edged and tortured Lena for close to an hour with his tongue and lips. He quickly discovered that there were motions with is tongue that caused Lena intense pleasure which had relatively little impact on his cock. He'd drive her close to the edge, and then shift his technique to pleasure himself for a while.

When he felt she'd had enough teasing -- there was a steady flow of nectar through is lips and her moans were a mix of pleasure and agony -- he plunged his tongue deep inside her and lapped furiously for a few seconds, then took her clit between his lips and sucked gently but firmly (which caused a rather interesting sensation on his cockhead, he thought). Lena's thighs coiled, closing around Brad's head and then she exploded. An hour of skillful edging was released in one long rolling howl. After about ten seconds of letting her orgasm wash over her, Lena tilted herself forward, still floating on air, and engulfed Brad's cock completely in her mouth, the remnants of her moans causing a delightful sensation complementing the warmth and suction of her luscious lips. Brad started coming almost instantly, encouraged by Lena's hand delicately massaging his aching balls. When Brad was utterly drained, gravity took over from magic and Lena slumped on top of Brad. He gently licked and suckled her wetness while she held his cock in her mouth until he softened.

Brad was happily reliving that moment in his head, wondering what delights awaited him now while he waited patiently for Lena to return from work. He didn't have to wait long. He felt the unmistakable wetness of a tongue slide gently over his balls. He smiled and let a satisfied "mmmmm" escape his lips. Lena knew that Brad adored having his balls licked. He could happily enjoy her tongue lavishing his sac for hours. A tongue bath for his balls was a paradox for him: how could something be so arousing and yet so relaxing? Lena always assured him that she was using no magic on him when she did it; he was simply wired in a way that made him love that very specific feeling.

The spell that Lena unleashed on him when she licked her lips was treating Brad to a tireless and gentle tongue worship of his balls and taint. His cock hardened and bobbed slightly with his heartbeat. His hands were pinned but he wouldn't have moved if he could. He was savoring every caress of Lena's magical disembodied tongue, eyes closed, lost and dizzy with pleasure.

Which is why he was so shocked when his bedroom door swung open and Mariel their part-time housekeeper bustled in. Her gasp snapped him from his reverie. "Oh my god, Mr. Brad, I am so sorry! I didn't know you'd be home today. I ..." she trailed off, blushing and averting her eyes. An awkward moment passed. Under normal circumstances, she'd have expected Brad to move, pull up the sheets, or at least cover his junk with his hands. But he just continued laying there, hands behind his head. The only indication that he was at all embarrassed was the look of panic in his eyes.

"It's OK, Mariel. I got home from work early and completely forgot you were coming today. It's not your fault. Why don't ... why don't you start in another part of the house. Ms. Lena will be home soon." After another seemingly endless pause, Mariel just nodded without looking up and quickly backed out of the room and shut the door.

Mariel had only worked for Brad and Lena for a few months. She was 24 and looked 16. She was a part-time student trying to make ends meet by cleaning homes part-time as well. Girlishly pretty, demure, and very innocent for a girl of her age, Mariel wanted nothing more than to earn enough money to finish school, get a better job, and take care of her sisters, who'd all been orphaned at an early age when their mother was killed during a home invasion. When she was old enough, Mariel took legal guardianship for her sisters and got them out of their roller-coaster life in the foster system. Lena and Brad had been so taken by Mariel's sincerity and love of family that they hired her on the spot. Although Lena could keep a perfectly clean house with a wave of her hand, she though it would be good for appearances (and the local economy) to hire a housekeeper. They overpaid Mariel, despite her protests, and even gave her a generous Christmas bonus and a lovely piece of jewelry from Lena's shop which had been infused with some subtle magic to keep Mariel safe and healthy. They were very fond of young Mariel.

Which is why Brad was so horrified that she had walked in on him, naked, aroused, and alone. To make matters worse, Lena's spell continued unabated so Brad's balls received an enthusiastic tongue-lashing while he lay there in horror, unable to move.

After the longest ten minutes of his life, Brad heard Lena's voice from the other room. "Hi Mariel." Pause. "Mariel! Oh, uh, hi. How are you? I completely forgot you were coming today."

"That is what Mr. Brad said also, Ms. Lena."

Lena's mouth dropped open. "So, you, uh, spoke to Brad?" she asked, hoping that "spoke" was as far as it went.

Mariel bowed her head and said, "He is in the bedroom, ma'am."

Lena's hand flew to her mouth. Mariel looked up and at that moment, both women knew what Mariel had seen. Trying her best to recover, Lena walked past Mariel and said, "Ah, OK. Well, heh, I hope you didn't walk in on him doing anything, uh ..."

"I didn't mean to," squealed Mariel. "I didn't know he was home and I should have knocked, and I didn't see anything, I promise, and well, I DID see something but I didn't mean to see it, I mean him, I mean ..." and she began to cry.

Lena tried to comfort Mariel but she was inconsolable, but Lena tried her best. "Mariel, it is simply not your fault. We should be apologizing to you. It was careless of us to plan a ... well ... to, uh ... for us to be home and in your way when we knew you were coming today." It was the best she could come up with. "Look, why don't you skip our house today ..." Mariel looked up with concern on her face. "We'll pay you of course and you can fit us into your schedule again when you can." Mariel was finally able to look Lena in the face. "If you are still OK with working for us," Lena added softly.

Mariel's concern was instantly replaced by relief. "Oh, thank you, Ms. Lena. I was so worried you wouldn't want me to work here again." Mariel loved working for Lena and Brad. In addition to their amazing generosity, she got such a positive feeling being in their house. She didn't believe in any of that silly new-age mumbo-jumbo, but she imagined this is what those people meant by "good energy."

"We would never want to lose you, Mariel." Mariel's face finally broke into a small, still slightly embarrassed smile.

"Thank you, Ms. Lena. And please tell Mr. Brad that, uh, that I ..." she was clearly getting flustered again, so Lena placed a hand on her shoulder, which calmed her down a bit.

"Don't you worry, Mariel. Brad is fine, and we are both sorry to have put you in that awkward situation."

"I can come back tomorrow, if that's OK."

Lena smiled. Crisis averted. "Yes, that would be wonderful of you. Neither of us will be home tomorrow until very late. But we insist on paying you for today as well. No arguments."

"Thank you, Ms. Lena. Good bye." Mariel closed the door behind her.

Lena breathed a quick sigh of relief and then remembered Brad in the bedroom. She burst through the door and found Brad wide-eyed and writhing beneath the tender ministrations of Lena's magical phantom tongue. She was trying very hard not to burst out laughing. With Mariel seemingly unscarred by the whole incident, the lunacy of the situation began to sink in.

"You handled that very well, I thought," Brad said in a deadpan voice. That sent Lena over the edge and she started laughing convulsively. "No seriously," he went on, "it could have been very awkward explaining to our housekeeper that you had been tea-bagging me by remote control while magically restraining my hands and feet, but you dodged that bullet quiet smartly. It only cost us an additional house-cleaning. Excellent work."

In between laughs, Lena breathlessly said, "Oh my god, Brad, I am so sorry about that. Seriously. That must have been so embarrassing for you." Brad knew that Lena was sincere in her penitence, but it was hard to reconcile that with her laughter. At last, he could no longer keep it in either and he started giggling, which set Lena off again.

After a minute or two of laughter, Lena collapsed on the bed and cuddled up to her still immobile husband. She waited for him to wrap his arm around her as he always did when they lay together and then realized that he was still pinned. As if reading her mind, he said "Just remembered, right?" With the slightest move of her finger, Brad's arms were free to move again, and he pulled her close to him. They remained in their supine embrace for another minute, when Brad observed, "You're still licking my balls, you know."


"Just checking."

"Should I stop?"

"That depends."


"Are you going to do anything else?"

Without replying verbally, Lena sat up and looked down at her clothes which began to quickly vanish. She wordlessly straddled Brad and with a hungry smile on her face, guided his very erect cock inside her and let a satisfied moan escape her lips.

For the record, Brad's balls were being licked through the next hour of passionate love-making.

When they were both totally exhausted, Lena cuddled up against Brad and asked, "Did you enjoy that today? Not getting walked in, I mean having me do that to you. Restraining you. Pleasuring you from far away."

"You mean controlling me?"

"Well, I didn't think of it as control, but I suppose you're right. I didn't mean it to be a control thing."

"That's OK. Don't worry. I trust you completely, and everything you do is done with love. I know you wouldn't do anything malicious or mean." Brad paused. "I guess it's sad for you that you don't get to experience that same sort of surprise or feeling like you are getting this amazing gift. Too bad you didn't marry a wizard!"

Lena poked him in the ribs. "You know as well as I do that 'witch' refers to men and women alike. There are no wizards." Brad laughed. He loved needling her about witch protocol. "But I see your point. I never thought about it that way. I've never wanted for anything, but I can see where it might be hard not being able to return the favor. And now that I think about it, getting that kind of magical surprise must be fun."

Lena got a far way look on her face then leaped out of bed. "Wait here a moment," she said. Brad could barely move (despite the magical restraints having been lifted an hour before) so he was perfectly happy to comply. Lena rummaged through her closet and emerged with a large leather-bound book with a locked copper clasp that looked very old. She waved her hand over the book and its lock popped open, "I remember reading about something years ago but never had a need for it." She flipped pages quickly then poked her finger at one particular page. "There it is. 'The Lover's Gift.'"

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