tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCruel Summer Ch. 03

Cruel Summer Ch. 03


She had fallen asleep again. Camisa moaned as she awakened again, her stomach rumbling loudly and her hands almost numb. She turned onto her side and flexed her wrists, wincing at the sharp prick of blood entering her cold flesh. She lay still for several minutes, listening to the sounds from outside her door and swung her feet down, testing her legs for support. When they didn't fold beneath her, she crept over to the door and balanced on one foot as she slipped her big toe into the opening and slowly pressed it open.

"Need something?" She gasped, stumbling backward and falling onto the bed. Larry entered the room, a wide smile on his face.

"I'm hungry. I'd like to have something to eat and I need to use the bathroom."

"I'll take her to piss, Eddie. You serve her up some food."

"Okay." Larry grabbed her elbow and maneuvered her to the door, helping her down the steps and into the dark forest. She stepped behind a tree and squatted down, trying to keep her feet out of the urine's trail while watching the man as he paced back and forth a few steps away from her. "Don't get any ideas about trying to run. The cliffs are all around us and you might get your pretty self killed in the dark."

Camisa gulped and stood, shaking herself as best she could and came down to where he stood. He laughed and escorted her back to the cabin, using a paper towel to wipe the lines of piss from her legs. While he was on his knees, he took the opportunity to thrust his tongue into her sticky folds and received a kick for his efforts.

"Bitch! You shouldn't have done that." He jerked her close by her arm and dragged her over to the couch, bending her over the padded arm.

"What are you doing?"

"She said not to mess with her pussy but she didn't say anything about her ass. This girl needs some learning."

Camisa screamed, trying to buck herself off of the arm but Larry stepped between her legs, spreading them so that only the very tips of her toes reached the floor, preventing her from escaping.

Eddie stuffed the ball gag into her mouth again, tying it securely and dropped his pants. "Let's have some fun."

Something cold and wet dripped between her ass cheeks and she screamed, writhing between his legs and knowing what was coming. She felt his hands pull her flesh apart and the head of his hot tool pressed against her opening. Larry laughed, feeling her tighten the muscle. "Won't do you any good. This monster can plow through anything."

Camisa was afraid that he was right and she knew he was when he pressed into her. She felt lightheaded as spears of pain lanced through her asshole and she half-gasped, half-sobbed when the fat head finally popped in. Larry groaned, remaining still while her body adjusted to him, tightening around him like a hot steel glove as she shook with despair.

"Fuck, she's tight, Eddie."

"That's not fair! What do I get?"

"I don't know." He grunted as he lubed more of his cock and pressed more of its width into her giving body. "Find something."

Camisa groaned again, her body still quivering from Larry's invasion but the breath left her throat as Eddie's ever-questing tongue slipped into her empty pussy. All at once, the pain in her ass began to diminish and a tiny ball of heat began to form in the pit of her stomach. His mouth left her sex and traveled backward, opening to take his friend's balls in his mouth and licking them with passion. She felt, rather than heard, Larry's response. His cock swelled and flexed in her ass and his hands tightened around her waist, his fingers pinching.

"Fuck, that's good, Eddie. Keep going."

If the gag hadn't been in her mouth, Camisa would have urged him to do the same. She tried to grind her cunt onto his face but he kept moving, never staying long enough for her to get into a groove. Larry was feeling the same frustration, loving the feel of Eddie's tongue bathing his nuts while plunging deep into the girl but just as he was about to trip, Eddie moved, leaving him wanting to scream. When Eddie slid the low bench under them, he didn't argue and the feeling of his thin, hard cock rubbing against his asshole excited him. He'd never let anyone do him before and he was thinking that now was the time.

A ripple effect of lust traveled through all of them when Eddie sank his cock into Larry's virgin hole. He groaned, pulling Camisa's pussy toward his mouth and desperately licked whatever his tongue could reach. Camisa's cries of pain morphed into grunts of satisfaction as Larry thrust his cock into her ass. Just when she thought she could stand no more, Eddie's tongue speared her special spot and she came, her ass muscles tightening around Larry. Larry shouted as his cock erupted, spurting ropes of cream cum into her fisting canal and his tremors set Eddie off, his moan muffled by Camisa's pussy.

The threesome rested for a moment before Larry pulled out of Camisa's ass, shivering as Eddie cleaned him up and Camisa slumped to the floor. Larry looked up at the clock, cursing as he stumbled backward.

"Come on, Eddie. We have to get her cleaned up. It's almost time."

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