tagBDSMCurse of Christina Ch. 02

Curse of Christina Ch. 02


I don't deny that I haven't dreamt, fantasized and jacked off to hot orgasms over me sucking off another guy. Some days my lust for cock exceeds my desire for even the most attractive, dirty talking porn sluts on the planet. Today was one of those days I guess. Something just triggered inside my little brain and I threw caution to the wind and went with Christina's demand. My first time ever to suck a cock and it was with my housekeeper, my employee for god's sake.

I kissed the tip as requested and opened my mouth afterward and he pushed it in. Mmmm. Smooth and firm and pulsating. Feeling one hand on the back of my head, the other caressing back and forth between my neck, cheek and ear, I swallowed him down to the base without difficulty. A keen skill honed over months of committed practice with dominant phone sex girls who taught me how to relax and to swallow a cock. I can take 10 or more inches on my 12" clear pink double dong. Joey moaned his approval when I swallowed him and licked his balls.

His other hand moved to my head and he held me firmly in both hands now. Slowly and gently, he began to release his pressure and withdraw from my mouth. When his cock head reentered my mouth, I quickly inhaled through my nostrils. I needed air and I needed to suck his cock down deep again. I looked up and rolled my eyes toward his as best I could. I was so turned on I wanted to show him the need through my eyes.

That must have done it for him too. He said 'you need more' and just shoved himself inside, all the way down until there was nothing left to give me. He sawed that massive cock in and out of my throat, allowing me to breath through my nose only and I lifted my own arms and grabbed his ass to keep him lodged inside me as long as possible. I felt my own cock stiffen to exceptional hardness and then just like that he stopped, lifted me up and bent toward me at the same time. He kissed me full on the mouth and embraced me. For a second I felt uncomfortable but then his tongue took over, invading my open mouth and I slipped mine along side his.

He stopped kissing me briefly as a loud shrill like sound came out of my shirt. It was Christina. She heard everything and made herself cum in the process. Joey took my phone out and told her he's taking me upstairs to turn me into his bedroom slut. I heard her say something and he just hung up on her.

Then he put my phone on the counter and invited me upstairs to my own bedroom.

Christina lay in her own puddle of cum. She was feeling the afterglow of intense self pleasure stimulated by my own willingness to go along with her devious objective. Yet there was also a hint of fear in the air as the task had gone too well and someone else was enjoying her toy without her. She jumped out of bed to fast and felt a faintness creep in as her blood rushed down her body. This situation would have to be dealt with quickly or Joey, god forbid, might get control of her toy before she did.

30 minutes later Christina was seen carrying a large black duffle bag to her SL 600 and then speeding away. On the drive, she wondered if Joey would be easy or difficult to deal with. Out hustling another female had never been a problem for her. But this was different. Still, this toy meant a better life and she was set on taking ownership, no matter what.

While Christina had been preparing her magic bag of tricks, I was in bed with my housekeeper showing him a side of me that neither one of us knew existed. We embraced tightly and humped against each other while we kissed and groaned. It was incredibly erotic and I didn't have a care in the world. I felt free to be and do as I wished.

I asked Joey if I could suck his cock again and if he'd continue working for me. Thankfully, he said yes on both counts. He is a great, trustworthy housekeeper and those are hard to find. I moved straight down to his cock, kissed it and went to work on the head and crown area. Laying prone with my elbows propping me up, I tongued all the way around his cock while holding it with my left hand.

I enjoyed looking at him and licking. His eyes were closed some of the time and other times he gazed right back into my eyes. I felt like rocking my legs back and forth from the bed to my ass all of a sudden as if to express my happiness.

I licked, kissed and sucked his magnificent cock well over 20 minutes until Joey warned me of his impending orgasm and I just winked and increased the pressure of my sucking. When the first rope shot out, his cock was just inside my lips and he thrust himself upward. A second rope of cum followed before I began to swallow. When the third rope pumped into my mouth, I was caught up and swallowed it and his cock down my throat. Joey then placed his hands around my head and neck, rolled over on top of me and pumped the rest of his seamen into my stomach. I needed air and tapped him to roll over and he did. While breathing in gulps and feeling the last remnants of cum in my mouth, I felt Joey move along side me and then embrace me in his arms.

"That was awesome big guy."

I turned to him and said "I'm a boy toy. And, I want more."

He laughed. "I'm gonna have to recover. You just drained me."

I looked down and he was still hard. I touched his cock and stroked it.

"Do you want to fuck me Joey? I want to feel your cock stretch my ass open and then I want to feel you cum inside me."

He said he would give me that pleasure in a little while. Then he asked me about Christina and what I wanted going forward.

I thought for a moment and then said, "I'm not gay. I just wanted to try sucking cock and I want to try it in my ass. I don't feel attracted to men though I enjoyed kissing you. I won't fall in love with you but I hope we can become fuck buddies."

"At least you're honest." Then he smiled and said "we'll see how it goes then. But for now, I was wondering if you would let me suck your cock?"

"Absolutely!" I lay back against the pillows and opened my legs. He dove right in. he licked my balls, underneath them, around my ass hole, inside it, and then he worked a finger inside me while his mouth went to work on my cock. I came straight away and smiled wider than ever. It was the fucking best blow job I've ever had.

The doorbell rang non-stop. Someone was very intent upon being received. I knew who it was immediately but didn't want to get up.

"It's my girl friend."

"oh. What do you want to do?"

"I don't know."


He lay back on the bed opposite me.

She continued ringing my doorbell. Just to get her to stop, I got up and started toward my bedroom door.

"Aren't you going to put something on?"


"Do you mind if I do?"

"No." I headed down the stairs. The door bell was louder in the hallway but just as annoying.

"Wait, my clothes are in the kitchen! Don't open the door til I get down there."

I turned to the door and used the intercom. "Who is it?"

"You know damn well who it is buster. Open this fucking door and let me in."

"I should call the cops. You are trespassing."

"Uuuuuugh!" I could feel her anger surface as she exhaled her frustration at my front door. Joey was dressed and standing behind me. I turned to him. Put my arm around his neck and French-kissed his mouth. "I want you to fuck me right here. Put me on all 4s."

"Jesus Christ. This is making me so hard."

Christina pressed the door bell button multiple times. The bell was so annoying I opened the door in reaction and said "what the fuck are you doing bitch? Get the fuck out of here!" I started to slam the door shut and paused after taking in the sight before me.

(to be continued)

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