tagGroup SexCvsN 07: Projects & Polyamory

CvsN 07: Projects & Polyamory

byTx Tall Tales©

A previously unpublished chapter in the story of Jack, and the home he shares with three lovelies.

* * * *

Where we work out some sleeping arrangements (with a little help from my friends), and complete a few more household projects. Also a new project looks like it might change the office dynamics a bit. I guess we'll just have to see...

* * * *

The two weeks following my move-in were busy but uneventful. We did get the plumbing, painting and floor work done, and were looking forward to getting Karen moved in about two weeks early.

* * * *

I felt a little awkward with Debbie spending the nights in my bed. I'd never lived in a house with a little girl, and I was worried that Erin might pop her head in and see me naked, or worse, in flagrante delicto. Debbie assured me that she would not open the door if it was closed, and reminded me that she'd shared beds before with Erin in the house.

I still felt kind of odd.

Our days were busy. We had a list of projects we were working through, and every night I'd try to put some time into them. We were making great progress, but the lists got larger faster than we could work through them. Debbie would usually work with me on whichever project I was tackling that evening.

Each night was about as close to heaven as I could imagine. Debbie's a bath person, and every evening was an occasion for a bubble bath, whereas I'm a shower kind of guy, and after completing my ablutions, I would await the arrival of my angel. Her baths might take from 5 minutes to half-an-hour, but each would end the same, with this beautiful, naked girl climbing into my bed, and our pleasuring each other until sleep overtook us.

If the awkwardness of the little ones wasn't enough, Beth was over at least every other day. She'd stay pretty late, and I was wondering if maybe we'd all end up in the bed together again. So far all hints in that direction had fallen on deaf ears.

Karen was making occasional appearances, but was more involved in getting her and Ashley's rooms in order, and completing her packing at her townhouse. Debbie was also working over there during the day when possible, helping with the packing and cleaning as she went. I put in a couple of appearances to move a few things over, but we were still waiting for the big move.

During the second week in the place, I came home on a Wednesday to Cathy and Debbie deep in conversation. As soon as I walked in, one look from Cathy and I knew I was in trouble - again. Debbie got up, and said she was taking the girls to a movie, and she headed out with both Erin and Ashley in tow.

Now I was really worried.

Cathy walked to me and took me by my hand.

"Follow me, stud," she told me as she led me by the hand back into my bedroom.

"You look nice," I told her. She looked like she'd just come from the gym. Her short hair looked still wet. She had on some tight stretch shorts, and an exercise halter top that left her midriff exposed. Her ass looked great in the shorts.

"Right." She quipped.

"Really - those shorts look great on you." She'd stopped and turned around to face me, and I moved forward to take her in my arms, my hands on her rear.

"Jack, are you an idiot or do you work at being an asshole." She looked up into my face with an exasperated look on her face.

I had no idea what she was talking about. "What have I done now?" I asked in a tone of resignation.

She had backed out of my arms and she pulled her top off, exposing a running bra. "What's the deal with you and Beth? Are you stringing her along? Are you going to dump her? Are you just teasing her? What's up?" By the time she'd finished her questions her bra was joining her top on the floor.

"I thought things were going great. I see her all the time. She comes over here most evenings. She's been helping around the house."

She stood there staring at me, and looking me up and down, until I got the hint, and pulled my own shirt off.

"Why do you think she comes over all the time?" She continued her line of questioning, now sitting on the end of the bed, and peeling off her skin tight shorts.

"I thought she wanted to be with me, with us. She's a friend. We're having a good time. Chatting about the girl's day-care, laughing. What's wrong?" I was a little quicker at disrobing, and I had kicked off my shoes, and pulled my pants down around my ankles and stepped out of them, by the time she'd removed her shorts and panties.

She leaned forward, still sitting on the edge of the bed, and grabbed my already hardening cock. She stared at it as she stroked it slowly. She looked up at me, and took my cock deep in her mouth, holding it there for a few seconds before releasing it.

"God, you have a beautiful cock," she said, seemingly more to herself than to me.

She took me back in her mouth and worked me with her hand and mouth both for about a minute, until she had me rock-hard. Then she turned around, her feet on the floor, leaning over the bed, resting on her arms, presenting herself to me.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I rubbed my hard-on up and down her wet slit, finally plunging in to the root, and pulling her back against me.

"Why aren't you doing this to Beth?" She asked me, gasping, as I worked her with long strokes. I slowly pulled out until I could see the head of my cock on the verge of coming out, and then pushed back in firmly, holding myself deep in her. Once fully in, I'd squeeze the muscle under my balls, to make my cock swell up as much as possible, before pulling out again. I was playing.

"I don't think she wants to, and I don't want to rush her. I keep waiting for her to stay the night, and I've been dropping hints about how great that weekend was with all of us together, but no dice." She was squeezing back, each time I squeezed inside her, the feeling was incredible. I told her so.

"Jeez, Jack, you are so dense. How could God put such a great dick on such a dopey man? Have you ASKED her to spend the night?" Her voice was a little muffled, where her head was being driven into the pillow she was holding onto during each 'in' stroke.

"Well, no. But she knows how I feel." I was getting a little aggravated with this conversation, and picked up the pace, really putting it to her, pulling her back hard on my cock, holding her hip bones tightly, each stroke accentuated by the slap of our flesh together.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid. You've got to tell her. All the time, especially when she thinks her competition has her hooks so tight in you. She's miserable right now. She thinks that because she spent that one weekend with you, and since you've never touched her since, that maybe you just wanted her cherry. She's already told me she's lost you to Debbie." It took her quite a while to get the whole story out, in gasps and short fragments, as I pushed her down onto the bed, and kept plugging away.

The pace was wearing me out, and I had to slow down to catch my breath. As I pulled back, I reached out and rolled her over onto her back, crawling between her legs. She spread them wide for me, and I slipped back inside, my arms bracketing her head, as I looked down into her dark brown eyes.

"You don't seem to have that problem." I told her, watching her breasts bounce with each push into her.

"So I'm not insecure. She is. Rightfully so, and you are fucking up." She told me in no uncertain terms.

"I don't understand you women."

"I know. I'm not mad. I'm a little irritated, but as much at me as you. If you have any questions about this relationship you're diving into, ask me. Please ask me. I've got nothing to gain, and you must know I'm crazy about you, but I'm mad about Joe, so you're safe from me. I'll do what I can to help you. Really. I'd love to help you. Don't mess this up."

She looked so sincere, for once not scolding or teasing, or angry. I slowed to a stop, deep inside her, and lowered myself to her, holding her face, and kissing her sweet lips.

"Thanks," I told her, "I'll do that. Guide me." I lowered my face to hers again, and lost myself in a deep kiss, that went on forever.

She finally pushed me away. "How can anyone stay mad at you?" She pushed me to the side, rolling me onto my back, and straddled me, lowering herself onto my slick and very erect cock.

"She'll be coming over this evening. Ask her to stay. I bet she will." That was the last she said for a while as she rode me hard. I played with her breasts, and then moved my hand between her legs to rub her clit. Soon her fingers were digging into my flesh painfully, as she brought herself off, using my cock as her own pleasure tool.

She sat there, my full length buried, her chest heaving, her breath finally slowing. Then she pulled herself off me and climbed off the bed to my immense disappointment. I couldn't believe she was going to leave me with blue-balls.

She laughed at my look, "I'll be right back, lover. Just hold tight."

She went to the bathroom, and it wasn't long before I heard the tinkle that explained her actions, followed by a flush, and a short while later she was walking back to me, rubbing her hands together.

"Now, I'll let you finish." She rubbed her cupped hands up and down on my cock, and they were cold. She was rubbing some lotion on my dick, which hadn't gone down in size at all. Then she used her hands to make sure I was still ready for action. Smiling as she watched the object of her attention.

She climbed back on top of me, leaning forward, then reached behind her and guided me back inside her. She rocked back and forth, and then she leaned forward and kissed me, as I'd kissed her earlier. Her tongue darted around my lips, caressing my teeth. Her teeth nipped at my lips.

She pulled forward until I popped free, and then she reached back and guided me back in, with an enigmatic little smile. I realized she was pushing me into her ass.

"Jesus, Cathy, I'm so close as it is, if you put me in there, I know I'll pop."

She laughed a little, and then the head was in. She grimaced for a moment, and then smiled a huge smile, as she slowly pushed back onto my cock, until I was almost completely inside her.

"Tell me." She said softly.

"What?" I answered, trying to push into her. She countered by pulling away, until I was barely inside.

"Tell me how much you love it." She grinned, gyrating her hips, but resisting any further penetration on my part.

"I do. I love it. I love your ass. I love being inside you. I loved being the first to ever take you there. I love the nastiness, and I love the feeling I get knowing I'm fucking you in the ass. I love it."

"Good. Then do it. Fuck my ass." She taunted me.

I pushed her off me and placed her on her back again, crawling between her legs, and lifting her legs up high. She looked at me quizzically, until I pushed her knees back as far as her shoulders, exposing her little brown eye.

"Hold these." I commanded. She placed her arms behind her knees, and stayed bent in half. I took my cock in hand, and pressed the head against her tight little opening, pushing forward relentlessly, using my thumb to guide the head, until I'd popped in. Then through a series of short strokes I buried my cock all the way up her butt. She let go of her legs, and spread them wide, but my position kept me firmly lodged.

I leaned down, our faces inches apart, and using my hips alone, I worked about half my cock in and out of her tight little rear.

"I love making love to you Cathy, and I love the feeling of being buried in your ass." I told her softly.

"I can't believe I let you do this to me. I don't know why but it makes me so hot. Come in my ass for me, Jack."

She was clenching her ass around me on each stroke, and it was too much. I exploded inside her, coming over and over again, with each stroke trying to bury myself just a little bit deeper.

I collapsed on her, as she straightened out her legs. She was running her fingers through my hair, hushing my gasps.

"Shhhh, that's ok, lover. Shhhh."

My breathing finally slowed, but I could still hear my pulse beating in my ears. "Cathy, you spoil me."

"I know." She laughed, and then she was crawling out from under me, and getting dressed again.

"Now remember. Shortly after she gets here, take Beth to the side, tell her you've missed her, tell her something, and ask her to stay the night. Be nice. Oh - and change the sheets so she'll know they're new - change them before she gets here."

"But what about Debbie?" I asked. I knew something had been niggling at the back of my brain.

"It was Debbie who brought this whole thing up. She understands. Just tell her Beth is spending the night, and when it comes time she'll excuse herself." She rolled her eyes, like she was explaining something that any idiot should know.

* * * *

I escorted Cathy out, with a kiss at the door, then showered and cleaned up the room, including a new set of sheets. Once the bedroom was back in order, I went back to the chore of the day, which was putting up complete built-in shelves and drawers in Karen's closet. I'd just finished Debbie's yesterday. That had taken two long evenings, but I figured I'd learned a little from the last exercise and this one might go a little smoother. After this, just the pantry and utility room required shelving, and I could finally move on to working at hanging blinds and curtains. The bed sheets over the windows had to go.

* * * *

I felt her eyes on me, and turned to see Beth standing in the closet doorway, watching me carefully marking the wall where the next set of holes would be going. Debbie and the kids still weren't back from the movies yet. It looked like it was getting dark, probably close to eight o'clock.

"The door was open, and nobody answered, so I figured you might be up here." She smiled at me as if she didn't have a care in the world. How was I supposed to know I was screwing up if I didn't get any clues?

I dropped the tape measure, level, and pencil, and I walked over to where she was standing. I placed my hand behind her head, tilting her back, and brought my lips to hers. She returned my kiss tentatively at first, then a little more eagerly.

"I've missed you the last couple of nights. Where've you been?" I asked her.

"Oh, I figured you had lots to do, and I wanted to get some things done around my place." Her place was her parents place.

"I do have lots to do, but having you around makes the chores just a little bit easier to handle."

"I thought maybe I was a third wheel."

"Never!" I turned her back into the room, and sat her on the edge of the bed. I sat next to her, and then pulled her back with me, holding her in my arms. "I've missed holding you. Please tell me that tonight you'll finally stay. I know I shouldn't ask, but I want to be with you so bad."

"Why shouldn't you ask?" she asked puzzled.

"Well, I don't know how you'll feel being with me, with Debbie and Erin in the same house. And then there's the fact that you live with your parents and they're bound to wonder about you not showing up at night. But I want to wake up next to you again. Please say you'll stay."

"You only had to ask - of course I'll stay." She buried her head in my side, and squeezed me tight.

* * * *

It wasn't long before Debbie was back, giving me grief for not having done anything about dinner, and the girls were regaling me with tales from their movie. At that point I figured the closet was done for the night.

The kids had eaten, so dinner was just the three of us. We were making plans for getting Karen moved in that weekend, while discussing what kind of blinds we'd be getting, discussing shades, and sheers, and other window coverings that I had never heard of. Where did these girls learn all this stuff? It must be some genetic thing.

Beth helped Debbie clear the dishes and wash up, while I tucked the girls in. I'd taken to reading them a story each night. Even thought they each had a room, they always wanted to sleep together. Not in Erin's bunk beds, but in Ashley's double bed.

Back downstairs fifteen minutes later, I caught Debbie heading into the kitchen, while Beth was seated on the couch, watching the news.

"Debbie, I asked Beth to stay the night tonight." I was a little anxious and didn't know what to expect. I was almost apologetic.

"It's about time. I love being with you, but God knows you can wear a girl out." She smiled devilishly. "I could use a break."

"You're not mad?" I asked.

She turned and leaned against me. "No. I knew this was coming. If I was going to choose someone to share you with, I couldn't pick better than that girl in there. I think she needs some of your attention. I'll be fine."

We finished the wine we started with dinner, and then Debbie excused herself, claiming tiredness, and headed up the stairs.

"Did you bring anything with you? Anything you need for the night?" I asked Beth, as I walked over to her, and reached out to give her a hand up off the couch.

"Well, I do have a small bag out in the car."

"Good, I'll get it; meet you in my room in 15 seconds." And I left, jogging out of the room, to the peals of her laughter.

I returned in not much longer than that, and found her sitting on the end of my bed, waiting patiently.

"I hope you're going to take a shower, you look a fright." Beth said, as I passed her the overnight bag.

"Only if you'll join me."

"I thought that was a given." She stood and removed her clothes carefully, folding them as she laid them across the nightstand.

Once again we showered until the water ran cold, exploring each others bodies at length. I delighted in feeling the silkiness of her skin, and caressing her young curves.

Back in bed I lay beside her, on my side, taking visual inventory, as I allowed my hand to freely roam all over her upper body.

"You are so beautiful, Beth. I can't believe you are here with me. I've missed you."

"Really? Tired of Debbie already?" she responded. She immediately looked abashed. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that."

The hint of bitterness caught me unawares.

"No, I'm sorry. I've been so wishy-washy these last couple of weeks. I didn't really know where we stood after that first time, and I've just been letting things go as they will." I crawled up close beside her and gave her a kiss on the shoulder, as I let my hand reach down between her legs and I opened her up a bit.

"Last weekend with you was the most fabulous of my life. As much as I enjoy making love to Debbie, nothing makes me happier than to be with you. I have missed you badly these last couple of nights." She opened her legs a bit, giving my fingers better access, and I slipped in another.

"You certainly didn't go out of your way to show me."

"I know. I still don't know how all this is supposed to work. But I'll tell you what I wish. I wish that I could make love to you every day. I wish that I could wake up beside you every morning." I crawled over on top of her, spread her legs, and with just a little effort, got the head of my cock inside her.

"What about Debbie? And Karen?"

"Karen? Karen is fun to poke, but that's about it." On the word 'poke' I gave a little poke of my own, burying my cock halfway inside her, receiving a small gasp in return.

"Ok, so Karen is no big deal, but how about Debbie?"

"My heart breaks for her. I want to take care of her. She's possibly the prettiest girl I've ever known, and every time I look at her my pulse races. It's crazy, I know. I feel I'm walking on eggshells around her sometimes, and I'm always afraid that I'm going to hurt her in some way. And yet, I can't look at her without wanting to make love to her." Instead, I was making love to Beth, easily, almost casually, as I told her that the girl in the room directly above us was what I desired more than anything. Maybe I really was as foolish as Cathy claimed.

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