CvsN 20: Something Old and New

byTx Tall Tales©

Gargantuan might have been a bit of an exaggeration, but the excitement of taking her virgin asshole, in front of everybody, had me about as big and hard as I get. And she was taking it all.

A few minutes and I was getting a little tired, so I put her on her hands and knees, and fucked that tight butthole some more. It was so sweet, but I knew that it would be a while before I was ready to come, and didn't want to hurt her. I gazed over at Debbie, and knew I wanted more of her. She came to me, giving me a kiss.

"I know that look, horndog. Isn't this tight little ass enough for you?"

"As long as you're naked in my bed, nothing else is enough."

She laughed and got up, returning from the bathroom with a wet facecloth. "Let her ride you for a bit, first."

I obeyed, lying back and letting Amie squat over me and plunge her ass back down onto my hard rod. I looked over where Beth and Ron were lying down, cuddling and watching again. Amie leaned forward, groaning. "Damn, Jack. You feel so big in my butt. Hell, my pussy can barely fit you."

"Oh, but it fits so nice," I reminded her.


When her legs were trembling and she was gasping and sweating, she finally plopped down, taking me to the root, and moaned. "I need a break," she pleaded. I pulled her close and kissed her long and deep. "That was fantastic, beautiful." She rolled off of me, and leaned back breathing hard.

Debbie came over with her face cloth and cleaned me up, applying a final taste test that turned into a couple of minutes of sexy blow-job. She leaned back. "How do you want me, handsome?"

"Can we start doggie?"

"Whatever you want. You know that." She giggled and got on her hands and knees for me. Damn she had a sweet butt, and the sweep of her curves from her delicious hips to her narrow waist was the epitome of all things feminine. I took a quick taste of her before I got up and slid inside of her.

"Mmm, thanks lover, that's wonderful," she told me, lowering her head and shoulders to the bed, her sweet ass raised up for me.

I watched my cock fill her, never getting enough of that view. It never ceased to surprise me. No matter who else I did, or what I did, for me there was nothing that compared to being inside my sweet little goddess.

Amie had moved to the other side of the bed, and Ron was back in a co-ed sandwich, holding his precious little girl in his arms, his hands stroking her body. Beth was behind him, higher up on the bed, his head resting against her breasts. "This should be good," she said softly.

"How's that," Ron asked.

"Nobody does it for him like she does. I bet he loses control."

I was tired, and would have bet otherwise, but Beth knew me better than I knew myself. I was loving taking Debbie from behind, but after a while, I put her on her side and fucked her hard that way. She pulled away, sucked me for a minute, then laid on her back. "Come to me, baby."

I got between her legs, leaned over her and kissed her while I screwed her. A burning desire came over me; I grabbed her legs and went to town.

That was the beginning, I fucked her like it was the first time all over again, using every inch of our bed, including laying her across our friends and fucking her from behind again, while everyone caressed and fondled her. When I pulled her away, rolling her onto her belly, I stuffed a couple of pillows under her hips, straddled her legs, grabbed those sensational porcelain ass cheeks, and fucked her pussy as hard as I could. I looked over to our friends and saw Ron rubbing the hard-on Debbie gave him against his daughter.

"No Daddy, not there. I'll blow you if you want."

I groaned, seeing her move down the bed and taking her father's cock in her mouth. We lost our audience then, as all eyes, even Debbie's, went to the forbidden blow-job.

I lost it, filling Debbie finally, rolling off of her and turning on our sides so we could watch.

It didn't last long, which didn't surprise me. I imagine that must have been incredible to be on the receiving end of.

"Darling, I'm going to come," Ron moaned, reaching down and caressing her pretty face.

She rose up and stroked him fast and hard, her mouth poised at the head. "Come for me Daddy; give me your cum. Come in your naughty girl's mouth."

He groaned, squirting on her cheek before she took him in her mouth and finished him. It was so damned hot I started to get hard again.

Amie moved up the bed and kissed her father. "I'm sorry baby, I couldn't help myself," he told her.

"I liked it daddy. I don't think I want you to fuck me, but everything above the waist is yours."

"Oh, baby," he groaned, pulling her close.

Beth was almost on top of them. "Fuck, that was hot. You guys are so sexy."

I was shot, and was wondering how we'd manage sleeping 5 to a bed. I still had another surprise coming.

Debbie got up and went to the bathroom, almost stumbling on wobbly legs. "Shit, Jack, I can hardly walk," she said pointedly.

Amie giggled, slid out of her father's arms, and came over to me. "That was an education. You were out of control." She straddled me and gave me a big kiss. "Of course, you can lose control with me anytime."

Debbie came in and went to the bed-stand. "Hey Jack, you haven't seen the big surprise, have you. Check this out. She pressed a button on the side of the bed-stand, and I felt a rumbling. I looked over the side of the bed, and saw a double bed slowly roll out. "Nice, huh? Sleeps five easy." She turned to Ron and Beth. "That's for you two. If you feel horny in the night, try not to wake us up. I'm done."

I thought it was interesting, her choice of sleeping arrangements.

"As for you two," she pointedly spoke to Amie and me, my arms still holding the teenager close. "Help me change these sheets."

We all followed her directions, did a little cleaning up of the room and ourselves, got some water from the kitchen and collapsed in the bed.

When I woke with a hard-on and had a small encore performance with Amie, I don't think we even woke anyone else. And if Beth got a little in the night, I never even heard it.


I hope you enjoyed the story. I know that Amie's actions with her old man were a bit surprising, at least to me, but I could understand his reaction. Stay tuned for the next chapter where things get a bit strained. And remember - all of us authors love to see your votes and comments.

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by Anonymous

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by Decal_last04/02/18

Lovin' it!

This is what life should be like. Consenting and enjoyment..

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by LupusDei08/14/17

Robin sort of promised to come down after Jim gets serviced well, and I was anticipating that, not tonight, ahh. Still hoping to see her double with Jack and Ron.

Amie and Ron? Yeah, there objective thingsmore...

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by EriktheAwful07/24/17

This was it for me

Incest is where my group loving went to hell in a hand basket. My long lost cousin was in the mix and she, my wife and I woke up together after a party. She'd had a crush on me forever and the wife couldn'tmore...

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